Jane Fonda was smoking pot with her brother at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

This story cracks me up. According to the National Enquirer, not only was Jane Fonda smoking at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, a definite no-no inside in California, she was smoking pot. Jane was reportedly seen lighting up with her boyfriend and her brother. There was a distinct odor wafting from their corner of the party, where they were giggling hysterically and hoarding several hors d’oeuvres trays. (I made that last part up.)

Forget about plastic surgery and aerobics – Jane Fonda says her real fountain of youth is the occasional puff of marijuana!

The 73 year-old Hollywood legend reportedly was spotted smoking a joint at a post-Oscar party on Feb. 27 – and pals say the counterculture icon credits the illegal herb for helping her grow old gracefully and stay young at heart.

“Jane’s always been very frank about being a fan of marijuana,” a close pal told The Enquirer. “She thinks pot is way healthier than alcohol.

“Pot helps Jane relax.”

Three times married Jane and her music-producer fiance, 68 year-old Richard Perry, stepped out together at the ultra exclusive “Vanity Fair” Oscar party.

According to reports, the smell of wacky weed wafted around Jane, Richard and Jane’s brother, “Easy Rider” star Peter Fonda.

Jane, who was seated next to “Glee” star Jane Lynch – covered her mouth while puffing away on what looked like pot, the source said.

“Jane didn’t care who saw her,” continued the insider. “She thinks marijuana should be legalized.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 21, 2011]

Let’s give the old broad the benefit of the doubt. Medical marijuana is legal in California and Fonda, 73, recently had knee replacement surgery. (Ok it was the summer of ’09, but still.) She needs a little something to take the edge off and it’s better than pain pills or booze. Who am I kidding, she was toking up at a party like so many people do. Apart from the smoking inside part I can’t fault her for that.

Jane recently put out exercise videos for older adults and finished a six week performance of the play “33 Variations” in Los Angeles. On her blog she writes that she plans to “take a vacation; begin my next books about adolescent sexuality and gender and start preparing and rehearsing the next 2 Prime Time workouts.”

Here’s Jane at the VF Oscar party with Richard Perry on 2/27/11. Credit: WENN.com. She’s also shown with Ron Kovac, the guy who “Born on The Fourth of July” was based on. That photo is from her website.




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  1. carrie says:

    happy for her and she looks insanely great for her age

  2. Bodhi says:

    Clutch my pearls! 😀

    Good for her, I’d probably smuggle in some green too if I were there!

    And she does look FABULOUS!

  3. Quest says:

    See looks absolutely gorgeous. Having to deal with all those smugs at the Oscars I’d smoke a joint myself.

  4. P.J. says:

    Great story, thanks. Her new exercise DVDs are excellent for older people by the way.

  5. Hollowdoll says:

    I wish she would get out there and campaign for legalization. As we all know how rediculous its to go to jail just for smoking pot but drink up people that’s legal and much more dangerous. I’d rather live in a neighborhood of chronic pot smokers than alcoholics.

  6. Roxanne75 says:

    wow she’s old.

  7. The Truth Fairy says:

    Reminds me of the scene in 9 to 5 lol

  8. RHONYC says:

    wow, jane got that bad surgery fixed and looks AMAZING!!!

    b*tch got the neckline a 30 year old…she makes 74 look damn good, i tell ya! 😉

  9. Audrey says:

    Oh, just legalize it nationwide already!

  10. Marinernkc says:

    She is a Traitor to this country would never watch anything she does

  11. Hollowdoll says:

    @RHONYC I agree she looks great!

  12. I agree says:

    She is right about one thing. I also call weed my fountain of youth. I’m turning 50 in May and many people still think I’m mid-30s.

  13. di butler says:

    She looks good. Peter looks like a shellacked walnut shell paint was coated over an Apple Head doll and given Gary Busey’s teeth.

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    she looks fab. we should all look so good at 73.

    LOVE her dress…sexy without trying to hard.

  15. flotus says:

    Hanoi Hilton! Remember Jane?

  16. KLO says:

    She looks good. That’s a great dress!

  17. maggiegrace says:

    Have always loved her. She is stunning. Poor brother Peter looks like a corpse. His orthodontist should be shot for those hideous dentures.

  18. JM says:

    I’d rather look like Jane when I’m her age than Joan Rivers.

  19. Me says:

    Good for her! It must have been a long, if not boring, night. I work as a project manager. When I did a project with a large city municipality, I had to sit through the most boring, long, status meetings. The only useful thing we could do during these was smoking fags. Every single week I’d end up wondering how things would be if there was a joint travelling round the table. I bet we’d have brilliant time at these meetings if we were all baked!

