Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie venture out

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made a public appearance together at an LA art gallery exhibit opening on 8/23. They admired the black and white photographs but didn’t seem to be thrilled with the paparrazi. It’s a shame the US won’t provide the militia required to support their privacy needs. George Clooney was at the exhibit too.

Maybe the gossip rags will take a week off from speculating that they’re fighting, breaking up, or sleeping apart now that they showed up to something as a couple. No wonder Angelina has such a smug look on her face. I wouldn’t put it past her to leave the hottest piece of male ass on the planet, though. She never seems quite satisfied with stability.

Meanwhile Brad is said to be building a huge house in Missouri to be closer to his folks, who now are said to hate Angelina. Fat chance she’ll spend any time there, but Brad does love building houses:

But will Angie ever spend time at the Pitt’s house? Star cites a source that claims she will never spend a night there.

And the magazine’s cover story notes a tense situation during Brad and Angie’s adopted son Maddox’s birthday party.

The report claimed that the Pitt clan (dad Bill, 65, mom, 66, brother Doug, 39, sister Julie, 37, and their spouses and kids) flew out to California from hometown Springfield, Mo., on Thursday, Aug. 3 – but stayed only two days, leaving a few days earlier than planned, on the actual day of Maddox’s party!

“Things were very tense that weekend,” the friend tells Star, “and they left with an even worse impression of Angie than before. They think she’s tactless and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings.”

You know, my mother in law takes over everything when she visits. She cooks every meal, rearranges the house, and cleans everything. The woman doesn’t sit down. She even trims and repots my plants. You think I would be grateful, but she’s a guest and should ask me if she can organize my entire kitchen and leave knicknacks around the house. When I try to talk to her about it all normal-like, she thinks I’m tactless, too.

The point is that I wanted to bitch about her, and to say that maybe Angelina isn’t doing anything wrong. She may just be being herself and Brad’s family is pissed that she’s not sucking up to them like Aniston, and isn’t jumping to take their meddling advice about how to raise her kids. It’s normal not to get along with your in-laws.

Brad and Angelina are shown outside the gallery [via] and at an airport in Burbank, CA. [via] Angelina looks great without makeup and even better in a low cut dress.

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  1. Ok do you really believe that they would have friend that would go direct to “star gossip rag” and tell them that brad family hate anjelina which i really doubt they have manage to have the tabloid guess what their next move is I truly believe that they are probaly building a relationship with anj and the kids. stop making up stories and try printing some of the real truth

  2. millie says:

    National Ledger? I don’t think so.. 🙂

  3. jamal says:

    work it people.i love you angie & brad.
    your#1 fan.i am always on the the internet reading about you two folks!!!

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  5. Randi says:

    All the stories on the internet and in the entertainment magazines have to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Brad’s parents didn’t like Angelina. She flouts conventional morality (bi-sexual lovers, affairs with engaged and married men, single parenthood etc.) and Brad hasn’t exactly been easy to reach since he started seeing her.

    Yes, yes, I know she does a lot of good in the world by giving to charity, campaigning for worthy causes and adopting orphans, but believe it or not, people like that can be hard to get along with. They do tend be contemptuous for other people’s petty concerns.

    Lastly, nobody’s in-laws are perfect, but you have to show respect as a sign of respect for your partner. (Conventional morality again).

  6. Brad is the hottest piece of ass on the planet, isn’t he???

    And acquaintences of celebrities unfortunately do sell stories to Star Magazine, but of course, National Ledger isn’t the best authority on such things.

    Your analysis was spot on, as always. 😉

  7. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks Agent, I appreciate that. I do believe that Angelina doesn’t get along with Brad’s parents. I used to doubt a lot of the crap in the celebrity magazines, and they do make up a lot, but there are maids and hairdressers and minions around them all day that see and hear things.

    Randi, I totally respect my in-laws and am incredibly gracious and kind to them. When I ask my mother-in-law nicely if she would please not reorganize things, she cries for like 20 minutes because I should accept all of her misguided help. This is true. I did not mention it in the article because I did not want to seem heartless, but some people really do have in-laws that are hard to get along with, and not in a normal way.

  8. celebitchy says:

    Test comment to see if I can edit it, cause the plugins are a bit screwy due to the migration. Ok editing works.

  9. Randi says:

    Hope I didn’t offend you celebitcy — I wasn’t questioning how you handled your inlaws but rather the inference in the article that Angelina was rude to her almost inlaws.