Jesse James: ‘I’m glad stuff happened, I don’t think Sandy and I were ever friends”

Jesse James was on Piers Morgan Tonight on Friday to promote his new sad sap memoir, American Outlaw. He was just as ridiculous, self-centered and insensitive as we’ve come to expect. I’ve read quite a bit of his memoir, and he never went into any detail whatsoever about all the easy women he wooed on MySpace to come give him some afternoon delight on the coffin couch in his office at the garage. He didn’t even mention any of them by name or give a number of the many strippers he was banging. He did however, recount in detail how a high school girlfriend cheated on him, how his dad hit him when he was somewhat responsible for burning the house down as a teenager (by storing fireworks in the garage) and how he was this big football hero who lost his chances at a scholarship by hanging with a bad crowd and getting busted for theft. James is a sixteen year old boy in an old saggy body, although I would guess that at least 50% of boys that age have more of a sense of personal responsibility than he does.


It was more of the same from James on Piers Morgan. While Piers bugs me by being such a kiss ass to celebrities he does get them to open up. James went on at length about how great Kat Von D is and how their relationship is so much better than what he had with Sandra. In fact he insinuated that Sandra was a ball breaker, that they were never really friends, and that he was glad that it all played out the way it did.

– “I wouldn’t go back and change things”
JAMES: I wouldn’t go back and change things, you know? I’m — in a way, I’m glad the stuff happens. I’m not happy that I hurt her, and hurt so many people around her, and my family and everybody else. You know, I would never want to put anybody through that again.

But I’m a firm believer that things happen in life to teach us a lesson, you know? And there’s obviously someone that thought, you know, I was a strong (EXPLETIVE DELETED) to put this kind of adversity on me, you know? And push me to my — you know, damn near to my breaking point.

– “it sucks to have these kind of problems that like millions of couples have”
SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: To my husband: there’s no– there’s no surprise that my work got better when I met you, because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back. So thank you.


MORGAN: Well, Jesse James, I mean, that’s painful to watch for me. And I hardly know Sandra. I met her once in my life. And I think everyone watching you feels for her every time they see it, because clearly she doesn’t know what’s coming. You didn’t know what was coming, but you knew what you were doing.

When you watch that, and it was her at the Golden Globes just before I saw you at the Oscars — what do you think watching that back now?

JAMES: Oh, it just makes me sad, you know? It’s sad that, you know, I — not for myself, but for her, you know? To put her through what I put her through, you know? So —

MORGAN: Yes, but I mean, do you hate yourself for doing that?

JAMES: I think I’ve forgiven myself for what I’ve done. You know?

MORGAN: Has she forgiven you?

JAMES: I think so. I think, you know, she’s in a place of forgiveness, you know. And, you know, it just — I mean, it sucks to have these kind of problems that like millions of couples have, and everyone has. But on such a like global level, you know? Because you know, everything played out. You know, it was like wild fire and it played out in the media in such a horrible way, you know?

Like — which, you know, seems kind of unfair to me at a point. But, you know, I stood up like a man and took it on the chin.

– On if Sandra forgives him
MORGAN: How do you know she’s forgiven you?

JAMES: Well, she told me before that she forgives me. So —

– On how he’s closer to Kat and she’s so much better than Sandra
MORGAN: Do you think [Sandra] understands you better than perhaps other people do?

JAMES: I think so. I think — well, I don’t know about other people. I mean, there’s probably people that I’m closer to now than I ever was to her, you know?

MORGAN: Your current partner?

JAMES: I think so.

MORGAN: That’s interesting. Why do you think that is?… Have you changed?

JAMES: I think so. I think I was willing to do the hard work, and take a look at the stuff I never wanted to look at, or the stuff I wanted to ignore. Like stuff that I talk about in the book. And you know, with Kat. That I have a partner that’s like, you know, we’re connected on a higher level….

And meeting someone like Kat will — not meeting her. I mean, we were friends for a long time, and like friends. And mutual respect, and it just — I think maybe that was the problem. I don’t think Sandy and I were ever really friends. You know, we were — went right into relationship, and then marriage. And then, you know, right into that, and never really friends. And you know, Kat and I seem to be connected on like such a higher level.

I mean, we have like such a deeper understanding of each other. And, you know, a outlook on the world, and — and stuff like that. And — and man, she’s a bad ass too. Like she’ll — you think I’m bad, and I’ll browbeat you. You should interview her. She’ll scare the hell out of you….

MORGAN: Do you believe you may have found true love?

JAMES: I think so. I’ve never felt the way I do, you know, for anyone the way I feel for [Kat]. I’ve never had that feeling. And I’ve never had someone like have my back 100 percent, you know? And stick by me when everyone turned their back. And she says, “[EXPLETIVE DELETED] it, I’m — you know, I’m your friend, and — and I — I stand by you. I don’t care what anybody says.” You know?

And I think that’s the definition of like what, you know, people that care about each other should be…

I think it’s something that’s like a conscious day to day, you know, thought process. And — and, you know, I think I’m vocal with, you know, Kat, that if I don’t get something that I’m needing or, some kind of affection or whatever, and vice versa — both of us are committed to work on our relationship together. And make sure we’re 100 percent what each of us want for each other.

