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18 Responses to “Lindsay’s overspending is causing friction with Samantha”

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  1. Yeah. I’m sure she has quite enough STUFF to last her FOREVER. Give some away Linds!

  2. Kate says:

    Well iam so glad that Samantha seems to be responsible on that issue too.Well they look so happy recently and in almost every shopping trip Samantha is there with Lindsay so i dont think she can hide much.I do hope she taughts Lindsay to keep her money.Samantha is in fact very hard working.

  3. Bodhi says:

    $1240 for boots?!?! Thats completely insane! LL needs to get her priorites straight

  4. saintdevil says:

    I’m actually more shocked that Ronson makes 300k as a DJ!
    What is the admittance fee in the clubs she works at? 500 bucks?

  5. TC says:

    Over a grand on boots and she still manages to look like trash. Trying to fill her empty soul with things that she can’t afford, predictable. Trading one addiction for another.

  6. Anne says:

    $300k a MONTH for being a DJ and crappy one at that!! WTF is wrong with this world? My guess is her price went up exponentially when Lohan became a constant fixture.

  7. Kayla says:

    She does still look like low class trash. She always does unless it red carpet or something where she is forced to dress. Linds didn’t trade any addictions. Maybe off the booze, but one reason Sam doesn’t wanting her blowing money is cause Sam buys Linds drugs and expects Linds to at least handle the rest. Sam is going to get hurt oneday.

  8. Rex says:

    Kayla, you’re delusional. Lindsay is on strict probation so she’s monitored and gets drug tests regularly. She’s definitely not on drugs.

    And by the way, I’ve been to multiple parties where Samantha was on the ones and twos and she’s dope. Definitely knows her music…. she works almost 5 days a week, sometimes more and pulls in over $10,000 a gig- a lot more if it’s a certain event.

  9. california angel says:

    Please, please do not group all other twenty-somethings and their abilities to hold mature relationships and make sound decisions with the likes of Lindsay Lohan! I’m 24, I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 2 years. We have a completely mature and capable relationship. I really don’t like being generalized purely based on my age, and I’m pretty sure that no one else does either.

  10. Feebee says:

    Sam – keep your money separate and then mind your own business. In LL’s world $1240 is not outrageous for boots – a pair of Louboutin pumps will cost $700. She should probably be a little more prudent seeing as she’s not really working at the moment but there you go.

  11. alli says:

    I still don’t buy that these two are a couple. I think they just realized that the rumor or perception (1) got Lindsay better press, rather than the trainwreck theme she had going for a long time (2) and Ronson’s DJ fees went up massively when the clubs knew Lindsay would be showing up, too. My guess is that they split the fee Ronson gets, cause Lindsay is the big draw. I still think it’s just a business & friendship thing. Lohan was too man-crazy for too long before for the relationship to be credible.

  12. Rex says:

    They’ve been in a relationship off and on for well over 8 months and it’s been 8 months straight (and that’s right out of Samantha’s mouth). They hid it for a long time before they just didn’t care anymore…. but even at the beginning of this year, people caught on.

    It’s understandable that people question the validity of the relationship given Lindsay propensity to get into many sexual relationships with different men, but this is definitely a solid relationship. And it definitely IS a relationship.

  13. doodahs says:

    Re Lindsay – her mother is Dina Lohan. What kind of values and morals has she been taught? Most people in the circles of super celebs simply want to spend their money and don’t ever take the time to teach them how to save it. Not that she doesn’t need a giant reality check but until people stop pandering and blowing sunshine up her ass, she’s going to find it hard not to bounce around like a little girl lost. Lots of fame and money at an early age without adequate role models = painful and public growing pains. She’ll figure it out but over spending frivolously at 22 is hardly shocking..

    Re Sam – I actually have respect for the Ronson family. They are super wealthy but each of the siblings has carved a niche for themselves (music and fashion) and are not simply sitting around cashing their trust fund checks.

  14. Kate says:

    Well i believe this is the most mature relationship Lindsay has had in her life.And if we see her life she had many burdens and responsibilities from a kid,being a young actor and working to provide for her family.She had many troubles and i cant blame her for turning on substance.No one was there to discipline her,nor she had any good guidance or parenhood.I bet Samantha doesnt tolerate her arrogance or bratiness.i also do believe they kind of were in love for some time ago too,but Lindsay was having troubles accepting it or her parents and circle didnt wanted her to be gay or even bi.

  15. JaundiceMachine says:

    The US economy sucks and now “celebrities” are suffering?
    How sad.

    (Ps – +1,000 for footwear? That’s my rent, and then some! If I bought that shit, I’d sure as shit hide it from my S.O. – unless I was planning on making extra money later on. . . a nice pair of boots can earn ya an extra $50 up front.)

  16. vdantev says:

    Overspending is just another symptom of her underlying pain. There’s an emptiness in her life she can never truly fill, but she keeps trying.

  17. Jinxy says:

    Mark Ronson paved the way for Sam but I doubt she’s doing 20+ gigs a month and with the economy that’s going to slow down. She’s good – he was better. Maybe she’ll move into producing too.

  18. paris herpes says:

    She’s too immature for Sam…it’s like me going out with a 22 year old guy…I’m around Sam’s age so I know…