Is Sienna Miller coming between Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson?


The circle that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart run in is extremely incestuous. There’s an international group of young 20-something actors who are friends or friends of friends, and they all constantly date and breakup and have little minidramas. Like high school, just with money and private jets and tabloids. One of the dudes in the group is a young British actor named Tom Sturridge. We’ve heard about Tom before – he’s been in a few movies (Pirate Radio), he’s BFFs with Sparkles, and he recently worked with K-Stew. There was a report that Sparkles was jealous of Tom’s time spent on-set with K-Stew, and that K-Stew was trying to “breakup” Sparkles and Tom’s friendship. It was all very funny.

Anyway, Tom is currently dating Sienna Miller, she of the vagina of doom. I’m not sure if they’re really “officially” dating, but they’ve been hanging out a lot, and Sienna’s not denying it lately. So, when Sparkles came to London for the Water for Elephants premiere, he threw a little party at his hotel, and Tom and Sienna came by. And by that I mean that Sienna stayed past 3 am and now K-Stew is convinced that the vagina of doom has destroyed little Sparkles:

Does absence make the heart grow fonder… or wander? When it comes to boyfriend Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart suspects the worst – and she’s not putting up with it. When sexy Sienna Miller was spotted leaving Pattinson’s hotel in London at 3:15 am, following a rowdy night of celebrations for his Water for Elephants premiere on May 3, Kristen was quick to call him on it.

“Kristen has a tearful fight with Rob during a transatlantic phone call last week,” an insider tells Star. “She was furious and called him to ask what he was doing. They ended up getting in an ugly fight.”

To make matters worse, Kristen has never trusted Sienna, who’s been linked with Rob’s best friend, actor Tom Sturridge.

“She has thought for a while that Sienna fancies Rob, ever since she started sending him a barrage of texts last year.”

Says the source: “Sienna’s always texting Rob, asking if he wants to meet up when she’s in LA. It really infuriates Kristen.”

Though Rob has insisted Kristen has nothing to worry about, she’s never been convinced. On May 8, the couple met up in Toronto, where Kristen confronted him face-to-face.

“Kristen and Rob hadn’t seen each other for a while, and she wanted to talk to him and see where they stood. Rob assured her nothing happened with Sienna or anyone else – and that he was completely in love with her.” It seems to have worked: “Kristen is madly in love and willing to overlook one bad night.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I heard some mutterings about this as it happened, and from what I remember, there wasn’t much to the story. I think Sienna even left the celebration WITH Tom. It doesn’t rule out a hipster orgy, of course, but I tend to believe that the vagina of doom is biding her time. Especially if Sienna is texting Sparkles even half as much as this report. I’ll believe most anything about Sienna, because I think she’s That Girl. That Girl who texts a dude with a girlfriend incessantly, asking when they can hang out, where should she go when she gets into town, will he come meet her for a late drink? And DOOM comes barreling through the door. BAM! Two seconds later, Sparkles is sitting on a yacht, Sienna’s topless, the paparazzi are snapping away, and K-Stew is furiously biting her lip and rolling her eyes.

Here’s a photo of Sienna leaving Sparkles’ hotel that same night/morning – I think that’s Tom behind her:





Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News & WENN.

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39 Responses to “Is Sienna Miller coming between Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson?”

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  1. Quest says:

    Oh boy, if this is true, I’ll get the popcorn, wine and pizza and wait for the fireworks or eyerolling to start (which ever comes first)


  2. tanya says:

    Oh to the SNAP!

    PMSL at “now K-Stew is convinced that the vagina of doom has destroyed little Sparkles”

    That made my morning…

  3. mln76 says:

    Siena better watch out because Kristen doesn’t seem the type to hair pull or scratch I think she’d straight up punch her in the face and leave her unconscious for a week.

  4. Darla says:

    Siennna is the type of woman who absolutely finds attached men attractive. She gets a power rush from making them stray. That being said,little miss black whole pussay needs to realize she ain’t got the stuff to be dragging off 25 year old guys anymore. She’s old, worn-out, tobacco stained, and been ridden like the town bus. I am goin to laugh my butt off the first time someone showing her skinny sagging milk sacks doesn’t seal the deal.

  5. normades says:

    Sienna is a ho. That is all.

