Did K-Stew & Sparkles do honeymoon reshoots because of eye-rolling?


Life & Style just sent us these blurry, wonderful photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson filming in the Virgin Islands. Doesn’t it look like they’re wrapped in taffeta? LMAO! According to L&S’s sources, they were doing reshoots on the “romantic honeymoon scenes”… which I thought were already shot in South America? Sounds like some producer is worried about the lack of chemistry, perhaps? Why all the reshoots, I wonder? Anyway, this report is just about how happy and sparkly they both were during the filming:

While it has been widely reported that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has already wrapped filming, Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were getting steamy reshooting the flick’s romantic honeymoon scenes on April 22 in the U.S. Virgin Islands!

“The Twilight team wasn’t happy with the honeymoon beach scene that was filmed in Brazil last fall, so they opted for a last-minute reshoot,” an insider reveals to Life & Style.

During the re-shoot at Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas, a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the couple frolicked and shared passionate lip locks in the ocean. Filming started on Friday evening and did not wrap until four in the morning but despite the long hours, with only a few five-minute breaks, both Kristen and Rob were in good spirits and took advantage of the romantic atmosphere.

“Robert and Kristen did take after take, making out and rolling around in the water,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “The atmosphere was really romantic and lighthearted. Between takes, Rob would play around with Kristen and lift her up in the water. One time when he was getting out of the water, his bathing suit slipped off a bit, and he started to laugh.”

The couple made the most of the little time they had in St. Thomas shacking up at The Ritz-Carlton through April 24. After blissfully holing up in their hotel room most of the day on April 23, the couple finally ventured out for a Twilight wrap party at 9 p.m.

“They looked so happy and relaxed,” says the eyewitness. “Kristen even showed her affectionate side by putting her arm around Rob while they were chatting with another woman. They had such a good time that they stayed past midnight. What a nice way to have their final farewell.”

[From Life & Style]

Hm… “Kristen even showed her affectionate side by putting her arm around Rob while they were chatting with another woman.” Sounds more like she was marking her sparkly territory, although I’m sure Sparkles ate it up. I imagine the reshoots were grueling, though. In my mind, the director has to continuously remind K-Stew, “Can we have one take where you don’t roll your eyes as he tries to kiss you?”




Photos courtesy of L&S and WENN.

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  1. They probably did reshoots because of their lack of sexual chemistry. Not like there’s any need. The Twihards will buy their “chemistry” whether it’s there or not. I still think their relationship is a sham. It is entertaining to watch, though!

    Love the pictures, btw. Hehe.

  2. curmudgeon says:

    I love how simple body language is actually quotable news for some people. Was her hand stiff or relaxed? was it waste or shoulder wrap because they have two TOTALLY different conotations ya know.

  3. JustJen says:

    That video is hilarious — love her avoiding kissing him. Guess it wasn’t in her contract.

    And Kristin — The Runaways was last year and it sucked. Please stop channeling Joan Jett. Thanks.

  4. hmmhmm says:

    what is this, 2 mega pixel camera when our simple dumb phones have at least five?

    How did she NOT win the poll for smack-a-mole contest? at least the other girl has singing chops.

  5. Trey says:

    She has Ceiling Eyes…

  6. Quest says:

    ***Eye rolling, piss, piss, marking territory Patz, eye rolling, smirking, sigh, eye rolling, retake shoot, eye roll***

    The day and life of K-Stew. The End.

  7. Rhiley says:

    He’s way too cute for her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    She wasnt rolling her eyes! Damn Kaiser are you blind? Geezus!!

  9. Nancy says:

    Damn she is so ugly!

  10. Hollowdoll says:

    I think the whole kissing / playing hard to get might be foreplay.

  11. hairball says:

    I cannot believe I am actually defending Kristen Stewart (shudder), but it appears RPatz was trying to get a rise out of her by doing that and she moved away embarrassed. Who the hell really knows (or cares at this point).

    I saw WFE…..wrote about it in the other post on WFE. I hope Robert can get some constructive criticism on his acting. At times he shows very good potential and I think with guidance he can improve, but he needs to work on his facial expressions – too much awkward grimaces or passively staring at the floor.

    Christoph Waltz would be an excellent actor as a mentor for him.

  12. mia girl says:

    @Kaiser – in Bedhead’s post yesterday re: Water For Elephants, at first I thought you had written it. And when it mentioned having seen the movie, I thought ok, if Kaiser actually saw the movie this weekend, she has officially crossed into “Kaiser hearts Sparkles” territory!

    Either way, I think you are thissss close. 🙂

  13. Rhiley says:

    @hairball-totally agree about RP in Water for Elephants. He has some good moments but he does a lot of the Edward Cullen looking off into the distance to show both my strength and vulnerability thing. Kaiser will probably eyeroll at what I am about to write, but I thought Jim “Pillow Weeper” Sturges should have played Jacob. Oh and Christoph Waltz is kind of yummy and would be a good candidate for HGF.

  14. Juu says:

    She’s a terrible actress. He’s ugly. I don’t get what people see in them.

  15. carrie says:

    they can roll eyes because the movies are kitsh but the worst is their “dead eyes”

  16. hairball says:

    @Rhiley: Yes, Christoph Waltz for HGF for sure!

