“Raccoon McPantless has a lot to say about, like, art” links

Raccoon McPantless speaks! [Starpulse]
Who watched House last night? What the hell was that? Was that a once-great series jumping the shark? I was so disappointed. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Trailer for Fast & the Furious 5. Vin Diesel got… heavy. [Gawker]
Michael Kors really is The Tangerine Queen. [Go Fug Yourself]
Jennifer Hudson got her boob situation sorted out. [Bossip]
Jessica Simpson looking “chunky” in INF’s words. [INFDaily]
I think Kate Upton‘s boobs look real. [IDLITW]
Hahaha, look at Lindsay Lohan‘s crack lips in these photos! [Evil Beet]
Happy birthday, James Van Der Beek. [The Celebrity Café]
Who is Aubrey O‘Day again? [Bitten and Bound]
K-Fed is still piling on the pounds. [Radar]
Aw, I think Kendra looks better without makeup. [Celebslam]
Gisele Bundchen‘s bikini photos. [Celebs]
Lady Gaga gets litigious over breast milk ice cream. [Hollywood Rag]
Glee‘s Heather Morris is on the rise. [CityRag]
10 Important Women In Film: a list for International Women‘s Day. [Moviefone]
More J-Hud, on the cover of Essence. Terrible shot of her, though. [CoverAwards]


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  1. Justaposter says:

    Is it just me, but the side of Raccoon girl and Madge, almost look like mother and daughter.. or Raccon girl all grown up?

  2. guesty says:

    J Hud is very Kelly Rowland. & Jessica looks bad as in unhealthy.

  3. Rasputina says:

    Jesus, Momsen, -I- was an opinionated yet stupid teenager who belonged to the rock scene (a bunch of particularly elitist people who think they’re deeper and darker than mundanes. Deny it all you want, young rockers are dumb.) but you just took it to a new level.

    This is why teenagers should never get famous.

  4. chasingadalia says:

    Oh my god, House was so frustrating! The first 55 minutes, fab. The last five? I was throwing my couch cushions.

  5. Mollyb says:

    I think the flights of fancy parodies could have worked on House if the whole episode had a different tone. It was a supposed to be a sad, scary, soul-searching type of episode with these goofy, silly fantasy scenes. It just seemed jarring and odd to me. Although Hugh Laurie singing–swoon!

  6. xxodettexx says:

    @chasingadalia: i havent watched house in ages, which is rather sad considering i still believe Dr. House is one of my all-time favorite characters on tv! so sad that the writers are jumping sharks, whales, xeroxes of said sharks and whales… damn hollywood!

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    Wow, Kaiser! Hugh, Vin, Tyrese, Paul, Luda, A.N.D. the Rock? F’n-Ay! It’s HGF on Tuesday! Good on ya, girl!

  8. TXCinderella says:

    Raccoon needs to get back to the forest and stay there!

  9. InVain says:

    That trailer for F&F 5 is laughable…because I literally just laughed at one of the parts.

  10. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Talentless, useless twat.

  11. TQB says:

    @chasingdalia, RIGHT??? What the hell. You knew he was a drug addict. A year later and you’re surprised he’s still a drug addict? I was mad when she made the decision to date him and madder when she dumped him. So annoying.

  12. Oi says:

    House was sooo weird last night!

    And, I gotta say it because I’ve had it with her…fuck you Caca. What a piece of shit you are. suing over THAT? really? Loved the guy’s response to the lawsuit. hope the parlor wins.

  13. liz says:

    The cover photographer of Essence (and possibly the editor) need to be fired, STAT.

  14. di butler says:

    I wonder if Momsen will grow up and be embarassed she wore a tshirt on stage that said “I f*ck for Satan?” I have to think she will.

  15. Chris says:

    @Rasputina: And famous adults never say anything stupid?

  16. Kimberly says:

    I love little kids playing grown up!!

    you guys can’t take her seriously b/c she’s not suppose to be taken seriously . . .she’s just a joke on the world. And the best part is that she doesn’t know it!

  17. Gabriela says:

    OH NO. That bitch did not bother me that much until she said she wants to do a collab with NOEL GALLAGHER. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. She wasn’t even born when Noel wrote Live Forever, bitch please

  18. Reality says:

    I enjoyed House this week, and the dream sequences were well done, especially with Hugh Laurie singing. It was a bit choppy with the back and forth though and the episode’s tone, so I understand people not liking it.

    I’m glad things are going to get real, their relationship has been too easy considering what a wreck House is, and at least now he’ll hopefully try to deal with his issues to get Cuddy back.

    Almost all addicts relapse, so it seems reasonable for house to slip up now.

    Hugh Laurie’s acting at the end of the episode blew me away. His emotions played across his face so well, even the suble glance at the door as if he expected Cuddy to save him again.

  19. TXCinderella says:

    Noel Gallagher would probably punch her in the face when she started spouting off her stupid $h!t.

  20. gg says:

    Get Noel out here, then.

    How tired I am of the Hollywood extention hairdo with the poorly-blended, stringy ends with the doo-doo styling wand curls. How uninventive. UGH.

  21. Seany D says:

    Why, exactly, has House jumped the shark? The last few minutes of that episode are exactly what House is all about. Shit got real.