Shania Twain: ‘another woman’s lust for a lifestyle upgrade devastated my family’

I thought Pippa Middleton was on the cover of People last week, but my aunt lent me her newsstand copy of the latest People and it had Shania Twain on it in with the title Finding Love After Betrayal. As we’ve heard before from Shania, she really blames the other woman for her husband cheating, when she should have just as much ire, if not more so, for the ass whose bullsh*t she dealt with for 15 years. The thing is, the other woman was Shania’s best friend, her only friend in Switzerland, where she felt lonely and isolated in her multi million dollar estate.

People’s interview with Shania confirms In Touch’s story that Shania has barred the other woman from seeing her son, despite the fact that she sees the other woman’s daughter all the time. (Since she married her ex husband’s mistress’ estranged husband.) People also has the detail that Shania’s new husband was the guy who broke it to her that their spouses were cheating on them. This is some Shakespearean shizz. I love what Shania writes about the mistress. It’s like she’s spitting it out with a sneer and giving her the evil eye at the same time.


She took a break [from her career] in 2004 and settled with Lange and their son Eja, now 9, in Switzerland – she she barely knew a soul – and “the isolation started to spiral,” she says. “I wasn’t expressing myself anymore.”

At the same time, she and Lange were growing apart. “It’s very hard to be honest with yourself when something’s just not working,” says Twain, who devoured self help books. “Mutt had already made up his mind on what was going to be done, but I was in the dark.”

In March 2008 Lange told her he wanted a divorce. The next day Theibaud broke the crushing news that he believed his wife, Marie-Anne – her best friend, to whom she had confided her marital problems – was having an affair with Lange… The double betrayal sent her into a tailspin…

[Twain writes] “Fred explained that his wife had spent some time with my husband in luxury spas in the area over the last months. Of course, I demanded proof, and outside of what he’d witnessed personally, he had the classic evidence in the form of phone bills, hotel information and receipts, and the memory of a garter belt and lingerie he saw packed in her luggage. She was meant to be going away for time ‘alone.’”

Twain reserves most of her ire for Marie-Anne; even now, she utters that name only once in the course of an interview. “I hated her,” she writes in the book. “I was disgusted that another woman’s lust for a lifestyle upgrade was worth the devastation of my family…”

In truth, the one time she did encounter the other woman, not long after the split, “I had a total panic attack,” she says. “I just told her that she was a bad person – that’s all I could get out! When I left her, I thought, ‘You’re such a wimp, you coward!’ That was my big moment, and I blew it!”

Today Twain has no interaction with Marie-Anne and won’t allow her to have any contact with Eja either. “I just have no desire,” she says. “In fact my desire is to avoid her!”

[From People Magazine, print edition, May 23, 2011]

Ok, I get it now. I get that it was her best friend, that the woman lied to her when she confided in her that she was worried about her husband acting strange, and that the friend was committing the ultimate act of betrayal behind her back. So, though, was her husband if not more so. If this stupid wench wasn’t around he would have found another one to cheat on Shania with, he was just looking for an excuse. Same goes for this Marie-Anne person and her relationship.


Shania is shown on 5/9/11. Credit:

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  1. Lynnie says:

    While I’ve never been a fan of her music, I gotta say she’s aging beautifully and naturally! Stying, however, screams 1990s. What is with that hair, the coral puffy shirt, and all of the gold jewelry?

  2. Zelda says:

    I am staunchly against blaming the third party for your partner’s infidelity. But in this case, I’d say anger is not misplaced. As a best friend there is all kinds of sh*t to blame this woman for. That is cold behaviour from someone that is supposed to love you.

    That said, Twain’s accusation that the friend just had a “lust for a lifestyle upgrade” is interesting. Obviously Twain barely considers her ex a person. He’s not really responsible for the affair, he’s not worth cheating with even–the affair was had with “a lifestyle” … One would assume Lange is a wax dummy or a dog for all the credit she gives him as a human. That says something about her relationship with him right there. Interesting.

    These people are all pretty ugly inside, I’m thinking…

  3. really says:

    Shania’s best friend (skank), her only friend in Switzerland (boo-hoo), where she felt lonely and isolated in her multi million dollar estate (then donate the mansion to the poor since she was so “isolated”)…….

