Barbara Walters tells Whoopi Goldberg to ‘stop glamorizing illegal drugs’

Whoopi Goldberg
This story is in the National Enquirer, so it could be made up but it does have a ring of truth to it. According to the Enquirer, Barbara Walters is upset at Whoopi Goldberg for admitting she was baked when she accepted her Academy Award in 1991 for Ghost. Babs told Whoopi not to talk about drug use on air, since she could potentially make it sound like illegal drugs were cool, etc. The way The National Enquirer words it makes it sound like Whoopi admitted on The View that she was stoned at Oscars. However I can’t confirm that at all and only found this video from 1992 that TMZ recently posted where Whoopi owned up to it. I vaguely remember Whoopi talking about pot use on The View, and the last time I could verify that she discussed it was in October of last year, when she never admitted it outright but advocated legalization. (Link leads to the same video that we have below.) At that point Barbara sounded cautious but supportive of legalizing pot, but I could also see her telling Whoopi to knock it off after getting some angry letters from viewers when Whoopi’s admission surfaced. There was also that incident in July where Whoopi seemed baked out of her mind on The View and had admitted to just getting off a flight.

Barbara Walters and her “View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg are locked in a “smokin'” feud – over Whoopi’s pot use!

After Whoopi admitted she was high at the 1991 Academy Awards show, irate “View”-ers deluged Barbara with e-mails, letters and phone calls, and she asked Whoopi to tone down her tlak about dope smoking, a source revealed.

“According to Barbara, viewers were angry because Whoopi was basically saying smoking pot is OK, while they’re trying to convince their kids that it’s not,” a source on “The View” set told The Enquirer.

“Barbara has said that Whoopi is acting like an advocate to legalize marijuana, and she doesn’t like it. She’s told her in no uncertain terms to stop glamorizing the use of illegal drugs on the air,” the source added….

“That’s the type of admission that’s caused problems on ‘The View.’ Many of the women in the show’s target audience are mothers who are pretty conservative when it comes to drugs.

“Barbara has reiterated to Whoopi that they’re on ‘The View’ to entertain and inform, not to offend.

“Whoopi doesn’t appreciate having to censor herself, but she told Barbara that she’d make an effort to tone it down.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 19, 2011]

I’m surprised anyone can work for Barbara Walters for an extended period of time. She seemed like such a nasty shrew on her book tour and in the few episodes of The View that I’ve watched with Barbara it’s like she’s lecturing everyone on the panel and brings a chill over the room. I like Whoopi and am glad she found a home on daytime talk TV. It’s not like I’m going to watch that show because of her or Joy, though. I have better things to do and I’d rather avoid having to listen to Elisabeth or Barbara at all.

Here are Barbara, Whoopi and the rest of the panel discussing the potential legalization of marijuana in California last October, which of course never happened. Whoopi was saying that weed smokers don’t really leave the house and endanger others like drunk drivers. She joked that she wasn’t speaking “from experience.” I doubt she talks about getting high on the show, and it’s not her fault an old video surfaced online.

Whoopi on air in July. She was “jet lagged” and admitted she took some drugs to sleep on the flight.

Whoopi Goldberg

Photos of high looking Whoopi are from December, credit: PRPhotos. She looks like she should be on that Hocus Pocus movie. Remember that?

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56 Responses to “Barbara Walters tells Whoopi Goldberg to ‘stop glamorizing illegal drugs’”

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  1. Rita says:

    “Weed smokers don’t leave the house and endanger people on the road like drunk drivers”…????

    Even Charlie Sheen wouldn’t say something that stupid.

  2. Brittney says:

    …sigh. I wish they’d just legalize it already.

    And actually, there have been zero documented cases of casualties from someone driving while stoned.

  3. becky says:

    lol shes so stoned in the second video

    “The only bitch on morning television who deserves $25 million a year is whoever has to take the notes during The View’s brainstorming (more like brainkilling) meetings. ” mk (from dlisted )today

  4. LadyBert62 says:

    I have never liked whoopie goldberg and would not listen to or take any advice from her on any subject. I have never understood her attraction. I am probably in the minority – ha ha – but that is my opinion of her.

