It gets worse: Arnold’s maid’s ex husband thought the kid was his until last week

I thought that the Arnold secret love child stories might let up a little once we heard that Maria Shriver was (allegedly) responsible for leaking the scandal. It gets worse, though, because not only did the 13 year-old boy not know he was Arnold’s son, the housekeeper’s ex husband didn’t know that the boy wasn’t his son, either. This isn’t just another rumor attached to a “source,” this story comes directly from an interview the ex did with Entertainment Tonight.

Entertainment Tonight’s Mark Steines spoke with Rogelio Baena, the ex-husband of Arnold’s mistress Mildred “Patty” Baena, for a new interview to air in two parts on May 24 and May 25.

Rogelio tells ET he thought Arnold’s alleged love child was his biological child all along and that he learned that the boy was not his son only one week ago. He goes on to call the situation a “betrayal” and “Arnold Schwarzenegger for me, [was] my hero… Maria is destroyed.”

Married to Patty for ten years, today Rogelio says he’d like to tell his son, “I am your father. That’s all.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]


That makes me really sad and it just brings home the reality of the situation. The look on this guy’s face makes me want to give him a hug. His son is said to have called his mom’s new boyfriend “dad,” but maybe he just thought of him as a stepfather and always believed this guy was his real father.

In other near-constant news about this story, Radar Online reports that a DNA test confirmed that the boy was Arnold’s son, and that the housekeeper, Mildred Baena, insisted that one be done when the child was a “toddler.” So Baena told Arnold he was the father but continued to let her then-husband believe that he was the dad, too. Meanwhile Arnold was lavishing gifts on the boys and making sure their mom was well compensated for keeping his secret.

ET also has a video of Baena singing a sexy “Happy Birthday” at her niece’s quinceanera, the same party that Arnold bankrolled and attended along with his family. I’m sure the ex husband sold the tape to ET. Other than some MySpace photos, this is the first glimpse we’ve had of the other woman. She’s not a stunner and that’s about all I’ll say about that.

There’s news that Maria will probably file for divorce this week. She’s also said to be encouraging her four children “to forgive their father.” This is supported by positive tweets that two of them, Katherine, 21, and Patrick, 17, have made recently. However they’re clearly showing their allegiance to their mom, with Patrick changing his last name on the microblogging site to “Shriver.” It’s probably a smart career move for the kid too. He wants to be associated with his wronged mom, not his serial cheater dad.


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  1. Quest says:

    Arnold is giving new meaning to the phrase “Who’s ur daddy” – literally.

    Geez the man is such a dumbass…my heart goes out to all those hurt by this scumbag

  2. Bubbling says:

    This is just so messy all over. I feel bad for that child and poor dude who thought he was the father. I know Maria was upset and everything and the situation def. isn’t her fault but I wonder weather she stopped to think about that poor child before she started getting ready for Oprah?

  3. Marie says:

    Arnold’s maid is as much a scumbag as Arnold is – she can hire all the lawyers in the world to send cease and desist letters but that will go nowhere in trying to improve her image or my opinion of her. The behavior of both was reprehensible betrayal.

  4. fabgrrl says:

    Well, this man still IS the boy’s father – in the true sense of the word. Arnold was just the sperm donor.

  5. crab says:

    Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal! It hurts people on every level in every way! Look at that poor guys face!! I too feel like giving him a hug! Arnold and the maid are such douchebags along w/Tiger Woods & Co, Jessie James & Co., Eddie Cibrian/Leeann Rimes yada yada yada!! OMG the list just goes on and on!!

  6. ladybert62 says:

    Sad for the kid and the guy who thought he was the father!

    I have read elsewhere (and I dont recall where – sorry) that Patty pursued Arnie relentlessly – so Arnie had to give in to keep her off his back! ha ha –

    Also, our former mayor scumbag Willie Brown (who is also famous for being a sperminator etc) had a heart to heart with Arnie and told Arnie that all was OK since Arnie was only human! Takes one to know one!

  7. Ron says:

    This is a true scandal. What a mess.

  8. nanster says:

    Yuck – “Patty” Baena makes my sister’s English Bulldog look sexy! Shame on her and shame on Arnold for this epic lie. Their selfishness and stupidity has hurt so many people.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    What is it with these guys who think being rich and famous entitles them to act like a bunch of pigs?

  10. Whatever says:

    I’m confused. I thought the divorce papers said “no minor children”? There are a million questions, was he paying support? Did he not read the divorce papers? If he was paying support, he should sue her ugly ass for every dime, especially with a decade old paternity test! Poor kid.