    Move on past her skank of a so called freind, and as for the husband…. thank god you dont have to look at his LOSER azz anymore. SEE THE POSITIVE, and move on!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I can understand the contempt for the ex-BFF. A woman may marry a man but she trusts her BFF’s in a much deeper way. So that betrayal would be worse. This woman used her “inside information” to carry on an affair. Mutt Lange is deserving of a boot to the head too. What a jerk.

  5. DGO says:

    Perhaps Mutt was having an affair with Marie-Anne before she became Shania’s “best friend”. It just sounds like Matt and Marie-Anne were awfully “close” before Shania settled in Switzerland. I dunno, the whole marriage was weird from the start,with them only seeing each other once or twice a month if that, and rumours of Shania cheating with her ex-boyfriend while his girlfriend was pregnant.

  6. Nikkers says:

    I used to like Shania, but the more she goes on about this situation, the less sympathy I have for her. I don’t think it’s healthy to still feel that bitter 4 years, and another marriage later.

    Yes she was betrayed, but same some of that anger for your cheating spouse. And why did he cheat. No one is 100% to blame when marriages break up. She might not be as perfect as she seems to think she is.

    And the “lifestyle upgrade” comment, along with the ban on seeing her son, just shows how immature she is dealing with the situation.

  7. EdithP says:

    I read this somewhere else, and I think it’s true — she doesn’t blame the men, period. Her stepfather was abusive and scarred her mother, but he really was a wonderful person. Mutt cheated on her with her best friend, but he couldn’t resist the hussy.

    I would think reliving all this for a show after she has supposedly ‘moved on’ would not be healthy.

  8. Justaposter says:

    Infidelity hurts, and having your best friend as the other woman brings on a new circle of hell in pain.

  9. Delta Juliet says:

    I see that my thoughts were already kind of expressed but I’ll say it anyway. She definitely should put the blame on her husband, however, it is different when the other woman is your best friend. I’ll just speak for myself, but the thought of my husband cheating, while not likely, is a possibility. But you never think your best friend, someone you have probably confided all of your marital issues and conerns with, will do that to you.

  10. Roma says:

    I think when a marriage is ending you emotionally detach from that person. I know that even months before my husband and I decided to split (aka he ran away to become a rockstar) I would call my bff almost every day to talk over what I should do.

    If I were to find out that she was sleeping with my then husband, I too would have been more crushed by her actions than his. Because at that point I really didn’t like him very much but she was my lifeline.

    That being said it’s been years, she remarried and she is coming across incredibly bitter. It’s taking away any pity I felt for her.

  11. AlaskaJoey says:

    @Edith P – I agree, it’s completely ridiculous to let the men off the hook and solely blame the other woman. They are each 50% to blame.

    If I was Anne Marie I wouldn’t let her near my daughter – she’s still so bitter, god knows what she’d be saying in front of the kid. Get over it Shania! Get some therapy already.

    Finally, my theory on what happened – it was a partner swapping arrangement that went awry, and none of them want to admit it. Because it’s awfully convenient that Shania wound up with her friend’s ex.

  12. Happymom says:

    I wonder what her new husband feels about all of this?? Obviously this was a horrible betrayal by both her ex and her best friend-but I would think, if she’s happily remarried (as she claims to be) there might be a point where you think, all that crappy stuff brought me here to the person I’m really supposed to be with?

  13. machiavelli says:

    This is a publicity stunt to sell whatever she is peddling now. Cheap. For the sake of her son at least, just keep quiet about personal issues. She is coming across as pathetic and needy. She needs some de-Oprahfication.

  14. Mika says:

    But why did you need to downgrade your hair, Shania? You’re not working at the Tim Hortons in Timmins anymore.

  15. Micki says:

    @Zelda: very interesting point.

    I admit I’m with mixed feelings about this affair. First they had problems BEFORE moving to Switzerland. It’s likely that any of them might cheat. Sometimes patching things up works out and sometimes not. It’s harder when it comes with best friend betrayal, but to assume it’s just because of “lifestyle upgrade” is ridiculous.Who is this woman? A cleaning lady, or a cook? She was a kind of assistant.
    I think 4 or 14 years later and in another marriage Shania is way NOT over it

  16. badrockandroll says:

    Shania Twain condemning another woman’s actions as lust for lifestyle upgrading – too rich! I’m sure that Shania married Mutt not because he was a successful millionaire producer, but because he was nice.

