16 and Pregnant’s Jennifer Del Rio’s ex says she got preg just to be on the show

Another day, another abusive Teen Mom. First we had season one’s Amber Portwood beating up her baby’s father on television, then we had Jenelle Evans of season two in a horrific fight with another woman that was caught on tape and sold to the paparazzi agencies. Now there’s Jennifer Del Rio, a star of 16 and Pregnant’s now-airing third season (the show that roots out the best drama queens for Teen Mom), in a fight with her babies’ dad, Josh Smith. (Smith and Del Rio have tins.) Smith told cops that Del Rio punched him in the face but she claims that he punched himself in order to set her up. Advance footage from 16 and Pregnant shows Del Rio smacking Smith and telling him he’ll never see his kids again. I would suspect the abuse is mutual though, as Smith puts his hand in front of Del Rio’s face in another advance clip (below) where she breaks up with him. Del Rio’s episode airs Tuesday on MTV.

In a request for a restraining order, Del Rio’s ex alleges that she got pregnant on purpose in order to get on the show and that she told him she was already pregnant in order to trick him into not using condoms during their relationship. We’ve heard that teens were getting pregnant in order to get on the show, but I didn’t really believe it. Now I do.

“16 & Pregnant” star Josh Smith says his baby mama PLOTTED to get pregnant just so she could be on the MTV reality show … this according to court documents.

Smith filed a request for a restraining order against Jennifer Del Rio this week — stemming from an incident in which she allegedly punched Josh in the face.

In the docs, Smith claims his baby mama is a “compulsive liar” who concocted a diabolical scheme to get pregnant — allegedly telling him she was knocked up (even though she wasn’t) so he wouldn’t wear a condom.

Smith explains … “She was giving me sonogram pictures … that she claimed was ‘our baby’ when in actually [sic] it was her friend’s sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on ‘Sixteen and Pregnant’.”

As for the restraining order, Jennifer claims she never attacked Josh … and has since filed for a restraining order against HIM … claiming Josh punched himself in the face to set her up so she would go to jail.

The couple is scheduled to be back in court on May 2.

[From TMZ]

What’s it going to take for MTV to rethink this show? Is it going to take a shooting or a serious car accident? They regularly film kids beating on each other in front of their babies. I don’t understand how it’s legal to stand by and film instead of interfering when something like that happens. These are some seriously screwed up kids having babies and getting paid over a quarter million a year to go on television. It’s disturbing to say the least.

Update: Several people who have seen the show have commented that Josh looks like an abusive creep and that it’s likely he made up this story.

Here’s a clip from Del Rio’s episode in which she breaks up with Josh. He drops her off at the side of the road and drives off with the twins.

Del Rio smacks Smith at around 1:20 into this trailer. (via Starcasm)

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  1. Zelda says:

    Darwinism sure takes a hit with this one, eh?

  2. lisa says:

    I have never watched these shows and so glad now I haven’t because this is SICK. really SICK..MTV should be ashamed. I know this stuff happens everyday, but I just shake my head. I can’t understand how this is right.

    Those poor babies.

  3. marge says:


    I’m really starting to think that MTV is resposable for any future collapse of mankind.

  4. Kaboom says:

    I guess MTV should be saddled with the alimony payments.

  5. kiko says:

    i only watched the first season of 16 and pregnant and a little from teen moms..it was so interesting to watch little irresponsible people trying to behave like a adults for the sake of money.if this was a tv show aka fake acting i would probably still watch it but unfortunately this is a stupid reality show and all this drama is real.i just feel sorry for the babies..

  6. kazoo says:

    where are the parents?!

  7. Kimbob says:

    Disgusting. I’ve never watched these shows and will continue to do so…that is, NOT watch them. I do think MTV bears a HUGE responsibility in this. Other countries are working so hard to get out of their “third world” status, and here in America…only in America…we “glorify” teens having children. The world already suffers from a burden of overpopulation….we sure as hell don’t need this. This country is going down in flames…sickening!

  8. kwoww says:

    who didnt see this coming?

  9. Jacq says:

    Somewhere in LA, an MTV exec has come back from a nice holiday weekend, maybe even a holiday, to turn on a computer and find this! “Shit!”

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, because if I was pregnant by some random dude (or a random dude about to have sex with a girl who’s pregnant by another random dude), I NEVER worry about STD’s. And apparently, not very many teens do these days. W.A.Y. too much unprotected sex happening. Dumb-asses.

