Jessica Simpson named “Style Icon of The Year” by Us Weekly


Throw this one in the same pile as Jennifer Lopez winning “Most Beautiful” of the year from People MagazineUs Weekly has named Jessica Simpson their “Style Icon of the Year” of the year. For. Real. They’re not just talking about her fashion lines – which, admittedly are doing very well. They’re talking Jessica Simpson as a Style Icon, because she wears stuff like reindeer leggings (which were pushing their limit), translucent muumuus, and torn jeans to fancy restaurants. But… I have to say, Jessica’s interview with Us Weekly is kind of cute. She uses a phrase that I’m totally going to steal. Take it away, Farty!

Describe your style.
JS: Very laid-back, with hints of flash. I love to wear denim with a corset, or the opposite: a flannel shirt over a dress. Even if I’m walking around my house in Uggs and my favorite yummy sweater, I still have on a headband or something cute.

Looking back, was there a risk that didn’t work?
JS: High-waisted jeans are a risk for me – I’m short! They don’t work unless I’m wearing major platforms and something flattering up top, but not a high collar. If I don’t show my collarbone, I skew uni-boob. We have some high-waisted jeans coming out that I might try. But it does make me sweat, I have to say!

Who are your favorite designers?
JS: Donna Karan for evening, Alexander McQueen for spring and summer. I’d love to gift myself something from Etro, like a caftan. I love H&M, and Topshop for lower-end, trendy pieces.

Is Ashlee one of your style advisors?
JS: My sister can put anything on and it works. My curves are a challenge. I have to be more conscious of what I’m wearing so I don’t look like a complete tool. Ashlee is a rock star!

Will you help design your wedding dress?
JS: I think every bride wants to be involved in that. I’m still trying to figure out what we’re going to do about all of the plans. We have four dates floating around – we both have huge families, so I think it’s going to end up being big!

What makes you feel sexy?
JS: Eric brings out my womanly side. Being loves – even when I’m blowing my nose – makes me feel sexy. Though I wouldn’t say that you have to have a guy to feel sexy. I just own myself more now that I have someone to love for the rest of my life.

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

I LOVE “If I don’t show my collarbone, I skew uni-boob.” I feel the same way! It’s like… once your boobs get to a certain size, you can really no longer wear high crewnecks or turtlenecks. You just look like a really heavy, mono-boobed blob. You have to show some skin up top just to look and feel normal. Oh, Jessica. I love you for that quote. I also loved the obliviousness of “High-waisted jeans are a risk for me.” Um, REALLY? Because historically, most of Jessica’s fashion disasters have started with high-waisted jeans, and it has nothing to do with her being short and everything to do with her thicker abdomen. Whatever, Farty!





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  1. Rachael says:

    Reindeer leggings. hahaha.

    She is no style icon. What morons.

    She is a style icon for people who auditioned for Rock of Love 4.

  2. bluhare says:

    They must have their heads up their asses.

  3. HotPockets says:

    She is one of the only celebrities who doesn’t bug me.

    I would love to drink a beer with her!

  4. L says:

    I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD so hard right now.

    Oh my….this whole thing is one big EPIC win! Thank you SO much Kaiser for the photos that you choose to accompany this historic title win for Jessica.

    (although i’m a little sad you didn’t include the one of her at that festival with the famous high-waisters!)

  5. mimi says:

    I like her – I wish she would just get over what people think about her. She should just flip em’ off. She seems to be a true person. I think she would be way fun to party with! People need to stop doggin on her – shes harmless.

  6. Janna says:

    Shame on US Weekly. It’s a rarity when I see her actually wear something that flatters her

  7. brin says:

    Ha Ha….I would love to see Blake Lively’s face after hearing about this!

  8. krissy says:

    Aw, she’s so funny and dumb

  9. Rita says:

    That thud you just heard was Karl Largerfeld hitting the floor.

  10. Ron says:

    What they mean is she is a Sales Icon. There are a lot of sheep out there buying a billion dollars annually of her crap.

  11. HotPockets says:

    @ rita

    When Karl hits the floor, I hope it is because he fell over and died :) It would do the world a favor, rid of one less vapid person and make room for the next.

  12. Danny says:

    That outfit in the first picture she has on is just weird. It makes her boob look flat.

    The ski outfit? Made my day.

  13. neelyo says:

    Do you think Papa Joe sold US Weekly the exclusive rights to her wedding to get Jessica this title?

  14. jdao says:

    lmao at Rita. I will never trust that magazine’s style advice ever again.

    Her personality is cute, though.

  15. t says:

    Did Joe or the Camuto Group pay Us Magazine for this “major award”? Since she doesn’t generate good publicity on her own, maybe the company that owns her name felt like they had to purchase some for her for the sake of the company.

    She always looks awful no matter what she’s wearing. I don’t care what Us says.

    Next, Joe and the Camuto Group need to buy her a neck because she doesn’t have one.

  16. kmn says:

    OMFG…really US Weekly?

