Russell Brand is pissed that Katy Perry still drinks, smokes & parties


There have been several completely unshocking reports regarding the state of Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage. What shocks me is that Dame Helen Mirren isn’t listed as Reason #1 for “Why Russell and Katy Won’t Last” but that’s a story for another time. In the past, we’ve heard about Russell’s “concerns” that he won’t be able to stay faithful to Katy, how they’re already in marriage counseling, and how they moved so quickly into married life that they didn’t really have the chance to get to know each other. Oh, and something about how they’re both really busy too, and how they barely spend any time together. This new report from In Touch Weekly starts at the “they don’t spend together” thread and takes it in another direction:

A source close to the couple tells In Touch: “Russell and Katy are just realizing now that they have to put in the work [to keep their marriage together].” Katy has been touring – Russell has been promoting Arthur, and “Katy knows they can’t go weeks without seeing each other… it’s not healthy. So they’re making more of an effort to see each other – Katy has twice flown in to see him in between shows.”

However, “The traveling is totally exhausting and it takes the fun out of seeing each other. They’re both so stresses out and tired and they hardly have time to be together even when she does fly in.”

Ironically, given Russell’s wild past, they’ve also been arguing about Katy’s partying while she’s on the road. Given her strict background, Katy tends to feel like she has the right to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, Russell lives a “totally clean lifestyle,” the source says. “But Katy drinks and smokes when he’s not around. It’s a sore spot: He knows she has fun when she is able to do the things that she can’t so with him.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Wow, so Katy is still drinking, smoking and partying her ass off. Sidenote to strict, conservative, religious parents: this is what happens when your strictly-raised children grow up – Katy Perry happens. While I think that in general, Katy has every right to do whatever she wants, the fact is that she married a man in recovery, and… well, this is all just stuff they should have dealt with before they even got married.

I recently saw an interview Brand did with Ben Lyons on E!, and Russell kind of broke my heart a little. He was talking about various film roles and scripts he was considering, and he said that he wasn’t confirming any projects because of Katy and her schedule. I mean… it just seemed like Russell is already really trying to make the effort for his marriage, and I just want to tell him: It’s okay, dude. No one thinks it’s going to last. You can admit it, dude.



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  1. Genevieve says:

    I actually feel bad for Brandy… He was so charming and funny on Conan and after my fiance made me watch Get Him to the Geek twice I finally decided he was a decent comedian and actor.

  2. MrsOdie2 says:

    It won’t last. People committed to a life of sobriety cannot be in relationships with people who are not sober without risking their sobriety. But it sounds like this is the LEAST of their problems.

  3. Alice says:

    So she’s a spokesperson for Proactiv and she smokes. Someone let her know that smoking ruins your skin, and when you have bad skin you get acne.

    • Emma says:

      Not true. I’ve smoked for 10 years, my skin still looks the same as it did when I was 15. I NEVER get spots. Acne is a medical condition, smoking doesn’t help it, but it certainly doesn’t cause it.

  4. Brittney says:

    No one thought Demi and Ashton or Angie and Brad would last, either. Not that the couplings are comparable (or that show business romances are ever what they seem), but so many doubters make me think their odds are actually *better.*

  5. Lady Jane says:

    Do you think they sit at home and argue about who has the shiniest hair?

  6. OriginalGracie says:

    If Russell had married me instead, like I asked him to…NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Russell, call me: it’s not too late.

    I think that Katy is still wanting to act like a young single girl and there is nothing wrong with that except that if you DO feel that way: DON’T GET MARRIED.

    • Rose says:

      dude no katy and him are awesome together and russell doesnt know who you are they are so cute together and i think that they will be able to work their problems out becaz they are ment to be together he is hot and she is pretty they are soooooooooooo cool!!!

  7. Snazzy says:

    I myself am involved with a recovering alcoholic and I can tell you, it is tough at times. I like to let loose sometimes and get wild but I have to pace myself when I’m around him because I would hate to be the reason of his relapse. So I can understand what they’re going through. It’s a sucky situation.

  8. Rita says:

    Perhaps if she wasn’t drinking, smoking, and partying her ass off, she wouldn’t be so exhausted when she flies in to see her husband.

  9. Jeri says:

    Wow! People are so cruel, I hope they surprise everyone and have babies and are happy together for the next 50 years.

    Why does anyone want to predict the pain and suffering of a divorce. That’s kinda sick.

    Let them live their lives and make their decisions without all the gloom and doom. Maybe it won’t last but why not let them try without all the dire predictions.

    You can keep saying it will never last for 50 yrs and maybe at some point you can say, SEE, I was right! That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it.

  10. Embee says:

    I <3 you Lady Jane

  11. devilgirl says:

    Well just because your source is InTouch, doesn’t mean any of this is true.

