Oksana Grigorieva drops domestic violence complaint against Mel Gibson

Oksana Grigorieva has dropped the domestic violence portion of her complaint against Mel Gibson. Rumor has it that she’s doing it to show the judge that she’s serious about peacefully negotiating custody of her 18 month-old daughter with Mel, Lucia. Of course this leaves the field wide open for people to get judgy about Oksana and claim that Mel never hit her, despite the fact that we’ve heard audio of him admitting to it and saying she deserved it, he’s admitted to slapping her, and we saw photos of the “alleged” damage he did. Maybe Oksana just wants to move on at this point, and she could be sick of paying her high priced lawyers as well.

TMZ and Radar have conflicting reports about this, since TMZ’s sources are obviously Mel’s people and Radar’s source is Oksana. TMZ claims that Oksana is bothering Mel and trying to talk to him when they have custody handoffs, and if that’s the case it sounds perfectly reasonable. They’re trying to co-parent a child together and she probably has a few things she wants to discuss with Mel about their daughter.

Radar quotes a source who says that Oksana “has no interest in communicating directly with Mel or getting back together with him. She doesn’t see the need to speak with him.” Their source (Oksana) goes on to say that while Oksana did let a protection order against Mel lapse, she’s only doing it to show that she has Lucia’s best interests in mind. They also remind us “that she walked away from a $15 million settlement, too, because she is a good parent.”

I’m team toddler on this one. After watching some interviews with Oksana I understand the criticism against her. She didn’t appear truly frightened or genuine and her story was somewhat sketchy. It seems unfair to nitpick her, though, and to say that she’s not acting the victim role well enough. The tapes had Mel saying some outrageous threatening things and there’s no excuse for what he said or did to her. That was despicable and clearly abusive.

Before I read these reports that Oksana and Mel weren’t communicating I assumed they were back together, however. Mike Walker reported in the National Enquirer two weeks ago that a witness saw Oksana and Mel holding hands in Malibu. He wrote:

According to a reliable source who was out running around in the Malibu hills area known as Serra Retreat, he suddenly turned a corner and ran smack into mercurial movie star Mel Gibson – who was strolling peacefully and affectionately arm-in-arm with ex-mistress/baby-momma/supposed mortal enemy Oksana Grigorieva… My source, who knows Mel slightly but is not a professional reporter, did not dare ask the burning question: “Why?” Mel, who owns two homes in the area, just nodded and moved on.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker’s column May 2, 2011]

If that’s true it kind of puts this whole thing into perspective doesn’t it?

Oksana is shown out with Lucia on 3/10/11. Credit: Fame. Mel is shown outside of court on 3/11/11. Credit: WENN





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  1. Shay says:

    Looks like all the stress is catching up with Mel Gibson.

  2. The_blonde_one says:

    My eye twitched so hard at reading this that it may have been mistaken for an aftershock. I would understand being ‘over’ the long drawn out media circus this has become and just wanting to get on with life. Unfortunately I also can see Gibson being enough of a snake to woo her all ‘baby I’m sorry , baby I just love you so much it makes me crazy’ to get her to drop charges. And her,like many abused women unfortunately , falling for it.

  3. tracking says:

    Disappointing. It makes it look like she accepted a payoff (and used it for more plastic surgery).

  4. Micki says:

    She might as well be good AND greedy parent.With enormous legal costs even the paltry $15 mil. seem quite tasty now

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Looks like Mel finally guessed her “magic number” – the amount of $$ required to shut her up.

  6. constance says:

    Whole thing is sad. I can’t help but wonder what sort of life Robyn lived to avoid his mania for as long as it seemed like she did.

    I hope lil O takes her cheese and raises her daughter as best she can.

  7. NayNay says:

    Of course she dropped the complaint against him, because, as I have said from day one, the whole thing was a CROCK OF SHIT!~!!!! She was/is nothing but a MONEY GRUBBIN’ WHORE! She was only out for the BENJAMINS.