  11. texasmom says:

    Those poor little kids, sure to be just as messed up when they are 16…

  12. jc126 says:

    I’ve believed for a while that lunatics would deliberately try to get pregnant to get on the show, especially in this time of deep recession.

  13. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I’m pretty sure there are other countries that find it completely acceptable for teens to have babies because it is part of their culture. I don’t think it is just in America that we “glorify” teen pregnancy in the sense that we find it completely aspirational, but maybe in other countries it is more of a necessity for teenagers to have children? or at least for people to be younger when having children?

    The only reason why this show gets me upset is that after the first season it stopped using “normal” teens. They recruited people who are going to be “stars” and will do incredibly dumb things on camera in order to boost ratings. Instead of actually showing the real struggle that happens with a lot of people in this situation (anyone else cry when Tyler and Caitlyn gave up their daughter for adoption?), they are now showing people that just want to be reality stars. Ugh. It should be canceled now.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    @ GradStudent – And if the show actually deterred teen pregnancy, as it claimed it wanted to, why was it necessary to do a 2nd season? Or a 3rd?

  15. Jezi says:

    The smarter thing MTV should’ve done is put the money into a trust fund for the babies and it could only be removed if they were using it to pay for college. Not giving it to these mothers who seem to use it to get new boobs and make overs. They also want the most publicity from these shows and so the girls go to extremes to get the most attention. Sad.

  16. sally says:

    Then stop covering it! The show won’t go away until people stop paying attention.

  17. Iggles says:

    Oh boy. I’ve had an adverse feeling towards season 3, and now I get why!

    The first 16 & Pregnant 3 episode with the twin who was jealous of her sister’s boyfriend skeeved me out. It seems like they’re scraping the bottom of the barrow. Each season the participants get nuttier.

    The Teen Mom Season 2 kids seemed more messed up than the ones from the first season (only Amber was the only trainwreck).

    It’s time to stop the show!

  18. anonymoose says:

    so she got pregnant by herself?
    last i heard, it takes two….
    clearly 16 yr olds are too foolish to be trusted with something as impactful as sex, and too immature for the consequences.

    do only 16 yr olds and younger watch this sick crap?

    STOP WATCHING these shows people!
    if you ignore them, they will GO AWAY.

  19. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @the original bellaluna
    I know the teen pregnancy rate has decreased, and I know they claim it’s partly due to the show (and other shows like it) but the whole time I’m like “STOP! THERE ARE OTHER FACTORS THAT DECREASE THE TEEN PREGNANCY RATE!! AHHH!”

    The first season was brilliant. It showed the struggles across the board (adoption, not having supportive families, having supportive families but absentee fathers, etc). I think even the episode with Jennelle (sp?) in the second season would have been good if they had maybe done more work to see if she had some type of post partum depression (that girl was not connecting to the baby at all, she was acting out, etc). That would have been more educational instead of like “oh lets watch people hit each other and try to toss each other down stairs and scream in front of our children.” It just gets frustrating…but I admit, I watch the show because after a long day of classes and stuff I need to decompress, and Archer comes on Thursdays so I need something to fill my Tuesday night :) ha

  20. feedmeplz says:

    I’m glad I don’t have cable..

  21. original kate says:


  22. Green Is Good says:

    Is it that difficult to buy Condoms?

  23. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    @ Green is Good
    For some people, yes it is. Some people are just too damn embarrassed to buy them because they think people will judge them. Guess what? I think people are way more judgmental when they see pregnant teens than teenagers buying condoms, but whatever.

    And even in undergrad I would buy my friends condoms because they were too sensitive to do it themselves. Do I care what the cashier at CVS/Walgreens/Target/Walmart thinks about my mass condom purchases? Nope.

  24. melinda says:

    I think I’ve seen enough of this chick and her show hasn’t even aired! I still don’t understand how this show makes teens want to get pregnant. It makes me think twice about having kids and I’m roughly twice their age and married.

  25. aenflex says:

    parents need to stop kids from watching. plain and simple. thats the only way, barring a huge lawsuit, that this stuff will stop. if there is an audience, they will continue.

  26. TQB says:

    I honestly believe the first season of this show was groundbreaking and important. Sadly, it’s now become just an MTV cash cow, where they are seeking out the craziest stories, and teens are vying for spots. It’s sickening that they keep it on – clearly the “deterrent effect” they (allegedly) once hoped it would have is kaput.

  27. Kim says:

    Soooooo sad. Who supports this show by watching it? you should be ashamed of yourselves because you are contributing to 16 year olds getting pregnant!