  17. tracking says:

    I’m torn between thinking she has the right to express her pain over the awful betrayal and wishing she would keep quiet. Even when justified, the ‘skank shaming’ rubs me the wrong way. She seems genuinely damaged, but one would think she’d be focused on her new marriage now and try to let go of the bitterness. Particularly since there is a young child involved.

  18. lucy2 says:

    It’s weird to me that she’s only blaming the woman, when her husband is equally to blame – if not more so, as he was the one who made vows to her.
    Does her ex have any custody of her son? If so, she’s going to have a hard time controlling who he brings around the kid, unless he respects her request.

    Her new husband must be concerned she’s still so consumed by all this. She doesn’t seem to really be moving on, and with all her hatred towards the woman, her new husband has to wonder if it’s just a revenge marriage.

  19. mdf says:

    Actually I was thinking the same thing, why hasn’t she gotten over it yet and moved on already…then out of curiosity, I watched her show and it became clear, even Shania knows she needs to let go already but she just can’t.
    From personal experience, it hurts like hell when your spouse cheats, getting over him was the easy part. Getting over the betrayal, the feeling of being the last to know, to be made a fool of, that’s the hard part.

  20. AngelMay says:

    Why don’t these wronged wives realize that whining in public makes them look totally pathetic?

    If a man doesn’t want to stay with you there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Get over it and move on.

  21. Crash2GO2 says:

    Again, perfect example of what another poster was postulating about why women put the blame on the other woman. It’s so much easier and comforting to think that someone just came along and bewitched your man away, than to think he betrayed you. Preferred someone else to you. That your relationship was faulty, that HE was/is faulty.

  22. LunaT says:

    @Badrockandroll–so true.

    Since this is an excerpt from her book, maybe she slams Mutt in another/other part/s. I still think it’s silly for her to be talking about this four years later. Didn’t realize it’d happened so long ago.

    I wonder how her son feels about not being able to see his father’s GF/wife(don’t know if they’re married or not). And what about the jumble that happens everytime the kid goes to visit his dad? Awkward and kind of weird I’d imagine.

  23. DGO says:

    The Daily Mail has an article about Shania not saying a bad word about Mutt:

    It’s an interesting point someone brought up about Shania blaming her mother for her stepfather’s abuse. Since she tends to blame women for everything, I wonder if she blames herself for the demise of her relationship?

  24. JustJen says:

    I get the whole best friend betrayal aspect of this.

    I was cheated on and I blamed the woman more than my ex. She knew he was taken, she should have had more respect for herself and for my marriage than to just mess around in a situation that was way more complicated than she knew. How do you get into someone else’s bed, put your head on their pillow while looking at their clothes hanging in their closet?

    With him, there were things that were seriously haywire and there was a history of good before all the mistakes. She was just some skank who washed herself off with my towel.

    I think of that person being my best friend and it’s just…unimaginable.

    But, AngelMay, you are 100% right. Eventually, you come to that realization. I don’t get why Shania thinks the entire world is her best friend now.

  25. guesty says:

    I hate her hair line that. The hell. And imo it’s so weird that she married the other woman’s husband.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s a double betrayal, period. That is all.

  27. Samigirl says:

    I’m with happymom and nikkers…if she’s remarried, there is no reason for her to be running her mouth off about it. If I brought up one of my ex’s in front of my husband, he would say “why are we talking about this?” Because it isn’t relevant. You’ve remarried, now it’s time to move on. If you weren’t ready to move on, you shouldn’t have remarried. End of story.

  28. Justaposter says:

    Trust me, when the anger pendulum of anger swings back towards the cheating spouse… it ain’t pretty.

    I think in a way it is ‘safer’ to be angry at the other person at first. Maybe it is like a mental self defence thing. And it does go without saying, you are angry at your cheating spouse. But sometimes the pain is almost too much to deal with.

    Maybe it is one of those things, that you have had to actually gone through this situation to get. It is easy to say “Well I would have…” when you haven’t lived this. I am not knocking anyone, it is easy to say, and many people do..until you have walked a mile in those shoes.

    I will be honest, it has taken me quite a number of years for the anger to truly go away, but sometimes the pain still lingers. Kind of like an old sports injury that flairs up every now and then.

    And right now, the old sports injury has kinda flaired up. :(

  29. Grace says:

    Celebitchy: I don’t understand why you keep pointing out that Shania gets to be around Anne Marie’s child, as if the two situations are equivalent. Of course Shania gets to be around Anne Marie’s child, she didn’t lie, cheat and blow someone else’s life apart. It’s not even close to the same thing.

