Now J.Lo is pregnant again

Jennifer Lopez is supposedly pregnant, and this time it sounds like more than a rumor. Former American Idol star Jesse McCartney, who is said to be a friend of Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, let the news slip during a radio station interview:

Former “American Idol” star Jess McCartney accidentally blabbed the news that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant during an interview with an Atlanta radio station yesterday.

Jennifer recently stopped filming for her new movie “Dallas,” and when McCartney was asked if it was possibly because she was fired, he responded, “She didn’t get fired. She’s pregnant.” Jess McCartney is (or maybe I should say was) a close friend of the couple so it seems to be a credible source.

People think J.Lo is pregnant every few months, so this doesn’t seem substantial until she’s showing or it’s officially confirmed. There haven’t been many candids of J.Lo recently, but that only means she hasn’t been hitting the paparazzi spots or going to high profile events. She is due to attend the Toronto Film Festival next month, so we’ll have to scope out the pictures to see if she has a bump.

Meanwhile a British rag claims that J.Lo didn’t quit “Dallas” – she was fired because John Travolta can’t stand her:

An insider on the movie set says John Travolta is the real reason behind Jennifer Lopez’s sudden departure from the movie version of Dallas. Previous reports originating from around the Lopez camp had suggested the film’s script wasn’t up to scratch. However, a set insider told the Daily Mail: “From the moment Jennifer’s name was attached, Travolta went ballistic.” “It’s been said that Jennifer didn’t like the script, but the truth is John doesn’t rate her as an actress and quite simply felt she was not up to part of Sue Ellen.”

If this is true, and I doubt it, Travolta might be so vehemently against J.Lo because she rejected his freaky cult religion, Scientology. Remember all those pictures of J.Lo out shopping with Leah Remini? She undoubtedly tried to convert her to Scientology, and I bet Catholic J.Lo wasn’t having it.

Besides, it was said that J.Lo quit “Dallas” because the production was sinking fast and she thought Travolta wasn’t up to par as a leading man. He may have heard that she didn’t want to star in with him, and leaked the news that it was his decision, not hers. It’s classic.

Here’s an ad for Lopez’ new “Luxe” fragrance line. Some horny art director made an unappreciated designer spend a lot of time getting her to look just naked enough to make allergy-aggravating cheap perfume look sexy. I wonder if her areolas are really this big. Hey – big nipples are a sign of pregnancy, or heartbreakingly ineffective ongoing fertility treatment.

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  1. Darth Mommy says:

    I want that bod!

  2. Kim says:

    Jesse MacCarthy was not on A.I he was in dream street and on summer land!!! Just wanted to let you know.

  3. says:

    I can’t blame Travolta. She can’t sing w/o synthesizers and major help from her back up singers, her movies suck, and that fake orange tan she call “Glow” gets on my last freakin nerve. She calls herself a dancer? J.T could dance her under a table.

  4. says:

    oh yeah…there you go girl, show them some nipple action….slut