Shia LaBeouf explains his bar fight, only cares about his sexy mother’s opinion


I’m kind of over Shia LaBeouf. I used to like him in an inappropriate cougar way, and fantasize that someday his dirtlip would tickle my thighs. Not so much anymore. Nowadays, he’s just kind of gross to me. Anyway, Shia appears on today’s Ellen, and she asked him about the February incident where Shia probably got his ass handed to him in a drunken bar fight. Radar’s sources – mostly people in the bar when the beat down happened – claimed that while Shia didn’t really start the fight, he was being a drunken ass in general, and that kind of behavior is nothing new.

Nobody wants a beef with Shia LaBeouf!

The Transformers star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday and explained what happened during the infamous February 2010 bar fight that landed him in handcuffs.

“I walked out to have a cigarette. I was away with some friends. Some guys instigated me and that’s what it was. Some name calling,” LaBeouf, 24, said. “I didn’t know them.”

“It was just an awkward situation,” he lamented. “I’m not trying to challenge anybody either… People get drunk, people get crazy.”

No charges were filed, and LaBeouf isn’t too worried about his public image.

“The only opinion that really counts for me, and I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, my mother’s opinion is very — it’s a serious deal for me,” he said. “It’s really the only honest opinion I feel I truly have and the only opinion that matters in my life.”

[From Us Weekly]

Ah, another shout-out to the sexiest woman in the world, his mom. I actually like when Shia talks about his mom. He really does adore her. As for his explanation of the bar fight… eh. I’ll buy it. Shia isn’t trying to make himself out to be some “pity poor me” victim, he makes it sound like everybody was drunk and making bad decisions, but the other guy started it, which I believe.

Also: how coked up with Shia in that video? He’s always been a fast-talker, but that is just ridiculous.



Photos courtesy of Fame & Pacific Coast News.

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29 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf explains his bar fight, only cares about his sexy mother’s opinion”

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  1. Kristin says:

    Ugh, Shia is a loser. Ever since he broke his hand driving drunk, no respect for him whatsoever. Gross gross gross.

  2. Mari says:

    He’s still growing up and maturing. I’ll give him a few dozen more chances… :)

  3. Victoire says:

    It’s stupid but I like him, he’s just young…

  4. Stephy2585 says:

    Louis Stevens, what are you doing?!

    I miss the good ole days of Shia…The days before fights with fellow child stars and serious drug use…*sigh* The pre-ego days…

  5. Courtney says:

    Oh Shia, I’ll love him no matter what. makes me feel kind of dirty just saying that too

  6. Ria says:

    didn’t even notice he talked fast. I thought I was over him but I just can’t quit him

  7. Lindy says:

    Ugh, are his 15 minutes up yet (please, please, please)?!

    I have never liked him. He is overrated as an actor. He is greasy looking, with fugly facial features. And he pretty much just gets into trouble these days. Gross. I want him to go away. There are too many other talented attractive guys who deserve good parts.

  8. lambchops says:

    “Some guys instigated me”?

  9. carrie says:

    he’s young even Ryan Gosling or Leo Dicaprio did trashies when they were more young

  10. serena says:

    He may be an ass, but still a hot ass.

  11. thegreatdefender says:

    He is such a talented guy and wins me over every time. And, he likes his mama!

  12. Annie_Grey says:

    The first pic got me. His smile is crazy cute.

    Shia does need to grow up a bit.
    Loving his mom is wonderful, but from more of a healthy distance.

  13. ZenB says:

    I have no problem with his behavior. Compared to LiLo he’s a saint and compared to me at his age, it’s a draw. My record is clean but honestly, that is just because I’m a girl and I got a nice policeman.

  14. ZenB says:

    However, if anyone lapses and thinks Shia is hot here is a little reminder of why he is not:

    The above is a registered trademark of the Walt Disney Company… (after Seal Team 6 I feel like I need to say that anytime I see a Mouse)

  15. MB says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this appearance on Ellen. See, I never used to give a rats about Shia. I thought he was boring and the constant chatter about his mum in interviews creeped me out.
    HOWEVER – In this clip he seems cute and his voice is sexy. Thanks alot, Ellen :P

  16. Elceibeno08 says:

    He looks awfully cute peeling that banana. He is totally doable. The writer of this blog sounds like a scorned girlfriend. The fact is quite a few of us would do him if we ever get the chance.

  17. Trek Girl says:

    I love Shia. I know he does some cringe-worthy things, but I like him and will continue to root for him.

    To Kristin, the first commenter – The DUI charges against Shia were dropped for lack of evidence. Also, regarding the accident itself, the people in the other car, a man and a woman, were charged with misdameanor lying to the police for lying about who was driving the car, and the man was later cited for a vehicular infraction for running a red light. He was cited because the car was registered in his name. Everything was later settled with the couple that were in the other car.

    Was Shia drunk? I don’t know, but the charges were dismissed for lack of evidence, and the people in the other car were the ones that had to perform community service, and the man had to pay restitution and fines.

    My point is that you can dislike Shia and think he’s “Gross gross gross” all you want, but I think it’s messed up to pin the WHOLE accident and injury of his hand on him when the DUI charges against him were dropped, and the driver of the car that he crashed into was found to have run a red light.

  18. Isabel says:

    @lambchops – THANK YOU! That’s the only thing I got out of this post. It bothered me that much.

  19. Kia says:

    The other guy involved in the fight admitted to calling Shia a f@g, but I like that Shia owned up to his part in it.

  20. S says:

    I will never, never understand the hype for him. Every time there was a rumour about him boning Megan Fox or Isabel Lucas or god knows who else I always felt like someone was pulling a belated April Fool’s.

  21. poodlemom says:

    I for one would like to peel Shia’s banana.

  22. right says:

    Shia is hot!
    Enough. Said.

  23. kasper says:

    He’s working awfully hard to seem like a tough guy. I suspect this is because he’s overcompensating. He’s not remotely attractive – serious plastic surgery would be required for him to even be considered “meh”- and he gives the impression of being short. Napoleon complex anyone?

  24. Zoya says:

    @ kasper: ITA.

    I don’t get the attraction. he’s just an obnoxious, chicken legged Dustin Hoffman wannabee. and when douche Michel bay published that disgusting misogynistic letter basically calling Megan Fox a whore, Shia said nothing to defend his then friend. also if a young actress was doing all this shit and talking like this she would be crucified which makes me hate him even more for clearly being completely ignorant of his male privilege.

  25. I like that he says, it the way he sees it. He doesn’t suck up to the public. At the end of the day all that does matter is the people we love the most, but everyone is afraid to say it or they don’t have their priorities straight.

  26. Zoya says:

    Oh and he looks roided out lately.

  27. really says:

    ole cajun piece of pie!

  28. crab says:

    It’s kinda creepy the the way he’s eyeing that banana!

  29. Dangela says:

    The lady that post this bullshit about Shia is a Ass because Shia is a really nice person .he takes care of his mom . He also loves his mom better than most celeb men do. And shia is a human his not some perfect celebrity that you think he is. I also resect him for the person he is