Angelina Jolie on Brad Pitt: “Physically he’s a real man, in all things that it means”


Angelina Jolie allegedly has a new interview with The Telegraph (UK). I say “allegedly” because even though some of the quotes seem new to me, many of the Brangeloonie commenters on Telegraph’s site are claiming that they were pulled from other sources. Perhaps we can agree that even if Angelina didn’t technically say this stuff to The Telegraph, she said it to somebody, and thus, it’s newsworthy? You can read the full Telegraph piece here – I found it to be an interesting, although exhaustive and sycophantic read. Here are some highlights:

Angelina on being told that Johnny Depp considers she and Brad the “Taylor-Burton” couple currently: Jolie smiles when I pass on Depp’s observation. ‘Did he really say that?’ I can’t tell if she’s pleased or not. ‘Well, I’ll take it as a compliment. When we made The Tourist we hung out constantly, although we were boring and just had play dates with the kids. [Depp’s boy] Jack and Maddox played the computer the whole time.’

Jolie on her attatchment to the now David Fincher-helmed Cleopatra project: ‘[Cleopatra] has been very misunderstood,’ Jolie tells me. ‘I thought it was all about the glamour, but then I read about her and she was a very strong mother, she spoke five languages and she was a leader.’ The producer, Scott Rudin, conceived the film with Jolie in mind. Taylor herself was reportedly not pleased. Insiders have said that she rebuffed Jolie’s attempts to get her blessing for the project and hated the idea of the film being remade. ‘My performance will never be as lovely as Elizabeth’s,’ Jolie says. ‘We are trying to get into a different truth about her as a pharaoh in history and not as a sex symbol, because she really wasn’t. Even this idea of her having many lovers – it was possible that it was only two. She is very interesting, but she wasn’t a great beauty.’

On the subject of marriage: ‘We are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together,’ is all she will say on the subject. That and that she ‘loves France. I can’t move about Paris as much as I’d like to but the children go out with other people sometimes so that they can have the experience.’

On child-rearing: ‘When Brad and I decided to have a large family we decided we’d only do it if we could be really hands-on and take the kids with us, seeing them every day,’ says Jolie. ‘I am always there on weekends, I only ever work a five-day week, and I am often there for breakfast or dinner. When I’m working they come up at lunch. It’s a special time for Daddy when Mom works for a few months. And Brad is such a great dad. When I’m working he’s putting in the extra dad time, and that’s special for their relationship, too.’

On motorcycles: ‘I have an MV Augusta,’ she says. ‘But Brad is the real rider. He’s really good.’ She also flies a plane. ‘But that said, I love being a woman. I love that I can have children. I love feeling soft, I love being with Brad, I love all the sensitivity and natural emotion.’

On her full-length feature directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey: It was originally being filmed in Bosnia itself but had to move to Hungary when protests broke out over a rumoured inter-ethnic rape scene, which Jolie denies. ‘That was a misunderstanding,’ she tells me. ‘I sat down and decided I would write one day,’ continues Jolie. ‘I didn’t intend on writing anything or directing anything but I wrote a piece and Brad read it and said, “You know what, honey, it’s not too bad. It’s pretty good.” We joked about it, but then the next thing I knew I didn’t trust anyone else with the material and I was directing the movie. I had such a great experience and Brad was so supportive.’

More on Brad: ‘I am very lucky with Brad,’ she goes on. ‘He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man’s man. He’s got the wonderful balance of being an extraordinary, great, loving father, a very, very intelligent man and physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.’

On her mother’s death: ‘That will never heal,’ she says, softly. ‘But somebody gave me great advice. They said to me: “You’ll never get over it and you’ll never want to.” My mum was my role model. People called her Marshmallow because she was so soft. But also she was so strong of heart and fiercely protective of her kids. Her integrity was unbreakable. The world couldn’t darken her. And now my daughters are very strong, too.’

The future: Once Kung Fu Panda 2 is released she’ll work on the distribution of her Bosnian War love story and begin developing a film about Churchill and Roosevelt (Sir Anthony Hopkins may take on the role of Churchill). This summer she’ll also star in the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign, at about the same time as beginning pre-production on Cleopatra. ‘I love my job and I love my family,’ she concludes. ‘But I’m not 20 anymore and I’m going to want to do a lot of other things with my life. At some point I will slow down.’ Just not yet.

