Angelina Jolie might be pregnant, because her boobs look slightly bigger


Ever since this past weekend’s paparazzi-friendly Jolie-Pitt family walk in New Orleans, some people have been muttering about Angelina Jolie and the possibility that she’s pregnant again. Many commenters – and other sites – have remarked on the size of Angelina’s boobs. Personally, I don’t really see it – Jolie has always had a nice-sized bust, and I suspect that she has the kind of figure where during weight fluctuations, she loses and gains weight in her boobs first. But – as I noted in my coverage of yesterday’s People Magazine cover story, something weird is going on with Angelina and Brad, and maybe a new baby announcement is it.

So far, OK! Magazine is the only magazine really pushing the pregnancy angle this week. They note, “Angelina looks bustier and fuller than she did in January.” And they spoke to “Boston ob-gyn Dr. Dave David” who says: “It’s possible she’s pregnant. Early on in pregnancy women just put on water weight.” But! OK! Magazine also claims that Maddox is trying to convince his parents to adopt again: “Maddox had a serious talk with his parents, telling them he felt they should adopt Japanese kids orphaned by the recent earthquake,” says an insider, adding that Brad and Angelina promised to consider it.

Here are photos of Angelina from the past week, plus a photo of Jolie at the Golden Globes in January. Her rack looks the same to me.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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59 Responses to “Angelina Jolie might be pregnant, because her boobs look slightly bigger”

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  1. mojoman says:

    Holy arm veins, batman!

  2. Quest says:

    Those veins … I cannot get past them… are they gonna pop out and kick my ass or something.

  3. Rita says:

    OK magazine had to call to Boston to have an OB-GYN tell them that women put on weight when their pregnant? With that kind of investigative prowess, the story must be true.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’ve been looking at this woman’s rack for many years and it doesn’t look any different to me in the most recent pictures. Maybe she just got a new bra. I know my boobs look a size bigger than they are in the right bra, but the wrong bra makes them look a size smaller. People just really want stories where there are none.

  5. mln76 says:

    Well I think she may be pregnant. There isn’t just weight gain in the boobs but also in the face and legs (People are so caught up on the arms that they aren’t noticing it). But whatever is going on I wish them well. I wouldn’t want 7 kids but they have been saying for years they won’t stop until 7 or 9. They have the cutest kids and they seem to be a wonderful family and really genuinely enjoy parenting.

  6. Addie says:

    Oh please, Maddox asked for a Japaneese adoption to happen???
    Then Zahara MUST have asked for a Lybian/Egyptian adoption too, cos they are having problems too.

    Pu-leez.Madness I tell you

  7. mel says:

    I seriously doubt theres any validity to the story. Brad is adamant about not adding to the tribe.

  8. crazydaisy says:

    @ Rita – LOL. my sentiments exactly!

  9. Merry says:

    Or maybe- maybe -she’s finally eating!!! Yayyyy!

  10. sassenach says:

    Mel, Brad had NOT been “adamant” about having more kids. He has always maintained that he would like to have between 7-9 children.

    I do not think she is pregnant. If they were to add another child I think she would adopt first because that has been their pattern.

  11. flourpot says:

    lol Sarah

  12. Cherry Rose says:

    They both seem terrific parents. But I think they wanted to wait until the twins were a little older.

    Oh, and Angelina has always had veiny arms. They were quite prominent in the Tomb Raider movies.

    But she looks really good here. It was nice seeing pictures of the whole family out.

  13. manly says:

    per brad on okrah!!! 8 to 9.

  14. meg says:

    I call BS cos Japan doesn’t have international adoption programs. They are very much about keeping the kids within their own culture. We’ve tried.

  15. courtney says:

    Brad better be careful what he says pregnancy doesn’t happen on our time it happens on gods. besides a woman doesn’t loose her fertility until menopause in her early 50′s unless she’s had a hysterectomy or something. Angie is only going to be 36 she has plenty of time to have/adopt more kids if she desires to. a womans breasts fluctuate in size around her monthly menses and not all pregnant womens breasts grow

  16. tango says:

    I doubt she’s pregnant. Maybe she just gained 10 pounds so she’s less underweight. But whatever. Can I say how adorable little Vivienne is? If they want to have more cute blond chubby cheeked babies, more power to them.