And I — I’ve never had a partner that did that. You know, its always been, you know, either my way or the highway, or you know, something like that. And man, she’s like — you know, she’s committed to like being everything that I want her to be, and same here. You know, I — I love her like crazy. And it’s like — you know, people I think on their T.V. show, they only get to see a small, little portion of how great she is. But she’s — she’s amazing. She’s…

– On how publicly humiliating Sandra wasn’t a big deal
MORGAN: The — the finality of the picture that you’re painting suggests that Sandra — I mean, you — you may hope that she’s forgiven you. But certainly nothing in this suggests that she wants much to do with you.

It’s hard to imagine. When you watch the Golden Globes clip, when you look back at the Oscars, it was the greatest time of her career. And it was all kind of taken away, and she was exposed to pretty relentless humiliation. I mean, there’s not many things worse for a woman. And to do it all in the public glare — if you put yourself in her shoes…

JAMES: Well, I — I don’t think it’s any different than a normal housewife that gets cheated on that, you know, gets in the public glare of her three block radius. Because that’s what her life means. You know, I think it’s all in perspective.

You know, and — and — you know? I know I did bad stuff. So, you know, I’m fully accountable for that.



He’s “fully accountable” for hurting Sandra, and he says on one hand that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore, but he’s still trying to do exactly that by talking about how amazing Kat is and how his new relationship is so much different. I just can’t wait to see this one implode.

It’s worth noting that James admits that he hasn’t spoken to Sandra in months, that she’s never let him see her adopted son Louis, and that she cut him off after she figured out what kind of loser she was married to. The more I hear this a**hole speak, the more respect I have for Sandra for handling her business so well. It hurts to get cheated on and it is humiliating, but there’s a huge difference between having to deal with some neighbors gossiping about it and having to read details from several different mistresses in the tabloids. The fact that James continues to minimize his actions and play the victim in this story just goes to show how he could have so spectacularly cheated in the first place.



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  1. LL says:

    Ugh, what a douchebag.

  2. Kiki says:


  3. searching4grace says:

    He’s a spectacular fail in SO many ways. I had to quit reading the transcript of his interview, because…YOU KNOW???? I hate that. I couldn’t swallow one more of them. I don’t know! I don’t know what it’s like to cheat, lie, steal, and play the victim!

  4. Embee says:

    Oh. My.

    This guy is delusional. Truly, truly delusional.

    He counts himself as “strong” for having lived through the disaster he made of his life. As though it happened to him, rather than his bringing it on himself. I’m just…no words.

    And the fact that he used HER words (got my back) to describe Kat makes me want to vomit. I have known people like this and they just recycle other people’s words because they have no insight. It is both comic and frightening.

  5. Brittney says:

    From the day the affair stories were released to today, he’s reminded me more and more and more of my ex (who has the same first name, coincidentally). Same entitlement, same immaturity, same proclivity to cheat and still play the victim. I wish people would stop granting him interviews… he does not deserve the press, and Sandra does not deserve to have to hear about it. I do believe he’s pulled a complete 180 since getting caught, and gone back to his old douchey ways, which is exactly what happened with my ex. The personality reversal is the hardest thing to deal with at first — “but this isn’t even the same person, where is the person I loved, can I find him in there somewhere again?” — and then, slowly, it makes the whole thing a lot easier to digest, as you realize that you don’t want to associate with the person in any capacity whatsoever.

    Ugh. Just UGH.

  6. coconut says:

    you know…i mean…you know…i mean…i can hardly talk you know about i mean sandra you know…my language you know…i mean… falls to pieces you know

  7. brin says:

    The more he opens his mouth the more he show what a d bag he is.

  8. cranky_chica says:

    Donald Trump had it right on Celebrity Apprentice when he told Jesse he didn’t know what Sandra saw in him.

    And who would have ever thought the Donald was a good judge of character?

    Isn’t this guy’s 15 minutes over yet?

  9. dorothy says:

    Don’t talk anymore, just go away.

  10. Solveig says:

    Good boy, now go find a real job.

  11. Lindsay says:

    omg how many times can he say “you know?” in an interview…. can’t stand him.

  12. tanya says:

    @coconut: Like, you know, (EXPLETIVE) it, man, you, like, totally beat me to, you know, the punch on this one. Like, you totally (EXPLETIVE) nailed what I was, you know, going to say about this, like, total buffoon of a man. LOL!

    Geeze, he can barely speak English…
    Just trying to read those excerpts was a chore.

    What an odious, tedious, petty LITTLE man. Can someone put a gag order on him?

  13. mln76 says:

    Gross and disreputable…Go away Jesse.

  14. Sue says:

    JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!! Oh, yeah and GO AWAY!!!! It is simply amazing how commiting adultry can turn into a book, career boost, etc……

  15. GR56 says:

    you know…i think….you know!!

  16. Micki says:

    …and he keeps on… and on…and on…a real perpetum mobile

  17. really says:

    he just wants to hurt Sandra, like his daddy hurt him! MOVING on past this idiot who is pathetic trash!

  18. MeriJaan says:

    Looks like stupid IS forever.

  19. TXCinderella says:

    What a total douchebag! Everything that has happened to him is because he is a weak person and made poor choices. He is the only one to blame for his actions.

  20. Zelda says:

    “I’ve never really had someone have my back 100%”

    I’m starting to believe he’s a sociopath, you know? Like his inability to empathise with others, you know? And you know, he doesn’t seem to, like, feel things. An evidenced when, you know, he just reworded Sandra Bullocks’ thank you speech to talk about Kat Von D, you know? It’s like he’s just attempting to be a feeling human with, you know, emotions, but the more he talks, the more it’s clear he’s just imitating what he thinks other people feel. You know?

  21. Elizabeth says:

    will someone please make him shut up! his undeserved self-pity is starting to turn my stomach. Bullock is so much better rid of him.