  28. jc126 says:

    It is absolute nonsense that this show could make a statistically significant dent in the teen pregnancy rate so fast. Total b.s. on that one. I still DO think the kooks are trying to get on the show.
    I also was grossed out watching the previews and episode one. Think it’s time for this show to go off the air.

  29. DoMaJoReMc says:

    OH..HELLLLLLOOOOO!! Isn’t it obvious that this is THE main reason for teen pregnancies? The big pay day. DISGUSTING.

  30. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    It’s actually impossible to say that this show specifically had a significant impact on lowering the teen pregnancy rate. In order to say it caused the lowered statistics, we’d have to do an experiment (and not correlational work)..but it’s unethical to do that, so we can only do correlations. At the time that 16 and pregnant came out, and maybe a year or so before that, there was a sudden flush of shows and movies that focused on teen pregnancy (secret life of the american teenager, Juno, etc) and the pregnancy rates started to drop…so I know that people are arguing that the by having shows like this out in the open it DOES lower the rates, but we can’t say it there is a 100% positive causal relation. So it’s not complete BS…it’s just a very very very huge ass leap to say it caused the decrease.

    And that doesn’t stop the crazies from signing up. The first season should have been enough, and maybe a follow up special instead of a full blown teen mom season….buuut it’s MTV. They want money.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    MTV will pull the show when the ratings go down. Not until.

  32. Alyssa says:

    This girl sounds like she has SERIOUS issues. Unfortunately tricking her bf to knock her up so she can get on tv sounds like the least of those issues.
    I personally like 16&Pregnant because when I was in high school having babies was the “cool” to do (that was way before 16&Pregnant btw) and it’s interesting to see what they had to deal with. The show has also convinced me to NEVER have kids lol

  33. truthzbetta says:

    Pathetic. Roseanne said all reality show producers are skeevy and fake and they wanted her to fake her life for the cameras.

    I watch some dumb stuff, but this is just sick. T.V. producers are doing us no favors. Quality has been dropping in many areas of modern pop cultural life, not all, but tons.

    Singers that don’t actually sing, dramatic people making their lives into fake shows, freaky degrading monkey porn everywhere that kids can also see, paps stalking celeb kids, nasty sex tape stars, talentless famewhore Lohans, ridiculous surgery on our Hollywood clowns. Pop culture’s in an odd …oops I meant very bad … place.

  34. truthzbetta says:

    Pathetic. Roseanne said all reality show producers are skeevy and fake and they wanted her to fake her life for the cameras.

    I watch some dumb stuff, but this is just sick. T.V. producers are doing us no favors. Quality has been dropping in many areas of modern pop cultural life, not all, but tons.

    Singers that don’t actually sing, dramatic people making their lives into fake shows, freaky degrading monkey porn everywhere that kids can also see, paps stalking celeb kids, nasty sex tape stars, talentless famewhore Lohans, ridiculous surgery on our Hollywood clowns. Pop culture’s in an odd …oops I meant very bad … place.

  35. Isa says:

    While I don’t doubt that there are stupid teenagers trying to get pregnant to get on the show, they’re still getting pregnant for tons of other dumb reasons. For example trying to trap/keep their boyfriends.

    Most of them admit to not using birth control at ALL. Generally speaking, teenagers think they’re invincible.

  36. CeeCee says:

    a reality star for 15 minutes, a parent for a life time.
    These girls need their heads examined and so to the creators at MTV. Hideous!!!

  37. Bunny Lin says:

    After watching the episode, he has no credibility. He’s carelessly racing down the wet highway with the babies and then puts her out of the car. He’s glad that a punch is all he got.

  38. Allison says:

    all I will say is you might want to keep comments to yourself if you don’t actually know what is going on. If you waited until after the show aired to voice your thoughts, you would have known the show was edited before he made those claims and he bluntly states he didnt wear condoms because he didn’t want to buy them, and it was awkward to buy condoms. So, I highly doubt she had to resort to trickery to get pregnant. Not only that, but her parents, his parents etc all have to agree to be on the show and unless she is an emancipated minor, her parents have to consent to allow her to be on the show and given their disdain for Josh and the situation, I don’t forsee her tricking her way into a pregnancy to appear on this show. How would she even know her parents would consent? The show began with good intentions..chronicling how hard it is to be a teen parent. If you think about it, the ones you see in the papers with the “fame”, are the dumb ones who need their children taken away from them. The ones who are actually trying to do right by their kids, you don’t see much outside the show. So blame the media for allowing the stupidity to continue where these teens get more and more attention. And after watching this episode, I would TOTALLY believe Josh punched himself. I would believe that before I believed she punched him.

