One of Arnold’s mistress hires lawyer Gloria Allred – says there are over a dozen

In our last story on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper/mistress/secret baby momma, three of you mentioned that she would probably lawyer up and hire Gloria Allred. (After a lot of wooing on Allred’s part of course.) Well Allred has scored another one of Arnold’s “alleged” mistresses as a client, and that woman claims that she knows of at least thirteen of Arnold’s mistresses. This is a Tiger Woods level scandal, and it involves the man who controlled the eighth largest economy in the world for the last eight years.

According to Radar, a actress named Gigi Goyette has hired Allred, and has stated that she first had sex with Arnold back in 1975 when she was 16 and he was 28. That makes it statutory rape, although the statute of limitations has long since passed. They met up again in 1989 when he was married to Maria. Goyettes details one of their romps in which she once had sex with Arnold “in her hotel room while Maria was in another room on the same floor.”

We’ve also heard about a flight attendant who allegedly had an affair with Arnold. She’s denied that her son is Arnold’s and claims that a DNA test proves that he’s not.


Meanwhile the housekeeper mistress story rages on. There are plenty of photos and details coming out about Arnold’s relationship with the woman who had his son and worked for his family for 20 years. TMZ has a photo of Arnold dancing with the other woman, Mildred Patty Baena, in 1994, three years before she had his baby. Arnold also paid for the Baena’s niece’s Quinceanera, or coming of age party, in 2001. Apparently the mistress’ sister, the mother of the girl who had the party, also worked for Arnold. I wonder if he was boning the sister too.

TMZ claims that Baena was single white femaling her rival, Maria Shriver, and that she would “dress in her clothing,” “wear her jewelry around town” and bang her husband in her own bed during the day while Shriver was at work.


There are some reports that Arnold bought his mistress her four bedroom home in Bakersfield, CA last year for over $268,000. Other reports have her taking out a loan of $216,000, meaning she put $52,000 down. She may have had help with the down payment, but it’s not like the home was purchased for her outright.

We heard yesterday that Baena threatened to go public when Arnold fired her, although TMZ says that she’s always been loyal to Arnold (probably for a good reason, cha ching) and that an investigation by the LA Times prompted Arnold to come clean.

Meanwhile there’s more evidence that Baena’s 14 year-old son is Arnold’s. She listed her husband as the father on the boy’s birth certificate, but checked off the box for “no minor children” when she got a divorce.


Oh and Maria Shriver has lawyered up too. She just hired high-powered divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, also known for representing Britney Spears. Good for her.

This is about to get a lot more interesting, and Allred will dig up even more mistresses. Just wait.

Bonus link: Gawker compiled this encyclopedia of every other awful thing Arnold Schwarzenegger has done, but it’s of course in no way complete despite how extensive it is.

Arnold is shown on 5/11/11, before the scandal broke. Maria is shown on 10/21/10. Credit: Fame


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  1. Maritza says:

    This is going to become another Tiger Woods event. I wonder how many more will come out of the woodwork? I feel sorry for Maria and her kids, it’s going to be embarrassing for them to hear all the garbage that’s going to come out.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I feel so badly for Maria.

    He is lower than low. I heard one of his kids changed their last name to Shriver, is that true?

    ew. Just read the Gawker stuff. Dear Lord. He is beyond scum.

  3. Eve says:

    Oh, I found a glorious video showing AHNULD in Rio de Janeiro, for the Carnaval.

    I have to say it’s true, we do love “The Ass” just like American people love boobs.

    But I’m embarrassed by that image people abroad have of Brazil — it’s mysoginistic, racist (as in dark skinned women are good only for sex) and wrong (most women I know — the educated ones — do not behave like that, are hard working people who loathe being seen as sex objects). That’s probably why I hate Carnaval so much: it perpetuates this idea and increases the number of creeps who come here for sex tourism.

  4. brin says:

    This pig is about to get roasted big time.

  5. brin says:

    @Vanessa…I heard that too (I think it’s their son Patrick).