    WFE was disappointing to me. It just didn’t work for me. It didn’t develop the story or characters enough. I thought RPatz had some great moments in Remember Me, in WFE, he had some promising moments for sure, but at times it was awkward to watch him.

    He’s not the worst actor in the world at all, far from it, but he really, really needs a good actor (not Hollywood star) to guide him and critique.

  17. OMJ says:

    Everytime I see Sparkles on screen, all I can think is God, he looks so CONSTIPATED. I just want to tuck him in the bathroom with a huge bottle of Ex-Lax.

  18. Zoya says:

    She’s a horrible actress and his face is shaped like a foot, but they seem like nice people.

  19. Tigger says:


    You forgot hitting the bong! I believe that takes up a good portion of her day.

    I tried really, really hard to like her. But I just can’t, she’s way too so annoying, and too much of a drama queen. She’s a pretty girl, but my god is she vapid.

    Don’t like him at all. He’s unattractive and a horrible actor. Making constipated faces and channeling a Christopher Walken voice, doesn’t make you talented.

  20. Amanda G says:

    Breaking Dawn is going to be hilariously awkward. Not only was it an AWFUL book, but it will be so uncomfortable seeing Kristin and Rob trying to be sexy. This will undoubtedly be the worst sex scene in movies LOL

  21. gg says:

    Oh come on, guys, yes, she has an attitude, but she certainly is not ugly in this world, and she was killer in the Runaways!

  22. geekychic says:

    the pictures at the bottom are of last year, the video, we have discussed in the post with the video/and again/i really do not see her rejecting him…
    i do think honeymoon scene was re-shot bc it was leaked a month ago. the fans are waiting for that one.
    and don-t kill me for saying this, and i mean no harm-
    with the constant jumping to the gun, when there is a fairly grounded girl, younger than me, concerned,in the end, it just makes me -gasp!-like her little more.

  23. mary simon says:

    I think she is kind of snotty, but pretty, and he looks better with the high hair Elvis do. Wish they would have cast anyone but Taylor Lautner in the roll of Jacob – he’s too short and kid-faced – he looks like a snotty punk butting into the older kid’s romance.
    None of these three are ever going to win an Oscar.

  24. TXCinderella says:

    Ugh! When I see pictures of Kristen, I want to gouge my own eyeballs out! I can’t stand that little snotbag.

  25. Micki says:

    Before the first Twilight hit the big screen here the german GALA wrote verbatim :L “wooden dialogues and embarrassing attempts to get closer” Several Twilights later nothing has changed

  26. Alaura says:

    @ Tigger
    Wow, you don’t sound at all like an assuming bigot. Hitting the bong all day? FIRST OF ALL, All day? Exaggerate much? I smoke weed too but it doesn’t make me less intelligent or capable of ANYTHING. It helps me mellow out because life sucks sometimes. There are many untrue & down right negligent misconceptions about marijuana. WATCH THE UNION & EDUCATE YOURSELVES PPL.

    & how dare those who say Kristen Stewart & Robert are ugly. We all have flaws in our physical appearances. Celebrities are faced with multiple magnified opinions about them besides their own which probably make them feel like sh*t.
    Those who said the negative things..Why don’t you take pictures of yourselves and see how many vindictive, hateful, and cynical things people say about you.

  27. jemshoes says:

    This movie will be awful and awkward – because the novel it’s based on is AWFUL. I couldn’t get through it, and I like escapist fantasy as much as the next nerd … but this was just junk-food reading at its sloppiest.

  28. @Alaura

    Um, are you kidding? Marijuana actually does effect you negatively both while you’re doing it and in the long run. That’s why it’s called a DRUG. How dare YOU suggest otherwise. And the fact that you use it to “mellow out” speaks volumes about you. I know a lot of people do it, but that doesn’t make it a good thing. Please don’t make it sound harmless and an okay thing to do.

    And in defense of Tigger, I don’t think you should take it so personally or so seriously. Gossip sites will always have comments about people’s looks, and when you’re a celebrity you need to expect that. That’s what these sites are about. You talk about celebs and judge them to your bitchy and shallow heart’s content. I don’t think either KStew or RPatz are ugly, but I don’t think they’re terribly gorgeous, either. It’s all a matter of opinion.

  29. Camille says:

    @gg: ITAWY.

    There are much worse celebs out there than these 2.

  30. emma says:

    Rob is a wonderful actor. Certainly the best actor of his generation right now. Everyone is just afraid to admit it because then he would be perfect.

  31. Geekylove says:

    Will we now, really, start about pot???
    To be honest, american association of doctors or whatever it’s called, suggested in 70ies still that pot wasn’t supposed to be a drug, as it doesn’t cause physical addiction, Just psichological. So, ciggies cause physical addiction. Why is it then ok to Smoke or drink a glass of wine, but you feel free to judge a person on a blog comments, bc said person uses pot? that is Just….uff…republican.
    What bugs me about this one is that the post is seriously biased, and Kaiser, i love your writing so much, but this Sounds Like Step away form crazy twi-mom, in super mind Sparkles is the saint and kstew an accident.
    Not cool, not cool at all.

  32. MaudeLebowski says:

    His nose points straight down to his chin and her nose is on upside down, so a child of theirs might look completely normal. Hopefully.