  30. mln76 says:

    I would totally be angry at that woman, I would be livid, it goes beyond cheating to a betrayal of friendship and I get why she is angry and she has every right to want to kill that woman. That being said if Shania didn’t want to have anything to do with this woman then she shouldn’t have become the stepmother to her daughter. That little girl doesn’t deserve to grow up in an environment where her co-parents are so bitterly antagonistic towards eachother. Shania needs to get over it for the sake of the children or get out of the marraige.

  31. girlyourhairisbad says:

    Oh, I have always disliked Shania. But people – THIS is why she is going on and on……she has NO CAREER WITHOUT MUTT.

    Shania is (was) a mediocre talent. She somehow came into contact with Mutt. He saw a pretty girl with a sad (oh so sad, hardly the truth) story to tell of poverty and raising her siblings…blah…

    Shania “wrote” all of her own songs. The ony reason for that was because Mutt IS a genius when it comes to marketing and he marketed the hell out of her. She has no real talent. All of her songs are sophomoric(think Taylor Swift)and sound the same as the one before it. Without Mutt marketing her talent(lack of) there is NO CAREER.

    Yes, she comes across as bitter and angry. But seriously, she knew all along that the whole thing was a sham and it would have to end sometime. Good God…Have some self respect already. -I feel SO sorry for her son and for her ‘husband’. We will see how long this disaster of a marriage lasts. I give it three years – TOPS

  32. dahlia1947 says:

    I didn’t see the Oprah interview but I’m guessing it was alot of talking about the other woman, blaming her or whatever.

    Going on Oprah should pretty much cover it. She’s got all of the attention, now I think she just needs to shut it.

    I also think that it is VERY weird that she ended up with this chicks husband. Very weird.

  33. K-MAC says:

    I agree and that woman and Shania’s husband suck for what they did, but does anyone else think that it is bizarre that Shania married the husband of the woman who was having the affair with Shania’s husband, did I get that right?

  34. Blank says:

    For some reason I just can’t get over how cheap looking her jewelry looks. I just don’t get it.

  35. Rita says:


    Perfectly stated. Why is it now that it’s said and done, the woman who back-stabbed her best friend, slept with her husband, lied-deceived-manipulated Shania, and wrecked two homes with children is to be afforded the same consideration as a Shania who was a loyal wife, loving mother, and trusted friend. Skanks don’t deserve any consideration. Let them settle to the bottom of the drain trap where they belong. (I think that’s where skanks live)

  36. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    We’ll never know the whole story, but I don’t envy the person who doesn’t even have the luxury of distancing yourself from the mistress and being able to abstract that portion of the betrayal. You know the face, can hear the voice and see traces of the deception in your life. It’s not enough to have your world implode on you, you have to deal with the confirmed identity of all involved pulled into sharp relief, so you’re not afforded the mystery aspect that allows you to fictionalize details about the hurt you’re experiencing and make the ordeal seem a little less real, if only for a minute. I don’t know, if there’s a textbook out there called The Politics of Heartbreak and Responsible Desire, I haven’t written it yet.

  37. irishserra says:

    I get. I totally get it. I don’t necessarily think Shania is handling it the most dignified way, but I think she’s doing the best she can.

    She admits that she and her husband were growing apart. In a place where she felt so isolated, it’s possible she felt her only real ally in life was Anne-Marie and therefore she felt closer to her than to Lange. That would explain the lop-sided anger she has. She seems to have more of an issue with the fact that Lange left her for her best friend than the fact that Lange left her at all. So I can see where she is coming from.

    I am sure that over time, and once she has had more time to process and purge the experience, she will see it through clearer lenses, so to speak. I think she perhaps rushed into her latest marriage way too fast and never really worked through the issues she has.

    @K-MAC: I agree with you. I really think it was more of a hasty revenge move more than anything, and while I’m sure he is more understanding of her situation (as he was just as hurt in this situation), I think he might eventually see things more clearly as well. I don’t see them lasting too long, but I hope I’m wrong there.

  38. Cirque28 says:

    @Justaposter: Thanks for such an insightful post.

    After 4 years, I genuinely like my ex-H’s mistress! (And she took that dude off my hands which is a debt I can never repay.) But, yeah, at first I despised her. I think it IS a phase, and the length of it is different for everyone.