  6. thegreatdefender says:

    I hope the kids will stay strong thru all this dirt and gloria allred too

  7. Kimble says:

    None of this will make a jot of difference to Arnold – he’s rich, he’ll still work, he’s not an “endorser”.

    Shame for his kids and Maria looks like a numpty, but one mistress or 100 mistresses?

    No incentive to pay for silence (unlike Tiger) …

  8. Yessiiirrreee says:

    1.) I was wondering how long it would take Gloria Allred to get involved.

    2.)I wonder which reporter is going to be announcing the exclusive interview with Mildred.

    3.)I wonder when the will be the announcement regarding the release of a book, that Mildred “wrote”.

    4.) I wonder just how much Mildred is already cashing in by selling private photo’s of herself and Arnold, and/or leaking of information to the media?

  9. Ruby says:

    I bet he has been with Rachel Uchitel. I also bet he is January Jones’s baby daddy. I have made to believe he and Charlie Sheen share the same “Goddesses”. That blind item about the herpies is about him too… Too far fetched?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    @ Vanessa
    I agree. Maria doesn’t deserve this – its another Elin Nordegren story with Arnold playing the Tiger Woods’ role. No woman should have to live that shame in public – the shame should be his alone. But the paparazzi feeding frenzy will hit her too.

  11. teehee says:

    Wow, I’m so disillusioned. I grew up on all the Schwarzenegger films– they were the shit to me and my sister. My dad played them all teh time– we had them all (VHS lol). His image was that of a hero– a strong and smart guy but who used it for good… he always was invincible. So you see this and feel this kind of energy… but now find all this out– well this makes very clear the distinction between teh actor and the character beign acted- not the same thing. Still, I always wish men could be respectable. I always want to give them that chacne of in fact beign awesome. But theyre not. They suck ass. At least it applies to 99.5% of them.

  12. Kaboom says:

    Gloria Allred, mother of all famewhores.

  13. Whatever says:

    Arnold is far worse than Tiger. He sickens me on so many levels, not the least of which is pressuring Maria to leave her career so he could be governor, while at the time he had a f-cking SIX year old with his side piece maid. It shows that he is a complete egomaniac with absolutely NO concern for anyone other than himself.

  14. Happymom says:

    What a sordid mess. Maria Shriver seems like a very intelligent woman-has it just been a case of staying together for the kids? Did she really not know what a complete pig Arnold is? They did get together when she was really young (she was either still in college or just out , and a chubby, not particularly cute girl)-I’m thinking maybe he was her first love and she was just blinded by this? I know people say she’s a Kennedy, and their women put up with this-but her father, Sargent Shriver, was a really wonderful guy-so I don’t think she grew up in a home where this went on and was accepted. I feel terrible for all of the kids involved-especially their daughters. Ugh.

  15. Lukie says:

    I’d have a lot more sympathy for Maria Shriver if I actually believed she was clueless about Ahnuld cheating.

    Like I said in another thread, he’s a pig. He’s always been a pig. There is no way she didn’t know.

    Ladies! If your man is a pig, and was always a pig and is still a pig above the age of 35, he’s staying a pig. Drop him! I don’t care if you have kids. I don’t care if you “like your lifestyle” too much, I don’t care if you believe in sticking it out.

    Save yourself the heartache and drop the pig! The pig is never going to change, but sadly, his disgusting behavior is guaranteed to change you and screw up your kids for years to come.

    Drop the pigs!

  16. Roma says:

    I just looked up Gigi Goyette.

    Is it just me or is Arnold attracted to women with very masculine features?

  17. Rasputina says:

    @ Whatever – a F*CKING 6-YEAR OLD?!
    I’d rather you ever didn’t refer to the lovechild as a “fucking [insert kid age here]” ever again. That poor kid is probably being ridiculed by everybody right now. I’m sure you didn’t mean it like that, but I just hate how all the children (legit and lovechildren) have to suffer because of this shit.

  18. DGO says:

    Now who didn’t see this coming?

  19. Quest says:

    I am surprise these exploits did not surface when he was running for Governor. My god, this is so disgusting…even Tiger Wood is looking saintly next to this Dong-whoring-Governator’s douchery.