  11. vanessa says:

    who is your daddy and what does he do?

    I loved his movies but now I’ll never watch them the same again. I understand people cheat and don’t tell BUT to get someone else pregnant and keep it a secret for that long? That’s insane!!

  12. Miss Marie says:

    Oh, the long-suffering Kennedy women. When will it end? Never. Maria is like the rest of her kin – they turn the other way to keep their fame. Don’t feel bad for any of these adults – they all used each other!

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m calling BS – on the divorce filing she checked “no minor children.” When he was served the divorce papers, he’d have seen it then.

    NOT saying that makes it any less hurtful; just questioning the timeline.

    Arnold is a vile pig. Anyone who slept with him while he (and/or they) were married is also a vile pig. THE END.

  14. djork says:

    See that huge ring on Arnold’s hand? It’s platinum. It weighs a ton. It says ‘Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’ and states the dates of his term. He handed them out to his cronies. Nice that he bankrupted the state of California, then had big giant gold rings made to signify it! Creep.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    @ djork – Are you serious? With the kind of budget “problems” my state had, what a gross and arrogant sign of excess.

    But I’m guessing that’s what he’s really about, actually.

  16. constance says:

    @djork: I heard about those damn rings. In this economy? Gurlfriend needs to get ovah himself.

    If Ahnold knew, why didn’t that bitch tell her estranged husband? I think someone is fib-telling somewhere. I just don’t buy that the two of them knew but NO ONE else did. Her D-papers say no children… so was she just lying for no reason? DoubtFUL.

  17. therock says:

    WOW, a jaw dropping WOW!!!! The only way this could get any worse, will be if another seeps from the woodwork!!!

  18. Eve says:

    I wonder if in the next season of The Simpsons this will be added to the character Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle’s info.

  19. Crash2GO2 says:

    “I am your father. That’s all.”

    That brought a tear to my eye. I honestly think now that Arnold is a sociopath. He doesn’t think the normal rules of social behavior apply to him. I’m sure he will try to make Maria out to be the villain here, for wanting the divorce. Just wait and see.

  20. SillyOne says:

    I swear men will stick their vienna sausages anywhere!

  21. Dorothy says:

    I want to give the little boy a big hug and let him know all will be fine. The mom is narcissist in the worst way! She and Arnold both! Now her ex-husband is tripping, more DRAH-MA! I heard an expression years ago regarding stuff like this: Ma Ma’s baby, Pa Pa’s maybe….:-(

  22. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    His son is said to have called his mom’s new boyfriend “dad.”

    This tells me she uses that poor kid like a pawn; having him call these two men daddy in order to get (or stay in) their good graces. What mother introduces all these men to her kids as “dad.” particularly when none of them are actually the father. Now the boy has three “dads.”

    @the original Bella, “I’m calling BS – on the
    divorce filing she checked “no minor children.”
    When he was served the divorce papers, he’d
    have seen it then.”

    If he wasn’t listed as the father on the birth certificate, maybe this was done for purposes of continuity? This seems like a possibility, only because, I happen to think “Patty” is an expert
    liar; who was most concerned with keeping her options open. I don’t know how true this is but, another poster mentioned that listing this man as the father (on the birth certificate) would have interfered with her future ability to legally claim Arnold as the father. This may have been something Patty held over Arnold’s head so he would keep forking over the dough.

  23. fabgrrl says:

    @11 – Ha! Nice Kindergarten Cop reference.

  24. truthzbetta says:

    No. Friggin. Way!

    He’s scarily able to fool people. What a fraud Arnie the family man was.

  25. constance says:

    @22 Rogelio Baena (man above in ET) IS listed as the father on the long-form birth certificate. TMZ has it. Clear as day.

  26. Mizz Tickles says:

    I feel for that kid – when I was 14 I found out that the man who had been raising me as my father was not my bio father and it was quite devastating at the time. That is so sweet what that man said and how he still thinks of the child as his son.

  27. Rasputina says:

    You know I don’t care how much Arnold deserves the negative press, I am disgusted by this whole ordeal. Make it stop. Stop broadcasting it. A lot of people have gotten hurt in this shit and we don’t need to see this. It makes me sick.

  28. DGO says:

    the original bellaluna:
    May 25th, 2011 at 9:43 am I’m calling BS – on the divorce filing she checked “no minor children.” When he was served the divorce papers, he’d have seen it then

    Good catch!