  6. Eowyn says:

    PR Romance (in both case) force 1!

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I’ll believe most anything about Sienna, because I think she’s That Girl. That Girl who texts a dude with a girlfriend incessantly, asking when they can hang out, where should she go when she gets into town, will he come meet her for a late drink?”

    I think she’s That Girl, too. I’ve known girls like that. “I was just being friendly!”

    no, she’s laying the groundwork for a pursuit.

    mln76, I agree. I think KStew would deck her with one hit, directly to the kisser.

    and Darla, I agree…I think she DEF is the kind of girl who likes to see if she can convince a guy to stray, and gets a rush if they do. it’s a low self-esteem thing…”I’M prettier/sexier/more attractive than her, and I have to prove it.”

  8. foozy says:

    kstew is the best. she acctually has a future. sienna is so passe and such a ho!

  9. Hanna says:

    Oh my what a whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. RocketMerry says:

    Forgive me, but isn’t Sienna, like… forty or something?
    Get a dude your own age, woman!

    • Emile says:

      @RocketMerry, Men usually ask WOMEN out, not the other way around, and that doesn’t change regaredless of the ages of said man and woman. If she is dating Tom it’s because Tom asked HER out. Most of the mature, handsome, wealthy or up and coming guys like Tom or Rob like older women because girls their ages and younger are too emotionally unstable, needy, clingy, immature, bring too much drama, and don’t have orgasms in bed.

  11. daria says:

    This all sounds made up, but I wish it were true cause Kristen Stewart would totally kick Sienna’s ass and that would be so hilarious. That is she’d kick her ass after kicking Sparkles in the junk.

  12. aenflex says:

    do NOT tease me people. It aint right.

    oh and here are all the twihards coming out of the cyberwork….

  13. Jezi says:

    @mln76 LMAO!!! I totally see that as well.

  14. albeli says:

    I’m of the opinion KStew is a lesbian, and the whole “romance” with RPatt is for publicity.

  15. Eileen says:

    Oh PLEASE let this one be true! I can’t stand either one of these bitches! It would be epic! Kristen would eyeroll herself to death & Sienna would be racked & tortured to death by all the Twihards for coming in between their deities.

  16. fabgrrl says:

    Isn’t Sienna a little…vintage…to be doing this? Pursuing taken men can be cute, I suppose, if one is 22, but at 30? Not so much.

  17. Rhiley says:

    I am starting to think that K Stew and Rob’s “romance” is a fabrication as well, created by agents, production companies, and the Twilight brand. As soon as the movies are over, so to will this couple be. I think they are probably buds, who hang out, listen to whiny music, smoke joints together, exchange hoodies and cds, eat doritos and watch old movies, drink 5 bottles of wine and passout next to each other, but I seriously doubt they are in love and Kstew is crying her eyes out over Sienna’s deflated vadge pushing up on her Sparkles.

  18. beth says:

    oh god, sienna… i used to love her in Casanova… thought her sharp, witty and quite lovely… I wanted to BE her and in the end, SHE’S turned out to be quite the casanova herself >.<
    that’s not a compliment at all.
    nothing to do with gender. contrary to the romanticised light hollywood likes to throw on their characters, i find Casanovas (men and women) a little too sociopathic for my comfort.

  19. Ria says:

    hahahaha HAHAHAHA of all people I’d LOVE Sienna to steal Pattinson HAHAHAHAHAHA what a story! pppphalease, let this be true. and yes, Sienna is definitely *that* girl but she’s good at it, she’s so good, she deserves her prey if they fall

  20. Liana says:

    Gah. I can’t with Pattinson and his square unattractive head.

    Has anyone ever seen Sienna in “Camille?” (with James Franco). I usually can’t stand either one of them, but I really liked her in this quirky somewhat engagingly stupid movie.

  21. ash says:

    Really like Sienna Miller

  22. serena says:

    Come on.. Sienna is long gone dated. She is old compared to K-Stew and Sparkle. Ugh what is she doing with teenagers? (Ok, I don’t wanna know).

  23. Jay says:

    Oh please. How can kristen deck someone with those noodle arms? She would get tied on knots tryin to uncross her arms.