  39. Teetee says:

    I used to enjoy watching this show. What just happened? hate Jennifer! Kick her out of the show.

  40. Isa says:

    Ugh, I caught an episode tonight and he is a psycho.

  41. Sandie says:

    If you actually watch this episode, you realize the boyfriend is a backwards hick sociopath, and most likely made up his version of the events.

    I commend her for being one of the first girls on this show to tell the baby daddy to get lost, and seems to be standing by her convictions.

  42. Alyssa says:

    yeah after watching the show it’s obvious that it’s the boyfriend that is seriously messed up, not Jennifer. Josh was a disrespectful asshole.

  43. Sam says:

    I had a C section with my son, if he would have picked me up fresh off the cutting table I would have slapped the crap out of him too!! The incision is so painful, he’s a jerk.

  44. juliet8810 says:

    i watch the episode and i record the episode and she never hit him she try to take the kids out of the car and that asshole kid dont let her reallly if you want to talk crap at least watch the show first ok that kid manipulated the girl all the time and for what i see he is the one who make the trouble now i have to wait and see if she is gonna be on teen mom 3? 4? LOL

  45. Courtney says:

    Just watched this episode and Josh was crazy.He threw her out of the car while she was trying to get the babies out of the car Josh drives off and the door to the car is wide open. He put those kids in harm. He’s crazy and she is a little too.

  46. Corrie says:

    No one is getting the big picture here…these children are being raised by children. Most of these kids are going to have very bad psychological problems. Moms are worrying about themselves, the fathers who knows. They try to act like grown ups and the grand parents raise the children and obviously they didn’t do a great job. Or else they would of made sure the females were on birth control and the males had condoms. They were young they should know better.

  47. Corrie says:

    The parents of these children need to think. Just because you ask your child “Are you having sex?” And they answer “No” that doesn’t mean they are truthful. Although the parents are sometimes just as embarrassed and don’t ask or don’t want to know. But the truth is it will happen, sex that is, so parents need to prepare their children the best way then can. Yes that’s all great telling them to wait and all that but take them to the doctor, put the females on birth control and give the males condoms. Show them pictures of s.t.ds and tell them about the health risks. Parents need to do there part too

  48. Katie says:

    I don’t believe that Jennifer set herself up to be on the show; I just think her and Josh were too immature to take responsibility for their actions. I think watching this show could be quite educational for young females to watch as it is very rare for any of the girls on this show to stay with their partner, keep up with school and their dreams and just be happy with everyday life. It shows all of the financial and emotional strain on parents; especially being so young.

    The parents should also not be completely to blame. Jennifers parents were obviously extremely supportive towards her and had her best interests at heart. But you can tell your child all about the risks involved until you turn blue in the face, but it doesn’t mean that they will listen. Many children at that age think that it only happens to others; not them. So what’s the point of protection? They are invincible and in love according to them. There just needs to be more education out there and I think hearing it first hand from someone who is going through all of the hardships could be a real eye opener. Sometimes the crazy ones can be the only ones to scare the daylights out of young people. I can’t imagine any 16 year old ever wanting to be in Jennifers position.

  49. JustMyOpinion says:

    If you actually watch this episode he says to her that he was too embarrassed to buy condoms. And she says well now I have to be embarrassed with this big belly.Yet now he is saying she told him she was already pregnant to trick him into getting her pregnant. So I’m confused if he was too embarrased to buy condoms wouldn’t she have ended up pregnant regardless of whether or not she lied to him?

  50. CMason says:

    Interesting show. I felt very bad for Jeniffer’s parents. They seemed like great people, and tried their best to steer her in the right direction. At the end of the day, they were the ones having the twins anyway. I’m sure every expense from day 1 was completely on them, as well as the girl being on her father’s health insurance. The little dimwit kid Josh on the show I felt like reaching through the TV screen and strangling. He showed no appreciation at all for what her parents will have to go through to raise these kids. We knew all along he was never going to actually step up to the plate. For one thing, he isn’t even able to.

    A lot can be summed up with the fact that Jeniffer’s family lived in a beautiful home, and Josh lived in a trailer. Hahaha! Stereotypes pan out most of the time. Even Joshes parents came across like idiots, as to be expected.