Edward Reid, “The Next Susan Boyle” performs saucy nursery rhymes


I don’t watch these signing or talent competition shows, but the next day, if the headline is fetching enough, I will watch videos of some of this stuff online. Since Susan Boyle stunned the judges and the audience of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, most reality competition shows have been trying to push viewership by promoting some competitor as “the next Susan Boyle.” It’s become a code for “old(er), kind of funky, but talented.” Such it is with the latest “new Susan Boyle,” a Scotsman named Edward Reid. He performed on Britain’s Got Talent a few days ago, and now everybody is talking about his saucy performance of traditional children’s nursery rhymes. Here you go:

Edward Reid Sings Nursery Rhymes to Run backing… by UCANLEARNPOKERdotCOM

I like when he’s ba-baaing. It cracks me up. Doesn’t this sort of remind you of George Michael? I imagine this is how George Michael would sing nursery rhymes. Which makes me like it more.


Screencaps from the video, courtesy of ITV.

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10 Responses to “Edward Reid, “The Next Susan Boyle” performs saucy nursery rhymes”

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  1. the_porscha says:

    I love how passionate he is during his performance… HILARIOUS. Celine Dion’s arm choreographer better watch his back.

  2. lisa says:



  3. kiko says:

    when susan boyle came on the first audition everyone’s jaw dropped to the freaking ground.it wasn’t only the voice,it was everything about her.you just couldn’t even imagine that she could sing so good.not happening here…

  4. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Yes, George Michael on Old McDonald…
    PRINCE on Humpty Dumpty. ;)

  5. jane16 says:

    I love the word saucy! Thanks Kaiser!

  6. Amanda G says:

    Amusing, but no Susan Boyle.

  7. That really made my day. That was great! He’s got talent, a sense of humor, creativity, and personality. A winning combination.

  8. Forelithe says:

    Effin Brilliant ! Sounds like Tracy Chapman.

  9. Louise says:

    Brilliant but no Susan Boyle

  10. CBill says:

    People of all ages, from children to over 80 have been called ‘the next Susan Boyle’….. over 25 of them at least. None of them turned out to be.