  22. launicaangelina says:

    Uh…you know…uh…he’s stupid…uh…you know…uh…I…uh…had…to…uh…you know…uh stop reading the transcript…you know…

  23. ladybert62 says:

    Loser, whiner, narcisstic-slob. What did Sandra ever see in him?

  24. Leticia says:

    He has no sense of shame or decency. Plus he is obviously inarticulate and unintelligent. I have no idea what she saw in him.

  25. EdithP says:

    Oh my gosh!! I’m SO glad he’s forgiven himself! Like, totally!!!!11

  26. lin234 says:

    No one can be this stupid can they?? I’m starting to think this is a PR tactic. He knows saying sorry won’t do anything so he’s going the opposite direction and getting much more attention because of his idiotic comments.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    @ Zelda – bang on, GF. A sociopath.

  28. Delta Juliet says:

    Jesse, you’re a “victim” of your own doing and a waste of oxygen. It’s time to STFU.

  29. Isabel says:

    My word, every time he opens his mouth, I hate him more…and I really thought I had bottomed out on my hatred for this man.

  30. Nikkers says:

    Okay, so in my last comment (on Shania) I wrote no one is 100% at fault for breaking up a marriage. There are other problems in the relationship, cheating is a symptom, yadda, yadda, yadda…..
    I’m going to call this douchebag the exception that proves the rule. 100% responsible.

  31. Quest says:

    I will summarize my comment on Jesse James here:

    He’s a worthless piece of wasteful f*ckery

  32. Whatever says:

    I don’t understand the point of his tour of douchebaggery. Does he want everyone to think even LESS of him?? Kat VonD has to be the biggest idiot alive to fall for his line of crap.

    Oh, and for someone who hated living in the spotlight, he certainly continues to seek it out. What a joke! The best thing Sandra did was to cut him completely out of her life.

  33. Sassy says:

    You know, he’s like, an asshole, you know? Ugh. STOP TALKING.

    He’s such a douchecanoe.

  34. jello says:

    I think we should all stop hating this man and give him the one thing that would truly wound him—indifference.

  35. Marie says:

    This is another f*cktard I wish would fall off the face of the earth.

  36. dorothy says:

    He proves you just can’t fix stupid.

  37. Victoria says:

    Jesse needs Jesus to follow after! He needs a good example. Find Jesus Jesse! It’s the ONLY salvation for you. He even forgives murderers. Don’t wait to heal yourself with Him. It’s never too late! Do it..You know?

  38. Rhiley says:

    I have always found him really stupid and inarticulate. I do feel bad for Sandra but she married him you know? I am sure like when he proposed he was probably all like hey um Sandy what do think about maybe um like us maybe um gettin’ married or something you know. I mean we don’t have to have a big weddin’ or nuthin like that but um maybe we could have a barbeque or somethin’ and just be married and things like that you know?

  39. futureperfect says:

    @Zelda, you’re totally right. He is a classic sociopath. He also comes across as extremely stupid and questionably capable of writing his own name let alone a book. Sandra must have been in a dark place to let him into her life. That’s more heartbreaking than the inevitable infidelities. But hey, on the bright side, at least it broke them up.

  40. tracking says:

    @Quest Cosign. Although I think many of us wish he would take his d-baggery and drop out of sight, unfortunately he and Kat von D are probably headed for reality-show famewhore notoriety. Some will enjoy watching the trainwreck.
    [All the adversity that was put on him?!?! *shakes head in shocked disbelief*]

  41. Kaboom says:

    There’s a 10 square foot centerfold in the dictionary under “jackass” and it has Jesse’s picture on it.

  42. lucy2 says:

    STFU STFU STFU STFU. You know?

    Agree too, Zelda. There’s no other explanation that makes sense, and he keeps trying to sell himself as some strong victim who overcame adversity, instead of just scum who whored around on his wife. It’s really disgusting.

  43. Waldemar says:

    He has dug the hole deep enough, let’s fill it up with him still in it!

  44. Hautie says:

    Okay, I wanna take bets on how long till Kat dumps him.

    I am kind of puzzled how he is blaming Sandra for not “being his friend”. Didn’t they date for over a year before marriage?

    All I can think, is Sandra is lucky to have gotten away from him when she did.

  45. Cirque28 says:

    “But, you know, I stood up like a man and took it on the chin.”

    I must have missed him standing up like a man and taking it on the chin. Was that when he went on TV and blamed his childhood? Or when he cruelly compared his current piece to Sandra, the woman who has never spoken ONE WORD AGAINST HIM? Or when he repeatedly steers all interviews back towards his favorite topic: Poor Little Jesse?

  46. Snowpea says:

    What did Bombshell McGee ever see him???

  47. rkintn says:

    Every time he speaks, I wanna just punch him in the throat. What a disgusting douchebag. Good for Sandra for cutting that shit off when she discovered what he had done. Which, btw, I think he planned it all to maximize the hurt he inflicted on her. I hope him and VonD end up living in a cardboard box under the freeway together. They deserve each other.

  48. LunaT says:

    Wow. Every new bit I read about him, he’s saying more things he really shouldn’t be saying. What an ass.

  49. Pamela says:

    “I wish people would stop granting him interviews… he does not deserve the press, and Sandra does not deserve to have to hear about it. ”

    I’m with Brittney.

    It seems like the interviewers are always quick to comment on how shitty this all was for Sandra. They all acknowledge that all the press was humiliating for her. Yet there they are—giving him MORE press.