  5. kc says:

    I’ve never seen an angry stoner, seen plenty of angry drunks. (Not everyone that drinks is a drunk, just for clarity)

  6. gee says:

    britteny, where did you get that information? i know 2 people who died because of high drivers.

    and – a family friend met barbara walters and said she was nothing but kind.

  7. TXCinderella says:

    I like Whoopi as an actress, but don’t agree with her views on nearly everything. Her and Joy Behar make me want to hurl myself out of a 50-story building. The getup she is wearing in these pics crack me up. Does she secretly want to be a swashbuckler in the Pirates Of The Caribbean or something? Her fashion choices have always been really, really bad.

  8. skibunny says:

    Enough already! They should have legalized it ages ago.

  9. devilgirl says:

    Stop glamorizing the homeless pirate look.

  10. Katija says:

    ((woops, double post. delete me please?))

  11. Katija says:

    @ Rita and KC

    I have seen people high on marajuana become somewhat dangerous due to a sudden onset of paranoia, and I also knew a kid who died because he thought he could balance on a window ledge while stoned. I personally would not want to be in the car with a very high driver.

    HOWEVER, weed is 1,000,000,000,000,000 x less dangerous than alcohol, no question about it.

  12. C-DUB says:

    Someone pass it to Babs! Maybe she’ll relax a little!

  13. Yessiiirrreee says:

    Oh Babs, but sleeping with a married man,is ok?


  14. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Ugh Whoopi. Ugh Barbara. Wasn’t Barbara really cool and interesting back in the day because she was a female that broke into a male dominated scene in whatever it was that she did in the news?

    …and now she is on the view.

  15. kim says:

    OMG get over it!

    It’s weed and it’s not the gateway drug, alcohol is . . . and that’s LEGAL and hurts more people. Ask my mom! She has a huge scar on her face from when she was a little girl and a drunk driver hit the school bus she was in . . .

  16. lucy2 says:

    I can’t stand any of the women on that show. They’re all obnoxious!

  17. Shauna says:

    It has always made me laugh when I read others’ views on those people that they have never known personally, yet give opinions as if they do…Seeing them on TV, or meeting someone once or twice doesn’t constitute ‘knowing’ them.

    We have NO idea what goes on in the lives of people we stare at on the TV screen. If Whoopi likes to get stoned–go for it! If someone else on that show likes to drink–enjoy! Such an amazing nation that we live in; where alcohol is legal, and everyone, (and I live in California so EVERYONE)can drink, then get behind the wheel and drive home or wherever. I do not understand how that is ok.

    Not going to get into the pot vs. alcohol debate, but on that subject; As a nurse I’ve seen many people that have been drinking that should not have been driving, and just in my own experience, have seen none that have smoked pot and ended up in an accident or in the ER.

    Of course in saying that, I am not condoning the use of one or the other, especially in relation to driving. Just never seen an angry stoner!!! And have unfortunately interacted with many, many over-indulgers of good ol’ legal alcohol. And not in a positive light!

  18. katielouisiana says:

    Whoopi talks about getting high on The View all of the time. I hate to admit it, but I do watch the show so I can rag on it mercilessly.

  19. Shannon says:

    Weed will get you a DUI as fast as alcohol will. I am openly a stoner, and even I can admit that. However, I would much rather encounter a stoned driver than a drunk driver.

    Legalizing it will make it LESS likely people will drive, because they can feel safe smoking it in their own homes. Common sense.

    This is such a non-issue. Public support for marijuana legalization is overwhelming. We are far more concerned about the state of our economy and job creation than a silly plant that people smoke to feel good.

  20. katielouisiana says:

    To be perfectly clear, I am pro legalization of marijuana, but Whoopi is a know it all idiot. I did not realize how unlikable she is until she came to The View. Babs is a stuck up old crow, Sherri is an ameoba brain-Joy is a sellout and Elisabeth is a no talent ass clown. That is all.