    Anyway… Shania. Be happy, Shania! Your new husband is much more attractive, and as far as we know, he’s even faithful! While Cheating Mutt’s only looking more mutt-like as he ages. (Frankly, so is Anne Marie.)

  39. Chickadees4me says:

    100% Agree with Justaposter, it can take a long time to get over such a nasty betrayal, I get occasional ‘flare ups’ as time goes by they get less frequent tho, thank goodness.

  40. Peachy says:

    I agree that Mutt made her what she is today, and I think Shania knows that too, hence why she’s not saying anything bad about him. She’s smart not to bite the hand that feeds her, but not so smart to bitch about the exfriend when she married the exfriend’s husband! It makes me wonder how long she’s ‘lusted’ for the exfriend’s husband.

  41. hellcat says:

    Re: her marrying the mistress’s ex, it’s not THAT weird. Happened to my best friend’s parents in high school – her mom cheated on her dad with a friend of the family, and after the affair was found out, her dad and the other man’s ex wife got together. Both couples are still together years later. I was talking to the ex-wife and she explained that they were going through a really rough time and they found solace in each other. So it’s understandable, if a little weird.

  42. anon33 says:

    I’m with AlaskaJoey. I think a swap arrangement ended up with people having feelings they didn’t expect and didn’t know what to do with.

  43. Mary Jane says:

    @JustJen, Justaposter, Cirque28, and Chickadees4me:
    I hope you are all MUCH happier now, I know I am!
    Happened to me, too… with my best friend. I think I was so much angrier at her than him because she robbed me of her friendship at the time when I needed her most, in addition to robbing me of my husband.
    It’s been about 20 years and I’ve been in an amazing relationship for 15 years and my wusband and I are now really good friends (he has expressed his regret several times — he knows he was an ass and lost a helluva woman). He dumped her about 10 years ago (it does make me smile) but I still spit e’ery time I say her name… (and I cannot stomach Nicole Kidman — her celeb doppelganger) — and I have VERY few femme friends (trust issues).
    I feel for poor Fred; I cannot imagine my SO having to hear that crap all the time but it does seem more like Shania got the upgrade (Mutt — how apropos!)

  44. bluhare says:

    Millions of women have had to let their kids spend time with their dad and woman who broke up the marriage. Happens all the time. And good parents shut the hell up for the sake of the kids. The woman wasn’t the kid’s best friend and if they were around each other all the time, he has his own relationship with her. Let him find his own truth. He will.

    As for the lifestyle upgrade, if that is truly the reason she messed around with Mutt, Shania will be saying “neener neener” soon enough.

  45. originalgracie says:

    I have a friend whose husband went to his High School reunion and ended up rekindling the romance with his HS sweetheart. He came home and basically told her it was over. She was crushed.

    She and the husband of the other woman started calling each other to talk and cry and try to make sense of how their lives would be now and they ended up falling in love and getting married.

    They are very happy and don’t think it was that strange to meet that way. After all, they were two people going through pretty much the same situation that was not their choosing. They bonded over that pain and found happiness.

  46. jennifer says:

    This is one small except of an entire book. She had to have been mad at her husband too, and I bet has expressed it in her book, but people don’t focus on that. They just judge her on being mad at “the other woman.”
    A friend being the other woman is considerably more tragic than a stranger. Very Camelot-ish. People can judge her, but that amount of betrayal is traumatizing. At least it is if you ever really believed in your friends. Some people never really trust any friend, don’t really have friends they truly are emotionally close with aka vulnerable to. And I think those are the type people who are all “oh get over it!” and judge her for being so hurt and angry. Maybe they can’t relate because instinctively they know they would never put themselves in that vulnerable of a position. I do hope she can find ways of putting it behind her and learning to trust again. .

  47. Jana says:

    I think her ex-friend is despicable for pretending to be her friend once the affair started.

    But give me a break, the woman decided she wanted an upgrade in lifestyle. Shania, have you ever considered Mutt flirted with her and showed his interest in her, and she in turn went for it because she was bored in her own marriage. True friend she was not. But usually married men come on to women. They’re not innocent little lambs that vixens go after.