    Poor kids (all of them), they are the ones that are being hurt the most by this. You suck Schwarzadouche

  20. Crash2GO2 says:

    Boy, here we go again. Why is Maria getting ANY blame for ANY of this? No, she didn’t know. It happens. I know it’s comforting to think that you would know if your spouse was cheating on you, but as one wise poster once said, we are biologically programmed to believe the ones we love. When they tell us they love us and nothing is going on, we believe them. Or that it will never happen again, we believe them.

    This isn’t her fault in any way shape or form. And for the record, she has always been and still is, a beautiful woman with amazing bone structure IMO.

  21. teehee says:

    Hey quit it with the Pig remarks, ok? He IS a pig— born in 47.
    But take it easy ok I am born in 83– Im a pig too 🙂

  22. melissa says:

    Ick. Just ick.

  23. Samigirl says:

    That Gawker list literally made me sick to my stomach. Who acts like that? And thinks it’s ok? And HOW THE HELL does someone who acts like that get to be a governor?!

  24. Sandy says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Maria at all. Years ago when the story broke about Arnold groping women broke she defended him saying on Oprah “She’s not the kind of woman who would put up with a husband doing stuff like that.” She’s either stupid or delusional.

  25. newtsgal says:

    I don’t understand why these whores all run to famewhore Gloria Allred for a “I was (insert name here) mistress.”
    I know what pops to mind is a payday.
    But, it’s not like you didn’t know he was married. They are not victims, they are famewhore idiots.

  26. sunseeker says:


    I am with you, have just seen a picture of the boy in the Mirror, he looks just like Arnold when he was younger. With all the bad publicity he has had Marie must have known.
    I don’t blame her at all I feel really sorry for her and all the children, but there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

  27. whybenice says:

    Maybe his next movie will be called “The Sperminator”

  28. Anon says:

    I hope Dan Aykroyd is the next actor to be exposed for his disgusting habits, because he definitely deserves it.

    Although his have more to do with beating young girls and shutting them up with cocaine binges.

  29. fabgrrl says:

    This is the guy they ran Gray Davis out of office for?

  30. embertine says:

    What worries me most about stories like this is that there are nearly 7 billion people on this planet and these disgusting people are just having child after child. Is it really impossible for these lowlives to wrap it up when they’re skanking around?

  31. You don't say says:

    It seems at this point that Arnold is not getting the same trashing as Tiger did and I don’t understand why. The morning shows raked Tiger over the coals for months, but so far, the same is not true for Arnold. Both are slugs, but at least as far as we know Tiger has no secret child that lived in the same house and his cheating was not a twenty year ongoing mess, though short term is still crappy.

    Arnold seems to be skating and will still get movie rolls without trouble. When will his “Jodie Foster” come out and defend him and talk about how good he is as a person as they film together. Not only does he owe his family an apology, he owes the people of California the biggest apology of all. He was elected on multiple lies, which unfortunately Maria helped clean up for him, and then went on to trash the state. He should be ashamed.

  32. Hautie says:

    Oh good grief. (Day 2) 🙂

    Of course there are going to be multiple women.

    The real question is how many of them have decided to become a public wh*re for a payday from TMZ or Radar.

    I am surprise it took this long for Gloria Allred to find someone to represent.

    Now when is Allred’s first press conference? To do her favorite thing of being “OUTRAGE” for her poor innocent virginal client.

    Though I am curious if this allege baby mama (Patty) can even be located in the state of California. It is looking like she has left California before the sh*t hit the fan.

    Cause if there is anyone who could turn her up, it is Gloria Allred or TMZ. And neither can find her.

  33. Mick says:

    I never understood why she married a guy who was so in love with himself. A guy with his kind of mentality is all about his ego. They are the most selfish human beings on the planet. Most of the time, it is very obvious. It gets worst after the marriage takes place. These guys are pricks and women need to learn to spot them. The prick probably thinks he deserved the attention from all these women. How sad for Maria.

  34. duh says:

    No sympathy from me to Maria. She knew what was going on and accepted it for the money and prestige. It was cool being a governor’s wife, wasn’t it? As soon as it ended she’s suddenly moving out of the house. Well, you got what you deserve. A pig.

