The newest Sister Wife, Robyn, is pregnant of course

People Magazine has the news that the latest and youngest wife on the polygamist reality show Sister Wives, Robyn, is pregnant. This is in no way surprising. Dad Kody has been seen on the show pressuring his third wife, Christine, to have a seventh child while she was pregnant with a sixth that she was reluctant to have in the first place. He also very clumsily offered his first wife, Meri, fertility treatments while they were having a romantic vacation in Hawaii for their 20th anniversary. Kody already has 13 biological children along with 3 stepchildren with Robyn, but he wants more at any cost. He also drives a two seater car.

“You should have seen the look on his face when we found out,” Robyn tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was priceless.”

The baby, due in mid October, will be the first for Kody and Robyn, who has three children from a previous marriage. This will be the 17th child for the family, which includes Kody’s three other wives and their kids. Kody and Robyn, who moved to Las Vegas with the rest of his fundamentalist Mormon family in January, were married last year during the first season of Sister Wives. Kody is also married to Meri, his only legal wife, Janelle, and Christine.

“I’m overjoyed,” says Kody, 43, about the impending arrival of the new family member. “This connects Robyn and I together in a way that nobody can take away…”

So what has Kody learned after surviving 14 of his wives’ previous pregnancies? “I try to always be kind and tender, but when a woman is expecting, you have to be ultra sensitive,” he says. “And always do the dishes.”

[From People]

Kody has 13 kids and Robyn has three of her own, but they write that Kody has been through 14 of his wives’ “previous” pregnancies. Christine had a very difficult miscarriage before she had her last baby, Truely. On the show she said “I hemorrhaged and I passed out and it was really horrible.” Still Kody pressured her for more, and bribed Christine’s 14 year-old daughter, Aspen, $100 to convince her mom to have another baby. It worked and Christine got pregnant again but Kody has still to pay up to Aspen. Christine is done now having kids now though, and so are Meri and Janelle. So Kody got a new wife who was more than willing to have another. She’s got to prove her worth to the family. We heard two weeks ago that she was stretching the budget thin and hadn’t yet found a job. I wonder if that’s why Kody made that weird comment about how this pregnancy “connects Robyn and I together in a way that nobody can take away.”

(Note: I haven’t yet seen last night’s episode of Sister Wives. The last one I saw was the Halloween episode last week and not much happened that I could report on.)

Photos are from 10/9/10 of Kody and Robyn at the mall in Salt Lake City. Credit: Fame




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  1. Rasputina says:

    This is breeding. Pure and simple. I hate breeders. It’s inconsiderate for the children, because god knows they all already struggle financially, and for the world which is grossly overpopulated already. 17 children? ARE YOU SHITTING ME?

  2. Zelda says:

    How irresponsible.

    I mean, naming your child “Aspen”?

    Come on.

  3. Po says:

    I don’t watch this show so feel free to correct me but from every story I have read he sounds like one of those men who like to get women pregnant to make him seem like he’s a man’s man. Meanwhile, the women and the children do all of the work. I mean come on, 16 children and 4 wives and you think you can afford more. It sounds absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Ann says:

    Well, it’s Idiocracy, Polygamy-style!

  5. Jess says:

    Get a haircut and a vasectomy, dude.

  6. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner! Well, congrats to them and hopefully it’s a healthy, happy baby and the mom stays healthy and happy too (and the rest of the moms as well).

    But what is his cut off limit for amount of children? I’m thinking 25.

    • Melissa R says:

      It like he is a sperm donor & kody is just so ugly & disgusting . It’s like a contest of how many babies he can make & take no responsibility . It’s effecting the children . He shows no consideration on his children feel . Yes he can benefit for a vasectomy

    • Melissa R says:

      It like he is a sperm donor &kody is just so ugly & disgusting . It’s like a contest of how many babies he can make & take no responsibility . It’s effecting the children . He shows no consideration on his children feel . Yes he can benefit for a vasectomy

  7. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Also- I felt bad for Meri last night. That must have been one of the worst things to go through ever…eesh.

    I really do like each of the wives…I could do without Kody though.

