Angelina Jolie gave Jack Black’s wife “one of the sweetest gifts of all time”


Angelina Jolie is due in Cannes tomorrow! Yay! She and Brad both have projects to promote at the film festival, and hopefully we’ll have some new photos of her tomorrow (fingers crossed). Brad is promoting Tree of Life, which will be getting a big rollout at the festival, and Angelina is promoting Kung Fu Panda 2. Angelina and Jack Black were memorably at Cannes in 2008 promoting the first KFP – that was when Jack “outed” Angelina’s pregnancy with twins. Anyway, as I’m reading more interviews from Jack and Angelina, it strikes me that they seem really sweet together. Who would have thought it? Jack and Angie, two crazy kids, making it work (friend-wise). Here’s a new cute story about Jack and Angie:

Jack Black told the world that Angelina Jolie was pregnant with twins three years ago, when their animated comedy “Kung Fu Panda” played at the Cannes Film Festival then. And what does Jolie do? She sends a lovely present to Black’s own pregnant wife, Tanya Haden.

Black and Jolie, who are returning to Cannes this year for interviews and photos to promote “Kung Fu Panda 2,” recalled her nice gesture during a recent interview in Los Angeles.

“You were preggers, and I spilled the beans,” Black reminisced alongside Jolie about how he let slip during a 2008 Cannes interview that she was carrying twins. “And my wife, Tanya, was like, `That is the most amazing maternity dress I’ve ever seen.’ You had this gorgeous gown, and she was less preggers, but she had one on the way as well. And you’re like, `Oh, thanks.’ And then, what do we get in the mail like the next week? That gown,” Black said to Jolie. “You sent it over. It was one of the sweetest gifts of all time.”

Wednesday and Thursday’s Cannes visit is the third trip to the festival that Jolie and Black have made together. Their first was in 2004, when they and voice star Will Smith rode a giant inflatable shark in the Mediterranean to promote their animated adventure “Shark Tale.”

Before that, Black and Jolie had only met in passing, but “that float on the shark was the beginning of a blossoming friendship,” Jolie said. “That was our bonding moment.”

[From HuffPo]

This story will probably be the jumping off point for several tabloid stories about Angelina screaming at Brad, then hopping on her motorcycle to Jack’s house, where she and Jack make sweet, dirty love on a pile of whips. Why haven’t the tabloids ever connected Jack and Angelina? Those stories would be so much fun!

I think this is the maternity dress Jack is talking about. It is really pretty! One of the prettiest dresses she’s ever worn.



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News & WENN.

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  1. metatrix says:

    Angelina looks much, much better when she is pregnant. The extra weight does WONDERS for her. When she’s not pregnant, she looks like a walking, dehydrated corpse most of the time.

  2. Cut the Cheese says:

    I hope she had it dry cleaned, before sending it over.

  3. Oh the Humanity says:

    Amen, metatrix! and I’m no angelina fan or of brads or the brange

  4. Hanh says:

    That is a super gorgeous dress. I would love to get that in the mail and I’d dryclean it myself.

  5. Samigirl says:

    That gown is gorgeous, but I’m waiting for the Angie Haters to bash this lovely gesture.

  6. Ell says:

    I can’t believe such a non-event has it’s own post.

  7. Rita says:

    It was so thoughtful of AJ to send that gown to Tanya. There’s no doubt that Jack and AJ have a good friendship. They seem so different but Jack is an easy guy to like and AJ appears to have a playfull side that relates well to Jack. Love this story of two good people.

  8. Eileen says:

    If i could have a dinner date with three people- Jack Black, Will Farrel & Tina Fey… holy crap that would be epic.

  9. Ja says:

    @Ell: I actually prefer these “non-event” posts to the constant drivel about Charlie Sheen or America’s sweetheart Kim Kardashian. So this one works for me just fine and I like it.

  10. You don't say says:

    It is a cute story and my gosh, actually true, not from “insiders and un-named friends”. When real people actually talk, it is a much different story than the other stuff. Cool.

  11. nnn says:

    Just seen Angelina on TF1 (the french channel) and she just replied to the question of a journalist asking her what was that 7th shoulder tattoo. She confirmed that it was Brad’s place of birth.

    Dustin, Hoffmann, Black Jack and her were in a good mood, joking with each other and are impatient to watch ‘Tree of Life’ in Cannes.

    It’s weird cause both Black Jack and Dustin Hoffmann called Brad Pitt ‘Angelina’s husband as did some other journalists.

  12. Reality says:

    It’s a cute story, but I agree with Ell. If anyone else gave Jack Black’s wife a used maternity gown, then it would never be a headline.

  13. Eve says:

    Sweet story, but you know they’ll spin it to make it sound like a bad thing, something like “Angelina Jolie gives Black’s wife a used dress, what a cheap bitch!!!”, “Jolie gave Black’s wife a dress that was sprayed-on with anthrax spores!!!” or even “Jolie befriends Black’s wife so she can sneak in their house and steal their babies, OMG!!!”.

