Victoria Gotti “insisted” Linnocent play her, because of family connections


As we talked about yesterday, TMZ was falling all over itself because they got the scoop that Lindsay Lohan in “final talks” to play Victoria Gotti, the daughter of alleged (ha) mob boss John Gotti. Most of us were like “Sure, Linnocent, whatever you say, crackhead.” Turns out though, Linnocent had the inside track on this gig – Victoria Gotti “hand-picked” Linnocent for the role! But why? Because, as it turns out, the Gottis and the Lohans are like this (imagine me making some kind of crude two-handed gesture).

Lindsay Lohan beat out Blake Lively AND Sienna Miller for her new role as Victoria Gotti — and TMZ has learned … Victoria herself made sure that happened.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, producers were considering both Blake and Sienna for the role — but John Gotti’s famously blonde daughter wasn’t having it, insisting Lindsay get the role instead … and producers loved the idea.

Not all that surprising — according to sources, Victoria is a good friend of the Lohan family … and she often spends time with them on Long Island.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is currently in L.A. auditioning for “Superman” — but we’re told she already has a plane ticket back to NYC for April 12th … to close the Gotti deal for good.

[From TMZ]

Hahaha, Sienna Miller AND Blake Lively were considered for the role, and it ended up going to Linnocent? Wow, I would really hate to be either Blake or Sienna THIS morning. That being said, even though Blake gets “mentioned” for a lot of big parts, she’s not really nailing any of the auditions, so even if she was being seriously considered, I doubt the producers would have chosen her in the end. But Sienna can actually act – Linnocent could at one point too, although I’m sure her crack-addled mind can’t remember how to.

Still… this isn’t going to happen. Lindsay can’t get insured, and even if she could, she has that crack trial coming up. It’s a scheduling disaster!

Of course… now that I know the Lohans actually have a connection to the mafia, it’s making me rethink a lot of stuff. Was this the missing puzzle piece to understanding the Lohans all of this time?



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47 Responses to “Victoria Gotti “insisted” Linnocent play her, because of family connections”

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  1. Chris says:

    Holy shiz, Rus looks like the guy who ate Russell Crowe.

  2. mln76 says:

    I am not surprised at all about the Gotti connection. It just confirms what kind of family the Lohans are thugs with no sense of right or wrong and a belief the rules don’t apply to them. And it seems Lilo brought that belief with her to Hollywood. Gross.

  3. Marjalane says:

    I remember seeing the reality show with this Gotti skank on it and I have to say- Perfect. Awesome, spectacular casting. It warms my heart to know that White Oprah has such a klassy support system in the Gotti family.

  4. Jacq says:

    Did anyone ever see her show? She’s as big a trainwreck as Linds, only Lindsay won’t live that long.

  5. Jacq says:

    Did anyone ever see her show? She’s as big a trainwreck as Linds, only Lindsay won’t live that long.

  6. gloaming says:

    Sienna’s name was thrown into this to give it a bit of credibility. The thought of Lindsay competing for roles against her, and winning them is laughable.

  7. becky says:

    UGH! Lindsay could never act!!!!! Ever! She sucked! i hate it when people say she could actually act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gobo says:

    Wow. This… it’s actually perfect casting. I mean look at the state of the both of them. Perfect!

  9. brin says:

    Fugetaboutit, Lindsay.

  10. Sumodo1 says:

    Jacq–so nice, you said it twice! “Growing Up Gotti” was a horrible show. Victoria Gotti is a lousy mother and her boys did whatever they wanted. Just like Dina Lohan and her brood. (*shudders at similarity*)

  11. echolocate says:

    Lindsay’s lips are making me queasy this morning.

    If they poured a bucket of Lindsay’s lips on me while I was lying down in a tank on “Fear Factor,” I would quit within seconds.

  12. Desert Cat says:

    Holy crap, Lindsay looks like a walking corpse in that top photo.

  13. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Unless they are going to shoot this film in 2014, I dont see it happening!

    She has HUGE legal problems and a vaccum cleaner for a nose.

    Good Luck. (sarcastic)

  14. dorothy says:

    Surely movie producers as well as the other actors wouldn’t want her name associated with this project. It just ruins the films credibility and downgrades it to a straight-to-DVD status.

  15. Kaye says:

    Compare Lindsey’s picture with that of Katrina Bowden right below (on the main page). Aren’t these girls close in age?

    That’s a lot of hard living.

  16. yt says:

    Alleged Mafia connections? Not surprising and makes sense.

    The producers now have the writers busy with rewriting Lindsay’s part so she can’t mess up too much. They are also hoping she will be in jail until after they finish the film. I don’t feel sorry for the products at all. They chose to deal with the Gotti family.

