Heather Locklear was set up for arrest by stalker

Yesterday when the news came out that Heather Locklear’s DUI arrest came after someone called the cops on her it sounded like a typical good samaritan case. E! reported that someone witnessed Heather driving over sunglasses in a parking lot, and then somehow later ran into her wandering in traffic after she pulled her car over to the side of the road. At the very least it sounded like the person who called the cops had followed her after the parking lot incident and didn’t just happen to later see her behaving strangely. It turns out that reality might be a lot more sinister for Locklear and that she may have been set up by a stalker – or at least someone who was following her and orchestrated her arrest.

The person who called 911 on Heather and who tipped off the paparazzi is a nefarious character who used to work at US Weekly and is under FBI investigation for downloading celebrity contact information. She happened to be following Heather at the time and it sounds like Locklear’s behavior wasn’t all that strange before this woman called the police:

This is the craziest story ever. The woman who called 911 on Heather Locklear is a former Us Weekly staffer who was under investigation by the FBI — and she’s the one who tipped off the paparazzi!

Jill Ishkanian, who allegedly hacked into Us Weekly’s computer system to locate celebs after she left the mag, was following Locklear in the Montecito area. Ishkanian watched the actress go to a market. When Heather got in her car, Ishkanian called 911, even though the car wasn’t even moving at the time.

Now get this — sources say immediately after Ishkanian called 911, she called a paparazzi agency to give them the heads up Heather was about to be popped. TMZ obtained those photos, not knowing it was Ishkanian who set the ball in motion.

And it gets worse. Ishkanian apparently is the only witness who says Lockelear was driving erratically and that she was drunk, even though it’s already established she was not under the influence of alcohol.

Sound underhanded? That’s what we’re thinking …

[From TMZ]

Cops did say Locklear exhibited signs of impairment although it sounds like she passed the breathalyser. I wonder if this same Ishkanian person is the one who called 911 on Heather way back in March when it was claimed that she was about to attempt suicide but it turned out to be nothing. The news at the time had Heather’s psychiatrist calling 911 after she said she wanted to die, but it could have been someone else. She did go to rehab and it sounds like she has a genuine substance abuse problem. No one deserves to get set up like that though – unless they really are driving under the influence of something. We’ll have to see what more information comes out about this and if the ex US Weekly staffer is brought to task.

TMZ has many paparazzi photos taken on the scene and in some pictures Heather has a visible belly that some people suggest might be a pregnancy. (See the second page of the photos, near the bottom.) It looks somewhat suspicious, but it could be a normal stomach that’s poking out. Heather is 47 and looks fabulous.

Heather Locklear is shown at the Ivy on 5/14/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. RAN says:

    For some reason, this just ticks me off. Not just the stalking but the sensationalism behind it. She IS a little mature to be caught with a dui offense, but to be stalked like that… ridiculous.

    And another thing… did they REALLY have to put handcuffs on her, with her hands behind her back? What a@@holes!

  2. Allabouteve says:

    Well the entertainment media is no longer happy covering celebrity news, they now want to create the news and have some nuts on blogs feign outrage and indignant at supposed bad behavior by the celebrity, it is all sickening. I hope Heather sues the B*tch for malicious behavior.

  3. santacruz says:

    …it appears the ‘spin doctors’ are busily at work here

  4. Roma says:

    No way that’s a pregnancy belly. She probably just ate a sandwich and her body didn’t know how to handle it.

  5. Bodhi says:

    How totally fucked up! I hope Heather sues the hell out of this woman

  6. Berry says:

    She was either under the influence or she wasn’t. If she was – then they are right to arrest her. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  7. ozzy jesus says:

    Leave her alone, she is just trying to live, who doesn’t have problems??? I have been engaged in thought over life’s problems while driving, please running over a pair of sunglasses!!! I backed into my neighbors trash can and drug it a few blocks, I was not drunk or faded, just one of those days!!! She is not pregnant, she has on a cute top that happens to be very in style at the time, I am her age and also like to hide a “little” belly too, I am sure she likes mexican food and an occasional desert.

  8. guest says:


  9. Diva says:

    I thought she was arrested after she pulled over but was still blocking traffic. She was pretty clearly under the influence of something besides thoughts about life in the photos I’ve seen of her stumbling around. I think it’s clear this chick was following her, trying to be her own private newsmaker, but that doesn’t change the end result.
    Ishkanian should have some sort of stalking charge added to that FBI investigation they’ve got on her, though.

  10. Kaiser says:

    The cops found her running over a pair of sunglasses, right? Is that illegal? :roll:

    Yeah, I hate to say it, but Team Heather.

  11. Mr. T says:

    Conspiracy theory.

  12. Lane says:

    I think people are forgetting that she WAS impaired. No team Heather for driving recklessly.

  13. How ridiculous, there should be freedom of at least running over one’s sunglasses for the celebrities.

  14. I don’t see the problem with calling the cops on someone who you suspect is under the influence of alcohol and driving a vehicle. It is a little creepy that the person followed her so far though.