  14. Julie says:

    It is a wonderful gift which has tremendous value – like Michael Jackson’s gloves . This is something that she wore publicly and I wish I had it! TEAM JOLIE!!!

  15. Maritza says:

    Well it’s not like she was ever going to wear that dress ever again… Famous celebrities never repeat outfits they have been photographed in. It is a nice gesture though.

  16. vanessa says:

    I think they just call him her husband because it sounds better than “boyfriend” or “baby daddy”. Before me and mine got married I would call him my hubs sometimes because we felt married.

  17. Granger says:

    I thought you were going to say the sweet gift was a night with Brad. I’d take that over the dress.

  18. Derpy says:

    Just going to go ahead and play on the side of logic and positive thinking.. he said she sent the gown… not the exact gown.. unless you all know something I don’t. which is that it was the only one ever like that in existence and Angelina did not have one sent to Blacks wife that was her size or anything..

  19. Eve says:

    Ai…my comment is limbo again.

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aw, that is sweet. and it was a gorgeous dress, too.

    I know it’s customary in some cultures that if someone admires something of yours, it’s appropriate to give it to them. so maybe she follows that custom? in any case, it was a nice gesture.

    and Eileen, I’d like to get in on that fantasy dinner date of yours…holy crap, I’d probably pee myself from laughing so hard.

  21. Newbie says:

    That was nice of her to do!

    Question: now what exactly would his wife do with it? Wear it around the house, half- drunk, pretending to be Jolie? Have it framed? She can’t very well go out and wear it because everyone would talk about how it was “Jolie’s dress”. In that regard, it’s kind of a bummer.

  22. truthzbetta says:

    They never get linked b/c it’s Jack Black we’re talking about.

    Nobody ever links him to anyone b/c people who write celeb fiction as fact don’t want to imagine him doing anything sexual.

    I can’t even recall him doing a love scene with anyone and I can’t thank my imagination enough for the fact it doesn’t go there either. I owe you a big one, Imagination.

  23. DGO says:

    I wouldn’t want somebody’s used clothing.

  24. Hyooa says:

    I haven’t read the article. Is this cute that she has not stolen her husband ?

  25. LunaT says:

    @Granger—either that or Angelina gave Jack’s wife the gift of not sleeping w/him during the making of the movie. Awww, how sweet.

  26. lisa says:

    I was a bit confused.. it could actually have been a different dress. In the same style.

    Even if not.. how some people are able to go negative no matter what us mind blowing.

    This is the 3rd animated film they have done together. They obviously get along and like each other. Something that was true of she and Johnny and everyone she works with.

    Difference is when she worked with Johnny the gossip world worked their asses off to make it something ugly. Only because it was her. Jack is not the sexy idol. although he is a very smart man and so self assured. He really likes and admires her.. so does Dustin. But that doesn’t play into the negative. So when her co-Stars go on and on about how much they truly like her it is pushed aside as PR. If Jack had said something negative well the none fans would be creaming their pants.. shouting it from the roof tops.

    I have never heard a co-worker say a negative thing about her EVER. Yet some lie from an faceless fake unnamed “source” is believed.

    that is the shit that is whacked.

    I would love them to star in a regular feature. They have good buddy chemistry. Angie could so do a comedy with him..

  27. Camille says:

    Aww that’s a cute story. 😀

    @nnn: Thanks for the info, interesting.

  28. constance says:

    I don’t think voice over actors spend much time together on a project. At least that’s what I’ve gathered listening to interviews with most pixar movies. I bet she agrees to do movies with Jack on that basis. I don’t see her as looking at Jack as an equal… Nacho Libre- what the eyes cannot un-watch. lol

  29. louise says:

    The hate people have for Angelina is creepy and really disturbing. I don’t see how giving somebody a dress can be seen as evil. Also it probaby wasn’t the dress Angelina wore just the same one. I don’t know what Jack’s wife looks like but they’re probably not the same size. Not just different pregnancy stages but height too.

  30. Solveig says:

    May 11th, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    It’s a cute story, but I agree with Ell. If anyone else gave Jack Black’s wife a used maternity gown, then it would never be a headline.

    Or probably most people would say that it was a cheap and tacky way of being kind.
    That is a lovely dress, but I’m not impressed by this story, sorry.

  31. Kelly says:

    Silly story — does Angie do anything that is not covered by her PR people?

  32. truthSF says:


    Silly story — does Angie do anything that is not covered by her PR people?

    What PR people? The woman has never had a PR…which is why we knew too much about her. She was way too honest and open in a business where your words can be used against you. Hence haters always throwing her past back in her face.

  33. Isa says:

    I think it’s a really cute story.
    That is my favorite dress she has worn!
    That dress was by Max Azria. When I read it I didn’t even consider that she sent the dress she wore. I figured she sent the exact same dress in his wife’s size.

