Katie Holmes’ skinny jeans & doily blouse: cute or tragic?


As we know by now, Katie Holmes has the amazing ability to make even expensive designer clothes look budget and cheap. So I would imagine that this outfit – skinny jeans, booties, high-necked lace top – probably costs something in the vicinity of $1000, not including the purse. Even if I’m way off base on the price, how much does the outfit really look like it costs? It looks totally Walmart-Salvation Army to me. The lace blouse in particular… ugh. I’m not any kind of fan of white lace as daywear (or nightwear) for adult women. White lace as underwear? Fine. White lace for brides? Sure. White lace blouse for running errands? Not so much. She looks like she cut a neck hole in an enormous doily.

And the skinny jeans… ugh. No more skinny jeans! Katie was on to something when she was doing the high-waisted, ‘70s-inspired bellbottom jeans. Those looked totally cute on her.

If you think I’m being too nitpicky because these are candid photos rather than red carpet photos, you have a point. I get that Katie was just out running errands in LA yesterday, and that this might have been an easy outfit that she just threw on. But remember – Katie is a “fashion designer” now – and this is what she picks out for herself. What would she pick out for you?




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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50 Responses to “Katie Holmes’ skinny jeans & doily blouse: cute or tragic?”

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  1. Faye says:

    The shirt is…ok. It’s the booties that ruin it for me. A pair of flats and the outfit would be cute.

  2. serena says:

    The skinny jeans are ok. It’s the blouse that’s bothering me.. a lot!

  3. Melanie says:

    The neckline is wrong. If it was a deeper V or scoop neck I would like the blouse. The sad thing to me is that it probably DID cost more than a mortgage payment.

  4. Alix says:

    That shirt looks like the tragic result of a home-ec assignment: Make Something out of Grandma’s Old Tablecloth.

  5. Reality says:

    It’s all pretty inoffensive to me, I quite like the vintage, casual feel of the blouse.

    And I love skinny jeans, I find it’s a much more polished look than boot or straight cut. I know some people don’t like them and I get that (I personally hate booties, jumpsuits, & gladiator sandals) but I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon

  6. Tanya says:

    The booties confuse me… The outfit would look a lot cleaner w/out the scrunch effect that the jeans/booties combo is promoting…

  7. Siren6 says:

    It’s very LA, but the booties miss the mark.

  8. Laura says:

    The booties look terrible with the jeans. Maybe if she had tucked the jeans in the booties, but she IS out shopping and I wouldn’t bother to tuck my jeans into my shoes if I was shopping either.

  9. PrettyTarheel says:

    I would love the blouse over a white tank, but I just HATE the white shirt/black tank combo. It looks trashy to me, just like white shirt/black bra will for ever and anon be white-trash to me. If every style maven in the country is rocking the look, I will still be wearing nude and white bras and tanks as appropriate under my light colored clothing.

  10. Embee says:

    It’s the proportions that are off. The top needs to be blousier or the legs smaller. Since she can’t change her legs she needs to offset with a more flowy top. Or wear that top with slim black pants…that might help them, visually.

    Essentially, the outfit would look good one someone else. I’m not bagging on Katie. I have tried to wear things inappropriate for my body type too, and I looked like crap. Embrace your shape and dress for it! She’s not fat she is just not made for skinny jeans and a hip-length top. If she was wearing a swingy cardigan that hit her midthigh she’d look great.

  11. Sonja says:

    The booties dont match the outfit and the colour of the blouse just isnt hers.
    Looks ridicule…

  12. Quest says:

    I am ok with the jeans, it is just everything else (blouse and boots). I know there are many people who can make thrift store purchases look fabulous, but celebs don’t seem to get it even when the items are pricey

  13. Chrissy says:

    Oh! More flowers for her to artfully display at home! Did anyone else see that Oprah interview with them YEARS ago where one of the things Tom was saying he loved about her was her ability to put together beautiful displays of flowers? He was blown away that she didn’t buy them in arrangements but that she would put them together herself. And he mentioned that she always had some cupcakes on the kitchen counters. It just struck me as so odd. What a thing for your husband to point out as a reason he loves you. Yess! My wife can put flowers in a vase and make them look purrrtty! :o )

  14. clare says:

    This looks like another “Suri made me wear it” outfit. And the unzipped booties look stupid.

  15. Roxy75 says:

    Wow, everyone is so critical. She is not out and about to have everyone criticize her clothing, she was just stepping outside and people just maul her to nitpick what she is wearing. Women are harsh about other women. Geez Louis.

  16. Amanda says:

    I like the top, but not for Katie. I can picture it looking really cute on someone like Kristin Bell.

    Also, skinny jeans are NOT Katie’s friend. She is a tall thin girl, and then manage to make her look short and dumpy.

  17. WhiteNoise says:

    It doesn’t matter what Katie wears or how much or little she spends on things, she has no notion of style or what suits her shape, hence the regular clumsy clown-combos.

    I’m not being mean, she looks fine above, for her (and her hair looks lovely), just stating a fact. She is a clueless style-free zone with zero fashion sense.

  18. guesty says:

    Tragic. She & Jen Garner should have playdates or something.

  19. francesca says:

    I adore that blouse. Gorgeous.

  20. 4Real says:

    *heavy sigh* just missed it again Kate!

  21. skibunny says:

    clumsy clown combos……lol, good one!