  12. hazel says:

    Hardly seems fair to expect her not to party. She is almost 10 years younger than him, and she isn’t the one with sobriety problems, he is. Besides, the article says that she parties when she is ON THE ROAD, and not when they are together.

    Ug. I can’t believe I care enough about these people to comment :^(

  13. Photo Jojo says:

    I feel for him as well, and her actually. She’s young and she wants to live a little. They seem like they are in very different places in their lives, which can’t be good. Divorce sucks and for that reason I hope they can work it out.

  14. guilty pleasures says:

    I am sober, my husband is a ‘normie,’ it’s no issue for me. If you are committed to, and understand your sobriety, you should be able to swim in a vat of your poison and not be tempted.
    PS, Russell is MINE next (don’t tell my husband…)

  15. Violet says:

    she isn’t trying to get him to party, she’s partying when she’s on tour. so it’s not a big deal. seems like a perfect arrangement. although i don’t see it lasting very long i also don’t buy this story in the slightest. i just can’t picture RB being annoyed that his wife is drinking on tour *shock*

  16. kc says:

    So if all this is true, when do they have time for therapy?

  17. LadyBert62 says:

    I wonder how long they will last – I predict they are finished by the end of this year – they seem to have too many personal problems and so little time to work on them together – marriage is hard work and requires a commitment by both people to make it work. It also requires the ability to get through periods of separation without reverting to old habits in the absence of the spouse. Of course, we shall see what we shall see – I do wish them the best and hope that they can make a go of it.

  18. Victoire says:

    She doesn’t deserve him !

  19. RHONYC says:

    its f*cked up that she can’t support his sobriety.

    g*ddamned disrespectful if you ask me! :twisted:

  20. Relli says:

    Yeah but kaiser is right this is all stuff you talk about before you get married, shit even if you are in a long term relationship.

    Yesterday I took a 180 questionairre in preparation for our sepember wedding. We have been together for 4 year, have a child pet and a house so a lot of the topics we covered LONG ago but I can imagine there are people who are all rainbows and butterflies and do no think of the real things, like considering someone else in your life plans. Its a lot harder than you would think.

  21. Tia C says:

    I didn’t even realize he was in recovery. Where the heck have I been? LOL. Good for him – maybe why he’s having the run of success he’s been having lately. I did not think it was a good idea to remake Arthur, certainly it wasn’t necessary, but after seeing the trailer I kinda can’t wait to see it. Russell is funny!!

    I doubt this is really that big of an issue for them. I don’t know, they were such an unlikely pair to me, and he seemed like the un-marrying kind, I hope it works out for them. You know, just to prove all the naysayers wrong. That’s always fun!

  22. curmudgeon says:

    Maybe this is a solid reason to marry someone in the same phase of life as you and someone who shares the same values. But who the frick does that? Specially in Entertainment.

  23. Bodhi says:

    People committed to a life of sobriety cannot be in relationships with people who are not sober without risking their sobriety.

    Not true at all. As guilty pleasures stated “If you are committed to, and understand your sobriety, you should be able to swim in a vat of your poison and not be tempted.” However, AA and other recovery programs advise those who are newly sober to avoid relationships for at least a year, if not longer, becuase relationships can trigger relapses for a lot of people. Russell has been sober for awhile now, sot that shouldn’t a problem.

    Anyway, I get the feeling that he is WAY more into this marriage than she is…

  24. candy says:

    I’m a really big fan of Russell Brand, who isn’t it, right? And I love Katy’s music. However, I’ve heard Russell make comments about how unfair things are at home when he’s expected to pick up after himself while Katy leaves her shit all over the place. I don’t understand why women try to control their men in such a demeaning way. Russell is not stupid and is figuring out the inequality of this relationship, never mind that he is ten years older. She should be more respectful of him but alas, she is just another selfish, self-centered woman trying to control everything in her life including a reformed addict. Good luck with that.

  25. lolalola says:

    In Touch has never published a true word in that rags life. Every time I read quotes from them, they sound devoted to each other. I hope it lasts. They are a cute couple.

  26. bluhare says:

    I’m afraid she’s going to break his heart.

  27. garvels says:

    I love Russell, he has a great wit and I am looking forward to seeing him and Helen in Arthur this weekend. I do think Katy and Brand are an odd pairing and I don’t think they will make it for the long haul.

  28. Madison says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were having problems given their age difference and they both have really busy careers. Clash of egos, careers and too much time apart is usually the reason celebrity marriages don’t work and I can see that happening to this one too.

  29. Rosanna says:

    It doesn’t happen to all kids from strict families. It does happen to kids from strict families that didn’t explain the reasons behind rules but just rammed those rules down their kids’ throat. The first time a kid is found drunk or stoned in school and you make no excuses with the teachers about it the kid will learn a lesson and grow up without the need for rules.

  30. LolaBella says:

    If this is true, their relationship will be hard to sustain.