  35. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @You Don’t Say: It’s only a couple days in, so give it time. He’ll be the next Tiger Woods/Jesse James in no time. Or perhaps not come to think of it. Maybe our society is becoming so disillusioned and jaded that the media’s like, “Sigh, here’s yet another one. And next week it’ll be someone else. Who’s surprised?” Maybe we should start ignoring all the pigs and focusing more on the good guys. IF there are any of those left…

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Lukie, ITA with everything you said EXCEPT….

    “I’d have a lot more sympathy for Maria Shriver if I actually believed she was clueless about Ahnuld cheating.”

    If the wife finds out and stays with her husband out of embarrassment or defends his honor to keep up appearances (for the sake of her children), how does that
    make her less worthy of our sympathy?

  37. really says:

    here we go: hoes and more hoes……oh lord!

    I don’t feel sorry for Maria either, but I do think being married to Arnold is like enetering HELL. So much for the terminator protecting you! Jezz, he just did not give a flat fukk!

    Divorce? Maria should have that shit ANNULLED. Divorce is cute, he was never a husband to Maria!

  38. TaylorB says:

    #34 (sorry, cant read the name) wrote: “She knew what was going on and accepted it for the money and prestige. It was cool being a governor’s wife, wasn’t it?”

    I gather you are not aware of WHO Maria Shriver is. She is a Kennedy, you may have heard of her family a few of her uncles were Senators Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy oh and President John Kennedy. Her grandfather was Joe Kennedy. Her mother was Eunice Kennedy, the woman who founded the Special Olympics… being a Governors wife is nothing in comparison to her families heritage. She is also a famous journalist/author, so the ‘money/prestige’ thing certainly does not apply to her since she already had it in spades.

  39. B says:

    Why is he so orange?

  40. logan says:

    Do these men think they will never get caught, or don’t they care? As much as they are in the public eye, this low ditch life style they have chosen is bound to come out sooner or later.
    To ruin ones career over this whorish behavior is one thing, but to lose your entire family is another thing. I feel bad for Maria, but it’s her children who will suffer the most.
    I hope this man (?) is down on his knees every night begging for forgivness. He and Tiger and Mel and all the rest make me love my hard working husband more every day. We may not have the money these idiots do, but as least when we walk out our front door we can hold our heads up.
    I truly don’t think they care. No morals, no self worth and certainly no respect for their children.

  41. Whatever says:

    I also don’t understand all the hate being thrown at Maria in the comments. I really think it has nothing to do with Maria, since Elin and Sandra got the same comments. Always the same, she had to know comments. Don’t get it. At all.

    It isn’t her fault and she isn’t getting what she deserves. The problem is that he is a douche and a giant egomaniac. Can we please stop blaming the wife every time some asshole cheats??

  42. duh says:

    @ TaylorB: Yes, I know she’s a Kennedy but still it looks like her AMBITION was being a politician’s wife, not some mediocre Hollywood’s actor’s wife. He also wanted to be a PRESIDENT, remember? I bet Maria was pushing him into that, she would LOVE to be the FIRST LADY. So why was she his wife for so long if he’s such a pig? Because he was a politician (a governor) and going through a divorce wouldn’t look so nice for his voters, especially when he’s crying the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE crap and look how much he cares about marriage. Maria knew well what he was doing but did nothing because she was dreaming about being a FIRST LADY. They even wanted to change the law for Schwarzenegger so that he could be a president. Now that he’s career as a politician is not going anywhere further, she’s divorcing him. That’s the point.

  43. k says:

    Surely Jamie Lee Curtis has a story to add?

  44. Kloops says:

    I don’t believe that Maria didn’t know he was a cheating scumbag. I think she has turned a blind eye to his philandering for years with the understanding that if his side pieces went public she’d leave him. However, I do think she’s shocked he was boning the housekeeper and has a kid on the side. That is a bit much. I also believe Maria is an excellent parent and wouldn’t want any child to be caught in the crosshairs of a scandal.

  45. cranky_chica says:

    Arnold and Maria always knew he would never be POTUS – he was born in Austria or Germany, I forget which.