    Hey. If Sienna wants to be that girl, I say let her. Besides, it’s a two way street. Men are guilty too. Sienna is at least 10 times more fascinating (in the fucked up way) than miss monotone dish water lip biter.

  24. Lauren says:

    Wish Sienna and Jude had hung in there; such good gossip! That’s not Tom behind her; other photos clearly show the dude in question. And although a stew asskicking would be great there isn’t anything to this story … it is OLD

  25. Anonymous says:

    I wouldnt put anything past Sienna but I dont think Kris has anything to worry about. I’m convinced Rod is totally in love with her. Besides. Kris could kick Sienna’s ass into next week. No doubt.

  26. carma says:

    Sienna’s all washed up, she’s not a threat to an It girl like Kristen Stewart. That’s why Sienna’s dating Rob’s sloppy seconds bff, cause she’s old and washed up, she can’t get the Jude Law of today. Now if Jennifer Lawerence wanted a piece of Rob, that would be more of a fight.

  27. sarah says:

    Er…I don’t see Kristen as being an insecure crier. Sparkles I see that more of. He’s the one all swooping down on her on her movie set when she was doing all those hot sex scenes with Garrett Hedlund which suppossedly got very heated. Rob was papped waiting outside the filming set building with the wife of another costar during the whole thing. But Kristen seems less like that. I don’t think they are gay either, it would be a lot easier for them to get beards who are cheaper to keep. lol

  28. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ albeli

    I think Kristen is a lesbian too. Frankly, she is ridiculously unattractive and manly in her mannerisms and behavior. Manly in a bad way.

    I think the romance was cooked up by publicists and neither of them care about using it for press because its not real.

  29. geekychic says:

    i don’t think KStew cares, and by that i mean it as #25 says. and if he does, i don’t think KStew is the type to weep.

  30. kikay says:

    Oh,pl’s,21 vs 30 wash up something,it’s like asking a child,what would he like candy or broccoli?

  31. LunaT says:

    I don’t even buy Robert and Kristin as a couple. Like someone else said, they seem more like buddies than lovers.

    @Lisa Turtle
    “Frankly, she is ridiculously unattractive and manly in her mannerisms and behavior. Manly in a bad way.”

    Since she is “unnattractive and manly”, she must be a lesbian. Yes, all the “ugly” girls who aren’t super fem must be lesbians. Gotcha.

  32. Micki says:

    What actually is Sienna coming between? Pattinson and KStew NEVER said (only endlessly implied)they are a couple. Last time KStew didn’t want to kiss him even for the sake of their fans because she’s so “private”.And she’s apparently “madly in love” too…and probably high on bromide as hardly anyone is convinced there’s hot love between…

  33. Tali says:

    Where do I begin?

    1. I dont care how many twihards come for me but I think this is a fauxmance and that Kristen is a lesbian. The studio put ‘edward and bella?’ together together to hide it.

    2. Sienna and Robert make sense to me- young hot grungy boozy British couple partying all around the world as both continue with their mediocre acting skills. ( at least until sienna gets back with Jude) I see no problem with Robert being the rebound guy?!….

  34. Trashaddict says:

    Well, no matter whether there’s anything between K-Stew and Sparkes, I still love the mental image of her punching Sienna in the face. Wouldn’t that make a great TV show? “Celebrity Punch-Out”! Just skip all the prologue that Jerry Springer had and get right to the fight!

  35. sina says:

    Ugh, I think they are dating but keep their shizz out of the public eye because of all the freaking psycho fans he seems to attract who would probably try to shank her if they did. Look at the completely unhinged fans on this thread already, I bet it’s a security risk for his gf to so much as touch him public in front of his crazed fans.

  36. LuckyLilGem says:

    Hmmm…Tom and Sparkles spend an awful lot of time with each other.

  37. harfang says:

    @LuckyLilGem rofl, good point!

    I find it totally believable that K-Stew would get mad at Sparkles and argue with him if she thought he was getting involved in a stupid-ass situation. I’m convinced they are genuinely very close. I can totally see her yelling at him on the phone about this, but it’d be more like “Dude, don’t hit that. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Wtf are you thinking??”

  38. Mouse says:

    I’m pretty neutral on Stewart, but I can’t stand Miller. She seems like such a man eater. What is wrong with her that she seems to get off on banging guys that are spoken for?