Katie’s no-longer secret plan to escape Tom’s clutches

Someone blabbed to Star magazine that they overheard Katie Holmes having a legal-type lunch meeting in which it seemed like she was plotting to leave Tom. Given the vague content of the supposed conversation, however, it’s just as likely that she’s planning on suing someone in Hollywood for reneging on a contract:

“They were keeping their conversation low-key,” says the eyewitness. “But she kept saying, ‘I want to file this suit, even if it’s just to teach him a lesson!'” After the meal, Katie, 27 – who was not wearing her engagement ring, the eyewitness claims – insisted on picking up the $105 bill (plus a $30 tip), then left her date with tough final words: “The last thing she said before she left was, ‘Put the paperwork together – go ahead and do it!’

In my opinion, Katie saying she wants to teach “him” a lesson means nothing. She really could be talking about some no-good producer who promised her a role.

Everyone wants Katie to leave Tom, and it’s possible that was what this meeting was about, but it really seems like Star is jumping to conclusions. They even show how easily a helicopter could fit into the back of Tom’s estate to whisk Katie and non-existent Suri away.

If Katie was having a “secret” meeting to plan on leaving Tom, would she do it at the popular “Beverly Hills Hotel?” I doubt it. She would whisper to some guy posing as a shoe salesman at Barneys. She wants to file suit for some other boring reason, and we’ll find out what it is soon enough. Of course I hope I’m wrong, though, because that would be good news indeed.

Thanks to popbytes for the Star scans and quote.

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  1. Randi says:

    At least there was no word of there being a ‘handler’ with her.

  2. Kate says:

    It is unlikely, I agree, that this particular meeting was about leaving Tom. But is it that unlikely that she might leave him soon? He has been dropped by Universal apparently, and his career might be taking a permanent nose-dive. It may not be good for her career to stay with him any longer.

  3. Dayngr says:

    Career? What career? Katie Holmes has no career unless you call Dawson’s Creek a body of work. LOL! Oh and did you see her in First Daughter? Yeah, that is about as good as she gets. Same basic concenpt whiny emotional misunderstood girl trying to find her way in the world. Oh how life imitates art…

  4. jaz says:

    she’s so done…sad her real ticket to fame was hooking up with that gay midget Tom Freak

  5. Memmers says:

    If she really has intentions of suing someone other than Tom, trust me she wouldn’t be doing any of the talking. Did we forget how she can’t do anything without Tom. For Gods Sake people he held her hair while she blew out her candles. I think this is all BULL. No one saw nothing!!!!!

  6. jaz says:

    and his apology to Brooke Shields came too late to salvage his image…It’s just another publicity stunt. Bitch is just grabbing onto anything now to survive in the public’s eye…

  7. jaz says:

    it’d be nice if we could enlarge that image to read the article…thanks

  8. millie says:

    she’s not leaving him now that he’s been publicly bitch-slapped by Paramount. He’s not going to let her out of his sight and I’m sure the process of indoctrination is going into its final stage before they get married. I really think that Katie was pregnant or found out she was pregnant when he first approached her–she thought he was her salvation (no embarrassing explanations who got her pregnant etc) and she offered him an opportunity to have a “biological” child–the reason why they kept Suri hidden is because she’s older than her official age. This would explain him jumping all over her when they first showed up in public–he knew she was preg already and had to appear like they were desperately in love, not just going out casually, like most couples first do.

  9. jen anizton says:

    what the hell on the world is wrong with her she became this robot who the only words she can say is ” he’s my man i love him he’s awsome” it is like he recoded these words on her.and i agree she had no that much of career in the first place but atleast she was able to say morethan those few words.and as tom he’s control freak who’s from another world .what a sick person he’s is.

  10. jen anizton says:

    yeah one more thing not her parents see their own grandchild becouse tom say so she’s stupid in my book she gone dead.if my husband say my parents can’t see my child i swear i would leave him in a second and remember her family is not some nut job but a good people and loving hones people who only want to spend time with the grand doughter.and she was very very close with all her family members before tom but one thing i know is tom won’t be there when she realy needs him like the when she just had the baby and where was he all over the world .common now if i was almost 50 yrs guy and my girlfreind had my baby hell i woundn’t leave by her side no matter what. my mom and dad are first people to see my child and not the last persons to see.

  11. MizLiz says:

    Katie should be doing a lot of things, but please people, remember she’s been brainwashed by experts. The CIA and NSA have nothing on these cultists. If her parents can just get her away from Cruise, she’s going to need intensive therapy to repair the damage.

  12. Please be careful, Katie. Tom Cruise is a very angry little man. Utterly venomous. There’s just no telling what he’s capable of.