Charlize Theron: ‘The Hills’ is about nothing

Charlize Theron said in a recent interview with MTV that she just doesn’t get MTV faux reality show The Hills and that it’s “about nothing.” MTV has the footage on their site and, like her appearance on The Tonight Show, she came across as tipsy at the start of the interview but seemed to pull it together toward the end. She slurred her words a little and was joking around a lot. The interview was conducted with her co-star in the upcoming film about the 1999 World Trade Organization protests, Battle In Seattle, Martin Henderson. Battle in Seattle is directed by Theron’s longtime boyfriend, Stuart Townsend and is now out in limited release.

MTV: Charlize, you and I have discussed “The Hills” a couple times.

Theron: Yes, you belittled me on television. They were like, “Who’s the f—ing nana on the TV show who’s never seen ‘The Hills’?!?”

MTV: I never called you a nana.

Theron: Well, the kids now think I’m a nana, thanks to you.

MTV: You have said that you are now up on “The Hills,” so I have a question: Do you think Lo is treating Audrina fairly?

Theron: [Long pause, laughs.] So I watched a couple episodes. I was doing a world tour at the time, so I watched them in a couple languages. I realized that this f—ing show is huge. Now I’m going to ask you a question: Why?

MTV: Why what?

Theron: Why is it so big? It’s about nothing! This is a free country. Freedom of speech! You can tell me right now to my face that “Reindeer Games” was a piece of sh–. That’s totally fine. But “The Hills” is about nothing. I think the girls are beautiful and when they cry their mascara runs and that’s real, but I don’t get it! [Pause.] I am a nana. I’ll just take it. I am a nana. Maybe I need to watch the shows some more.

[From via The Huffington Post]

I have to agree with Theron. I’ve only seen clips of this show online and a couple of episodes dubbed over in German. Maybe it’s because I could only follow about half of what they were saying, but I ended up focusing on their hair and makeup and resolving to try new looks. This often happens when I watch soap operas in English, though, so I assume it’s just like a soap opera but semi-real. It’s wildly popular and the stars have all become well know, so someone must be watching it. Most of the show’s fans are just not in Theron’s age bracket, which I will reluctantly admit that I share.

Theron also talked about her film about the WTO protests, and admitted that her boyfriend Townsend released the film before the US election for maximum impact. She said she’s never really protested anything, but that she would protest the World Trade Organization now that she’s done the film and is more informed about it. Then she made a little gaffe saying the WTO’s decisions would affect her children, which is odd because she doesn’t have any yet as far as people know:

MTV: First things first: Is there a cause that is worth spending a night in jail for?

Theron: I would definitely go to a WTO protest for sure. Anything that is going to affect my health, my children’s health …

Martin Henderson: You have children?

Theron: No. If I had children!

MTV: We have broken news. You have children!

Theron: Yes, and they live in Alaska and they can see Russia from their backyards.


Hopefully Theron isn’t in the early stages of pregnancy because she definitely seemed tipsy in that MTV interview and on The Tonight Show earlier this week, where she sipped a margarita and sang a very off key karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody. She really pulled it together at the end of the interview with Leno at didn’t seem drunk at that point, so maybe it was all an act.

Charlize Theron is shown with Stuart Townsend at a screening for Battle in Seattle on 9/22/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. Granger says:

    The Hills is mindless, mundane television at its best. And in today’s celebrity- and fame-obsessed society, MOST teenagers don’t want much more from television than mindless, mundane drivel. I’m not sure I was any different, though. Much as I can’t stand The Hills and swear I’d never let my daughter watch it, I remember faithfully reading every book in the “Sweet Valley High” series when I was a young teen! Pretty much the same concept, when you think about it.

  2. vdantev says:

    Thank you, Lady Obvious of the No-Duh Brigade !

  3. Kaiser says:

    ZOMG SWEET VALLEY HIGH… I read those books too, Granger! And *loved* them! I think it’s insulting to Elizabeth and Jessica (those were the twins’ names, right?) that The Hills is anything like those books! (And hey, at least we were reading… not like kids today)

    I’ve always thought Charlize is a stoner, not a drunk. She was interviewed on The Daily Show, and she just seemed baked.

  4. Hollz says:

    Ha, I loved Sweet Valley High…but do you guys remember Sweet Valley Twins, where they were in like, the sixth grade? Or the Sagas? I love the sagas, which tell about the twins ancestors. And then the books where Elizabeth is a maid in England…Wow, I haven’t thought of these books in YEARS and now I want to read them again 🙁 I’m a total book worm, can you tell?

  5. kate says:

    hilarious! who knew charlize was funny?

  6. Kristin says:

    Are you assuming she is pregnant because of that interview? Because that’s a huge leap.

  7. Lola says:

    LOL, I loved Sweet valley high, twins, university name it. Do kids still read those? And nancy drew, Hardy Boys, wow, I am old…. Hills is rubbish. Most of TV today is. Some Commercials are more entertaining that most series.

  8. Bodhi says:

    Well, she is right.

  9. Batmamma says:

    I think what kills me about The Hills is it’s on MTV, which stands for Music Television, right? Do they even play music videos anymore? I don’t know. That’s one of the reasons I don’t watch that channel anymore. But I suppose if they did, they would just play videos I don’t like anyway, so I probably woudn’t watch regardless. Have you heard how much those talentless famewh-res get paid to be on that show?!?! RETCH! DON’T FEED THE MACHINE! =D

  10. Heidi says:

    I agree w/Theron but did she have to sound do explicit?

  11. I choose me says:

    Ditto with the love for all things Sweet Valley. Wow, that takes me back. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton books, Famous Five, Secret Seven. I’m a serious bookaholic who used to buy about five books a day and read them all in a week. Now there are hardly any bookstores on my island anymore (kids today just don’t read as much) so I have to buy all my books online or hit up the library.

    On topic: Checked out an episode of the Hills just to see what all the fuss was about and fell asleep waiting for something to happen. Charlize is right.

  12. Shay says:

    I feel the same way. Never been able to get through 1 episode.

  13. Sleepy says:

    I use to read the Sweet Valley series all the time!! I’m sad to report they are now out of print 🙁 Or at least they were about 2 years ago when I went to Barnes & Noble to try and buy back the ones my mom threw out without my knowledge. Babysitter Club too. 🙁

  14. vdantev says:

    Go to or use, there’s always Ebay too.

  15. Ada Kanno says:

    thanks a lot for purchasing our guide!