  48. Jana says:

    I can one up everybody. My friend thought she had a great marriage. They had been trying for a child. She finally got pregnant. Two weeks before the baby was due her (meek-looking) husband told her he was in love with her bestfriend and was leaving her. Yes, her best friend who was at her house all the time. It came out their affair had been going on for a year, even before she got pregnant. She went into labor and the husband was with his true love. She said she felt like she was blindsided and in a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from.

  49. Jana says:

    @Jo, “the growing apart” probably came from he was having an affair, or, at the very least, an emotional affair for a while before the actual affair. Shania now can probably look back and realize it was when the other woman entered their lives that Mutt pulled away from her; hence, they were growing apart.

  50. Kisha says:

    As a female, the ultimate betrayal is to have a best friend sleep with your husband/bf. You’d think you’d lay more blame with the husband but there is this unspoken rule between woman and a code of trust and if its broken, it unleashes a flurry of anger and hate.
    I completely know where Shania is coming from. I’d do the EXACT same thing.
    I admire her strength although the spouse swap thing is very bizarre.

  51. cookie says:

    I’ve been through this as well just after having a baby, and totally understand where she’s coming from. Men come and go…but you never get over your best girl doing that to you. Especially when you go to them for advice about your marraige and they feed you BS. It’s something I could never get past,the ultimate betrayal.

  52. Catherine says:

    Slowly losing respect as she is telling all in the media. Uncool, in my opinion. I thought she was a strong woman for privately dealing with her issues without some tearful to-do, but now she isn’t acting any better than any other tell-all celebrity.

  53. Jilliterate says:

    Ugh, what a stupid bimbo. I hate women who take this attitude, blaming the other female and acting like their spouse is faultless. It’s pathetic and seems to imply that men are just mindless pieces of meat who flail around helplessly and are incapable and making their own decisions. This man is a grown human being who willingly chose to enter a marriage. Then he chose to cheat on his wife rather than expressing to her that he was unhappy or trying for a divorce. No one tricked him. Women like Shania need to drop this sad attitude that the Other Woman is the only one at fault. It’s misplaced blame, and says a lot about how little they actually respect their husbands as grown adults and partners.

  54. ADS says:

    Why are men never held accountable??? I understand this woman was Shania’s BFF but Mutt was her husband. Her ire should be aimed primarily in his direction. All this girl code talk is rubbish. Shania was married to HIM and not HER.

  55. sandy says:

    #28 justaposter, totally agree with everything you wrote, every single word. that is all.

  56. blouson says:

    This happened to me…long term bf cheated with my best friend who was about to get married. Got her pregnant. Went with her to have an abortion. THEN she rang me to see if I was still prepared to be her bridesmaid…ahhhh….no, funny that. It took me YEARS to get over that. I literally had nightmares for 2 years afterwards. And yes I felt as much anger at her as with him. They are both BIG betrayals. But what hurt me wasn’t the loss of the realtionship, but of my belief that people are essentially good and you can trust your friends to have your back. So give her a break….healing can take time.

  57. Louise says:

    I don’t understand why people always blame the other woman either. It’s even worse when people say the woman threw herself at the man, as if he’s a victim. I don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to so any people that the husband made the first move. I used to like Shania but she’s so bitter. Of course she should have some resentment but she comes off as if the affair happened yesterday. This can’t be good for her son or her husband.

  58. Dingles says:

    I don’t blame her one single bit for her feelings. All you people saying “just get over it already” need to stop and actually put yourselves in her shoes for a second. I cannot imagine the level of anger, pain and betrayal I would feel if my husband slept with my best friend. That’s as cold as it gets.

    She’s not blaming the other woman for destroying her family; she is pointing out that the woman felt that serving her own self-interests was worth destroying their friendship and causing anguish for her and her child. That’s an almost unbearable thing for a “friend” to do. She is totally justified in her anger.

  59. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I still don’t get how, those of you saying “Mutt made her career” think, that somehow makes it okay for him to cheat on her?

  60. badrockandroll says:

    No one is equating the fact that Shania’s career is kaput without Mutt with giving Mutt a free pass on his marital vows. Although I cannot speak for anyone else, what I am saying is really three things.

    First, Shania has a history of creating truths when witnesses aren’t available or have been bought and paid for. She can say anything about Mutt, who is frequently described as “notoriously reclusive”; he won’t present his version of the truth. Second, business arrangements fail all the time, and I do not believe for one New York minute that Shania and Mutt’s marriage was anything other than that. And lastly, this 2011 version of Shania’s life story is a big smoke screen to cover the fact that there is no album forthcoming (for the past 5 years she said that there was one all but ready for release; now she says that she has a nervous condition that has constricted her throat.)