  29. sunseeker says:

    I thought he was listed on the birth cerificate but on the divorce papers she said no children. I think he knew and didn’t want to have to pay child support. Don’t blame him for that if he knew he was not his son.
    I think he and Maria knew, that boy looks so much like his father it is scarry, now they both are making out they had no idea.

  30. CathyT says:


    Rogelio Baena is listed as the father on the birth certificate, so he is the boy’s legal father. I believe that California only gives parents 2 years from the child’s birth to challenge paternity or request child support. Patty can only ask Rogelio, not Arnold, to pay child support. There are lots of legal cases where a man is forced to pay child support because he is the legal father even when DNA tests show he isn’t the biological father.

    Rogelio and Patty separated soon after the birth even though they didn’t get divorced for 10 years. Did Rogelio ever spend time with the kid? Surely he noticed that the divorce papers said “no minor children” and that Patty didn’t ask him for child support.

  31. sunseeker says:

    Documents obtain by Radar
    The man, Rogelio de Jesus Baena, is listed as her son’s father on the child’s birth certificate, but the child’s real father is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    In a surprising twist, the divorce documents say that the couple had NO children together.

  32. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @constance @sunseeker, my bad thank you.

    @the original bella, I stand corrected. Good sleuth work. I think what you’re saying definitely has merit then!

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    @ sunseeker – Read my earlier comments – we’re in agreement!

  34. Maria says:

    I am South American and unfortunately it is very common in our countries for the men in the house to have sex with the maids, My younger brother slept with the maid. He was 16 and she was 20 and she was the one who started the advances and took my brother’s virginity. In this case, this woman is no victim. She wanted to secure her “retirement” and what better way than to have a kid from some rich dude? So much for having ugly maids to keep your man uninterested.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Maria – It’s common in the U.S. too. Of course, it’s been going on for long, long time in our country.

    @ Morticians – Sometimes I think I have w-a-y t-o-o much time on my hands! :)

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @cathyT, so strange that she would list Rogelio as the father. If Arnold hadn’t taken that paternity test he wouldn’t be financially responsible AT ALL.

    I wonder if Rogelio was paying her support while Arnold was paying her under the table?

    Now I can’t decide if this woman is an evil genious or a complete moron. I do, however, know that she is heinous.

    @the original Bella, LOL. I should probably be doing other things, but I’m here!

  37. Brittany says:

    I kinda think he and Maria knew as well…

    All the support Arnold was giving Mildred…
    Oh, and that the kid looks exactly like him!

    Just sayin’

  38. sapphire says:

    If I were Maria, I might “forgive” the douchebag but that would keep me from lawyering up ASAP and brooming him from my life. I get they have kids and nothing will change that-but getting him physically gone would be a priority.

  39. lucy2 says:

    I feel so sorry for this poor kid, and for this guy too if he’d been lied to as well.
    I’m glad to see Arnold’s mess put out there for the world to see what a jerk he is, but feel very badly for the victims of this situation, who now have to deal with the public scrutiny too.

  40. sunseeker says:

    The Original Bellaluna.

    Sorry missed your earlier comments.

  41. really says:

    Right like his no-lip + no-blonde step-father (or dude around the house) could father that child! PLEASE.
    Does that child have a mirror? …one look in the mirror please.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    @ sunseeker – :D Like minds, and all that!

  43. Gemini says:

    SillyOne…so true! They do and then are so remorseful when they get caught.
    “Love Child” what a misnomer. Hearing this boy labeled as such has to hurt Maria and her children. Maria is right to ask the kids to forgive him because she gets to move on without him accusing her of revenge—she gets to do that through the divorce lawyer.

  44. N.D. says:

    3 years ago this guy signed his divorce papers where it was stated he has no living children with Baena while 13 years ago he was listed in BC. That’s not a change one can not notice – you either have a son or you don’t – so obviously he DID know at least since the divorce and not found out last week. I think that’s a famewhoring at its finest.

    I understand why Baena listed her husband on BC and only insisted on DNA test later – she obviously were having sex with both men at the time and couldn’t have known for sure who the father is. If the boy didn’t look so much like Arnold he(and eveyone else now) wouldn’t ever find out the truth.

  45. Eve says:

    @ Maria and Original Bellaluna:

    Yes, sadly it’s still very common to see maids being also mistresses of their bosses (or the family’s sons’s “first time”). I just disagree with the notion that the women are usually the ones who pursue the men in these situations (the notion that some may have from reading Maria’s comment # 34 — I’m not saying she meant it that way though) .