[From The Telegraph]

I found the stuff about the Cleopatra movie interesting, because I’m so, so worried about it. I worry that David Fincher will cast Brad Pitt in a role. I worry that Fincher will hire Trent Reznor for the Cleopatra score. I worry that although the film is supposedly based on a book which uses the historical record on Cleopatra, that this will become a cesspool of historical revisionism. That being said, I like the idea of Angelina as Cleopatra. I just wish Clive Owen and Ian McKellan’s names were being bandied about (as Marc Anthony and Caesar, obviously).

As for the rumors about Brad and Angelina finally getting hitched – Brad talked about it in his interview over the weekend. I think it could happen, honestly. And I would pay a lot of money to see Empress Zahara’s flower girl outfit.





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  1. N.D. says:

    She’s so living in her happy bubble.

    Probably it’s the only way in their situation when they are hunted and when there are so much negativity towards their family.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    The Telegraph is a tabloid so its kinda hard to believe Angelina had an actual interview with them, the only parts of the interview I could see being pulled from a past interview are the ones about her mom. It wasn’t a bad interview and it wasn’t heavy tabloid speak…a tabloid uses even the tiniest most to create some scandal and I see a little of it when they talked about In the Land of Milk and Honey, the whole rape thing which they didn’t say was a false rumor, they really shouldn’t have mentioned it at all, and supposedly Angie blushes.

    If there was any truth the interview, I can say I really enjoyed it. Love the way Angie talks about things. She is very happy.

  3. Nikkers says:

    She looks great in the photo with Clive — although anyone would look good standing with him.

  4. Laura says:

    Yes! As a recently converted Brangaloonie stuff like this is the best way to start out my boring work day. More please!

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Some things I just don’t need to know…

  6. Eve says:

    I think these interviews where they’re talking about how much they love each other are kinda repetitive and boring. Also, sycophantic, as you (Kaiser) say.

    And I don’t quite get what she’s trying to say that he’s “real man in all the things that it means”. Hmmm…I’ve always been sure he’s not a drag king.

    Anyway, the one thing regarding the movie Cleopatra I’m worried about is Fincher casting Pitt as Mark Antony. That would be a huge mistake.

    P.S.: I wish they’d cast James Puresex as Mark Antony, who would reprise his role from HBO’s Rome. However, I don’t think they’ll do that. Unfortunately. Because he’d be perfect: tall, dark, handsome and a good actor. He nailed the role in Rome.

  7. Jen34 says:

    I’m not a huge fan, but she looks so beautiful and every inch the movie star in that orangey/coral dress.

    And I clicked on this because thought she said that Brad was real mean. Glad I got that wrong!

  8. mia girl says:

    ‘I am very lucky with Brad,’ she goes on. ‘He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man’s man. He’s got the wonderful balance of being an extraordinary, great, loving father, a very, very intelligent man and physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.’

    What does any of this crap mean? Real men’s men are not gentlemen? That being a great father is somehow not usually balanced with being physically a “real man”? And why does she feel she needs to assure us that Brad is a “real man”? Was there doubt?

    I call BS that Jolie said this (doesn’t seem her style). Someone at the Telegraph is making up sh*t, and poorly I might add.

    If Jolie did say this, wow… then I believe those that post here that AJ/BP will say anything when they are pushing their/each other’s latest movies.

  9. RHONYC says:

    she’s had ‘THE’ creme de la creme in hot male co-stars:

    Clive Owen
    Ethan Hawke
    Gerard Butler
    Antoinio Banderas
    Denzel Washington
    and of course her # 1, Mr. Bradley Pitt himself.

    the girl’s got the most ridiculous mojo that town’s ever seen! 😆

  10. lily says:

    I can’t get enough of these two. Always hit the computer for tidbits before going to work. They are intelligent and caring individuals. I see nothing wrong with gushing about your other significant and family. Like you I will pay a lot, A LOT of money to see their children as flower girls and ring bearers. I’m a devoted fan of anything Brad and Angelina and of course Celebitchy.

  11. Eve says:

    If they actually get married, I wonder about the level of crazy that will take place on gossip blogs and magazines’s sites. I’m thinking internet will turn into a black hole, dragging everything around towards its center.