    I have such a soft spot for Rusty; love him, I do.

  31. kg says:

    he is sooooo gross

  32. frank says:

    russell is ungly

  33. Kim says:

    The fact that Katy is doing it while away from him is a recipe for disaster. She knows it would be temptation to do it while with him but a recovering addict has to be able to cope with others drinking socially even if they themselves cant drink.

    Russell shouldnt care what she does as long as she doesnt become addicted and is just having some fun drinking now and then. If it was an issue than he should have made sure he married someone sober.

    This just doesnt sound like a marriage that will go the distance.

  34. Truthzbetta says:

    Crazy eyes. Brand is looking grosser since he got with Katy. And she seems like such an airhead.

    She’s got less substance than a well sucked Cheeto.

  35. Jess says:

    I’m with Jeri (9) on this one. I think we should really cut these two a break. It seems like they’re earnestly making the effort to make their marriage work, and I admire that.

  36. Becca says:

    Russell can do SOOOO much better.

  37. Susan says:

    Well if they do break up, at least they don’t have any kids. Divorce seems to hurt children the most.

    Brand ought to just take the roles of his choosing while he has a chance. I mean, given their respective crafts, what would they expect?

  38. Hakura says:

    It does seem like they’re at different points in their lives. I do think Katy should be able to enjoy being young & on the road… Especially with how suffocating & maddening her parents are. It happens every time, especially to ‘pastor’s kids’, as my mom & 2 aunts could tell you.

    They did rush into getting married, but I don’t think it’s necessarily falling apart at this point. He really does seem to love her, & this is the first time they’ve had to juggle their marriage with being separated because of their careers. They’ll either figure out a way to deal with it, or may have to make some changes. It’s not ideal, but they may have to take ‘breaks’ from their own careers to accompany the other with theirs… It would be a sacrifice, but thats what marriage is.

  39. british bitch says:

    It’s over.

  40. Jess says:

    I grew up in a very strict and religious family and now that I am on my own, doing whatever I want, I never got the urge to party to make up for the lost time. I find that behavior self destructive. But to each his/her own I suppose.

  41. Caz says:

    Russell and Helen make a much better couple…sorry Helen’s husband. Katy is far too flaky and full of herself to put in the effort to make a marriage work. They should have had a long term relationship without the wedding ring.

  42. Az says:

    He looks much happier when he’s with Helen Mirren, doesn’t he?

  43. normades says:

    He’s too smart for her.

  44. Hakura says:

    @Jess“I grew up in a very strict and religious family and now that I am on my own, doing whatever I want, I never got the urge to party to make up for the lost time. I find that behavior self destructive. But to each his/her own I suppose.”

    Same here (to being raised by a strict religious family). I also never had the urge to rush out & do something stupid & destructive. But that’s just my personality about most things… too much common sense. xD I’ve never even tried smoking a cigarette, & rarely (if ever) drink alcohol. (It just makes me sleepy more than anything, so I just drink for taste, wine with dinner or something fruity for dessert.) I’m sure some of my friends think I’m no fun, I just don’t get enjoyment out of being stupid as much as they do.

    But I guess everyone is different. What’s right for some people wouldn’t work for someone else. I just sympathize with Katy after reading her parents ‘interviews’… They’re extreme, even for someone like us who have similar family situations. I’d probably do whatever I could to piss them off the second I had the chance.

  45. wd says:

    who are these people? sorry to say brand looks like the Night Stalker! and does she even write her own music?

  46. Launicaangelina says:

    I loved russel brand in forgetting Sarah Marshall and get him to the Greek. Def wanna see Arthur!

    I hope they make it last for a while but have a feeling it won’t. Initially, when they hooked up, I found her more sympathetic the him but that’s flipped now. I also saw him on E! with Ben Lyons and hearing him speak about his recovery is great! I hope he continues on the wonderful path he’s on.

  47. Zelda says:

    I really like him. He’s smart, funny, and quick. And he talks about her so adoringly and with such emotion…. SO–even if I think she is a vapid, talentless purveyor of uninspired, desperate crap-pop –I do wish them the best. Seriously.

  48. Eleonor says:

    When they got married Russell was in that time of a life when one person is ready to settle, he was finally sober,he wanted to have a family and being a parent, and he is trying to make things work. Katy now is focused on her career, and not on her private life.

  49. JenJen says:

    I hope she has a prenup.

  50. lisa says:

    I actually like Russell. He is so funny in his interviews.. I can take or leave Katy. Not sure how true these stories are. I try not to believe the rags; even for those who I am not a fan of.

    but the thing to me is if she is drinking then that would be a bit disrespectful of the man you love. Especially considering he is still recovering (clean/sober).. He seems to really be on a great path and hope he remains so.

    If Katy loves him, then she should live a life that honors his recovery. I get that addicts will still have to interact with people that do drink and whatever, but when it is in your home, that can’t be easy.