  17. Jackson says:

    Whether Crackie gets this part or not, I’ve been telling you guys all along that some producers are going to want her in their movies because she will bring the buzz. It sucks, but it’s true.

    @becky – I agree! She was just a run-of-the-mill child actress. Her smoky, three-pack-a-day voice is what set her apart from other kids, not her acting ability.

  18. Marie says:

    I will not spend any of my hard earned money on anything that is associated with Lindsay, I don’t care who the other actor/actresses are.

  19. clorismetchum says:

    well, i always found her talented and i really hope this is the movie that brings her back. don’t these kinds of movies get nominated for oscars and all that? it’d be great if lindsey could finally win one…lord knows she’s got the talent.

  20. danielle_352 says:

    God the pink dress pictures are bad.

    Kaiser-you post these on purpose and I love you for that.

  21. Kate says:

    @clorismetchum(aka Dina)

    Thanks for that, I needed a laugh this morning!

  22. anoneemouse says:

    This is such a crock of crap! The head honchos in charge of this film just announced this morning that they never ever spoke with LL…not just “never” spoke to her but “never ever” – note the emphasis! Just more smoke being blown by Mama Loblow

  23. yt says:

    @anoneemouse, I haven’t seen the denial, but I hope you are right. I suspected Dina for the initial connection to the movie, but adding Victoria Gotti to the mix made it seem real.

    Back to tabloids going along with Dina and connecting LL with movie after movie.

  24. sorrento says:

    Aw, I was hoping for Charlie Sheen to get the part

  25. Rhiley says:

    I bet Linds will f it up big time. What is going to happen is she will get a little dough and she will start partying, HARD. She will get arrested and she will cry to a judge that she cannot go to jail because she has work to do. Judge ain’t gonna care though so Linds will be back to her regular small screen gig, “Hoin’ IT Up and Headin’ To Court.”

  26. Kloops says:

    I still think she’ll get D-list work, maybe a bit part in a bigger project if the men in power are skeevy johns, but that is it.

    Mafia connections makes ALL the pieces fall into place. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

  27. the other mel says:

    Linds certainly looks old enough to play V. Gotti convincingly. They both look ‘rode hard and hung up wet.’

  28. macey says:

    I agree with Becky and Jackson as far as her ‘acting’, I never understood the ppl that said she had talent, she speaks like she’s reading right from her cue cards.

    I will totally boycott anything to do with her. there are so many more talented and more deserving actresses out there. its a shame she gets a role instead of them just b/c she’s a tabloid freak show and/or has mob connections.

  29. mary jones says:

    I guess she really thinks she’s not going to jail this time. She’s probably right. I wish people would black list her from Hollywood so we never have to see her again.

  30. Ashley Temple says:

    Remember when Victoria Gotti had that reality show? I really wish Dina had just popped up, and we could see them go on their hit woman shenanigans together. Meanwhile, Linnocent and Victoria’s three sons are hitting up Pasha in head to toe chinchilla and blowing mad lines off of every clear surface they could find all in the name of JOHN GOTTI!!!!!

  31. Hakura says:

    @Gloaming“Sienna’s name was thrown into this to give it a bit of credibility. The thought of Lindsay competing for roles against her, and winning them is laughable.”

    Ordinarily, I’d agree. But the preexisting relationship between Gotti & Lohan makes it sound as though Lindsay could’ve very well been chosen above Blake. Someone mentioned a ‘denial’ that the producers had ever spoken with LL… But I’m not sure where.

    There’s no accounting for taste.

  32. LadyBert62 says:

    Gotti’s hair looks like a wig to me! Yuk.

  33. Cherry Rose says:

    This is interesting. First, Lindsay was cast to play Linda Lovelace, but got fired after it was shown how unreliable she was and of course her legal woes didn’t help any.

    Now she’s being cast as Victoria Gotti. It’s interesting that the only roles she’s getting offered for movies are now bio films. And of women that are not too well known, nor had a normal life.

    It’s just interesting that the only thing she can truly get her name attached to is doing bio-pics.

    Anyway, isn’t Victoria Gotti extremely vain? I’d have thought she’d wanted a fresher and prettier actress to play her.

  34. Kim says:

    Just when i thought her stock couldnt go down more now we find out she is friends with the tacky, mobster Gotti family – lovely!

    I cant stand Blake Lively but even Ill admit she would play a better Vicky Gotti than Lindsay.

  35. logan says:

    Give Brooke Hogan the role. At least she would show up and not rob the place blind.
    Every picture I see of Lohan lately, I just want to get the comet and a brillo pad, then hose her down with Lysol. Does her mother not see these photos?
    (I know, I know).