    Why did she stay with him? Who knows? Perhaps the Kennedy definition of wife is “never divorce”, or “never divorce while your mother is living”. Seems to me the equation changed when Maria’s mother passed on.

    Maria is a strong woman. All she needs to do is figure out what she wants. At some level she knew what Arnold was. They were both “fully formed adults” when they married, he at 38, she somewhat younger, but still established with her own career.

    He was a big deal when they married. He had goals, drive, and ego. Probably like many of the men in her family.

    Live fast. Crash hard. And now we live in an era where flaws are broadcast 24 x 7 all over the world. Maybe that’s the only thing that’s changed.

  46. islandwalker says:

    Duh ( 34 and 42)- Maria stated very early on that she never wanted to marry a politician because her family had lost too much do to assination. She married an ACTOR. Arnold even announced on Jay Leno that Maria did NOT know he was running for office , he had not discussed it with her. She was extremely upset at the time so please get your your bitch facts straight.

  47. Samigirl says:

    @Duh,I’m curious as to who exactly considered changing the laws so Arnold could run for president. I’m pretty sure that NEVER happened. Maria knew her husband would never be president. If she had First Lady fantasies, she would have divorced Arnold and married another (equally repulsive) politician.

  48. Eileen says:

    Nothing but LOVE for Gloria! She saved my ass from getting a BIG LR lawsuit -so mad respect for her.
    Arnold-old lord…I remember all those stories about how obsessed he was about marrying a Kennedy. SO he got his American royalty and then nailed everyone else in reach-what a class act.

  49. TaylorB says:

    #42 wrote: “Yes, I know she’s a Kennedy but still it looks like her AMBITION was being a politician’s wife, not some mediocre Hollywood’s actor’s wife.”

    That is untrue. It seems she put up with his political ambitions. Like her or not, agree with her or not, that is fine but making things up to suit your position is wrong. So you think his behaviour is her fault, fine, but being dishonest about things is not the way to make a valid point.

  50. OXA says:

    Gloria was on tv said she would advise the mistress not to sign any papers till she has legal council as she must first prove in Court that the kid is Arnolds. Once paternity is established she can move forward to protect the rights to any monies available to her and her child on her terms.

    Here is a list highlights of his sorded past.

  51. Miss Marie says:

    Oh don’t think Maria didn’t know. The long-suffering Kennedy women thrive on this. It is as much a part of their makeup as the stuff on their faces.

  52. ladybert62 says:

    I feel sorry for Maria and the kids and the pain they are now suffering and will continue to suffer for quite a while – arnie is now, has always been and will always be a pig. I never understood why they were together – opposites attract?

    I feel no sympathy at all for any of his mistresses – they knew he was married and they still agreed to play with him.

    Gloria Allred is a skanky attorney looking out for her own paycheck.

    There I feel better – back to work!

  53. garvels says:

    I think Arnold is a pig but I think Gloria isn’t any better. She is going to drag out the pain for Maria and the children. I can’t see how involving Gloria benefits anyone but the tabloids and Gloria. The woman should discreetly employ an attorney for the sake of her child, but she shouldn’t turn it into a three ring circus. I believe the publicity will only hurt her child and Arnold’s children. (If so many children weren’t involved I might have a different opinion.)

  54. Ellie says:

    He’s such a pig! And those woman should be ashamed of themselves for sleeping with a married man. The whole thing is disgusting.

  55. Bocole says:


    In total agreement, when Maria went on Oprah and proclaimed that she knows her husband and he wouldn’t do anything like that. It totally threw the election to Arnold.

    However, I do feel bad for all of the kids. They’re just the innocent victims in this.

  56. bluhare says:

    @samigirl: I believe that there was some talk by Republicans about changing it so Ahnuld could run for Prez. One of the reasons I found the whole birther thing hilarious.

    Also, while I bet the housekeeper/kid thing was a huge shock (certainly was to the kids), I suspect she has turned a blind eye over the years. Her family is staunch Catholic, and Catholics do not divorce (at least the staunch ones).