  8. Jenny says:

    Let’s get this straight. This man is legally married to only one woman, so what this really is, is a man with multiple girlfriends and many babies. Their choice of course and it is not OK in the Mormon Church to do this, so he is a man with multiple “baby mamas” and nothing more.

  9. colt13 says:

    I am all for freedom of choice, but this is just creepy.

    When Robyn is too old to have kids, will he look for another wife?

  10. AE says:

    @ Zelda

    They spell it Aspyn!!! God awful.

  11. BeckyR says:

    These people are sick….this is all wrong on so many levels. He sure looks proud of himself.

  12. Quest says:

    There should be Hatcharies or Breeding Farms for them…urg!

  13. Richi says:

    This is really irresponsible, for the fact that the children have to undergo financial difficulties and adjust!! Does Kody only think of having more baby mamas & making babies than making a proper decent life? it would be more valuable for him to put that effort on planing his bank balance!!!

  14. Samigirl says:

    @Zelda-My screen cut off what you were going to say, so I had to scroll down. When I did, I literally spit my oj allll over the screen. Hilarious. Thanks for the big lol of the day!

  15. Javagirl1 says:

    About the two seater car, I’ve seen Kody drive the big suburbans too. Last night’s episode he took Christine and their kids to Vegas in a suburban, and the other wives drove the two seater. Maybe it’s a car they can zip to places real quick that gets good gas mileage when they don’t need to bring all the kids.
    That being said….Truely? Aspen? Please!

  16. Jane says:

    Why do women continue these dumb “traditions” or whatever you’d call it. I don’t even blame this guy, he’s a typical stupid dude. It’s the women who help carry this on.

  17. EdithP says:

    What is it with this man? How does he attract these women and keep them? He is nasty.

  18. Bonfire Beach says:

    Proof that they had sex. Ew! I wouldn’t be advertising it, honey.

  19. Tazina says:

    Those kids must feel like they’re just a number in the “family” which appears to be nothing more than a breeding colony. Makes the Duggars’ look like saints with their one mom and one dad. As for money I guess this Sister Wives show is putting some food in their bellies, for now anyway.

  20. Mtn Girl says:

    So three wives got to drive the two seater around town while Kody went with another wife and her kids to Vegas – isn’t that kinda like driving your parents nice car while they’re on vacation? Also Kody says it’s all about family, they are so exhausted with being investigated, he has to work so hard to make each marriage special, yada, yada – but if the individual families are living in separate households while Kody flits between them and spreads his seed, they are spending money to take separate vacations, now there is another baby on the way, etc, how is he able to really be a devoted father to all the children? I just don’t get how all this is supposedly about the children, when it’s really about Kody and his *virility*. Yuck, I feel bad for the kids!

  21. Bunnywabba says:

    Ugh i watch the show and they all seem fine ir whatever but i am not cool with one man bringing so many damn kids into the world. This is ridiculous. I agree that he is a breeder and this has got to stop. I would hate to see how many more kids can pop out of robin’s 30 yr old vagina. Good lord…

  22. Catherine says:

    I guess these women who are not legally his wives find it ok to be his unpaid whores. I find this show disgusting and feel incredibly sad for those kids.

  23. alexandra says:

    I think it is a good alternative to the “not right now I have a headache”. Can you please just Go away and eff Rudy, jane, marlene, or mary for the love of ….

  24. Ally says:

    Maybe Robyn can get into extreme couponing, in a sort of cross-promotional thing, and earn her keep in the family that way.

    These people are pathetic and gross, him the grossest of them all.

  25. Megan says:

    I find it difficult to read articles about this family because the whole thing just makes me cringe. The fact that this guy is living out most men’s ideal of having multiple women but without having to hide it or call it an ‘affair’ (which is basically what it is) and these women have to live in a world where their husband is having sex with other women and you feel permanently jealous of his affections for someone else. I know they all entered into it freely, but I really don’t understand how or why they are doing this.

    It would be an acceptable lifestyle if the women were clearly happy about their situation, but each episode revolves around their jealousy, the difficulty they have being the wife of a man who loves other women as well as you. It’s not comfortable for them, so they aren’t convincing anyone that this lifestyle is a good thing. Their jealousy is understandably out of control and the whole thing is just emotionally painful to watch.

  26. MSMLNP says:

    He reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

    Not sure how he got even one wife…just gross.