  12. lily says:

    One more before I go to work

    Don’t forget about these hotties with Angelina
    James McAvoy
    Olivier Martinez
    Johnny Depp
    Colin Farrell
    Matt Damon
    Daniel Craig

  13. WhiteNoise says:

    Uh, the Telegraph is NOT a tabloid, it’s a broadsheet and on a par with The Times and The Guardian. And while I’m sure there’s a bit of creative journalism in there, there’s also nothing in there that doesn’t sound like something she would have said.

    I don’t know what it is but while I like these two, I find their recent interviews in particular really sickly. I know they have to do a certain amount of movie PRing but really, who needs that ‘Brad is all man’ detail?

    Finding it hard also to get excited about Jolie as Cleopatra.

  14. mln76 says:

    Yup these are old quotes from the Tourist promotion…it’s always good to recycle right 😉

  15. thesea says:

    She kind of reminds me of Katie Holmes when she does this.

    I wonder, if her kids asked her to have her tattoos removed, would she?

  16. RHONYC says:

    @ lily:

    ohhhh yeah, i almost forgot! 😉

  17. Cheyenne says:

    I very much doubt Cleopatra will ever get re-made, or at least re-made with Angie in it. And as much as I like her with Brad, they had better not cast him as Antony.

  18. Runs with Scissors says:

    yeah, these quotes sound very off, as though someone wrote them from scratch, (although much better writing than usual) or else they took old quotes and mish-mashed them together, they don’t sound real.

    @Eve, I agree, the crazy that would ensue if they decide to get married would be beyond ridiculous.

  19. Eve says:

    @ Runs with Scissors:

    @Eve, I agree, the crazy that would ensue if they decide to get married would be beyond ridiculous.

    Yeah…we’d have 250+ comments on every thread. I think I’d refrain myself from commenting on them though.

    But it’d be fun to watch, non?

  20. someone says:

    She would be horrible as Cleopatra….

  21. tapioca says:

    In the Land of Blood and Honey?

    Sounds like the title of a Uwe Boll-directed crapfest!

    She does look absolutely stunning in the fuller-faced pic with Clive Owen; sadly more “freshly-punched-out-of-a-grave” in the ones above and below it.

  22. jinni says:

    I really wish the Angie in the Clive Owen pic would return; just look at that smile. Anyway some of these quotes seem weird and kind of random and I find it funny that she seems to have become so traditional in the way she describes gender and herself. She always gave the impression that she was kind of androgynous (personailty wise anyway). Now it’s feminine this, manly man that; it just doesn’t sound like her.

  23. anonymous says:

    Angelina’s quote” He (Brad Pitt) is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man’s man. Jennifer Aniston should know. The web went viral after Brad Statements about his going to give mommy a kiss remark, this statement ,might create the same animosity amonst the JA fans, some of the posts on all of the web sites was so vicious I had to stop reading them, after 6 yrs going on 7 it is hard to believe people hold such animosity towards this adorable couple.

  24. Solveig says:

    “physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.’”*

    Ok, we all have seen the picture of a naked Brad Pitt, you don’t fool us.
    I won’t say a thing about that “very, very intelligent man”, I don’t have the courage to.

    So is it confirmed that they are going to make that Cleopatra movie?
    Meh, I don’t like movies like that, I don’t like Fincher and I don’t like her cartoonish (over)acting.
    What can be worse?
    Oh, Brad Pitt in it.
    And her accent.

    *PS: I hate, hate, hate when celebrities share their most intimate details about their lives. Is privacy so an underrated value there?

  25. lisas says:

    She is just so ridiculously beautiful it short-circuits my brain.

  26. original kate says:

    “physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.’”

    this sounds like something a “twilight” obsessed teen would say. did she really say that? and did she really blush while saying it? somehow i doubt it but if it’s true…ick.

  27. bluhare says:

    @solveig: I haven’t seen any naked Brad Pitt photos!

  28. Ally says:

    The Taylor-Burton Cleopatra movie is wonderful, but it is an overwrought cheesefest. It would be interesting to see another take on it, something more historically accurate.

    David Fincher is a misogynist moviemaker, though (women are either non-existent or getting hacked to death in sex crimes in his movies) so I don’t think I’d be interested. Better to put the director of The Other Boleyn Girl on it.