    @Rita too funny!

  17. Marjalane says:

    I’ve finally figured out the secret to Jess’s success in the fashion world. I was in a Macy’s today at around two, and I was surrounded by it. Middle aged women with expensive blond ponytails sporting everything she produces. I hadn’t really noticed before that there is an entire demographic that gets to shop during the day and one of their most important accessories seem to be giant, blinged out purses. Big, heavy, covered in leather flowerets, you could carry your entire life in, purses.

    God, they’re ugly purses. Then after noticing the huge display of Jessica Simpson shoes, I made it my business to check out all the feet surrounding me- again, middle aged women with expensive pedicures sporting Jess’s clodhopper shoes. I guess they’re attractive shoes; they all had them on. I just don’t get how shoes with all that damn crap on them can be remotely comfortable, but whatever. I cracked up at one pair of sandals that had this (swear to God) four inch pilgrim buckle on the top. (something only a rock star like Ashley could pull off, I guess)

    It’s amazing how Macy’s has made her such a huge part of their store; Scarves, jewelry, lingerie, she’s everywhere! Maybe if I keep looking I’ll find a pair of those reindeer leggings in the mark down bin.

  18. danielle says:

    Lol. I like Jessica, I really do! Her fashion line is doing great, personally I’ve only seen the shoes-adorable. But fashion ICON? Ummmmm…not so much.

  19. Kaboom says:

    That’s just a desperate choice.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Um…what? Really? Surely this must be a joke.

  21. danielle says:

    Oooh – this just in! Time mag has Blake Lively on their 100 most influencial list. The magazines have clearly gone all nuts.

  22. ZenB says:

    I may be in the minority but I can’t get past her weird crazy looking crossed eyes to notice if she has boobs or reindeer leggings. Her eyes are really disconcerting.

  23. liz says:

    they’re playing it fast and loose with the word ‘icon’ and what do they mean by ‘style’ ?

  24. Kat says:

    Nice to know that Us Weekly is happy to be bought out by Jess’ publicist for the right price. Obviously Jess and J.Lo share the same publicist. You didn’t think J.Lo got that People ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ cover on merit alone, did you?


  25. liz says:

    also – what is ‘Topship?’ is that like an offbrand ‘TopShop? ‘

  26. Gwen says:

    She sounds very nice here. But fashion icon? *snort*

  27. original kate says:

    april fool’s!! no? oh.

  28. SolitaryAngel says:

    @Rita: You’re always good for a laugh, girl. Your posts really cheer me up!

    And if JS is the example of being stylish? Thank GAWD I’m not!
    Happy to be a Frump

  29. Elizabeth says:

    @ Rita

    Re: Karl Lagerfield – Funny as always, Darling! Perks my day right up – thanks!

  30. Days after Christmas says:

    Seriously, all joking aside, I like Coco Arquette’s fashion more than I like Jessica’s. Shit, everyone from Betty White to Justin Bieber has better style that this silly woman.

  31. Vesper says:

    What a joke, this girl has no fashion style whatsoever. She always looks terrible. Perhaps if she got off her lazy ass and worked out or ate healthy she would actually look good in something.

  32. Isabel says:

    Bless her heart.

    Actually…bless us all. This is some armageddon shit.

  33. Grace says:

    What’s the difference between Jessica Simpson “style icon” and Michelle Obama “style icon”? They both dress in some of the most ridiculous, ugly, unflattering ensembles imaginable.

  34. Wendy says:

    Her PR team must have paid to have this happen.

    And “hotpockets” your out of your mind about Karl Lagerfeld. Have you ever seen him in any of his documentaries? The man is super funny and very smart. Plus he is an amazing designer!!!!!! He is pretty much a genius.

  35. jane16 says:

    Howlingly funny! Style icon?!? This is comparable to the Jennifer {fake face} Lopez as most beautiful, you’re so right! Style icon! What a joke. These mags are just trash now. Yuck. This woman has no sense of style, no beauty, no taste, no talent. Her products are cheap crap made by slave labor. Thank you US Ragazine for contributing to the dumbing down and cheapening of America’s standards.

  36. jane16 says:

    Marjalane, you’re right about macy’s. Its gone totally downhill. Now I know why.

  37. kazoo says:

    “Jessica Simpson named “Style Icon of The Year” by Us Weekly”

    HAHAHAHAHA. wut.

  38. louise says:

    I don’t see how this is a big deal. Us Weekly is a tabloid. Who cares. If it was a fashion magazine like Vogue or Cosmo then that’s a story.

  39. Good grief says:

    She feels sexy, but not because of Eric, oh no, she OWNS herself more. Why? Because she has Eric, someone she can love for the rest of her life. (snort)
    Yup, great sense there, Messica. Someone forgot to script her answers again.

  40. Jane says:

    Wow. People at US Weekly must have poor style. And taste.

  41. Trashaddict says:

    Isabel, LOL!
    How much money changed hands?

  42. jen says:

    An inspiration for fat slobs everywhere.