  27. edvard says:

    gross gross gross gross gross live full size leprauchan.

  28. Lisa says:

    This article says Christine is through with having children, but I bet she’ll be hell bent on getting pregnant while Robyn is still expecting. I know she had a terrible time with that horrible miscarriage but she let herself get pregnant again despite that with Truely. I just can’t see her letting Robyn getting attention for being knocked up and then having the “baby” of the family. Christine’s already lost her place as newest wife, I don’t think she’ll be able to stand this new development without acting. If Truely has been on the breast, I’ll bet she’s getting formula now.

  29. Stephanie says:

    @ colt 13: no doubt the search has already begun!

    He is disgusting, and these women are awful for catering to his every whim.

  30. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    @Colt 13, yes. And if he’s like most other creepy fundamentalist polygamists, he’ll be sniffing around his own adolescent daughters. These people are sick.

  31. CeeCee says:

    Giving them their own show only encourages this heinous, narcissistic behaviour. Those poor children. The women all need their heads checked.

  32. Hakura says:

    This guy obviously only sees women as ‘baby factories’ for him to use as he sees fit. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if he gave fertility treatments against their will, hiding it in drinks or whatever.

    He already has children he can’t support, the last thing he needs are more. It’s obvious these women are expected to be the parent, taking care of everything. He wants more kids, but doesn’t plan on spending time raising them himself.

    I really hate this guy, he’s such a fucktard. I don’t understand why these women tolerate his bullshit.

  33. I am Legend says:

    Let’s see: With most Westerners down to one kid each I wonder how long until shitstains like him take over the world?

  34. SUSAN says:

    CODY IS DEFINATLY A NARSICCIST. ACTS LIKE A LITTLE BOY THAT HAS 4 PLAYGROUNDS ALL TO HIMSELF AND CAN RIDE ON ANYONE AT ANY TIME. NO WONDER HE ACTS SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME. WHEN THE HELL DOES HE WORK? I don’t think Robin ever planned on getting a job, from the get go. SHE JUSTS WANTS TO HAVE HIS BABY AND LET JANELLE GO OUT AND BUST HER ASS TO SUPPORT HER AND THE NEW BABY. AND YES , I AGREE THAT CHRISTINE WILL BE GETTING KNOCKED UP RIGHT AWAY. SHE SEEMS LIKE THE ONE OUT OF THE REALM THAT DOESN’T TAKE ANY SHIT, AND WILL NOT LET ANYONE GET AHEAD OF HER.I like Meri the best of all, but how stupid to let her man get away with poking 3 other women. Bet there are lots of”cat fights” in that house that we don’t get to see.I would like to know what they will do when they no longer have this show to support all of them and their kids.I guess Janelle will have to work 3 jobs.

  35. tami says:

    OMG, he[cody] makes me want to become violent toward him. He needs a good slap back into the real world.I cant believe those women are not ashamed of theirselves and of him.He jumps around all the time with his great big smile, he’s so happy because he’s screwing 4 different women. What a pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. jamred99 says:

    robyns lazy ass wasnt gonna work from the beginning thats why she wanted to get pregnant and so she could “fit in”. i think this whole situation is disgusting but i really cant stand robyn just looking at her disgusts me the most of them all.

  37. kominki says:

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  38. Gail says:

    The women on this show talk of love and sharing but their actions speak much louder. They may be used to having each other around like a spare blanket but its quite apparent they resent having to share this guys affection, especially after token younger wife came along and was knocked up faster than a Duggar on fertility pills. There only going to stay now because their loaded with kids no other man would want to take on..

  39. firehairedwoman says:

    Bring in a couple of “brother” husbands and see how long Cody lasts!!

  40. Selina says:

    OMG!! Brown Family haterade going on here..

    I personally love the show.. Sister Wives never fails to amaze me with all the obstacles they endure with their life of polygamy.
    We are all human so the Browns wouldnt be strangers to emotions, self esteem issues, trust, love and all of that, just like the rest of us.. Just because they live the way they do, we shouldnt judge them for it.. They have enough of problems of their own & negative people shouldnt have to add to it..

    But knowing the Browns, they will pray for all you people who cuss on them for being them. And they will forgive you!!!