    Great casting idea on Clive Owen, though, Kaiser. He’d be amazing. I wonder if he’d accept the role?

  29. foozy says:

    she also had colin farrell as a co star. anyway, love her and i think she’ll be a great cleopatra!! i also think that clive owen isn’t a bad choice at all…..

  30. Kim123 says:

    CUT AND PASTE someone on the Telegraph comment section listed all the interviews this was stolen from. Plagiarized since no sources were mentioned.Yet all the sites are calling it a new extensive interview so she will be critized about stuff she said years ago as usual

  31. power of love says:

    Good to see a couple still so in love after so many years (& kids!) together!! Some of the quotes do sound like they are “older” than her Kung Fu Panda 2 interviews (Tourist? Salt? Changeling?). Some of the “quotes” sound like they’ve been translated from English into another language (or 2) and back into English again (not necessarily w/ the best translator, either!).

  32. 4Real says:

    “physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.”

    Oh no she DI’INT!~

  33. lambchops says:

    I think they could keep some things to themselves, especially talking about the size of his manhood. They put themselves in an untenable position when they both do interviews. They want to be simultaneously seen as down to earth, yet somehow better and above the rest of us. It just doesn’t work. I’d prefer it if they talked less about their lives and their perfect chaos and more about their films b/c at the end of the day they aren’t really just like the rest of us at all and who wants them to be? That’s the whole fun of movie stars.

  34. kitty says:

    How come no one ever bags on Ang for her shiny smooth forehead? Nicole Kidman gets ripped for this but botox is never mentioned when it comes to St. Angie, why?

  35. Stella says:

    As far as I’m concerned Brad and Ang are already married. They have the children to prove it! They are not royalty. They are not William and Kate. They are two human beings who make their living as actors. Humanitarians they are, special they are not. Just two people living their lives in front of a camera.

  36. RHONYC says:

    @ bluhare

    oh i have, and T-R-U-S-T me he ain’t nothin’ to write home about i’ll tell ya that!

    like @ solveig said. not much to mention. lol 😆

    perhaps, i’m wrong but i didn’t gather that statement as referring to his johnson, but that just Brad is a guy’s guy with coming from the Midwest & all. 😉

  37. Michelle says:


  38. Cheyenne says:

    @olivia: Do you have that photo taped to your pillow?

  39. Cheyenne says:

    anonymous: some of the posts on all of the web sites was so vicious I had to stop reading them

    The Aniston partisans are absolutely terrified that a Brad/Angie marriage may be in the works. They are still hoping that he will leave Angie and the kids and run back to Jennifer, beg her forgiveness for dumping her, which she will graciously bestow, and they will re-marry and live together happily ever after.

  40. Eve says:

    Oh, come on, people. His penis is anything but small. It’s medium-sized and I think those pictures don’t show him with a hard-on.

    For all we know, it probably grows at least a couple of inches when it’s fully erect.

    Also, he may be a “grower” (see Tommy Lee’s case).

    P.S.: I always giggle at the Buffalo Bill moves (Silence of The Lambs) in those pictures.

    P.P.S.: I can’t believe I’m discussing Pitt’s P-E-N-I-S on a blog.

  41. Sakyiwaa says:

    well, my my, i wouldn’t have believed it if hadn’t seen those naked pics link maself!!! omggggggggggggggggggggg! i couldn’t stare at it for too long though… uh-uh, i was too scared, i might self-combust, lol! i can’t believe BP has naked pics! omgggggggggg!

    okaaay, !phew’….
    now that i’m calm, numero uno. i don’t really think this Telegraph interview is an exclusive… jus sumfn to set tongues wagging and boost tab sales per usual… and dos. even if she did say ’em, i find absolutely nothing wrong with a lover saying the first thing that popz into her head wen asked zbout her man. mebbe she’d jux been over the Milky Way and back…know wat i’m sayin’, *wink*

    ergo…itz jux another day, another picking apart of Brad and Angie quotes…:)

  42. Sakyiwaa says:

    @kitty; cos Angie has lines in her forehead when she makes facial expressions unlike Kidman… and Angie’s entire face is often shiny smooth, not only her forehead. go back and check previous Angie posts, she always has laughter lines and all sorts of creases in her face when she makes any kind of expression….
    lemme jux add that personally, I never rag on Kidman in any form though. i think she’s alright.