  22. belle epoch says:

    She just cannot dress herself. Suri really DOES have better taste. The problem certainly is not money!

    Agree that the neckline is wrong. The whole thing looks like one of those Made in India shirts that never fits quite right. Sometimes I wonder what the manufacturers in India think we look like over here. Long skinny necks with stick arms and no boobs?

    At least Jennifer Garner is a sortof Lands End gal – nothing fancy, but appropriate for a busy mother who doesn’t really care about clothes (and why should she?).

    The idea that Katie is behind a fashion line is just too ridiculous. Anything associated with her fashion sense means “run the other way!”

  23. jdao says:


  24. yaho says:

    She looks okay

  25. LadyBert62 says:

    I think Suri should be in charge of dressing Mom!

  26. Bodhi says:

    I think it would look much better with a pair of flat sandals of something. Its, as the Fug Girls call it, a Scroll Down Fug.

    What I want to know is how many carats she has on her wedding ring finger! DAMN! All those rings look heavy! And lovely & sparkly… sigh… I guess there have to be *some* benefits in her contract with TinyTom

  27. sirsly says:

    umm Kaiser, “the high-waisted, ‘70s-inspired bell-bottom jeans….Those looked totally cute on her.” ???
    Are u kidding?? Those were AWFUL.

  28. Hautie says:

    Well I want the sunglasses. And I suspect I would crap if I knew the cost of them.

    The girl threw on some clothes and went to the grocery store. I like the fact that Katie seemed to do it by herself. As in… got in the car, drove herself and did her own shopping.

    So for me it is all a positive. Cause you know Tom has a house full of non-paid church members. Who could have done it for her.

    Katie seems to be getting a little more control over her home situation. Just like them going to the gym together and her always driving. And no church handlers in sight.

  29. Rianic says:

    IMO, the top should be longer w a nude cami. The jeans would look better if they were darker, also – something about where the jeans and shirt meet looks off to me.

    And gold flats not booties.

    I’m a over the lace trend right now!

  30. Kloops says:

    It’s okay for a casual outfit for a regular mom on the go, but but way off the mark for a fashionista/designer. Will give her props for the dark glasses. They totally hide the brainwashed vacant eyes. Score.

  31. trollydolly says:

    Style icon my arse.

  32. Maritza says:

    The boots is where she went wrong,some nice sandals would have looked better but the rest of the outfit is totally appropriate for doing errands.

  33. wunderkindt says:

    The contact zone where the boots meet the bottom of the skinny jean is a mess. She needs diff shoes!

    That said, the white lace Victorian granny top needs to be deconstructed and then turned into some nice dinner napkins.

    Looks like the Couch Hopping Munchkin has sucked all the life and joy out of this young woman’s soul. Pretty soon she’ll be turning into a piece of bitter ice, aka, ‘Nicole Kidman’.

  34. Judy says:

    She needs a cute pair of flats (totally flat) that show toe cleavage–the only kind I ever wear. LOL. My newest pair are sparkly gold/silver Steve Madden’s.

  35. jill says:

    i like the top. but she is too bottom heavy for those jeans.

  36. bre says:

    cut the neckline on the shirt a little lower to make it more ‘flirty’ instead of ‘grandma’, and ditch the booties for some cute flats or sandals…. and i might be on board. as it is… just no. and maybe jeans with a slight flare would be a good idea too.

  37. lola lola says:

    What a mess!

  38. cruiz2 says:

    Hopefully my eye drops will blur this into oblivion!!!

  39. kaligula says:

    i avoid buying blouses with this cut because they always look like they don’t fit quite right…. and now i see that even the $3,000 versions suffer from the same problem. the lace part is appealing though, that’s how they getcha…

    anyway it’s a lovely casual outfit, if you look quickly. nothing wrong with going shopping in something like that–

  40. S says:

    Kate Bosworth was wearing these boots a few days ago. I hate to say that they actually looked about a hundred times better on her…

  41. honeyv says:

    Her top is cute, but not in this combo! And that black tee showing under that top is hurting. The jeans are okay, they’re common. Her shoes are not okay either in this combination. Oh and the bag… Enough is enough! Tragic.

  42. AmityvilleHouse says:


  43. dovesgate says:

    Her tank underneath is tucked in her jeans, which makes the blouse poof out, making her look wider in the hips. Other than that, its an acceptable outfit. Though, I’d probably switch the boots for something more delicate, like sandals.

  44. danielle says:

    That outfit is horrible. The black and grey tank under the white, the ill fitting skinny jeans, tucked awkwardly into nude boots, then a black purse – nothing goes.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    Ballet flats would look better with those jeans.

  46. blouson says:

    Katie its not awful but dark jeans/black trousers with a slim tailored cut and dark shoes would make it 20x better.

  47. portachi says:

    I think the shirt looks good on her, yes it’s the booties that don’t match the outfit. It would have been better if she paired it with flat shoes, flip flaps or something.

  48. Crash2GO2 says:

    The neckline on the blouse is very very wrong for her. And so is the sleeve length. Yeah, it’s bad. Suri probably picked it out for her.

    Skinny jeans are fine…with sandals or low cut shoes. Not with booties for heaven’s sake. And Katie really should avoid skinny jeans with her heavy legs. JMO.

  49. Ro says:

    This would be cute on someone about a half a foot shorter. Although I, too, am really bothered by the “contact” area between her shoes and jeans.

  50. Forelithe says:

    The flowers are more interesting than she is.