    Oh, yes, the National Enquirer is such a reliable source. All I can say is the whore got paid. All she ever wanted, in my opinion, and I stand firm on this, is the $$$$$.

  8. Sue says:

    Isn’t that what she wanted a payday if so and this is true that she got what she wanted.

  9. ladybert62 says:

    Well I do think she is a gold digger and I do think he has crap for brains and thinks with his small head instead of his big head!

    I do believe that he abused her and I do believe she saw the opportunity it presented to get the advantage over him and to gain financially.

    I think she will suck him for every dime she can.

    Also, I am sure that her lawyers cost a fortune and that it is in her best interests to reduce their services/costs.

    But she is not going away and she will use that baby like an ATM machine at the Bank of Mel.

    He is an old stupid fool who is abusive and I have no pity or sympathy for him.

  10. Aly says:

    I thought psycho Mel was paying the attorney fees?

    I’ve always been Team Lucia. That poor baby has two severely messed up parents and my heart aches for her.

  11. kgq says:

    saying she did not seem afraid is just ignorance. there a re individual and cultural reasons that account for these differences. survivor or mental health therapists know responses vary.
    educate yourself on battered womes syndrome before judging.

  12. Rex says:

    I love Mel. It’s all her – she’s a liar.

  13. funny_girl says:

    I think what happened is that she was a golddigger at first but didn’t bargain on Mel being abusive. The wife put up with it but Oksana wasnt going to-she consulted some lawyer/legal expert who told her to provoke him into a rage (quite easy to do im sure as mel seems like a rageaholic) and then record it. I presume she was *told* to stay calm so she would look like the calm silent one and not implicate herself/drag herself into anything.

    I think this is about money but also about revenge. She wanted it to be public to humiliate him plus get extra cash along the way.

    I have a feeling that she could be silent in the tape because reacting to a violent man with anger/lashing out will only result in a beating. So yes, I agree that its a bit ignorant to say that she doesnt seem scared. People get desensitised after a while of violence, not that its normal but they develop different coping mechanisms for it just to get through it.

  14. watever says:

    what a bunch of baloney some people are claiming here. if you’re afraid of a person who abused you, to the point of nearly killing you, as she claimed, then why in the hell would she even want to drop the restraining order against him and try to talk to him for the sake of their daughter? she claimed to have walked away from the 15 mill. settlement because she claimed that she didn’t want gibson to have custody of their daughter because she said he was abusive, had over 40 lawyers to try to get the custody deal changed, and is now saying that she just wants to drop the dv charges against him in family court just like that? how exactly is she showing herself to be a good parent if gibson is as bad as she claimed he was? and wouldn’t that be negligence on her part to prioritize money over her daughter’s welfare if he was really as abusive as she claimed he was? let’s not forget, she claimed that mel had also hit their daughter and threatened them all with a gun.

  15. watever says:

    so mel is an abusive person yet she is the one who dropped the restraining order against him? and how in the world do you know that he paid her off? after all, she hasn’t exactly said that she was going to drop a civil suit against him either. she said she was willing to extend an olive branch in his direction, meaning that she probably does want to come to a financial settlement with him, but that’s if he agrees to it. why would he want to do so now though? what leverage does she have over him? and how can she be trusted to stick with an agreement? gibson already tried to settle with her previously but she changed her mind about it coz she claimed she didn’t want mel to have custody of their daughter. for what other reason would mel want to pay her off now that the tapes have been released and she went off on a public rant against him? yeah, she’s a gold digger, but i’m sure that if he was as scary and violent as she claimed he was, especially to her children, she would never have dropped the restraining order and would have continued fighting for custody for her daughter’s sake. and another thing, using someone for financial gain can also be termed as abuse. so who exactly is abusing who here? maybe this was more a case of two people who had a toxic relationship and who weren’t good for each other at all. if gibson was a classic abuser, he would have been the one pushing to come into contact with her, just so he could try to control her again. if tmz is to be believed, it seems like mel just wants to avoid her which is perfectly understandable. why shouldn’t he try to avoid her when it probably is for the besT? if two people can’t get along, it’s a good idea not to directly contact each other anymore even if you have kids together. i’m sure abused victims can agree to this as well.