  17. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Well if not pregnancy, somethings up

  18. Maritza says:

    It’s called a padded bra people. She is definitely not pregnant.

  19. Lemon Drops says:

    Before my period was due my boyfriend said that my boobs looked bigger even with a bra and shirt on, and what do you know…two weeks later I find out I’m pregnant, and that was my only symptom other than missed period…. But there’s plenty of other reasons for breast size to change, PMS, birth control, non-pregnancy weight gain, hell even soymilk is rumoured to increase bust size. So there’s many reasons and pregnancy isn’t the only one.

  20. Sigh. says:

    @ Addie —


    I love how they make them out to be little lawyers and negotiators that only lobby for their own ethnicity, like UN ambassadors. Only Z wanted another African sibling a few months ago, and now only Maddox has addressed the delegation to respectfully submit the proper papers to add an Asian child to the list of future considerations. Now they’re in NOLA, so I’m SURE one of the twins will be the one to just fall in LOOOOOVE with a French Creole child.

    I’m not a fan of either of the parents, but they should really stick to baby-boobs-bump watch stories, and leave made up conversations about the kids outta it.

  21. guesty says:

    I don’t think she’s wearing a bra in the latest pics so that’s probably why they look different. Duh.

  22. someone says:

    I wonder who in the media was in thier house and witnessed Maddox ask Brad and Angie to adopt…???The stories they come up with are ridiculous.

  23. Maria says:

    she is so lucky to be able to get a tummy tuck after each kid. Can you imagine what her tummy looks like after having twins?

  24. Laurie says:

    She appears to wear a larger shoe size since January…she must have grown abnormally. She appears to have fuller hair since January…she must have a new hair treatment. She appears to have fewer wrinkles…she must have had a full facelift. Seriously…

  25. Cherry Rose says:

    I watched E!’s True Hollywood Story on Angelina yesterday.

    It’s just quite amazing to see how far she’s come and how much she’s changed.

    Though looking back at videos of her from the 90s to early 2000, she does look like she got a subtle nose job. Nothing major, but there is a difference.

    @ Maria – I don’t think she got a tummy tuck after the twins, as in some pictures she still has a little tummy fat, but I could be wrong.

  26. Marie says:

    Gee, so I think I maybe be pregant every month cause my boobs, my stomach gets bigger… Oh No.. WAIT!!! this happens always a few days before my period comes… I wonder why…

    I so agree with Merry!! She maybe eating now!!

    And if she’s looking for some kid to addopt, I’ll happilly call Brad Pitt as daddy anytime!! =)

  27. Cheyenne says:

    She looks a little bustier and her face looks a little fuller. So I dunno…

  28. REALIST says:

    …we’ve gone from the belly watch to the boob watch now? That’s pathetic…

  29. Fire says:

    I’m gonna say this here because I forgot to comment on the NOLA pics a few days ago. Just to stir things up a bit :o )

    Why is it that when little Shiloh got her hair cut short everyone was all crazy about her becoming a lesbian but when they see little Knox without a haircut nobody screams that he is gonna turn gay ??

  30. Sumodo1 says:

    Nope. Not buying it.

  31. Flotus says:

    Those boobs appear to be the same size they have always been. But then, what do I know, I am neither a loon, or a freak (this is what a loon calls anyone that likes Aniston)!

  32. Fuzzy Cat says:

    They look happy together, they must have good times in bed :)

  33. nnn says:

    Jolie said lately that Brad wants other babies cause he loves babies but i doubt she is pregnant and i find it ridiculous the national obsession about her uterus.

    Calling an obgyn, analyzing photos to find possible physical traces of what is going on in one single woman’s uterus is collective hysteria.

  34. Kim123 says:

    someone- the gerbils that they bought last year, I think, witnessed the conversation between Maddox and his parents about adopting. #29 (I can’t read your name) posters on the celebritybaby sites are saying AJ is trying to turn Knox into girl with the long hair. I guess because she lost Shiloh to the “other team”

  35. Anastasia says:


    If I had to guess, I’d say they are going to stop with six kids. They’ve both intimated that six is enough for them. BUT if they do add to their family, I think it’ll be through adoption.