  21. sally says:

    You people that are arguing that there have been no cases of people arrested for driving while high are a bunch of twits. DUI is under the influence of any drug or alcohol, so it’s not like they separate out the marijuana cases. Just because you routinely get high to escape your pathetic life doesn’t make it safe, and certainly doesn’t make you capable of operating a vehicle.

  22. e.non says:

    oh shut up babs. glass houses and all.

    pot will never be legalized because big pharma, the prison industrial complex and the thug-base of the national security state won’t allow it. do you have any idea how many billions would be lost by big pharma if pot were legalized; this country has highest numbers of prisoners in the world — too much $$$ at stake there; and those jack-booted bully boyz of the nss are not going to give up their gawd given right to invade your home, terrorize your family, shoot your dogs (in front of the kids) and interrogate you while handcuffed and wearing only underwear.

    oops. wrong address. my bad.

  23. Kim says:

    It should be legalized BUT it doesnt mean free range to drive while high etc. There ARE cases of drivers impaired by marijuana causing accidents & deaths. etc. (Brittney you are incorrect). The number isnt nearly as high as DUI’s but that isnt the point.

    No drug should be used while driving including many prescribed drugs. Many prescription drugs impair people yet they are legal so…..

  24. kg says:

    nothing whoopi does is glamorous.

  25. Hakura says:

    I’ve never cared for Whoopi… I find her extremely abrasive. I avoid the View like the plague.

    Marijuana should’ve been legalized ages ago. (There are so many legitimate medical applications). It’s not a ‘gateway drug’ as people seem to claim. I can’t believe mentioning it in passing on the View warranted ‘angry letters’… I mean, get a life.

    People should be much more concerned over Alcohol, which is still legal, yet causes more damage than any of the other ‘drugs’ combined every year.

  26. Jane says:

    Whoopi has been very open about her fear of flying. She has talked about it several times and it seems to be deep seated. I am not surprised she would drug up to fly. I know a couple of people would do the same.

  27. flourpot says:

    I quit smoking pot when I decided to have a baby. It’s illegal and I refuse to jeopardize my life or standard of living because of fear of getting caught and losing my kid.

    I only got about one word out of 3 @e.non but I’m pretty sure I agree with most of it. Until the government goes completely broke and has to legalize it only for their cut of the profits, it ain’t gonna happen. And that’s fine because it’s probably cheaper to buy it now than it would be if the “man” got their hands on it.

    As for the View – ew. As for Whoopie – she rocks. I’d love to smoke a fattie with her.

  28. FatJenny says:

    God..Whoopi is such a horrible and I mean HORRIBLE dresser. She wouldn’t know what looks good if it slapped her in the face. She wears the most tackiest clothes ever.

    On another note, I’m sooooo sick of Barbara Walters trying to be politically correct about everything. She’s full of it. Barbara wouldn’t know how to let loose and have a good time cause she acts like she’s got a stick up her …..

  29. Ruby says:

    Everything in moderation right? I have mixed views on drug use. People can’t control themselves that’s why there is binge drinking and obesity- instead of 1 burger it’s 3. Instead of 1 drink per 1-2 hours it’s 4. Know your limits surround yourself with people who will watch your back. Also get rid of drug cartells. By the way I don’t do wacky weed because mental illness runs in my family and that stuff makes me more vulnerable to psychosis. And that ladies and gentlemen is the truth.

  30. milesaugust says:

    Whoopie is a no talent, I wish she would go away..

  31. A~ says:

    Sally — nobody said that people aren’t DUI when they’re stoned. They said that people who smoke are generally not violent, unlike people who drink.

  32. jo shmoe says:

    Prohibition of drugs puts money into the hands of organized crime, just as it did with alcohol. Al Capone, anyone?