  43. wunderkindt says:

    US weekly obviously smokes crack.

  44. bagladey says:

    Are these titles and magazine covers now OPENLY available for a price?

  45. Kate says:

    ??????????????????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonder how much that “title” co$t her????????????

  46. FameMonster says:

    @44 Fat slobs? Nice. You do realize that Jessica Simpson is 5’3″ maybe 5’4″ and wears a size 4/6. She only looks fat in comparison to the emaciated size 0/00 women that some people think are the epitome of beauty. Regarding her fashion sense , perhaps you should look at other pictures of what she wears…most of the ones posted are only meant to ridicule her. We all have bad moments in fashion…luckily we don’t all cameras that catch us for those crack-a-lacking
    fashion faux pas.

    Jessica Simpson is as dumb as a Rhodes scholar. I wish I were dumb enough to turn a passable voice into a singing career, then have my marriage showcased in a lucrative reality show. I’d love if I could stupidly ask something like if Chicken of the Sea was chicken or fish then also ponder if buffalo wings were made of buffalo and then have people pay me millions to represent those very things. I wish I was also stupid enough to make an edible line of body goods then parlay that in to a shoes, handbags and accessories line that make millions. What a dumb, fat, STUPID ho!!! Damn! She’s so fat and stupid some hunky athlete is going marry her…well at least it’ll keep her fat ass off the street begging. She’s probably right now upset somewhere that people are making fun of her being named Fashion Icon of the Year.

    I guess according to some people she really should drop 30 lbs so that people could see her sternum, that way she’s be actually attractive and we can all count her ribs. Then again, if Marilyn Monroe were alive today they’d call her fat too.

    Maybe they named her Fashion Icon of the Year to show that women don’t have to be rail thin to be fashionable and it takes more than avant garde fashion to be considered an icon. Jessica Simpson is comfortable in her skin…curves and all. It’s nice to have that body type to considered to be fashionable along with the waifs.

  47. harfang says:

    I am a broke, out-of-work woman vacillating between 36D and DD. If I can regularly make my chest look better than that, what’s her excuse?

  48. blah says:

    How much does it cost being nominated world best something or something icon of the century? Because, after these last ones, I’m seriously thinking about it..
    BTW, she is one of the grossest chicks ever, in every possible sense…

  49. Vesper says:

    Did anyone see the interview when the “style icon” admitted she doesn’t brush her teeth regularly?

  50. Truthzbetta says:

    She’s no longer cute, and she used to be stunningly gorgeous when she was fit and natural.

    So now we have to pretend she makes up for it with wig-and-cheap-shoe-money, and that there is anything chic about this girl.

    I want to like her, but she’s basically a reality star joke now. Sorry

  51. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh yes. She of the swan like neck.

  52. Ell says:

    Awww….bless her. I’ve always found Jessica much more entertaining than Mariah Butterfly Carey.

  53. Jessica says:

    Jessica think blowing her nose is sexy?

    ummm……. ok

  54. guesty says:

    That was a cute interview. But really? Style icon?

  55. Hakura says:

    Quote“a flannel shirt over a dress. Even if I’m walking around my house in Uggs and my favorite yummy sweater, I still have on a headband or something cute.

    Flannel, over a dress…. ? I can’t help but wonder if the ‘High waisted jeans’ she refers to are the dreaded “mom jeans”. (Which she has burned our eyes with at least once before.)

    I like Jess as a person, & yes, her fashion line is doing very well. But like with JLo’s random ‘most beautiful’ title in People, my first thought was “I wonder how much this cost her?” You know money changed hands here.

  56. LOLITA says:

    maybe not style icon but she is a mogul.

    i love JESSICA!

  57. t says:

    “@44 Fat slobs? Nice. You do realize that Jessica Simpson is 5′3″ maybe 5′4″ and wears a size 4/6. She only looks fat in comparison to the emaciated size 0/00 women”

    FameMonster…Kirstie Allie just announced in Us Magazine she is almost a size 6. She said she is so close, she’ll be there next week. “I started out in a size 12, then an 8, and then I think next week I’ll be in a 6,”

    So it’s official, Jessica Simpson and Kirstie Allie are the same size.

  58. Caz says:

    Not sure which is funnier..poor Jess as style icon or JLo as most beautiful? It would be such a slow news day if not for stoopid US mags. I’m slightly shorter than there’s no way she’s size 4/6. Think she’s using the Kartrashian flexible scales/tape measure there. Hang on gotta say it again – Jessica Simpson style icon. Saints preserve us.

  59. Prettywitty says:

    I liked Jessica best when her hair was dark; she looked exotic and naturally beautiful.

  60. harfang says:

    I forgot to say… I think she is very beautiful and she seems like a nice person who just might have some talent. I find her relatively classy. I just think it’s a shame to turn zaftig into squashed. Go up a size, jeez.

  61. heath says:

    are you kidding me? she looks the worst she has in years. wow. us failed with this one.