    If they all really feel for Sandy they should stop giving him a platform to spread more hurtful words.

  50. P.J. says:

    It irks me that James is cashing in on his relationship with Sandra with this book. He trashes his relationship with her, but it’s the only reason anyone is interested in him. What a user!

  51. june says:

    Sad little man. He loves all this attention. He is right about one thing; his cheating is not unique. People cheat on their spouses all the time, some of them don’t get caught for years, others confess to the detriment of their partners. Love is a messed up thing. Kat is 15 years younger, that’s why she can empathize with him. She doesn’t know any better and gets to ride the coattails of this fiasco.

  52. Krista says:

    God that interview was painful to read… mostly because he said “you know” about a million times.

  53. z says:

    The more I hear this asshole speak, the LESS respect I have for Sandra for being with him in the first place.

  54. Ellie says:

    He just keeps digging himself into a bigger hole. Hopefully, it’ll cave in on him and we don’t have to see or hear of hm again. Keep digging, Jesse.

  55. Cirque28 says:

    Re: sociopathy. Dr. Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door says:

    “The perfect victim, from the sociopath’s point of view, is the person who is smart enough and capable enough to do him some good in the world and who is also fun to manipulate… Another good person to manipulate is someone of high character, because that is also fun for the sociopath. On the other hand, the sociopath doesn’t want this person to be so savvy that he or she will immediately see him for who he is… This can be accomplished by looking for someone who is very, very loyal.”

  56. feebee says:

    A true contemptable ass.

  57. gee says:

    It’s funny because I think HE thinks we’re going to come to his side in this. Like he just needs to tell us what happened and we’ll all be like, “Oh! Jesse James is a victim and Sandra Bullock deserved public humiliation!”

    He’s so delusional.

  58. someone says:

    If he wants people to stop hating him, he needs to STFU already.

  59. Dany says:

    Go back to the gutter you’ve been crawling out with your wallpapered soul mate doll and finally SHUT UP. Karma’s gonna get you some day.

    OOOHHH this guy makes me sick! You know?!

  60. the original bellaluna says:

    Of course JJ was never SB’s friend – a friend wouldn’t do that to another friend.

  61. Faye says:

    It’d be really awesome if Kat realized he’s a walking turd and dumped him. Hard. Like if she was like, “Hey babe, let me give you a tattoo,” and wrote “It’s over, you effing douche.”

    Siiiigh. A girl can dream.

  62. serena says:

    Such a douchebag, he makes me mad.
    And this Kat von D-thing, we all know is just a phase, a crush. Beacause she’s so different from Sandra, she’s a “badass” who tie his balls with her behaviour (and will dump him soon or later).
    I’ll see it, in no time they’ll cheat on each other and ends their “true love”.
    And he’ll regret this, talking shit about his ex, humiliating her more, and he’ll take it all back. I’m sure as hell he’ll do that.

    He lost a big deal and now he’s justifying himself by telling the world they “weren’t friends”, she “ignored him”, “she acted MAYBE” and ultimately that she loves Kat von D like none.. not to mention the bullshit about his childhood.

    “seems kind of unfair to me at a point. But, you know, I stood up like a man and took it on the chin.” UNFAIR?? What a delusional moron.
    You took on your chin all the shit you did, just that. Realize that and dig a hole for yourself to be.

  63. z says:

    Kat Von D will dump his ass in 3 months.

  64. irishserra says:

    Why doesn’t he just say, “I’m glad I got caught cheating on Sandra” instead of “I’m glad stuff happened”? It’s way more honest and would be more convincing as far as accountability is concerned?

    He is a real pig.

  65. K-MAC says:

    @ Cirque28 YES! That is what sociopaths look for–loyalty!

    What ever made Sandra Bullock fall for this guy is not important, what matters is that she left, cut him off and saw his true colors. I cannot imagine the crushing blow that she experienced. I give her major respect for handling her business and giving this sociopathic douchebag the finger!

    Jesse James is a walking can of sh*t and I will laugh with delight when numb-nuts (KatVD) pulls her head out of her *ss and dumps him. This guy has been telling the story about he and Sandra for over a year trying to hurt SB for kicking his butt to the curb.

    And will someone get this idiot a thesaurus. One more “like” and “you know” and my brain would have melted from the magnitude of his stupidity.

    This guy is not sorry, never has been never will be and he will create the same pattern spewing the exact same crap for the rest of his sad, pathetic life….GO AWAY JESSE JAMES and STFU!!!!

  66. original kate says:

    i work in a bookstore and i am happy to say we do not carry his douchey book – we didn’t even get an advanced reader copy. we have also not had anyone ask about it or want to order it. tra-la!

    CB, when you’re done reading jesse’s book you should bury it under a full moon and pour salt over it to ensure his dong shrivels up and drops off.

  67. geekychic says:

    i can’t even….YOU KNOW?, read it through, YOU KNOW, bc of the you know’s, you know?

  68. Amanda says:

    I really hate it when people get out of a relationship and then try to downplay the importance of that relationship. I 100% do not believe that he and Sandra were “never friends”. I don’t believe any of that stuff was fake that she said about him at the Oscars or that is was her acting. I believe it was all real, he f*cked it all up, and now (after the fact) he is trying to downplay the significance of their marriage because it makes it easier on him. You know- if it was never any good to begin with, then destroying it wasn’t “that bad”. What an as*hole.