  43. Runs with Scissors says:

    “@olivia: Do you have that photo taped to your pillow?”

    Ha! You know it. Pulled that link out pretty fast there!

    God, his body. Crazy.

    And yeah, Eve, I don’t think anyone who has actually been with a man would say that those pics reflect actual size… just great promise… lol.

  44. Liana says:

    “I worry that Fincher will hire Trent Reznor for the Cleopatra score.”

    Reznor scores well. I wouldn’t have any issue with him doing the score at all.

    If the film comes from different source material, then it’s not a remake of the Burton/Taylor ridiculousness.

  45. mln76 says:

    Are we really going there???I think Olivia has officially lost the right to call anyone a loon.

  46. Eve says:

    @ Mln76, Cheyenne and Runs with Scissors:

    Again Olivia provides good info and links about the Jolie-Pitts. That’s not lunacy, that’s a public service.

    I often enjoy her contributions to the posts.

  47. sandy#1 says:

    wow! even more reason to love brad, that body is magnificent, that’s what all the fuss is constantly about, even if quotes were made up,i understand her description of him, gentleman, plus man’s man and fatherly, work it Jolie, she’s gorgeous. more please.

  48. CoffeeTalk says:

    Cheyenne: I can count myself as an Aniston fan and I do NOT want to see her and Brad get back together.

    And I highly doubt that most Aniston fans want that. If a person is still on the Aniston bandwagon at this point, chances are they admire her for being a single lady who isn’t ashamed of dating around and not getting married again.

    You seem to be the only one expressing anything like this. And why do you obsessively bring up Aniston in Jolie and Pitt threads?

  49. Sue says:

    “The Aniston partisans are absolutely terrified that a Brad/Angie marriage may be in the works. They are still hoping that he will leave Angie and the kids and run back to Jennifer”

    Cheyenne I sure don’t know where these fans are – except in your mind. No one, Jen fans, included want these two back together. I go to many different celebrity sites, Jen ones included and have never seen this. And exactly why on a Brad/Angie post is Jen mentioned by a Brad/Angie fan. Obsessed much?

    I have to say that Angie was so beautiful it hurt a few years back. What happened to her?

  50. N.D. says:

    wow 🙂 Brad was/is delicious.

    “@olivia: Do you have that photo taped to your pillow?”
    She totally does 😀

  51. jenni says:

    I don’t get the ‘Yes I have a plane’ and then weirdly straight into …’but that said I love being a woman and soft and being able to have children and natural emotion.’

  52. N.D. says:

    @jenni It’s because this interview isn’t a real interview it’s a mix of old/new quotes.

  53. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Solveig: “*PS: I hate, hate, hate when celebrities share their most intimate details about their lives.”

    Did she because it’s my understanding word barf like this can only come from Harlequin Romance: “’physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.’”


  54. skibunny says:

    Cheyenne I think it’s you who is pissed that he was married to Aniston in the first place.
    Angie looks like a shell of her former self. Does she have consumption issues? Not enough food or too much dope? She doesn’t appear healthy to me. Scary skinny.

  55. Cheyenne says:

    @Eve: That photo has been circulating the internet for the past ten years. Why Olivia thought it necessary to trot it out again, God only knows.

    @Sue & Coffeetalk: Sez you. If they don’t want them back together, then why the avalance of vicious comments? Sounds like a dog-in-the-manger kind of reaction, know what I’m saying? I bet a dollar to a donut hole if they actually did get married, the screams of anguish could be heard all the way to Outer Mongolia.

  56. olivia says:

    I’m sorry I have to disappoint you but the link to these pictures I found when I looked through Gawker this morning.

    And here’s the Chosen One and his photos I have tapped to my pillow: 🙂

  57. dorothy says:

    Why do these people feel the need to tell every detail about their life? Some things people should have the dignity to keep to themselves.

  58. Solveig says:

    May 31st, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Oh, come on, people. His penis is anything but small. It’s medium-sized and I think those pictures don’t show him with a hard-on.

    Eh, his penis looks like one of those shy, sad penis who stare at you with a frightened look, those ones who are thinking something like “I want to come out, but I’m too shy to”.
    He has (had) a great body, tho.