    Instead of music, which she cannot, will not and has never made with any success without Mutt, she is presenting her trite Oprah version of journeys and healing. That psychobabble makes one almost yearn for her profound lyrics. Even though “My skin is acting weird, I wish that I could grow a beard” could well be an oddly prophetic statement as to her new marriage it does not put her in the category of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn or even Taylor Swift.

  61. Vesper says:

    I am so tired of hearing about Shania the victim. Poor Shania living in Switzerland, not knowing anyone, feeling so isolated and being betrayed by her ex-husband along with her one and only friend.

    Long before her breakup Shania seemed to have an interesting spin on the truth. More than one reporter came away saying she did not come across as the person she professed to be. I think the same can be said in this situation.

    Shania was 50% responsible for her marriage. She was not a child and she had options. If she felt isolated she could have done something about it. She wouldn’t be the first perfson to relocate for the sake of a partner. She does have family and the means to access resources. Instead she gave up every aspect of her identity to play house. This was not the same ethusiastic and vibrant woman who emerged in the country music scene years ago. Who is to say that her and her ex-husband didn’t have problems for years, and didn’t try to work things out. The husband never talks, and Shania herself focuses only on the other woman.

    I also don’t believe the mistress was the “best friend” that Shania has make her out to be. I think Shania allowed herself to get isolated and this woman was a paid asssitant and the only available person Shania felt comfortable talking to about her marital woes. Voila, the other woman goes from paid assistant to one and only “best” friend.

    What I find even more strange is not that Shania married her husband’s mistress’ ex husband, but that him and Shania were pretty much inseparable directly after Shania left her husband. He was constantly by her side. She didn’t work thru her divorce as a strong, single woman, leaning on family and friends, she instead had hubby-to-be hold her hand throughout the entire process. To me it seems like the same pattern — allowing herself to be completely absorbed by another man.

    All these years later, Shania, as far as I know, has not spent any time on her career. Has she written any music? Instead, she seems to have invested all of her time in the current husband. All I see when I look at Shania is a weak woman who seems to have little identity outside of being a wife / partner.

    As for those posters who will tear me apart, I’m not saying Shania deserved to be cheated on, but I don’t believe the situation is as black and white as she is making it out to be.

  62. Amanda G says:

    This is tough. Mutt definitely deserves some hatred from her for what he did, but that lady being her BEST FRIEND is just as devastating. I would be shocked and heartbroken if my BFF did that to me. It’s even more of a loss because that is the person I would confide in and NEED to get through a divorce.

    I still find it hard to believe that Shania is able to have a healthy marriage to her new man when she has this much anger and this new man is a daily reminder of what happened.

  63. Isa says:

    I don’t understand it. My husband is my life partner, the father of my child. It’s much worse than the betrayal of a best friend.

  64. jemshoes says:

    I guess my sympathy for Shania comes from the same place all women feel when they’ve been betrayed by a close female friend, in whatever way and for whatever reason(s). And what happened to Shania was the ultimate betrayal.

  65. John Wayne Lives says:

    Her team tried really hard to spin a “we were there for eachother” angle to Shania’s new marrieage. But I agree with the opinion there may have been wife swapping that changed things.
    I knew 2 couples in our friend group that started playing around with eachother, swaping. And one of the hubs started sleeping with the other wife on the side, and it all blew up.
    So if Mutt’s marriage was unfulfilling to him, it would be pretty easy to start something up with the other woman, if that door has already been opened.

  66. Hakura says:

    I’m sorry. Shania is working this ‘Woe is me, my life has been so difficult & tragic, I was even losing my glorious voice, until I found TRUE LOVE (which was, of course, NOT out of revenge, oh no, I’m better than she is, I’d never do something ‘vindictive’ like that…).’ bullshit beyond the point of insanity.

    Bitch is a complete ‘fraud’. She’s lied from the start, playing up her tragic past, her wonderful relationship with her step father that made her ‘proud to use his last name’ (which I’m convinced was entirely so she could take advantage of his native american (Ojibwa) heritage, which she convienantly claimed as her own, never mentioning that he was her ‘step’ father. When asked about it, she said “Well, when he adopted me, I became 50% Native American, legally.)…. Is she serious? (Then she tried to say her actual father is some part ‘Cree’, but I don’t buy it.)