    I remember thinking about them- before this whole drama- what a great couple they were. They stayed out of the spotlight, they always looked like they were having a blast, she LOVED his children, and when they were together at events that seemed to be naturally enjoying each other. So, I really don’t buy it that it was no good.

  69. Megan says:

    If you turned this interview into a drinking game, where you took a drink for every “like” or “you know”, you’d be destroyed in 15 seconds. Fourteen-year-old Beliebers are more articulate than this douchecanoe.

  70. junipergreen says:

    He could have use 50% less words if he just left out all of the “you know”s. This guy is SUCH a douche. Total loser.

  71. Peachy says:

    omg – he’s still talking? Ugh.

    It was painful reading thru all the ‘you know?’ and ‘likes’. Talk about grade school mentality! (no offence to grade schoolers, I imagine they can talk better than him!).

    He avoids any direct responsibility to his actions. His immature answers clearly shows the world he can’t and will probably never own up to it. Doesn’t help when he has Kat there supporting his ignorant outlook. If she were a true friend, she would point out how stupid he comes across when he talks – but then again, maybe she talks with a lot of ‘you know?’ and ‘likes’ – ugggggh! Learn to talk! You’re a grown ass adult for crying out loud! I can’t take anyone seriously when they beat around the bush with childish words.

  72. Cirque28 says:

    @Peachy: KVD does actually speak in a similar way. She may be a good tattoo artist (IDK) but she sounds like a new agey 16 year old on Valium.

    “Whoa, you know, like… there’s like, such good… energy here… and stuff, like, you know?”

    @Amanda: Seriously! He’s BEAMING in many of the photos with Sandra. But the whole marriage was a giant mistake. (You keep telling yourself that, Jesse.)

  73. Emily says:

    “you know, she’s committed to like being everything that I want her to be”

    WTF does that mean, and how can he think that’s part of a healthy relationship?

  74. K-MAC says:

    @ Amanda, great point!!!

    They did look like they were having a blast and she stood by him through the court dates regarding custody of his daughter Sunny. He ALWAYS looked happy and I often thought how adorable they were together. She was a mom to his kids, his kids loved her! Then I thought that maybe people really can and do change. I liked how they were with one another.

    And no, I do not believe for a second what Sandra Bullock said about him in her awards speeches was a lie. She spoke from her heart and meant it. That idiot sat in the front row and was on the verge of tears.

    Now I see pictures of him and he looks miserable. I mean, I think deep down this guy knows that he f*cked up and now he is trying to save face. The only person he is fooling is himself.

  75. 4Real says:

    You are “like I don’t know”…a total DBAG JJ “so like I don’t know”…”you know just like” STFU “and like” go AWAY!

    He sure speaks like an educated author of a book! What an ignorant self centered A$$HOLE!

  76. Embee says:

    Jesse: the statute of limitations has expired on your parents’ mistakes. Grow up, deal with what a piece of shit you are, and stop blaming daddy.

  77. OXA says:

    Such a fine xample for kids, he is teaching the girls what to expect from a partner as females have no value an should expect infedility with hookers and skank.

  78. Canuck says:

    Can someone please just take the microphone away from this guy??? What a complete and utter dick.

  79. isabelle says:


  80. bluhare says:

    My marriage has the same blue/white collar dynamic as Sandra and Jesse, and I can actually understand his attitude re her world and his. I’ve had the same issues with my husband, and sometimes still do, as he thinks that people in “my world” put him down because he’s not a wild-ass executive. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sandra and everything to do with him, though, so please don’t think I’m making excuses, I’m not.

    That being said, what he’s saying about her now is absolutely reprehensible and I totally agree with pretty much everything above. It is NO excuse to publicly humiliate your wife and make rationalizations about it.

  81. Lynda says:


  82. jennifer says:

    He is a complete douche EXCEPT FOR: I actually like what he said about what happened to Bullock being the same as what could be for any woman, because your world is your world, regardless its size. He is a douche, but Bullock was douchey to get with him. She got with him when some ex was 7 months pregnant, and then she tried to wrestle custody of his 5 year old away from yet another lady, for what were very vicious/bullying reason(the mom was a porn star with money probs I think.) I dont like step moms/women who walk into a man’s life and start wreaking havoc on the former women he’s been with. If you compare respective resources,it’s likely Bullock screwed with those two ladies’ lives worse than Jesse James screwed with hers.

  83. Kim says:

    No one cares Jesse. About your childhood or current life. Pathetic how he keeps bringing the Sandra Bullock marriage and his adultery up for media attention/to sell more books. No one is still talking about it but him. He is such a loser!

  84. RHONYC says:

    “and, you know….and, you know….and, you know”


    one of my biggest pet peeves are lame brains with the articulation skills of a 4 year old that says “and, you know” over and over again!


    Keanu, Matthew McConahey, etc. none of them, NONE of Sandra’s exes have sold her out to the press. They have had nothing but lovely things to say about if anything at all, and this low-life greaseball has the AUDACITY to CONTINUALLY put her down publicly after HE HUMILIATED ‘her’ like that!!!

    he has the class of a cockroach. this f*cker wins the GOLD F*CKING METAL at the DOUCHEBAG OLYMPICS i swear!

    such a moronic dolt.

    really. ‘you know’.


  85. Ron says:

    I have mentioned before on here that Sandy and Jesse used to live right by my house, they always seemed very nice and happy together. So this kind of public airing of the laundry really makes me lose all respect I ever had for this guy, which is minimal at this point anyway. Businesswise, who is going to be interested in associating with someone who speaks so poorly of an exwife too? he is effectively ending his career with this kind of stuff. What a complete tool.