  16. watever says:

    @funny_girl, that’s rather funny since his wife has denied any claims that he abused her. for years, prior to the tapes leaking, no one ever accused, hinted at, or spread any allegations that gibson had ever abused his wife. even an unauthorized biography of him, where the author sought the most shocking and salacious gossip about him, has never mentioned any sort of domestic abuse regarding his relationship with his wife, except for allegations that he cheated on her. there is no evidence that mel ever abused his first wife, and just because he may have had a toxic relationship with his ex gf doesn’t mean that he had a similar relationship with his wife. some people bring out the worst in others, some people don’t. it’s as simple as that. as for claims of oksana being scared of mel and thus remained silent on the tapes because she might get a beating from him, how does dropping the restraining order against him and dropping the dv charges against him so she could communicate with him and offer him an olive branch showing her fear of him? after all, gibson may be even more angry at her now than before the tapes leaked. and how exactly does she show fear when she is willing to talk to him again, to allow him to get close to her again, despite months of talking about how horrible he was, and how she was so scared for her and her children’s lives? and how exactly did gibson abuse his wife when even oksana accused his wife and daughter of manipulating him, and called him a mommy’s boy because he was willing to listen to his wife over her? she basically called him weak and spineless for not being able to stand up against his wife.

  17. Debbie says:

    Whatever you have bought up some great points If she was in such fear of her life and she never was why this, Simply because Mel’s team have evidence for a civil trail and she wouldn’t win it. Some sights which I have read state that the former bodyguard has given Mel’s legal team hundreds of texts and other evidence which will prove she lied
    Also remember the people whom investigated this for the sheriffs department stated clearly Oskana should of been charged at lest on 3 counts.

    They were dissapointed when the DA never went for it, As for Mel and her getting back together I doubt that is ever going to happen She has Slandered him, his wife and children, family in the public arena shot herself in the foot by changing her story’s every time she opened her mouth. Dodgy pic’s and she admitted her self on Larry King live she edited the tapes herself again contradicting what she told the law enforcement investigators in several different statements.

    Mel will make sue Lucia will be well provided for and want for nothing I can bet you anything Oskana will get nothing more than the 20,000 a month for child support

    She’s done

  18. Hakura says:

    @NayNay“Of course she dropped the complaint against him, because, as I have said from day one, the whole thing was a CROCK OF SHIT!~!!!! She was/is nothing but a MONEY GRUBBIN’ WHORE! She was only out for the BENJAMINS.”

    As Kaiser says, it was such a ‘CROCK OF SHIT‘ that he admitted to it more than once, on media that has been played & verified. No one with half a brain can deny that it happened, after being offered so much proof.

    No, she’s not a moral pillar, never has been or will be. But when it comes right down to it, that’s no excuse for his behavior towards her (& in front of their child, even putting her at risk with violence). Even if she went into this relationship solely for the money, or even intentionally tried to make Mel angry… That’s no excuse for his actions, which were abusive & wrong. She didn’t make him do those things, he made that decision… & as a grown man, he has to take responsibility for it.

    But yeah, it’s really gross to think about these two getting back together… I really hope it’s not true, but wouldn’t be too surprised. This sort of thiing happens in abusive situations all the time.

  19. Whatever says:

    Some sights which I have read state that the former bodyguard has given Mel’s legal team hundreds of texts and other evidence which will prove she lied

    Yep, I read the exact same thing. He was set to be a witness for Mel and he probably really has the goods on Oksana, so its better for her to drop it than to have the evidence released showing that she intentionally set him up, leaked the tapes (the bodyguard has said she did it and I believe him) and was going for money the whole time.