  20. maggiegrace says:

    Marinerkc – You’re going to have to let it go dude. It was 40 years ago! Do you think that when you’re 70, you won’t have a regret or two over what you did 40+ years previous? She has apologized publicly and says that she regrets her actions in the early 1970’s.

    And Reagan sold arms to Iran in the 80’s – life goes on.

  21. OriginalGracie says:

    @Marinernkc: Something she said and did as a young woman cancels out everything else in her lifetime?

    You are entitled to your opinion. I disagree and prefer to look at her whole life to see the real woman.

    She looks as incredible as you all are saying, and she is such a witty woman and a great actress.

  22. flotus says:

    @maggiegrace, some things just can not be forgotten!

  23. OriginalGracie says:

    @maggiegrace: Amen!! We will all have a couple of oh-my-god moments that we wish we had handled differently. We are just human.

    One of my fav Jane Fonda movies was On Golden Pond and I was so happy to read that the movie did bring her and her dad closer. You can see in the film what I believe was real pain and sadness as her character tries to interact with the dad.

    And I love in 9 to 5 when she tells her ex that she’s into “bondage and M & M’s”.

  24. wtf says:

    LOVE IT!
    And while I disagree with Jane’s stance in Vietnam, that doesn’t make her a traitor this country. Freedom of choice and expression are birth rights as Americans, so if anything it makes her more American.

  25. cara says:

    Good! I wish everyone would toke up and Finally put to rest this retarded debate.

    and the Hanoi stuff…just read her auto bio…it explains what happened….however, be warned, the b*tch has a Major food problem, reading her book almost made ME bulimic. (no joke)

  26. maggiegrace says:

    Good points WTF. Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die, and Jane is clearly on top of her game! She’s also extremely bright. Maybe a tiny bit narcissistic but that often goes along with the talent. I think my favorite movie of hers of all time is Cat Balou. I was a young girl and her version of a gutsy young woman really impressed me.

  27. xxodettexx says:

    @maggiegrace/originalgracie: why bother arguing logic with some people? the same people that revere rush limbaugh [who cheated on his sick wives] for being patriotic or revere palin [who quit her office when political heat was too much] as being patriotic bc she is cutesy/patriotic are going to be the first clamoring to talk trash about ANYTHING ANY liberal has said, ever said, might have said or ever possibly will say… you just cant win with some people!

  28. maggiegrace says:

    Too, too true.

  29. Ponette says:

    Just to let you all know, that is NOT Peter Fonda in the photo, but it is of her new boyfriend.
    Thank you and Jane, you look wonderful!!!!

  30. Hmmm says:

    Weed helped her ‘grow old gracefully”? Bwah! She might mention the tons of plastic surgery she’s had throughout her life. And all the prescription drugs she’s taken in the past.

    Not much she says carries any weight with me. She’s obsessed with perfection and image, especially body image and always has been. Just another Hollywood tool.

    Isn’t she a (great) grandmother? How come you never hear her talk about that?

    Great actress, though.

  31. margaritachum says:

    i would smoke pot with her too.:)

    @hollowdoll i agree with you in every word.

  32. Bill Hicks is God says:

    She must be a commie, even her HAIR is Red!

    The Vietnam war created the deepest rift in America since the Civil War but holding a 40+ year-old grudge isn’t going to change that and it isn’t patriotic, it’s picking at a scab.

  33. Hatedoodle says:

    God, this article makes me want to toke up with my brother.

  34. Lisa Turtle says:

    I’m a huge Jane Fonda fan.

    It’s been a full-on obsession ever since I read her autobiography. She is just such an interesting lady, open-minded, optimistic, I really can’t recommend the book enough. Especially the memoirs of her young life. The woman really lived. Stories like this make me think pot should be legalized. It sounds like nobody at the party was the least bit scandalized by the stink of a little pot. Let the lady keep living!

  35. Bobby the K says:

    You don’t grow old and stop having fun, you stop having fun and grow old!

  36. Isabel says:


  37. Marinernkc says:

    I really dont care what any of you say she is a Traitor and should have been jailed, I Have friends that were POW’s and I know how they suffered and still do she called them liers and said every one was treated fine and this was after they came home.so F%%% 40 years ago.She doesnt deserve to be worshipped like you people are doing.

  38. Hakura says:

    @Hollowdoll” I’d rather live in a neighborhood of chronic pot smokers than alcoholics.”

    I have to agree with you, there. It should definitely be legalized… Alcohol & cigarettes are okay, but pot isn’t? There are *so* many therapeutic uses that help people to live a normal life.

    @Marinernkc“She is a Traitor to this country would never watch anything she does”

    I hadn’t heard anything about this incident until you mentioned it, as it was way before my time (& I subsequently looked it up). She did say some horrible things… but she has since apologized & expressed regret.