  86. Camille says:

    Uh you know Jesse, that you know that you’re an a**hole. Just shut the hell up and go away already.

  87. Katija says:

    “a normal housewife that GETS CHEATED ON.”

    It’s interesting that he uses the passive voice, as if “being cheated on” is something that just happens. I really wish we would all stop giving him attention anyways.

  88. journey says:

    so the break up was so horrific for him, with the whole world looking on, he barely made it through it, and then only because he’s a tough guy? yet that same break up– for Sandy– was just another housewife’s divorce, taking place in a three block radius?

    somehow sociopath seems an understatement.

  89. Newbie says:

    Well, ya know, I think it’s like, ya know, how when something happens, ya know…it’s like, ya know? Like, ya know what I’m saying? Ya know?

    Someone feels desperate to tell the world how terrible his relationship was with Bullock. Yet he stayed with her until she kicked him out. Who does he think he’s fooling?

  90. J.Mo says:

    and please don’t buy his book!!!

  91. KsGirl says:

    God, the things he says are so, so simliar to the things my ex said it’s getting downright creepy.

    I will say that eventually with the ex I came to the realization that he literally cannot feel remorse. He thinks remorse is when you say words that sounds right “I take responsibility” “I’m sorry” etc., but inside, the emotion you are feeling is self-pity. I’m not sure he, Jesse, or other people of this nature really get that normal people do feel genuine regret for causing others pain. It’s like he really thought that if he looked up ‘remorse’ in the dictionary it would say ‘remorse is when you hurt someone else and you say sorry to them and it really sucks for you and hurts you a lot that the other person is so pissed.” It’s almost some kind of emotional retardation – the total incapacity to feel empathy of any sort – to even conceive of feeling such a thing – EVERYTHING is about them. Even when they fuck up and wreck someone else’s life, the person who suffers is still *them*. So, so odd.

  92. judyjudy says:


  93. Kelly says:

    I didn’t see the interview – was he asked about the nazi memorabilia?

  94. Bee says:

    The worst part of the interview was when Jesse pointed out to Piers that Sandra had given the same acceptance speech at 4 awards shows. He was basically accusing her of lying/acting during her acceptance speeches when she praised their relationship. He’s obviously still angry at Sandra for some reason. What an a disgusting little turd this man is.

  95. bagladey says:

    Why doesn’t this asshole just SHUT UP and go away?

  96. lori says:

    @jennifer- I agree w.your comment about Sandra being douchy and taking custody away from Sunny’s mom. TACKY. Even if the mom has problemss- she deserves to see her child

    But I also agree w/other comments- JJ is the ultimate douche – saying KVonD has his back- the exact some words Sandra used to describe him. And implying the SB is /was acting is their relationship. urgh.

  97. ZenB says:

    I have so many negative things to say about this. Not one positive.

    FIRST OF ALL: I have not now, nor have I ever felt sorry for Sandra. You don’t marry this. If you are inclined to give this a ride (and I would never be); you have a one night stand, leave the money on the dresser and go home.

    Sandra married him, knowing full well of his past – he was married to a drug addicted, tax evading porn star and while I’ve never seen wife #1 I can’t believe she was any great shakes either.

    SECONDLY: I have lost some respect for Piers for putting this creature on his show… oh nevermind, Piers did have the Lardassians on, JJ isn’t worse than they are – same not worse. Silly me, searching for journalistic integrity on CNN.

    THIRDLY: WTF was HE thinking getting married to Sandra? Did he think he would magically turn classy or something? Of course being with Sandra didn’t feel like “home”. Why didn’t he leave sooner, there was no need to humiliate her*. It was a mistake, move along. Of course he feels more comfortable with Kat. They are both 909 trash trying to make it in LA and sticking out like 909 sore thumbs.

    *then again she humiliated herself by being with him and lowering herself to that level. That is repulsive.

    I will sit here eagerly awaiting the day Kat becomes the 4th ex-Mrs Jesse James. I don’t think they are capable of lasting – unless they have an open marriage.

  98. kira says:

    It’s obvious that he is still angry at Sandra for not taking him back and using the media to hurt her some more. All of his explanations read as poor me, bitterness and anger. The sad fact is that he has not moved on at all. And he’s going to marry Kat Von D? Good luck with that, you two! 🙂

  99. Catherine says:

    Well, Kat just nabbed herself one foolish, immature man. Good luck, girl!

  100. Disbelieving says:

    He lulled us all into a stupor with all those “you knows” but somewhere buried in the middle, he tipped his hand. He said he still thinks he has “a viable T.V. career”.

    I couldn’t stand the voice so I read the transcript. The whole thing is endless and inarticulate rambling. He can’t complete a thought let alone a sentence.

    Seriously, what is wrong with Kat von D? Apparently, she contacted him for their first date. Someone? Anyone? Help me out here, I just don’t get it.

  101. sandy says:

    it’s funny how some one can cheat on a mate, and then that same person can be hurt with the end of a relationship, i just don’t get it. why did you cheat, if you don’t want the relationship to end?

  102. Liz says:

    What a douchenozzle this guy is. I don’t blame poor SB: he was probably quite plausible. Sociopaths generally are. I was once involved with a guy who, unbeknownst to me, was married with kids. When I found out and confronted him — right before I dumped his disgusting ass — he said that it was a case of “apples and oranges”, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean. After much reflection, I opted not to let his wife in on his escapades. Even though I had no clue he was attached (we lived in different cities), I felt awful for her and couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her more. I sort of regret it now, but if he’s is true to form — and these types always are — he’ll be back to his cheating ways and hopefully she’ll catch the asshole at it and take him for everything he’s got. Ugh. Guys like this make you want to bathe in bleach. I didn’t date for 3 years after my experience. I hope Sandy has better luck. I bet she now has better radar.