    All this speculation is silly. Her boobs look exactly the same. Like we could diagnose an early pregnancy from something like that, anyway. We’re not even seeing her in person and even THAT would be an iffy diagnosis!

  36. P.J. says:

    Kaiser, Don’t forget about the implants. Anyone who is as thin as Angelina cannot have large breasts without enhancements. Breasts are mostly made up of fat, and it’s just not possible that 100% of her body fat is stored in her breasts.

    Despite the implants, breast size can fluctuate with weight, water, and pregnancy, but not that much since the basic breast size is determined by the implant, not mother nature.

  37. DD says:

    okay that snippet about Maddox having a serious conversation with his parents about adopting sounds pretty ludicrous. Come on, the sh*t some people come up with. These are kids, let them be kids or at least make them sound like kids :P
    These tabloids would have us believe that the Jolie-Pitt children are having a Benjamin Button moment.

  38. Katherine M. says:

    It seems ridiculous commenting on a stranger’s baby plans BUT at the risk sounding, well, ridiculous I’d venture that if they add to the family they do it in a way that there wouldn’t be one straggler at the end of the family. So maybe in a few years they’d have a child and then adopt a child soon after or vice versa. It’s always nice to have a sibling close in age.

    That said, I thought she showed some signs of pregnancy with a more rounded overall figure but since her boobs look lower it could easily be a different bra than she wore with an evening gown or maybe she’s been stuffing her face while editing her movie. I’ll bet with kids in school and a nanny helping with the twins while she’s editing that her life is less hectic during the day. More time to eat.

  39. Katherine M. says:

    “Anyone who is as thin as Angelina cannot have large breasts without enhancements”

    That isn’t necessarily true. I know thin women who have very large natural breasts. An actor that comes to mind is Jennifer Connelly.

  40. nnn says:


    You can add Victortia Principal who played pamela Ewing in the show : Dallas.

    She was thinner than Jolie with a very very square frame and thin legs with probably a DD or E cup size while Jolie’s profile says that she is a natural C cup.

  41. The Truth Fairy says:

    I DID notice that her boobs were bigger, but it could be from a boob job, a new bra, etc … or even a slight weight gain from her super skinny days. Why assume she’s pregnant??

  42. Kim says:

    The title of this is one of the few rare things that makes me feel bad for celebrities. Because she wears a different bra 1 day people are commenting on her boob size and possible pregnancy! ridiculous!

  43. Kim123 says:

    There are pics of AJ on yuku jjb drinking red wine with an actor in her film that were taken this month. As for big breasted and “used to” be thin Jennifer Love Hewitt can be added to the list she was a size 00 and 36C several years ago.Also when Jessica S was new on the scene she was pretty thin and a D cup. As someone mentioned earlier I’m glad I’m not a celeb between the bump watch , boob watch and dimple(celulite) watch. I’d be a neurotic mess

  44. filthycute says:

    Her arms are as gross as Madonna’s.

  45. Samsam says:

    @Courtney.. It is a well known fact that Brad Pitt is an atheist/agnostic. I’m also going to wager that Pitt knows exactly how pregnancies happen (do you?), and he doesn’t have to watch what he says on the off chance some magical dude in the sky is listening in. A females reproductive cycle doesn’t work on “Gods” time, sweetie, it has everything to do with the bodies biological and chemical make up. Some women lose their fertility long before their early 50′s, and a good bit of doctors consider pregnancies that occur in women in their early 40s to be high risk.

    If she’s pregnant, more power to her, but I think if they choose to have more children, they are more likely to choose adoption.

  46. mln76 says:

    @43 I think those pics were on the set of her movie and they came out this month. Not saying I have any inside info at all. Time will tell either way.

  47. Lisa Turtle says:

    I think she is pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant very soon.

    I predict they will have one more biological child, and then adopt an orphan from one of the African nations. I think they will have a biological baby first because the gender of their next adoption would be to give them a “pair” – Maddox & Pax; Zahara & Shiloh; Knox & Vivienne; and keep the genders balanced evenly. So another boy, and another girl. Biological followed by an adoption within 3 years.

  48. latam2012 says:

    oh her veins are so off putting, i dont think she can do anything about them though :(

  49. argirl says:

    @Samsam- Your comments are super condescending and judgmental.