  34. Glee says:


  35. shakur says:

    One thing to say:


    ( The enemy would never see it coming )

  36. LunaT says:

    truthSF—do you know for sure she doesn’t have PR people? I’m not being snarky. Just curious.

    Isa, that makes more sense than sending the actual dress. Totally didn’t think of that.

  37. truthSF says:


    Angelina has always said she doesn’t a Publicist, just a manager and lawyer. And there was an article written in the NYT or the Post(not sure which one)that confirmed it.

    Although the article was negative and made her out to be a manipulative bitch for being PR less and basically being in control of her public image.

  38. Isa says:

    LunaT- I don’t know what falls under “pr people” but Angelina doesn’t have a publicist. She has a lawyer that’s handled a few things.

    But even if she had sent the same one she wore I still think it’s cool. I just doubt it since it may be hard to fit into Angelina’s dress. Also, it may have been altered before the red carpet to fit her perfectly.

  39. shockedandappalled says:

    People, for sure she bought a brand new dress in a different size for Jack Black’s wife. The woman is rich after all, she wouldn’t be likely to send a used dress as a gift. Also, what are the chances that Jack Black’s wife is the same size? Really, come on people.

  40. Hakura says:

    @SamiGirl“That gown is gorgeous, but I’m waiting for the Angie Haters to bash this lovely gesture.”

    It was such a sweet gesture between friends, I don’t understand how people are justifying ‘hating’ on it.

    FFS, bringing up dry cleaning, as though Angie’s ‘water broke’ or she ‘delivered her twins’ while she was wearing the damned thing. She wore it for a few hours at the most, walking the red carpet.

    I can’t believe how many people are *intentionally* looking for something negative to pick at, simply because they don’t like Angelina. It’s ridiculous, & SO highschool.

    @Ell“I can’t believe such a non-event has it’s own post.

    Apparently Kaiser thought it was, a nice positive thing to give us a break from the usual Hollywood sleeze. A lot of us enjoyed the story, so this ‘non-event’ did deserve it’s own post.

    But no one forced you to read it or comment. (especially when the only contribution is complaining.)

  41. sandy says:

    @13 eva, that’s funny, she is a lovely woman, i don’t think she has a PR, for what? she is real, you like her or you don’t, no game playing, phony persona, lying about boyfriends, dinner date, announcing every little detail of ones life for attention.

  42. Eve says:

    @ Sandy:

    Oi? I didn’t say anything about her being fake! Pay more attention while reading people’s comments, please.

    I said “sweet story but you know they’ll spin it to make it sound like a bad thing”. They = those who hate her no matter what and tabloids. Then I posted some (hypothetical) quotes that crazy people may post about said story. Get it now?

    P.S.: Do I have to post my name with “Team Jolie” right next to it in order to avoid Brangelunatics misreading my comments? Geez.

  43. bluhare says:

    I have read many times that angie has no pr person, so unless that’s changed since Brad, she doesn’t.

  44. Newbie says:

    @lisa: I haven’t seen too much negativity on this particular thread. A little snarkiness, which is always fun, but whatev. As for your co-worker thing: I don’t think a co-worker is going to publicly bash someone they’re working with. It’s happened in the past, several years after two people have worked together, yeah. Hollywood is all about popularity and power. Jolie has too much power right now for people to come out in the industry and bash her. They’d get their butts kicked and their careers stamped out. At least, right now. I don’t know. Maybe several years from now we’ll get a lovely piece or two about how she was a diva. Who knows.

  45. Addie says:

    Very cute story.
    Nice that HE brought it up.

    Factual stories about Angie are few, but always plesant to hear about.

  46. Jaxx says:

    Every person who actually KNOWS Angelina or has worked with her says she is down to earth, kind, friendly, generous and warm. But that doesn’t make great headlines does it?

    And I doubt seriously she sent the dress off her own body. I imagine she ordered a new one sent to his wife in her own size.

  47. nnn says:

    Why would some people talk about her PR when it’s Jack Black who released that story ?

    Do they think that Jack Black has appointed for Jolie PR person, now ?

    What a nonsense !

  48. louise says:

    @nnn: I was going to say the same thing. No matter what the haters will always attack Angelina. Everytime a co-star, like Jack Black or Johnny Depp, says something nice about Angelina they claim that she/studio forced them to say it.

  49. Sakyiwaa says:

    well, that was mighty lovely of AJ

  50. Hakura says:

    Hopefully the realization that she surely *purchased* the same dress (in the proper size) for Jack Black’s wife… Will shut up those bitching about dry cleaning.

    I’m not even an Angelina *fan*, it’s just so ridiculous that people have this ‘NEED’ to find something to criticize her for, even when there’s absolutely nothing (as in this case.)

  51. I loved your blog.Much thanks again. Will read on…