  103. Alix says:

    Can’t believe he actually had the balls to use that same ill-fated phrase that Sandy used (“someone has my back”). Oh, karma’s gonna be a BEEYOTCH to this douchebag!

  104. Mizz Tickles says:

    Interesting thought provoking posts Cirque and Jennifer.

  105. Iggles says:

    What an insufferable DOUCHE! I cannot STAND this man! Ugh! Utterly classless!

  106. Elizabeth says:

    @ Megan and Lynda

    Douchecanoe – can we all stand by the shore and push him and his douche canoe out into the lake? we can have fireworks and marshmallows and stuff! sounds like fun, ladies!

  107. Sumodo1 says:

    What? He thinks Sandra lives on, like, Wisteria Lane, and that shaming her the way he did only hurt her within a few miles radius? He’ll be a charcoal briquette in hell someday.

  108. Maritza says:

    I would have been embarrassed to have such an idiot for a husband, whatever did Sandra see in this guy? He has a vocabulary of a thirteen year old. It’s obvious he blames Sandra for not taking him back. I really hope she finds a great handsome educated guy to keep her company.

  109. Cherry Rose says:

    A lot of men who cheat often blame the wife/girlfriend. “If she did this or that, or was more like this, I would have never strayed.” So in their mind, it’s not their fault for cheating. It’s the other person’s fault, because obviously the other person lacks something that the man wants, so obviously it’s ok for looking somewhere else to get it.

    I think he does realize that he’s been the only one talking nasty after the divorce. I think Jesse is trying to draw Sandra out and have her respond to him in the same manner, so that we’ll see she’s not this sweet and caring person.

    Unfortunately, his plan isn’t working out the way it was supposed to.

    And Kat von D is obviously using her relationship with Jesse for the fame. She’ll keep on this for however long the media is interested, and once that fades, she’s going to dump his ass.

    They totally deserve each other.

  110. Linda says:

    kat must be pulling at her weave having to listen to all the sandy talk. nothing worse than your other half constanly talking about his/her ex….

  111. Jaxx says:

    How I wish he would just shut up. What did Sandra ever see in him?

  112. Louise says:

    Didn’t Jesse say that Sandra was wonderful and perfect a couple of months after the scandal? Now he’s claiming she and the relationship were the worst ever. I can’t believe that he thinks that trashing Sandra is a good idea.

  113. telesma says:

    I don’t know if he was always like this or if skanky Kat Von D is having a detrimental effect on him, but he’s just getting more unlikeable every day.

  114. Trillion says:

    I have no idea what Kat sees in him. In spite of her Valley Girl accent, she is actually an interesting talented and intelligent woman. Not into her famemongering of late, however. I hope this fizzles before she goes down the aisle.

  115. Amanda G says:

    He is a horrible public speaker…you know, you know, you know. Ugh. It was painful to read that. Morgan is a terrible interviewer as well.

    I agree with whoever said it’s sick how he’s trying to downplay his relationship with Sandra. It seems to me that he’s doing it more for Kat…so that she can feel like the love of his life until he cheats and humiliates her.

  116. Nikki says:

    I think it is very clear he is upset that Sandra immediately left him without looking back, and I think he’s trying very hard to hurt her even more now, but he has to pretend he feels bad about it in the press so his “image” doesn’t get any worse. Clearly all of us see through it and his image just keeps getting worse anyways. I don’t think he expected Sandra to leave him the way she did. I have a feeling he thought she would stay with him. He continually justifies his behavior to himself and everyone else. Clearly he’s trying to convince himself their break-up was meant to be and he’s over it, but he’s obviously not. How Kat Von D can stay with him is beside me…how could you stay with someone who can’t stop talking about his ex in the press? Sandra was the best thing he ever had and he threw it away.

  117. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow. So not cool Jesse. He and Kat deserve each other. 😐

  118. teehee says:

    Well he’s reverting to the typical reaction– break it, tear it down, and say it was never good anyway, to deal with the loss..
    I think he is a deeply hurt and lonely person.
    I also think mentalities like this are very, very common. At the same time I think from personal experience that this mentality isn’t reflective of who a person really is– I see it like a separate condition or setup but which is separate of the individual himself. It’s like gambling or any other neurosis or set of bad behavior– it isnt all the person is, but is something that they wear or repeat- but of course paints what people see of them.
    If only further alienates people and drives them away and against them, which furthers the original pain of loneliness and abandonment or unworthiness… and the ‘victim’ mentality is justified– and even the hatred for those who ‘do that to them’ is increased while their self worth continues to drop.
    deep down inside, they know they are troubled- they know they are wrong. But they are too fragile to come to terms with it– too insecure to let go of their ego defenses and hit the ground only to then realize what an a$$hole they have been during their life.
    I agre with some other people’s opinions- which is that the best thing to do is ignore his kind. Sadly its true- its the only way to ultimately devastate their ego shell albeit a very painful process for that person.
    Most people of this conviction arent strong enough to go thru such a shattering process- so they never allow it to happen and always have a patch in plce00 pieces on the side, new girflriends and new loves of their life in teh blink of an eye– …

    Anyway this is a long and maybe misplaced post, but I wanted to get it off of my chest, because it comes from personal experience. I was a twisted, warped mind like Jesse once myself. 🙁 And it eats away at my being to be reminded of it and to see the hatred and disgust people have for it– and to see that is the same hatred and disgust that belonged to me too… its very hard to deal with it. Its the most embarrasing thing to see you were the biggest idiot and to understand why you lost those you valued the most or to see what they really must think of you.
    Sorry, but I just wanted to get it off my chest … probably just as a way to help myself because I am still learning and evolving. Myabe it will be an intersting viewpoint for others to read as well.