    @olivia, thanks for posting the link, those pictures are hysterical

  59. Sue says:

    “If they don’t want them back together, then why the avalance of vicious comments?”

    You act like these are the only two celebrities who get nasty comments? That is equivilant to saying that Tom Cruise gets nasty comments because Nicole Kidman’s fans want them back together? Some individuals actually dislike Pitt – hard to believe for a fan I know, but true. Some individuals have disliked Angie since her young days when she acted alot like Lindsey. The fact that she got with Brad Pitt did not suddenly made them like her.

    As for marriage I think that everyone agrees that with six kids you should get married. I don’t think it would upset anyone at all. I honestly don’t think they are going to – i think it was just a ploy to get attention for his movie. But I for one think it is a great idea. It needs to be done.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    @Skibunny: I thought he’d lost his marbles, but hell, it was his decision and he had to live with it for five years. People do all kinds of dumbass things and marrying somebody because your agents set it up is one of them.

    @Solveig: Glad you found something to brighten your drab days. 🙂

  61. B says:

    The photo of Angelina with Clive O is when she was her prettiest and healthiest. she is so sickly looking now… makes me wonder about Brad.

  62. Solveig says:

    @Bill Hicks is God, I don’t know exactly where this word barf comes from (ok, fame*horing), but I highly doubt she blushes like the character of a Harlequin Romance.
    More likely the vein in her forehead would pulse in syncopated rhythm*, reminding me of those creepy ‘worms’ that crawled under the skin of some X-Files’ character.
    So romantic!
    And it’s not MV Augusta, it’s MV Agusta.

    *I’m pretty sure that something like that happened during a recent interview for KFP2, it was creepy . 😐

    Ps: “codpiece” is my new favourite English word.

  63. skibunny says:

    @Cheyenne: I don’t think that was an arranged marriage. Why would they spend a million dollars on a farce?

  64. Erin says:

    @Liana – I totally agree! I love Reznor’s work, with a few exceptions. It would give it an edge that Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra would help fit.

  65. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: Aniston’s fans most certainly do not want her to get back with Pitt. I think that’s a delusion that the more rabid Brange partisans have, because they like to think that Pitt is some sort of prize that AJ “won”. A guy who cheats on you isn’t a prize and neither is one who is too craven to file for divorce before subjecting his wife to tabloid photos of he and his mistress playing happy family on a beach somewhere.

  66. B says:

    It seems as if Brad Pitt has sucked the life right out of her eyes.

  67. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: You know, if that marriage was “arranged” as you claim, that means that both parties were getting something out of it. So, what was Pitt getting out of it? It wasn’t fame, because he was already A list. It wasn’t money, because he was already rich. It wasn’t sex, because he could have gotten that anywhere. So… what was in it for him? There aren’t that many reasons in HW to have a fake romance when you are already A list, are there?

  68. Liana says:

    @Erin (I think): Trent’s score was the only thing I LIKED about The Social Network.

  69. B says:

    like a vacuum

  70. Alix says:

    ‘…and physically he’s a real man,’ she says, blushing slightly, ‘in all things that it means.’

    I call BS. Angelina Jolie’s never blushed in her life, and there’s no way she wouldn’t come out and say, “Dude is HUNG and I’m happy.”

  71. skibunny says:

    People do all kinds of dumbass things and marrying somebody because your agents set it up is one of them.

    @Cheyenne: it doesn’t matter how they met. They were together for several years before he married her. Sorry to break it to you but I think he loved her. At least until he started thinking with his teeny weeny peni.

  72. Pixie Stix says:

    Am so, so tired of her talking about Brad being a real man, yawn.


  73. mln76 says:

    Eve I didn’t say she shouldn’t post at all just didnt that anyone that has the URL of Brad’s weiner pics on speed dial has no right to label anyone else on their sanity or obsession level. BTW Brad sued over those because they were taken on his property while he was unaware most sites don’t allow them since he won damages.

  74. Louise says:

    I always think it’s easy to tell fake interviews from real ones. This is obvious a fake interview considering there’s no flow, random quotes, and talk about Johnny Depp and The Tourist not Jack Black and Kung Fu Panda.