    But, in an interesting turn of events, her divorce lawyer is Gloria Allred’s daughter, isn’t she?

  57. skinanny says:

    I wonder how many people would have voted for this man, had they known all of this? He is such a sociopath, he probably still would have run.

  58. fabchick says:

    This is some cut a b***h s**t. Creeping in the wife’s bed is the lowest you can go. I feel bad for ALL of the kids involved in this crap.

  59. duh says:

    TaylorB – jeez, chill out. Where did I say that his behavior is her fault? All I say that a normal person would divorce him long time ago. The fact that she KNEW (and of course she knew, everybody did!) he was a cheater and pretended that she doesn’t see it is her fault though. And now she’s this poor little girl. And how do you know that she didn’t want him to go into politics? Being with a powerful man is like an aphrodisiac to many women and she, being one of the Kennedy’s, it’s just too obvious that she had those ambitions to be a wife of somebody very important.

  60. Hautie says:

    “But, in an interesting turn of events, her divorce lawyer is Gloria Allred’s daughter, isn’t she?”

    Lord I hope not!

    I believe Allred’s daughter is that harpy Lisa Bloom. Who is Michael Lohan’s attorney.

    Which really says alot about their need to be media-ho’s.

    And to point out something that Maria Shiver has said many times.

    She did not want her husband to get into politics.

    Nor did she want him to run for Governor.

    But her Mother made it clear she needed to support her husband. (And adopt his surname.)

    Maria supported his ambitions to be Governor.

    But kept her surname.

  61. journey says:

    it absolutely amazes me, the number of women who slam the wife, claiming that there’s no way the wife didn’t know all about it. what planet are you all from? liars lie. and they’re usually pretty good at it because they do it all the time. and in arnold’s case, he was an actor, and a politician, both careers involve being a skilled professional liar.

  62. crazycatlady says:

    I have always wondered why Maria was with Arnold. I find his square, neanderthal head, gapped teeth and that German accent quite unattractive.

    He better be worth $300 mil, because he’s going to need it.

  63. duh says:

    journey – magazines were reporting FOR YEARS that he was a cheat and Maria didn’t know about it?! A sensible woman would at least try to find out if it’s true or not if she heard such stories. And if Maria did some research, she would find something. As we can see, the media already found several women. And yes, I think that if a woman pretends that she doesn’t know about her husband’s infidelities then she’s acting foolish. No pity from me. MOST women who’s husbands are cheaters know about it and do nothing. And you saying that he’s a “skilled” actor…. well all I can say is: he’s definitely NOT an Oscar material!

    I don’t care about them anyway 😀 After reading the comments all I see is that some people are too sensitive and they feel like they have to protect Maria and WHO CARES about her! She knew what was going on so she shouldn’t act surprised. Get over it!

  64. duh says:

    embertine: who wrote “What worries me most about stories like this is that there are nearly 7 billion people on this planet and these disgusting people are just having child after child”

    Well, at least he can AFFORD having one child after another. What worries me more is when rich people have one or two kids (or none) and the poor have like 8 or 10 children they cannot feed.

  65. the original bellaluna says:

    Tiger-esque. Did I call it, or did I call it?

    Of course that mistress-chaser Allred is involved. She’d probably have a coronary if she wasn’t.

    FYI – Radar’s got a story that Maria suspected for years and finally confronted the mistress about the child’s paternity. Mistress fessed up. Arnold only confessed when Maria confronted him. DOG.

  66. the original bellaluna says:

    Let us not start the Elin-like slamming of Maria about how she “must have known.” Men (people in general) can be V.E.R.Y.S.N.E.A.K.Y. when they have something to hide. So just stop.

  67. Samigirl says:

    @bluhare, people can TALK about it all they want, but they have never ever tried to pass a bill to make it happen. Nor, I’m convinced, will they, especially not for some joke of a politician like Arnold. I totally believe they just said that crap to placate him.

  68. StopKiddingYourself says:

    Worse than Woods, no doubt about it. I never knew he could be topped, but there you go. Twenty years of lies is unfathomable, and the scandal is epic. Also, the media seems to have taken a more nonchalant attitude concerning Arnold. I’m not entirely sure as to why, but I really find that interesting.