    As for Mel holding hands with her, if that is true, he really is crazy. There’s no forgiving going public with the tapes through Radar of all places. Let the nannies trade off the kid!

  20. Shadowd says:

    You people are something else, could it be that the reason she dropped the domestic violence part because her lawyers decided that it was best to let the complaint drop because it would show “Good Faith” and help her in whatever legal wrangling they are doing, also there was no point keeping it, as it has already been played out in the courts and Mel’s lawyers got him a sweet deal where he plead “technically” guilty.

    For those saying he did not hit her, Mel admitted to hitting her, she has the tapes to prove it, he has gone before the courts and accept a guilty plea, but the main reason to believe that Mel hit her, his lawyers could not get the charge dropped, all the legal tricks, influence and money thrown at it, and they could not get that charge dropped, therefore he hit her, the end.

  21. Eve says:

    It (headline) doesn’t change the fact he’s an abusive asshole. It doesn’t change the fact she was physically and verbally abused. End of story (and hopefully, of his career).

  22. Amityville_House_ says:

    Agree with Shadowd who nailed it. Who knows why she withdrew it; fear, brainwashing, low self-esteem, him promising he would have anger management counselling maybe? Could be a miriad of reasons. But he admitted he hit her on tape and in court. He PLEADED guilty. We can question why she withdrew, but we can’t question the fact that he did it and admitted, in a court of Law, to doing so.

  23. Hakura says:

    Bottom line is… No matter what Oksana did, it’s a moot point. The issue at hand was Mel’s wrong doing, which he admitted to.

    Is she slimey? Sure. But does that mean that deserved to be abused/assaulted? Or does that excuse that he’s a grown man who couldn’t control his temper to the point of going off the deep end?

    These 2 need to stay as far away from eachother as possible, I sincerely hope they do. They’d BOTH be crazy to get back together.

  24. Anon says:

    Agree with Whatever. Her bodyguard claims that he has the evidence to prove that she set Mel up because she wanted “Tiger Woods” money. No calls were ever made to the police. The FBI said that Mel’s comments were edited and then her comments were added. She was turned down by 40 plus lawyers because they didn’t believe her. The major Domestic Violence groups also refused to support her. And Mel won’t meet with her unless witnesses are present. Mel should have zipped his mouth, zipped his pants and stayed away from that woman.

  25. Hakura says:

    @Anon – I’m not doubting the possible validity of your statement… But I’m wondering why Mel would have admitted to abuse, if he hadn’t done so. It just doesn’t make sense… But who knows, both of these people are nutjobs, so you can’t really apply logic.

  26. watever says:

    @Hakura – he admitted to slapping her, which he claimed was because he wanted to stop oksana from shaking their daughter. he agreed to accept the punishment as though he was convicted/found guilty of the crime, rather than just being accused of it, but in doing so maintained his innocence. the west plea allows a person to do this, it basically means that a person is saying that he is innocent of the charge against him but that there might be something in his declaration or evidence that could be used against him aka admitting that he slapped oksana. now he could have gone and fought this charge in court, but the problem might be that he could win the battle but lose the war. not only would his family probably be dragged into making testimonies, but that it could turn into an even bigger media circus than it already is. for a guy like gibson who has tried to keep his life as private as possible, accepting the punishment rather than fighting it out in court might have been a better option.

  27. Hakura says:

    @Watever – Thank you for explaining that =)

    I can see the reason he would have decided against moving forward with a trial. I *still* feel like he admitted to more than slapping her (even just by listening to the horrible, terrifying things he said on those tapes, threatening her).

    But stepping back from this particular situation a bit, I find the law/plea to be strange in general. More directly, being able to enter a plea that means “I’m innocent, but the prosecution could convince a jury that I’m guilty… So just go ahead & punish me.”

    It’s just strange to me that there’s a plea maintaining one’s innocence, but saying ‘just punish me as though I’m guilty anyway’. Seems against what the legal system is supposed to stand for. But I don’t claim to know anything about the legal system.