  36. Tia C says:

    The thought of Lilo competing with Sienna Miller for roles isn’t laughable to me. Sienna, Blake and Lilo all seem at about the same level of acting ability or lack thereof, IMO. I was very disappointed by Sienna in “Factory Girl.” Instead of portraying Edie Sedgwick, it was like she was just being Sienna, dressing up in Edie Sedgwick-like outfits. Nothing terribly impressive. Blake Lively is just the blonde ho of the moment. Of course, at least Sienna and Blake are employable, which is more than we can say for Lilo right now. But as far as talent goes, they’re all in the same league.

    This whole casting story is probably a figment of Lilo’s imagination anyway.

  37. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Don’t believe this will happen for a mo, Lindsay is uninsurable, plus a 75 mill film with Little Lindsay jail breaker crackhead in a leading role?!?!

    Would only be possible if jt was being held down at gunpoint with threats from the maffia to reveal his real sexual orientation oh and breaking a few legs!

    This is still cr*p

  38. iluvgossip says:

    Perfect role for Linnocent, she already looks as old as Gotti….

  39. ctkat1 says:

    According to the Producer of the Film (Marc Fiore producing, Nick Cassavettes directing, John Travolta starring as John Gotti) this isn’t happening:

    “Although reports claim Lindsay Lohan is close to signing on as Victoria in the upcoming movie Gotti: Three Generations, executive producer Marc Fiore says “99% of the casting rumors are false.”

    Fiore tells X17online exclusively:

    “I will be announcing the cast of our Gotti film on April 12. You’ll see that many of the names supposedly connected to the film are not involved. I also want to clear up that Victoria Gotti is not a producer on the film, and for that reason, she has no say on the production or who is getting cast in various roles.”

  40. Sassy says:

    Bridge and Tunnel crowd make movie! Who would be interested in viewing it? The Gotti boys were duplicates of the people in Jersey Shore and Victoria looks like a madam in a cheap brothel, and sounds like a truck driver.

  41. skeptical says:

    is anyone able to look up lindsay’s current Q rating? I found popeater’s old blog that had her as very unlikeable in 2010. I doubt it’s changed much but don’t you have to be a big business-type person to get access to that?

  42. Rita says:


    Here’s an angle that needs to be explored. This “Gotti role” and all the other “almost Got-me-a-role” is in preparation for Lilo’s sentencing once she’s found guilty. The plot goes like this,

    “Your honor, Linnocent is in the final stages of turning her life around. She now has a staring role in a major film that she wants to put her heart and soul into. Giving her prison time will surely destroy Linnocent’s future at just the time we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lilo must be sentenced to probabtion so she can star in the role she was born to portray and from now on lead a productive life. Surely you will not deny her the 35th chance that all Americans deserve.”

    A month into her probabtion, the Gotti film is cancelled and she’s dodged yet another bullet.

  43. gg says:

    This is hilarious. I would have to wholeheartedly agree with that casting if it were true, which it’s not. Gotti is every bit as squoze out as Lohan. Even down to the bad stripper hair and leather skin.

  44. ctkat1 says:

    @ skeptical: Very interesting article- thanks for sharing!

    So in April 2010, 84% of Americans were familiar with Lindsay, her positive rating was 9 and her negative rating was 52. (For those unfamiliar with Q ratings, the gist for filmmakers is that out of 100 potential movie-goers, 9 are more likely to see a film with Lindsay in it and 52 are less likely).

    I would bet the trend since 2005 has continued- her familiarity rating is probably close to 90%, her positive rating is probably a 7 or 8, and her negative rating is likely close to 60.

    Wish I could access the real ratings!

  45. Sarah Talks says:

    i guess it’s a matter of personal opinion because i never thought Lindsay could act. never.

    she was alright in ”mean girls” although the script was lacking.

    however, i can see her in this role. no disrespect to the mafia princess but lindsay more than anyone is the perfect fit. too bad this movie is going to be b.s. and gloss over the mafia parts because they like to pretend john gotti was a everyday hardworking man. Victoria ran star ‘trash rag’ magazine at one point it think, so the lohans are just her type of friends.

    hollywood is always pretending like non-talented plain looking white girls are the best and the thing to be.

    see Nicole kidman’s plain ‘plastic’ face no acting ass, and Paris Hilton’s ugly ass bird face for examples.

    i miss people like Julia Roberts before she changed personality-wise and pre-plastic surgery. Julia used to be real and a good actress, but she must have believed people actually meant her looks and not her personality when they called her beautiful. oh well, let the parade of plastic and non-talent continue. ‘waves at beyonce’

  46. Forelithe says:

    This girl is a walking tragedy, I’m not having fun anymore.

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