    It’s often the other way around. And there’s a lot of abuse too — as in they (women) are expected to pleasure their bosses, as if it was a natural thing, as if it’s informally part of the job. Therefore they aren’t supposed to say “no”.

    I live in Brazil and I’ve seen/heard horrible things about what some of these women have to deal with on a daily basis. There are many stories of underage girls being taken as mistresses, of women literally being forced to have sex with them.

    Even nowadays, where the mentality is slowly changing, it’s really hard to press charges agaisnt these men. And even if they succeed, they will certainly lose their jobs…in Brazil it isn’t that easy to get a job — any job — for uneducated people (those with only elementary education or even high school degree), so the perspective of losing their jobs many times lead them to do what these men want. For every woman who will sue her boss and probably lose her job, there are many others wanting that very same spot. It’s all really sad.

    I know there are many cases where women see this (having an affair with the boss) as a way of changing their financial situation, or for pride (I’m sexier than his wife, he wants me because I’m pretty”), but most of them are grossed out by creeps like Schwarzie.

    Baena may be as sleazy as Schwarzenegger, but he’s the one who should take most of the backlash. I firmly believe he would have tried something even if she wasn’t so clearly “available”.

    About Baena’s looks. That doesn’t really matter when a man wants to cheat on their wives. That wouldn’t justify or explain it in any way because it’s the thrill of cheating that turns them on most of the time. In the specific situation of employer/employee, there’s also the thrill of using their power and position to get what they want.

  46. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Eve, “About Baena’s looks. That doesn’t really matter when a man wants to cheat on their wives. That wouldn’t justify or explain it in any way because it’s the thrill of cheating that turns them on most of the time. ”

    ITA. I was disgusted with one of the comments in a previous Arnold thread, where a poster said Arnold cheated because Maria must not have been doing her wifely duties or she would have been able to keep him from straying. Men who are cheaters cheat regarless, and they aren’t always picky about who they’re cheating with.

  47. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Eve – I know you’re right, but I’ve got my “ewwww face” on right now. The very idea that something like that would be an “unofficial expectation” of a domestic is disgusting.

  48. skilo says:

    Poor guy, poor kid. The rest of the players in this story are all f-ing sorry for what they have done to that kid and the man he thought was his father. This is a fine example of how money and power corrupt people. Shame.

  49. Rosi says:

    he’s such a worthless bastardo, fry his roving arse and send him back to where he came from, he used his wife to be somebody, on his own he’s been nothing but a steroid bred fool. In Europe they call him “Breimaul”

  50. jzhz says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what her looks have to do with any of this.

  51. Ronda says:

    Has Mr. Baena been paying child support for the little boy?

    For those attacking Maria, you need to STFU. Did Arnold’s baby mama think about Maria’s children? Did Arnold’s baby mama think about Maria when she was pregnant at the same time knowing that Arnold was her baby daddy and still took gifts from Maria.

    I do know this; the idiot reporters and the gutter entertainment shows need to quit referring to this child as “illegitmate, and all the pathetic names they have been labeling him.

    Leave the kid alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Ronda says:

    If this man was paying this woman child support he should make sure she faces charges of fraud. It is women like this that make all Mom’s getting child support a bad name.

    Once again, leave the kid alone.

  53. Ronda says:

    It is time Arnold is put back in his place. It is sad and pathetic that Arnold gets more attention for having a child while cheating on his wife, than he gets for giving a pardon to one of his cronies’ sons who was convicted of manslaughter.
    This shows how pathetic this country is.

  54. Ronda says:

    Arnold’s Manager says he’s putting Arnold’s projects on hold for now. Well America I say All of Arnold’s projects must be put on hold forever. This man after leaving office has the balls to state that because of him being governor it cost him millions and millions of dollars, despite the fact that California is in the worst shape of any state in the country.
    You wonder while America is the joke of the world right now and for many years to come.

  55. Kim says:

    Sad, I feel bad for him and the boy.

    Not an Arnold fan but California being in terrible financial shape is due to illegal immigration which costs California millions and millions in taxes, loss of labor for citizens, prisons, welfare. health care costs- the list goes on and on. Arnold did nothing as governor to stop this and Jerry Brown, so far, has done nothing to stop illegal immigration either. Someone needs to stand up to this HUGE problem in California! Remember that in the next election.