    While I can’t expect the soldiers her comments hurt to forgive her so easily… It was a long time ago, & an acknowledged big mistake.

  39. Jayna says:

    Now, this is plastic surgery done right. She didn’t have to defend doing it. She waited a long time. She said she felt she looked tired when looking at herself in the mirror and she does look more rested now. Striking woman.

  40. Tia C says:

    Good for her! Love me some Jane!

    And maybe that also explains why I’m 43 but routinely get mistaken for 10 years younger…hmmm… LOL! And I’m writing this at 4:20…

    @ Bobby the K: I love that saying! Thanks for sharing. It is SO true!

  41. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ xxodettexx and a few others, It’s not rightwing/left wing thing really. Not for me. I’m liberal, and I totally agree with her stance on weed (yes, im an LA girl), and I do think she’s a good actress. But her actions directly caused the death of Americans. it’s not a grudge, and it’s not “oh it was 40years ago people”. Because those American soldiers are still dead. Because of her. Because of that, many of us will always have a bad taste in our mouths with her. I’m sure she is sorry, and I believe when she says she is. But that is a stain she will forever carry. I feel mostly sympathy for her. It must be a heavy pain to carry, and I bet there are still nights she wakes up, wishing she could go back.
    But she cant. I do understand how some people hate her.

  42. Crash2GO2 says:

    @John Wayne Lives: Very nicely said, and I agree.

    Her BF needs to do something about his teefes!

  43. jamman says:

    Jane blew me in a car outside a club in Atlanta in 1984. It was awesome.

  44. sakara says:

    hanoi jane smoking to forget that she once was a fan of the viet cong, and laughed about american soldiers getting killed—-what a slut!

  45. e.non says:

    oh please. her actions didn’t cause any friggin deaths in vietnam. she posed for an idiotic photograph; she didn’t drop bombs from 30,000 feet on villages and hanoi. she didn’t develop the policies that sent 58,000 americans and god knows how many vietnamese to their agonizing deaths.

    oh, and she looks awesome.

  46. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Good post John Wayne lives – I did some research on the subject after reading it. And Jamman thanks for the chuckle!

  47. Hakura says:

    @John Wayne Lives“But her actions directly caused the death of Americans.”

    I want to preface this with the fact that I’m completely new to this occurrence, & wasn’t even aware of it until today. I’m not an expert, nor did I lose any family members in Vietnam. (I wasn’t alive when it was going on, so can’t personally know what the ‘experience’ of it was like, & I wouldn’t pretend that I could.)

    So I mean absolutely no disrespect. But when you say she ‘directly’ caused their deaths… I don’t think, unless she personally participated in killing them (with a gun, or some other weapon), it’s more accurate to say her actions *indirectly* caused their deaths.

    But that’s not to say she was right.

  48. lio says:

    Politicians who launch wars for false reasons; military officials who are unable to win those wars or to protect their soldiers…Those are the responsables who should be held accountable.
    To get rid of this responsability on the shouders of an actress – who may or may not have say stupid things – is at best laughable.

  49. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Who cares? There were probably plenty of people snorting coke at that party too.

  50. Anti-icon says:

    This is funny. I love me some Jane Fonda (always, but she’s done good interviews lately, too) but I didn’t know she smokes the ganja. Good for her, willing to take another arrest for a good cause. (Wouldn’t that be scandalicious, having TMZ footage of Jane getting arrested!!! No, Jane, stay classy. Lindsey and Charlie have TMZ covered for the time being. LOL

  51. mauibound says:

    @ 49 agree 100%

  52. JenJen says:

    She has such weird taste in men but after Ted, I am glad she found someone fun.

  53. DiMi says:

    She looks fantastic, and she is still an amazing actress! Go Jane!!!
    I don’t believe the story, but it would be kind of cute if she and her brother were being naughty in their 70s. Medical marijuana is legal in California so it’s possible. Stoned or not, I love it that the brother and sister were hanging out like teenagers and having fun at a party together in their 70s. They are still hippies at heart. (You almost never hear about Warren Beatty and Shirley Maclaine – also famous brother and sister – just chilling together and being silly for the fun of it. I can see the Arquette siblings doing this when they get old, though.)

  54. Twez says:

    Several years ago she accompanied her son Troy Garrity to the Oscars, and they were both ridiculously baked during the red carpet interview. It was uncomfortably hilarious because they were both trying to play it off like they were straight.

  55. ctkat1 says:

    I find this awesome- Jane and Peter Fonda, hanging in a corner at the most exclusive, black tie party Hollywood throws annually, lighting up a doobie.

  56. Head Shops says:

    that is insanely surprising but at the same time not. shes really out there.