  69. TaylorB says:


    I am not sure why I need to chill out, and am not sure why you feel I should. I simply disagree with your assumptions. If you think about it, it seems that he would gain more from a marriage into the Kennedy family if political ambitions were in play than she would.

    I can not speculate as to their marriage, if/when she knew of his behaviour, only Maria and Arnold know the details. Maybe they even had an ‘understanding’ about fidelity, however when it becomes public fodder that is when the trouble tends to start for high profile couples. The real shame is that the poor kids are now caught in the middle of a very private issue, all the kids. That is probably a major reason as to why she is pissed, I know I would be.

  70. Lukie says:

    @TeeHee: I apologize. I loveeee pig! Just finished eating some roasted pig (Pernil) a few minutes ago. yumyum oink oink!

    “If the wife finds out and stays with her husband out of embarrassment or defends his honor to keep up appearances (for the sake of her children), how does that make her less worthy of our sympathy?”

    @MorticiansDoItDeader: Because life is about choices and if you choose to stay with a pig,at the expense of your sanity and kids (especially the kids), then you get what you get, ESPECIALLY when you are a woman (or man. Women can be cheating pigs too) that has the means to leave and start over. Never stay for the sake of the kids. LEAVE FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS!

    I think Elin knew too. That’s why she beat Tiger’s ass (oh, they say she didn’t right? HA! I call BullDookie!). Sandra, I don’t know if she knew. I do think she wasn’t as shocked about his Nazi obsession as they would like us to believe though….

    Ahnuld was actually dating another chick and Maria at the same time during the 1st year they were together. And have you ever read his quotes? This man was all about his dong and groping tits and ass since the minute he left the farm in Austria.

    If I’m a nobody (in relation to them) & I knew he was a pig, then how come the woman that sleeps next to him did not? She chose not to know. She chose to be blind.

    Don’t care what you say, but a woman KNOWS. I’ll give you an example:

    My friend got married to a guy that I thought was a little beneath her, but was a good, hard working guy. She, on the other hand, was convinced her husband was cheating after the first child was born. We thought she was crazy. He was always home, found his wife sexy and his paycheck went straight to her every week. He was actually a pretty doting husband.

    But she was convinced. So she started digging. Turns out he was having an affair with a co-worker, who aborted their baby (she was pregnant at the same time my friend was having her second child). He was doing some weird, illegal thing with cell phones for money so that he would never touch the family bank account. Who knew? Not me, but my friend damn sure knew something was up!

    When I asked her what tipped her off, she said “I don’t know. Something was just off.”

    You have no idea how often I have heard this from my now divorced friends.

    So yup. I believe she knew. I believe she chose to ignore it. Do I think she knew he was arrogant enough to be bonking the maid raw-dog in the house and get her knocked up? No. But do I think she knew he couldn’t keep it in his pants and chose to turn a blind eye? Oh absolutely. Like I said in another post, she is a Kennedy woman. They are bred to ignore and tolerate.

    Agree to disagree, but IMHO, it is always (except under certain certain circumstances) better to leave a pig then to stay with a pig. If nothing else, your kids and your sanity are worth more.

  71. anoneemouse says:


    What is it with these “mistresses, otherwise known as sluts, coming forward now? If I was Maria Shriver I would be paying close attention and jotting down ALL of their names then I would file a massive lawsuit against all of them for alienation of affection that interfered with and ended her marriage.

  72. sandy says:

    @24 um,.. the other sandy, i guess i will change my name to sandy # 1? poor children, i hope they don’t see these comments, he is without a conscious, a walking std, what else can be said? such a liar.

  73. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Lukie, “Agree to disagree, but IMHO, it is always (except under certain certain circumstances) better to leave a pig then to stay with a pig. If nothing else, your kids and your sanity are worth more.”

    Fair enough. I’ve made it very clear to my husband that cheating is a deal breaker. My exact words to him were “I’d rather live in a wet cardboard box in the pouring rain with a litter of your children, then stay with a cheating dog.” However, I still empathize with Maria whatever her reasons for staying as long as she did. Just because the choice she made wasn’t for me (and many others) doesn’t mean she’s any less worthy
    of our sympathy. I choose to reserve my vitriol for Arnold and not the wronged parties (the children and Maria).