    I find it very sad when Americans say America is a joke. I as an American do not think we are a joke nor does every other country. They still all call us first to bail them out and still all aspire to be like America. Hence why millions immigrate to this country every year. NO OTHER COUNTRY HAS A HIGHER IMMIGRATION RATE THAN THE US- Fact! If we are such a joke why does everyone want to move here?

  56. Shy says:

    Everyone feel sorry for the kid. BUT WHY? Yesterday he was nobody. Just son of a maid. And now he officially is the son of superrich megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    That kid must be thrilled inside. And it wasn’t like Jude law daughter when he is like: “I will give you money. But I don’t care about baby. Leave me alone”. Arnold cared about his son. He gave money, he didn’t fire maid immediately, he probably saw kid too.

  57. Lucy says:

    when are these cheaters going to realize that they are not just cheating on their spouse, they are cheating on the whole family…their children, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins…splitting up a family for a quick roll in the hay…not worth it…

  58. Sherryb says:

    I think its funny how this guy says he didnt know, but on the divorce papers he has checked the box that says “no biological children”

  59. lachica says:

    i don’t believe this man. he has had a copy of the decree nisi where he was NOT mentioned as having a child. i call BS on this one.

  60. No offense men….but I have always said, “Pull a man’s zipper down…and his brains fall out.”

  61. Chris says:

    18 years, 18 years
    She got one of yo’ kids, got you for 18 years
    I know somebody payin’ child support for one of his kids
    His baby momma’s car crib is bigger than his
    You will see him on TV, any given Sunday
    Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
    She was supposed to buy ya shorty Tyco with ya money
    She went to the doctor got lipo with ya money
    She walkin’ around lookin’ like Michael with ya money
    Shoulda’ got that insured, GEICO for ya moneeey(your money)
    If you ain’t no punk holla’ we want pre-nup
    WE WANT PRE-NUP!, yeah
    It’s something that you need to have
    ‘Cause when she leave yo’ ass she gon’ leave with half
    18 years, 18 years
    And on her 18th birthday, he found out it wasn’t his?

    That song popped into my head for reason. Don’t know why. By the way that guy looks like Paulie from The Sopranos. Just sayin.

  62. Mieka31 says:

    OK, I have to say this. The man surely read his own divorce papers. Ans as for Maria taking heat because she leaked the story…First of all, we don’t know that Arnold isn’t leaking that. Second. Who cares? She told the truth. He lied to her for 13 years. Hea cheated with numerous women. Maria isn’t the one in the wrong. She is standing up for herself. Good for her! I have a friend going through a bitter divorce and custody dispute. Her husband was a cheating dog, but tried to accuse her of cheating to cover his tracks. He was also abusive I wish that she had gone to the police and told. The divorce wouldn’t be so difficult now. As for Arnold and Maria’s kids, they are mostly grown and able to understand. They are going to be hurt anyway. This would have been public no matter what. She’s a kennedy and he is a world famous actor. Be real, people! She did what she had to do. I think she was very restrained in not holding a press conference. And I say good for her for having the guts to be truthful and not accept this kind of humiliation.

  63. Mieka31 says:

    I also agree with Ronda. Leave the poor boy alone. He is not guilty in this.

  64. Chula Santiago says:

    Arnold is a PIG!

  65. cmentman says:

    Come on you all, use your brain. This guy is just trying to get some money out of this. When these two divorced, he claimed absolutely no rights to the child. He KNEW about this.

  66. Peg says:

    Bullshit! He just didn’t notice that he wasn’t paying child support? Does he have visitation? Any relationship with the kid? Arnie probably has him all set up financially too, along with a non disclosure.

  67. shane says:

    GOT has a lot of dialogue but much of it is dull as dirt and full of dumb cliches. It makes me think that there is too much pandering to the nerdy fan base that mistakes a lot of words about dragons and swords for deep literature. This is why Peter Dinklage steals the show — he has the best lines, and when he delivers them he gets to the point about something worth mentioning. Most of the other characters prattle on about boring shit no-one really cares about. Peter Jackson made Lord of the Rings watchable by gutting the rambling prose of Tolkien. GOT should take note.

  68. Janis B says:

    Why did leek this uglyness get out to the public and why was it reveiled after all these years. Revenge for being hurt? Only the child is going to be damaged by this leek. The secret had been kept all these years quite well..would like to know why and how the secret got out in the first place. As the children (all of them) will suffer the most. That is the saddness in all of this.. The children will suffer the most