K-Fed to appear on three episodes of Entourage

How does this fool keep getting work? He’s the laughingstock of the Teen Choice Awards, but still manages to get a talking gig on “CSI.” Now comes the news through the Pajiba weekly roundup that K-Fed has landed a three-episode talking part on the HBO series “Entourage”

Earlier this week, word came down that Kevin Federline would be appearing on “CSI” this fall. And not as a corpse, mind you, but with a full speaking part and everything. This news burnt my britches, but it didn’t get me into any kind out of an uproar since I don’t actually watch the “CSI.” But now comes word that K-Fed is going to appear on three episodes of my little lover “Entourage.” What the? I understand the typecasting, insofar as he will be playing some celebrity’s deadbeat husband. But seriously, you can’t throw a punch in Los Angeles without hitting an actor in need of work, and I guarantee that any single one of them gives a better performance busing the table at their day job than Federline could ever give. If anyone needs me, I’ll be bashing my head repeatedly with an iron, trying to fall into a blessed state of concussion. Popozao! — Seth Freilich

Like the author of this piece, the “CSI” gig didn’t bother me so much as this news that K-Fed’s going to be featured on “Entourage.” I really, really hope they make fun of him mercilessly, kind of like the way they portrayed Bob Sagat as a scumbag with hookers living at his mansion. It won’t really matter, though, because K-Fed won’t get the joke, and this will just feed his false bravado.

Here’s the reason K-Fed has any job at all other than struggling backup dancer, Britney. She is shown getting coffee on 8/29. It’s nice to see that her mom’s still around. What is up with those high-heeled flip flops she’s wearing? Pictures found at BreatheHeavy.com and taken by X17.

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  1. Randi says:

    I’m surprised the guy can walk given the number of horseshoes he must have up his ass.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Well he has a fools face surely enough. I guess he’s an idol in his own mind. Let him bask in his own glory while it lasts. Imagine, what if, K-Fed actually had to work for a living? Can you imagine him showing up for an real job looking like that and with that expression on his face? He’d last ten minutes before they’d boot his butt out the door. I guess when you’re married to an image, the image become psuedo reality. Someday that image will be gone and what is left is not always what they once thought it was. I do enjoy this site.


  3. Noooooooooooo says:

    Come on HBO…this is one of my favorite shows….now I’m going to have to skip three episodes. Why give him TV time? Please no.