Are Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen engaged?


We’ve heard this before, although we rarely hear from them. According to Us Weekly, Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams *MIGHT* be engaged. Because she’s wearing a funky-looking ring – see a photo of it here. I don’t buy it. That ring? Meh. Now, it could totally be that Michael and Rachel – who have been dating since last year’s Toronto Film Festival approximately nine months ago – are in fact engaged. But I seriously doubt THAT is her ring.

Are Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen Hollywood’s latest bride and groom?

In an exclusive Us Weekly photo, the Morning Glory actress, 32, showed off a brand-new ring on her wedding finger while out and about in L.A. on Sunday. Alas, it’s just a ring! A source close to McAdams tells Us she is “100 percent not engaged.” Sheen’s manager similarly denies the couple of about 10 months are headed for the altar.

The duo became romantic in late summer of last year, and were spotted making out at the Toronto film fest in September. “It may turn serious!” a prescient insider told Us Weekly at the time. They took their romance public in October, holding hands during a stroll in McAdams’ native Toronto.

Sheen and ex Kate Beckinsdale have a daughter, Lily, 11. McAdams’ on-and-off romance with her The Notebook costar Ryan Gosling — including a brief engagement — fizzled for good in 2007.

[From Us Weekly]

See, now I’m depressed. I would love it if the bubbly Canadian girl-next-door fell for the charming, furry, talented Welshman. THAT should be the movie. Why don’t they make romantic comedies like that? Probably because Hollywood doesn’t think Michael Sheen could or should be a romantic lead. BUT HE SHOULD BE.





Photos courtesy of WENN & Bauer-Griffin.

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12 Responses to “Are Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen engaged?”

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  1. Ben says:

    Adorable. They’re both really talented and seem lovely.

  2. mln76 says:

    What a sweet couple but I doubt Sheen is the marrying type I think he more the long-term relationship type since his other two GFs were 8 or 9 year relationships.

  3. courtney says:

    Who cares just cause the ring is on the fourth finger of her left hand doesn’t mean it’s an engagement ring maybe she doesn’t like wearing jewlery on the other hand. if they did get married it wouldn’t last anyway like most marriages in general but especially in hollywood don’t

  4. jen says:

    At 32, she looks SO MUCH better than most of these actresses that are in their teens and 20′s.

  5. AE says:

    I really like them as a couple! I saw him on BBC’s Top Gear and loved him. Funny, charming, down to earth & smart! And I think she’s very similar personality-wise.

  6. shockedandappalled says:

    They are lovely. Hope it works out for them.

  7. mia girl says:

    I love this couple!

  8. sandy says:

    i like her, we never hear anything about her, what a wonderful change, great actress, not like some Hollywood actresses at all. love it.

  9. Roxy75 says:

    She can do better.

  10. Newbie says:

    He has a kid with Kate Beckinsale? He must have a roaring personality. I’m sorry, but I don’t find him attractive in the least. I don’t get how he’s landing these women.

  11. Dizzle says:

    A lot of people might think she’s too good for him, but they’re great together. Even though he doesn’t match her in looks, he has tons of charm and charisma. If you need proof, just watch an interview with him on Craig Ferguson. Best of luck to them. I find him attractive in a goofy way.

  12. Kim says:

    Very cute and talented couple. Best wishes to them.