  119. sab says:

    you know jess,, you’r small zeroo , you know? whithout sandra ur nothing ,so move on for god sake, stop ur b***t and go to ur cheasy girl! sandra is much better whithout you , you know? what don’t you know u saied – you know- for 1000000 time?ugh, jess ur big selfish baby…

  120. Embee says:

    @ journey:
    “so the break up was so horrific for him, with the whole world looking on, he barely made it through it, and then only because he’s a tough guy? yet that same break up– for Sandy– was just another housewife’s divorce, taking place in a three block radius?

    somehow sociopath seems an understatement. ”

    So correct it needed to be said once again.

  121. MJ says:

    I agree with Trillion re: Kat von D, although it seems to be an unpopular opinion. I think she may be kinda shallow and not that articulate, but she is successful, entrepeneurial and quite talented. I hope she comes to her senses soon, because picturing these two together romantically makes me want to VOM.

    A little humility would have taken this guy a lot farther than this whole, “Poor me… you know?” act. No, not many of us “know” or relate to your douchery, asshat.

  122. Jaariel says:

    @ Brittney &
    @ Cirque 28

    CO-SIGN!!! My ex was just like him! He STILL blames ME for not “being there for him” while he was having affairs & strung out on prescription meds, after 3 yrs of of believing his lies about getting himself together.

  123. Hakura says:

    …How many times does this douchewad say ‘YOU KNOW’ in this?

    How dare he say they were *never friends*, then watching that clip of Sandra pouring her heart out about how much she loved him, when he had screwed her over repeatedly, even by that point… He feels ‘sad for her’, you know?

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before Kat Von D gets up on her (incredibly pretentious) tattoo show, showing an episode totally dedicated to tattooing her name onto Jesse (& having his done on her, if not his big ugly face)… then she pours her heart out about how they’re ‘soul mates’, how life just works out, they love eachother SO much…

    Then Jesse shows up on another news show, talking about how ‘sad’ he is for Kat, how they were ‘never really even friends’, & how even though he’s ‘sad’ for hurting Kat, he’s doesn’t regret screwing that stripper, he wouldn’t change any of that, YOU KNOW?

  124. Hakura says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has figured this out yet…

    But I counted. Jesse, a grown man, said ‘YOU KNOW’ 40 times in this interview.

  125. Hakura says:

    @Disbelieving“Seriously, what is wrong with Kat von D? Apparently, she contacted him for their first date. Someone? Anyone? Help me out here, I just don’t get it.”

    She’s a complete idiot. She’s a stuck-up bitch who apparently thinks she can pick up the ‘stray puppy’ some lady in heels just kicked, off the street… take him back to her apartment, & clean him up to look halfway presentable.

    Her superiority complex (obtained when the tattoo community crawled up her ass in the process of kissing it), makes her think she can ‘train him’ & enter him the dog show known as ‘reality tv’.

    What she’s going to realize is that this ‘stray puppy’ is really a rabid mongrel who will eat all her shoes & bite the hand that feeds it. I hope she loses fingers, when he does.

  126. kira says:

    I think Kat Von D is all about the fame. On her reality show, she dated Orbie, or Roy Orbison’s son. Within a week, she said she was so in love! Then, some months later, she ditched him cold. He said he felt used by her. Then, she date Nikki Six and ditched him for Jesse James. I think Kat’s show is starting to flail again, and she’s looking for someone to bring in more attention. They are both attention addicts. In other words, it’s a heavenly match! 🙂

  127. mrsezc says:

    Kat can have this piece of douche bag trash … she’s def not an upgrade from Sandra!! Sandra = class .. Kat = trash.

  128. ILLNana says:

    you know? you know.

  129. Caren says:

    Kat got you when you were down, anything was looking good. Little Louis one day will be big Louis and he is going to put you in check on what all you have been saying about his mother. Just remember that. Your mama, Jesse!!!!

  130. sandy fan says:

    oh my word this douche first he says oh feel sorry for me this incident got played out on a world scale then when asked about sandra he’s all oh no the situation is no different from any other housewife. Self-rightous prick, i hate him but sandy had to know what she was marrying right. i guess this is a lesson for all stay away from the bad boy cz he’s exactly what he says

  131. Kristoffer says:

    Jesus – how many times can someone say ‘you know?’ Saying that constantly makes him even more douchy.

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  133. Meroujan says:

    How on earth is he delusional?
    He speaks honestly and isn’t talking in riddles. He speaks about the other women in his life because he is asked and because he is happy.

    I’m sorry but you have to ask yourself how he could have so many mistresses and sandra not finding out.. i’m sorry but that to me is an unsolved mystery.
    by the sounds of it he was screwing left right and centre so was she too busy? i don’t understand..

    Cheating is always bad and no one can take away from that but he isnt going to go and apologise to sandra fans, he has apologised and dealt with her in private..

    did you seriously expect him to apologise for you guy’s pleasure.. he is not proud of what he did but he has to move on from this, the last thing he wants to do is talk about it over and over again..