    She later cried on Oprah, talking about her ‘tragic youth’ with her ‘wonderful step father‘ who she had to watch ‘beat her mother‘ for years, leaving her emotionally scarred.

    There’s more, but it’s just so ridiculous I’m not even going to waste anymore time explaining it. The woman has lied about so many things simply to gain sympathy & admiration. It just *really* pisses me off.

  67. Hakura says:

    @AlaskaJoey“If I was Anne Marie I wouldn’t let her near my daughter – she’s still so bitter, god knows what she’d be saying in front of the kid.”

    The fact that Shania & Marie were best friends… That the 2 couples were good friends… Means they’ve probably just about *raised* those 2 kids together. The children probably each see the other woman as something like an ‘aunt’, or other family member.

    You’re right. God only knows what Shania might be saying to or in front of the little girl, While she’s on this ‘slut-shaming’ kick even NOW, 4 years later. I’m sure the children still see them as family, it would be so horrible for them to be subjected to that kind of *crap* (something I went through with my grandparents for a long time.). Shania isn’t letting it go, obviously. She shouldn’t be allowed around the child until she does… Yes, the whole mess sucked. But she needs to grow up for the sake of the children.

  68. Vesper says:

    What is it that Valerie Bertinelli once said, “You have to love your kid, more than you hate your ex”.

    If the two couples were close and the kids were raised together, as per the above comment, than it makes it even worse that Shania will not let the other woman around her child. She is putting her anger before his needs.

    @ Hakura – I completely agree. I remember a lot of discrepencies in what Shania claimed in interviews and what reporters later found out. The stories changed frequently.

    Does anyone notice that her family never seems to be in the picture. Her “claims” of raising her family herself, which were greatly exaggerated, yet we hear almost nothing from them.

  69. Kris says:

    I truly think that mutt was and still is an ugly mutt. I have no idea what Shania saw in him. Unless you have been through the trials and tribulations that Shania has been through then you have no room to talk. I have known her for many yrs. and to know her is to respect her. She isn’t the snob that people make her out to be. I’ve lived it myself. Cheating spouse who ran off with the best friend. I’ve lived in Timmins and know the twain family, and I can say that with dignity. We all went to the same school and such, so like I stated earlier…unless you been through the bs she has been through in her lifetime then you have no room to talk.


  70. anon says:

    I expect anyone with kids will need a lot of time to not only get over betrayal by the one person you should trust, but to mourn the loss of the life and united family you wanted for your child. Unfortunately, shania doesn’t mention her child and role as a mother in this journey and is still stuck in the hating the other woman part. Very immature. Like high school. Don’t think she realizes where her feelings should be and that moving on doesn’t mean you approve of what went dow. I also find that her sister is a long suffering sibbling. On the show, she constantly walks all over her and hardly recognizes that her sister was also older and helping her raise the younger kids. She wanst alonee.. she comes off as an iimmature self center celeb . Not quite

  71. anon says:

    … as bad as wynona judd but def headed in that direction.

  72. Mr. Wu says:

    No matter what walk of life–people in relationships get bored. Marriage takes work. Marriage vows are not a passing act of fancy. Too many people enter into marriage with nary a thought about the day when marriage begins–after the Honeymoon. People want a perpetual honeymoon, it cannot be sustained–it’s too exhausting to sustain. Shania Twain bought into the oldest celebrity mythology that the “magic” of the boardroom extends into the bedroom–it’s a little like Rita Hayworth, who said that all the men went to bed with Gilda but woke next to Rita Hayworth. All men want to go to bed with Shania, they do not want to wake up next to Eileen. I hope she can find a producer half as good as Mutt–if she does she will have more hits. I think at this point she should abandon ‘country’–it’s pablum anyway–she’s made more than enough money. Move back to Canada–the west coast–and live like gentry.

  73. Mr. Wu says:

    Also, women who suffered abuse transfer their anger from their mother onto other women–it follows them for life. On the other hand, I like a good chocolate bar every now and then.

  74. Joe says:

    If I hear “Today is your day!” One more time I’m gonna throw up. Get over it Shania and grow up. Life is hard. You have more than enough money never to work another day in your life plus a new love and husband. Quit yer bitchin and get on with life!!!!