  33. Matt says:

    I used to love whoopi movies but sice she’s been on the view she has really started to irritate me. And Sherri Shepherd is so stupid it’s frightening.

  34. Hakura says:

    @JoShmoe“Prohibition of drugs puts money into the hands of organized crime, just as it did with alcohol. Al Capone, anyone?”

    Exactly. I watched an interesting documentary about how other countries use Marijuana… I can’t remember where, it’s going to bug me now… I know that one of the locations was somewhere in the UK.)

    Benefits include the fact that regulation assures the quality of ‘product’ being sold, thus making the whole aspect less risky. I think everyone is allowed to buy a certain amount per day, & they can either smoke in the cafe, or at home (but not outside). Most of the crime surrounding drug use (in areas where it’s been legalized) has plummeted, as it not being illegal means no ‘back alley deals’.

    And far from being a ‘gateway drug’… if someone tries pot, they tend to stick with it. (as opposed to going up to something more dangerous). Not being illegal, they have no reason to look for something else.

    So many reasons it should be legalized. But to me, the medical reasons are the most important… It’s not just about getting high, but being able to truly help those who have HIV/AIDS, or the many types of cancer & dibilitating diseases that pain medication can’t help.

  35. Debra says:

    The View was interesting as a concept when it first started.
    I completely agree with you in the fact that getting to know Barbara Walters has been a real let down and disappointment.
    The show is a quick way to a migrane headache I am hoping it will be off the air soon.

  36. Westcoaster says:

    I say before the end of this year Whoopi will leave “The View”. Using the old excuse ” moving on to different things” or translated ” she had enough of working with Barbara Walters”

  37. Feebee says:

    I find Barbara to be a hypocrite so I don’t find this hard to believe.

    After reading the comments I do feel sorry for all the happy drunks out there, NOT ONE MENTION so far. Not all of us drinkers turn into obnoxious, angry, violent drunk drivers. Given the restrictions regular smokers are currently (and I guess in the future will be) facing I can’t see why lawmakers would make it legal to smoke anything else.

  38. Cokie says:

    Jane #26, that was what I thought, too. I was shocked that she mentioned jet lag, because I know she doesn’t like to fly. I think she truly drugged herself right up to get herself through the flight.

  39. Chloeeee says:

    Dear Barbara Walters
    Stop glamorizing whoredom and sleeping with married senators. Then sensationalizing it in your new memoir.
    …just sayin.
    smoke your pot Whoopi and when Barbara walters is about to croak and in pain…any day now.. don’t let her hit the damn joint.

    don’t you love how people are quick to pop a Xanax or any other prescription while they freak out about pot? in addition to the medical proof that prescriptions are SO much worse for you, anyone who says pot isn’t really medicine deserves a punch in the face. I know plenty of disabled or ill people who weed has literally changed the face of their ailment and the way they deal with it. pisses me off.

  40. Melanie says:

    Whose kids are watching the view? That argument just sounds ridiculous to me. “How am I supposed to teach my 9 year old that drugs are wrong, when Whoopi Goldberg is telling her on The View, her FAVORITE show, that smoking marijuana cigarettes is cool?”

  41. JenJen says:

    Yeah, Whoopi is a stoner and makes not secret about it. I am surprised that Babs gives her so much power because they seem so opposite. She must just love the money Whoopi brings in to her show. Babs loves her money but what does she spend it on? She has one daughter and isn’t she a lesbian and no Grandkids? I recall Babs making a fuss because she wouldn’t “give her one”. Ugh, I used to like her but now she is just an old Beotch. I say this because I have never heard about any kind of charity Babs ever donates to, I may be wrong.

  42. e.non says:

    flourpot@27: the home invasion rant was somethiing that happened a couple of years ago to a mayor of a small maryland town. but, those situations of swat/goons invading and terrorizing innocent occupants is not unusual.

    but the bigger point is, there are too many far too powerful interests that have too much at stake to ever allow pot to be legalized — despite the will of the people.

    until, of course, big pharma finds a way to take control:

  43. wunderkindt says:

    Whether or not someone agrees with her, Whoopi has a right to her own opinion about pot and anything else.