    @zelda… your comment was quite amusing.. :)

  51. Mario says:

    I’m pissed that Russell Brands ugly emaciated face is all over the media. I’m pissed he took a classic film and turned it into horrible crap.

  52. gwc says:

    Where are her sugar tits in the last picture? Does she only elevate/inflate them for her fans and not her husband?

  53. foozy says:

    go helen mirren!!!!

  54. Confuzzle says:

    What a creepy, disgusting duo.

  55. Robert says:

    can sum1 jst whisper 2 katie’s ear dat ‘u are endangering ur health’

  56. Debra says:

    He is a freak and she is a freakette for marrying him.
    I hope they move to the UK and stay there.

  57. Debra says: last thing.
    Go Mario.
    I agree.Really disgusting.

  58. Gela says:

    She is a spoilt, greedy, jealous, deceitful, empty-headed, manipulative, mean-spirited brat and she has admitted in the past she has alcoholic behaviors even if she won’t admit she is an alcoholic. I’m not even going to comment on what circulates in the blinds about her other habits and what my friends have personally witnessed. She also smokes, which Russell quit but has picked up on again. I like Russell a bit, and I would feel sorry for him because he will relapse eventually if he stays with Katy and her group, but the reality is this is what he deserves after treating so many nice women like disposable wipes for years on end. Just deserts.

  59. Kitty_Cal says:

    He just seems waaaaay more committed to their relationship than she does. Katy Perry always struck me as terribly stunted and I think Russel has already worked out his “wilds” thus is more prepared for a real marriage. I hope they can work it out but to be honest… I think he can do better.

  60. Sam says:

    She looks like a wax doll in every pic. ESPECIALLY the second pic.

  61. Zelda says:

    And this goes for everyone playing the “I know stuff but I’m not going to tell you” card:

    If you heard stories, then write what you heard. Merely stating “I know stuff but won’t say” does nothing but makes the rest of us us think you know nothing, but are desperate to convince us of your opinion so you make up contentless “proof”.

    I’m not saying that is the case with you, Gela. Maybe you do know some compelling blinds, or have some witness accounts. But if you do, for the love of God, share them. People want to hear them and this is an anonymous message board. Otherwise, don’t waste time writing that you know things you are not going to talk about. If you’re not going to share, no one cares.

    Details or you have nothing.

  62. linda says:

    Zelda you need to calm down. I just ignore comments like Gela’s because she’s so obviously biased it’s either because she’s lying or she’s too close to Katy and if she gave convincing proof, she’d be found out. Everyone without a life like me that goes on the internet sites knows the blinds she’s referring to. But one thing she said is true, Katy does smoke and so does Russell now, but he didn’t used to. I’ve seen her in person smoking up a storm and there’s lots of pap proof on here if you don’t believe me. But it’s just to unwind, I don’t think she’s like 2 packs a day or anything. But that’s one thing he’s relapsed on. Next will be booze maybe or weed, unless it’s H then he’ll be fine. He’s a big boy. I don’t think he’s interested in H. His life is so perfect now I don’t think he needs to self-medicate. I don’t get why people think smoking and drinking is that bad. There’s more immediate ways to kill oneself than smoking or drinking. Why people hate on Katy so much is beyond me. She’s average in every possible way at best. She’s even averagely untalented. Why she gets people so pissed doesn’t make sense. She’s the most boring middle of the road person that’s become famous I’ve ever seen.

  63. Hakura says:

    Someone who decides to support a person in recovery from an addiction should realize they’ve taken on a big responsibility. It’s important to abstain from behaviors Russel has problems with. Granted she’s doing these things on her own time, while the two aren’t physically together… but Russel seems affected, just the same. She has to decide what’s more important… Getting plastered, or her husband.

  64. Rhiannon says:

    Oh goodness where to start..Okay well, we can say that Katy and Russell certainly seem to be just a bit happy that’s a good start on both of their sides. We can also say they’ve put up a hell of a fight when it comes to their marriage so that’s also good in retrospect. However, in the most unbiased opinion that I can muster I have to say I really didn’t get what the point of being married so soon in the first place was, granted I do not know them personally. Katy is very sweet and she was raised in a family that was/is so Christian the idea of having your own opinion about the world is wrong; Russell was not. His family life growing up was not at all a good place and I cheer him on for writing about the horrible things that caused him to be who he is, the man is brilliant. So, taking both of these into accord I say that if they can take the time to go on a vacation and really learn more about one another, that this marriage can go on; if not well I bid them the best of luck and hope nothing goes about too horrible. To be honest I would be extremely happy if I didn’t know why they got divorced, too much gossip is bad for the soul. I guess I just don’t have an opinion with their marriage, I hope it works out,but I don’t think Katy is in a place where she can have babies.

  65. wake forest says:

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