  50. anonymous says:

    Brad and Angie been monkeying around for the past few months and now it’s time to pay the piper, Jolie really look different no doubt. Magazines speculate all the time about her being pregnant but this time her weight gain and face, looks a little bit strange, I hope every thing is alright. Vivian is so cute such a little lady!

  51. Isa says:

    Here is a link to Angelina’s old modeling pictures from when she was 16.

    My opinion is that she did have a nose job but no boob job. They’re bigger now, but that usually happens when you get older.
    I’m horrible at telling these things, but I think she’s not pregnant.
    As for her veins, I don’t think there’s much she can do. Maybe try to gain some weight since they’re more prominent in people with low body fat. But that may not even help much.

  52. Justme says:

    *Head meets desk* Seriously?! Maybe if she actually had a TUMMY and her boobs were bigger, then I’d believe it. Not sayin’ she looks bad (Actually, I think quite the opposite) but I’m 13 weeks along and my boobs have gone up a full size and I’ve already got a belly. Can’t wait to find out if it’s a girl or a boy! But back on subject, I do NOT think she’s preggers AT ALL. There’s tons of things it could be. Padded bra, not wearing a bra, maybe she’s due to start her . in the next few days, who knows?

  53. Newbie says:

    Well, she’s wearing a beige shirt so it’s clear that she’s bored/boring. And if she’s bored, she may have tried something new in bed to get Brad to be a little more… engaged. And IF that something new was…uh…in a way, “traditional”, it’s quite obvious that she’s pregnant. Brad is dressed in black, which symbolizes…strength. And girth. There is an equal amount of children and an equal amount of boys to girls, so if I could take a quick look at my astology chart here…ahhh yes. The stars will all align in the order of each child’s birth, which gives us a lattitude/longitude that comes out somewhere near… Milwaukee. If her cup size is a “C”, then we can use the equation E(emmisions)=M(mothering)C(cup)squared(Brad’s taste in fashion), to give us the answer: 3 children by the next full moon, one conceived naturally, one of them Japanese and implanted using artificial insemination(an homage both to the relief effort in Japan and the children’s god-aunt, Jenny Shimizu), and a third crowding in there from Greece, to satisfy Brad’s obvious guilt and remorse. But of course, all you have to do is look toward the distance, in square feet, that her and Brad are walking apart, in order to tell that something is definitely..erm..growing…between them.
    Case Closed.

  54. eternalcanadian says:

    Angelina’s baps were the last thing I noticed. The first thing I noticed were those narsty arm veins (3rd pic where she’s holding the kids’ hands)! Holy bat veins! :o

  55. serena says:

    She looks exactly the same.
    Those magazine are always full of shit, now Maddox convinces his parents to adopt.. yeah, that’s totally convincing. XD

    Maybe they would adopt again, and from Japan, but it’s their business and from my point of view I don’t think they’ll have natural children any soon again.

  56. Kim123 says:

    Japan doesn’t allow international adoptions. mln76 The pic of her drinking wine is not from the filming. She has another tattoo of coordinates on her arm and she didn’t have it during the premieres from TT last year. The premieres came after she left Budapest.She has had those promininent veins forever I just watched Original Sin unrated and saw the veins . That film was made in 2001 I think.

  57. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I for one do not think that Angelina will have another pregnancy. She’s an actress, and pregnancy and childbirth take her out of that game. Plus, she has six. That’s a lot of kids. One on one time must be very rare. If they hav more, I’ll wager it will be when the others are much older.

  58. Redd says:

    Says a lot about Mr. All-American Boy that he finds this scarecrow and her scary arms irresistible. Blech.

  59. lisa says:


    It says a lot about you.. Brad was never the All American Boy. never. but you and the other fools thought that.. the same way you thought Aniston was the American Sweetheart. YOU know nothing about this man.

    Whatever Angie is or is not in your silly eyes matters not.. He loves her.. chose her and is still with her.

    Why it bothers you so much is the thing you should question.

    And the laughable part is how you wait for a JP thread to go cold and rush to find them and make a nasty comment.

    Obviously Brad has the ability to see all that makes this woman who she is. Beautiful inside and out.

    Blech to you.. He was never going to by yours anyway…lol