    Whoopi needs to slip Babs a delicious mj brownie. It would relax the uptight b!tch, and Babs might even sprout some dreads.

  44. curmudgeon says:

    I used to like Whoopi and Babs until the View. That show is such a damn chicken coop it makes my head hurt. I suppose this is a chicken coop also and I’m a damn hen, but at least I can’t hear us. 🙂

  45. jjb says:

    oh god.. i thought elizabeth hasselbeck was off the show. she is so irritating.

  46. DrM says:

    Whoopi can say whatever she likes as long as it keeps Eliza over there from talking…

  47. Les Moore says:

    Marijuana is harmless and never killed anyone, ever. The pharmaceutical drugs advertised on BaBa’s own network regularly are far more dangerous than pot. So is alcohol. Pot should have been legalized decades ago.

  48. gg says:

    Anything that affects your judgment and reflexes is not safe to be driving or doing dangerous things while partaking of.

    But I really don’t understand why cannabis is a Class A / Category I Drug. That is beyond ridiculous.

  49. Lukie says:

    It’s weed and it’s not the gateway drug, alcohol is . . . and that’s LEGAL and hurts more people.

    @Kim: I would argue that cigarettes are also a bigger gateway drug. Most alcoholics smoke cigarettes. Many pot heads only smoke pot.

    And yes, totally agree that alcohol hurts more people. You can die from an alcohol overdose. You will fall asleep, consume the entire contents of your fridge or smoke yourself straight from smoking too much weed. You won’t accidentally OD and aren’t likely to become violently.

  50. KateNonymous says:

    “Such an amazing nation that we live in; where alcohol is legal, and everyone, (and I live in California so EVERYONE)can drink, then get behind the wheel and drive home or wherever. I do not understand how that is ok.”

    You and I must not live in the same California. Where I live, that’s illegal–and I have no idea what “EVERYONE” means.

  51. Bopa says:

    All drugs are gateway drugs in the hands of certain people. There are millions of people who can drink alcohol but never move on to anything stronger than that, same for weed. There are people though who do weed or drink first and end up taking it to other levels because weed and booze just isn’t enough for them.

    I don’t buy that there have never been any crashes due to weed. I’ve seen plenty of weed heads get totally confused about what’s going on or what they’re doing.

  52. Sarah Talks says:

    if this story is true then Babs is stupid. i don’t think anyone on earth takes ‘cool’ cues from whoopi or will end up on drugs cause she did it.

    if anything the opposite will occur.

  53. Sandi says:

    Anyone that thinks that “weed” is okay is as crazy as those that think alcohol is okay. Thirty years ago in my state NC the big push was for liquor by the drink in restaurants. The argument was that people would order one or two and stop and there would be less drunk drivers, we see how well that worked. Leagalizing marijuana is going to bring on a whole new set of problems. As for Barbara and Whoopi they will have to settle their own differences but I for one can not understand why you would ever put two women so completely different on a show and expect them to agree on anything

  54. harfang says:

    Honestly, I had to take Vicodin once when I had an impacted tooth out, and yes it was kind of awesome — but I acted like Whoopi up there for over a day. And it’s not uncommon for celebs who hate to fly to knock themselves out with something legal.

    More importantly though, Whoopi seems pretty danged professional, she’s terrific at this job, and I highly doubt she would get high before a show. She’s a very goofy and funny person; she does a lot of non sequiturs and babbles a bit to make people laugh; but she’s not so laid-back or loose that she’d suck down a spliff before going on the air.

  55. Forelithe says:

    All that’s needed is a good sobriety test for accurate THC levels and it’s game on!
    No one should drive impaired, or sleep deprived or when emotionally upset, or distracted, or when they are arguing with their significant other, or when the children are fighting or taking a call on their cell or eating and drinking hot beverages or…wait a minute I think I just solved the oil crisis.

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