Mark Wahlberg confirms wedding plans, says no media will be allowed

Mark Wahlberg is finally going to make it official and marry his fiance, model Rhea Durham, 30. Mark and Rhea have three children together, Ella Rae, five, Michael, two and a half, and Brendan, nearly a month old. Wahlberg told reporters at the premiere for his new action film, Max Payne, that he’s going to marry Rhea next August in a small Catholic ceremony but that absolutely no media would be allowed and that there is no way he’s going to sell photos to a magazine. He also reluctantly confirmed that his newborn son’s name is Brendan. You have to respect his conviction about keeping some things private:

Mark Wahlberg has named his newborn son Brendan.

“It’s for St. Brendan,” he told at Monday’s Max Payne premiere in Hollywood.

Glancing at his fiance, model Rhea Durham, he added, “Rhea didn’t really want me to talk about anything that personal tonight. But his name is Brendan Joseph.”

How is life as a new dad?

“It is the best! It’s awesome,” he told Us. “There’s not as much sleep, though.”

Now with two sons (and one daughter), he said the boys are taking over the house.

He joked, “We are outnumbered now!”

At a press conference over the weekend, Wahlberg revealed he and Durham will wed next August.

What will the ceremony be like?

“Catholic church, small, family only, no media!” he told Us. Laughing, he added, “And there will be no wedding pictures sold to any magazines!”

[From US Weekly]

Wahlberg also confirmed his statements about Saturday Night Live no longer being funny, but he softened it up a bit. Wahlberg told the NY Post over the weekend that the show wasn’t funny when they asked him how he felt about a parody skit in which Andy Samberg mimicked Wahlberg talking to farm animals Entourage-style. To US he clarified “I just said I didn’t think [the sketch] was as funny after seeing Tina Fey [do] Sarah Palin – that was pretty iconic, but I was flattered.”

Wahlberg’s fiance looks amazing and you would never guess she just had a baby a month ago if you didn’t know it. Damn her. Good for him for making it official and for locking out the media. At least he’s not a hypocrite about it and doesn’t court them with his family when it suits him.

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15 Responses to “Mark Wahlberg confirms wedding plans, says no media will be allowed”

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  1. michelle says:

    He is very good looking as is his future wife, but what’s up with the wierd two toned hair she has going on?

  2. Kaiser says:

    Glad to see Rhea is finally getting him down the aisle. All it took was three pregnancies. :roll:

    Gee, I wonder if Wahlberg’s the kind of guy to make her sign a Draconian pre-nup?

  3. Embee says:

    I have to say that I agree with him that SNL isn’t funny anymore, but I’ve not watched regularly for about 5 years so my info’s out of date.

    Wow — Rhea is beautiful, and I really like the hair, but I’m sure it only looks good on someone as stunning as her. He looks like a nerdy kid standing next to her. :lol:

    You’re spot on, Kaiser–I bet she’ll have to agree to get nothing in the event of a divorce.

  4. vdantev says:

    :roll: Riiiiiight, like that will stop them. Better order a no-fly zone in about a 10 mile square area because there will be helicopters overhead loaded with paps and zoom lenses.

  5. caribassett says:

    @ Michelle.
    She may have stopped coloring her hair while pregnant, and breastfeeding.

  6. Tina says:

    OK, let me get this straight. She stays with him despite his blatant philandering. She carries three pregnancies to term and takes care of all three children. She serves as a gorgeous arm charm for him at all important events. And now, after everything she’s done, she finally gets to be a blushing bride, walk down the aisle, have it be “her day,” and NOW “all” she has to do to get that “special day” is to sign an iron-clad prenup promising her paranoid, chauvinistic boyfriend that she gets nothing in the event of a divorce. Well, life is just swell for Rhea. What a lucky bastard Mark is, getting a girl to do all that for him, for possibly nothing.

    If they break up, it’ll probably be because he cheats on her, or gets another woman pregnant. And of course, baby Mark will cry and throw a tantrum, accusing Rhea of making him turn to another woman… sigh….

  7. Tina says:

    … because it’s NEVER ever Mark’s own fault. After all, he’s a good Catholic boy.

    God, give me a BREAK!

    I wish Rhea would just sue for child support, find a man who LOVES her enough to truly marry her for the right reasons, and let Mark go his merry way.

    He can see his children, but the children should know that doing what Daddy has done to their mother, really, is not good.

  8. lanette says:

    No media allowed??? who cares??? they have 3 kids for Pete sakes……..

  9. RAN says:

    Wait, what happened here? I didn’t hear anything about him cheating on her… When did that happen? As far as I know (and have read), he has been loyal to her for years, but then I’m not an expert.

  10. jennifer says:

    Someone is going to have to explain this to me:

    Now with two sons (and one daughter), he said the boys are taking over the house.

    He joked, “We are outnumbered now!”

    OK, maybe I’m missing something…does he mean THE PARENTS are outnumbered now? Because it sounds like he’s saying the males are outnumbered, and even though I’m no mathmetician…???

    Anyone? Methinks Marky should just keep lookin’ purty, you know? :P

  11. caribassett says:

    Children can not help whom they are born too. That was a really unkind statement. If you are able to edit, could you please? That is WAY harsh.

  12. pissoff says:

    “Say hi to your mom for me, k?”

  13. mandee says:

    I dont get it pissoff do you know his mom? :?

  14. Jeanne says:

    Like him, hate the hairpiece.

  15. truth says:

    Trailer-trash Rhea is from the south where some low-life women like her are educated to “GET YOUR MRS.”(get pregnant by a man with money, then get him to marry you).

    Professional Cheater Mark will drop her like it’s hot in no time, and “NO”, I’m NOT jealous, so save it.