    BTW, horrible what happened to your friend, but great example of “women’s intuition.”

  74. original kate says:

    of course gloria allred is involved – she’s the equivalent of an ambulance chaser. ugh. and arnold is a pig, has always been a pig and will continue to be one while espousing his “family values.”

    ugh and ugher.

  75. Trillion says:


  76. newtsgal says:

    I have a message for Arnold…..
    GO MARIA!!!!

  77. P.M. says:

    @ Eve. Omg! In the video he grabbed the womans’ ass! What is wrong with him? The 3 dancers were trying to stay away from him and the (really pretty) woman who was sitting with him seemed like she just wanted to get the hell out. And I just realized looking at the picture of him wearing shorts he shaves his frigging legs.

  78. CeeCee says:

    well if all this isn’t enough to put me off my morning muffin and mocha I don’t know what is!

    I don’t know why anyone would want to be famous, their lives are so heinously f*cked up!!

  79. bluhare says:

    @hautie: You are absolutely right about Gloria Allred’s daughter. My bad!

  80. Eve says:

    @ P.M.:

    Finally someone checked the video I posted. Thank you for that. I posted because I thought people would find funny (gross too, but we can laugh at him too).

    What I really wanted was the footage of him holding a banana between his buttcheeks (I shit you not, my dear). I read somewhere he did that while he was in Brazil, but I couldn’t find it 🙁 .

  81. oh hey says:


    If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have posted…DUH!

  82. Debbie says:

    I wonder if he was screwing Oskana as well I wouldn’t put it past the pair of them.

    That slime Allred will be in her element

  83. Hakura says:

    How appropriate that Arnold had to have 3 of his heart valves replaced with PIG heart valves (after so many years of steroid use). A species choice well suited to his character. (@TeeHee – No offense, as my use of ‘pig’ is not meant to be in the ‘Chinese Zodiac’ sense.)

    @TeeHee“I grew up on all the Schwarzenegger films– they were the shit to me and my sister. My dad played them all teh time– we had them all (VHS lol)…”

    I’m totally with you, here, especially on the VHS. God, doesn’t that make you feel old? I was using Casette Tapes ‘back in the day’. My mom says “Wow, thanks. You’re old? I listened to records”. I feel *terrible* for those children…They weren’t given a say in ANY of this. I can’t even imagine having to hear such disgusting things about my dad. (& I *won’t*.)
    @Roma“Is it just me or is Arnold attracted to women with very masculine features?”

    That doesn’t surprise me whatsoever, considering he’s done a few ‘nude’ spreads for gay magazines, & was supposedly involved with 2 wealthy gay men, early in his career. Then of course his apparent comfort being involved when men in ‘group sex’. (Irony, that he voted against gay marriage twice…)

    @Duh – You’ve already properly had your ass handed to you by several already, but really. Did you honestly not realize that someone born in another country could not be president? Aside from that, Maria has been said to be extremely upset with Arnold for going into politics (something she never wanted.) I agree with Islandwalker: “..Please get your your bitch facts straight.

  84. KatScorp says:

    @48 Eileen: WTH? I knew about the C&D, but WeWe tried to sue you? Or was that sarcasm? Colour me startled; I appear to have missed some of the recent happenings around here!

  85. Nikki says:

    Even I realized he was a creep a long time ago, there’s always been allegations about sexual harassment, affairs, etc. While I do feel bad for Maria, I do think she knew he was unfaithful. She just probably didn’t know the extent of it, and I’m sure she didn’t realize he had another child! I feel really bad for all the kids, including his son with his mistress. 🙁

  86. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Eileen: What a nightmare. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but it sounds like it is over. Good Lord.

  87. crazydaisy says:

    After all those steroids he took in his bodybuilding days, I bet Arnold has a teenie weenie peenie and has been overcompensating by being a sleazebag all these years. Poor Maria. At least her hair looks terrific.

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