  75. N.D. says:

    @Canuck: Aniston’s fans most certainly do not want her to get back with Pitt.

    Yes. They only want him to be sorry he ever left her.

    I think mln76 got it right when she said that what haters hate Pitt for is not that he left Aniston for Jolie per se but that he was so decisive about it. That there were no drama, no struggle, no desperate “to be or not to be” moment for him – he just got up and left and never even pretended to suffer because of his divorce. It was (and still is) so obvious that he thinks he made a right decision.

    That’s what makes some desperately wish him to be WRONG about it in a biggest way possible, that’s why they go from one crazy conspiracy to even crazier one while the years go by.

  76. jinni says:

    Those naked Brad pics aren’t as hard to find as some of you guys are making it out to be. So, I don’t believe that the poster who put them up has some special obsession with Brad or his penis.

    OT: All of this fighting over Brad nonsense that posters partake in on behalf of Aniston and Jolie has actually made me really dislike him. I wasn’t his biggest fan, but now I won’t even watch his movies when they come on t.v. or pay to see them in the theatres anymore. Sometimes I think he’s the one behind all of the tab stories because he’s the one that comes out looking like a prize while the women are hated, he’s the only one that really benefits from these tales without harm to his reputation.

  77. mln76 says:

    @ jinni I’ve only seen them on Female First on most other sites you can get banned for posting them.

  78. Crash2GO2 says:

    @N.D. What crazy conspiracies?

  79. Camille says:

    I guess the only thing people have left to bash AJ about these days is her weight loss. *shrugs* 😆

    She is the most beautiful looking ‘Un-dead’ I have ever seen in my life. 😀

  80. Sue says:

    To the above poster who wrote “Yes. They only want him to be sorry he ever left her”.

    First I am not sure where you are getting all this made up stuff – from your head maybe like Cheyenne. I have never been to any celebrity site and even Jen’s fan pages where any fan has ever and I mean ever stated that they wanted Brad to be sorry for leaving Jen. I have heard many brad/angie fans make up stories to this. Brad was out of Jen’s life long ago and I don’t think that anyone cares anymore about it except the Brad/Angie fans (well and maybe In touch and Star). Good grief it has been like almost seven years or something and the Brad/Angie fans cannot get though one blog post without bringing up Jen. Move along people.

    Your comment was a bit scary – ” he just got up and left and never even pretended to suffer because of his divorce”. What does that say about a man. I don’t care why someone married, if you are married for a few years and do not suffer in anyway after a divorce you have no heart. All partners regardless of how a marriage ends go though some stress and strain. Your statment about Brad does not do him any favors – it makes him look like a rude, arrogant, unfeeling, selfish person. Of course Brad went though some drama and a struggle – if he didn’t he isn’t much of a man.

    In all honesty I believe that Brad/Angie’s fans do them a huge diservice by acting like they know them and how they live and what they feel. I don’t even think that brad would want people saying that he left and could not have cared less.

  81. imabrat says:

    The new Hollywood poster couple for Parents who still have Sex.

    Old and repetitive stories of how they love each other, how wonderful their family is, how they’re civic minded artists, just how dang incredible they are.

  82. jinni says:

    mln76: I’ve seen links to them on both D-listed and a place called Lipstick Alley, so to me it doesn’t seem that hard to find since so many places have them available.

  83. Zara says:

    I have to say that Angie was so beautiful it hurt a few years back. What happened to her?

    @Sue, in short Brad happened. He sucked all the life and vitality out of her leaving behind this tabloid battered shell of her former self.

  84. mln76 says:

    @Sue & Crash2GO2 you should check out Female First a couple of the posters here don’t even bother changing their names from that site…They are pretty sick individuals and yes they think some crazy shit about the JP’s.

  85. B says:

    jinni: “OT: All of this fighting over Brad nonsense that posters partake in on behalf of Aniston and Jolie has actually made me really dislike him. I wasn’t his biggest fan, but now I won’t even watch his movies when they come on t.v. or pay to see them in the theatres anymore. Sometimes I think he’s the one behind all of the tab stories because he’s the one that comes out looking like a prize while the women are hated, he’s the only one that really benefits from these tales without harm to his reputation.”
    I so agree. all of the fighting posters have one thing in common… they love brad pitt. LoL I think I used to be a fan of his but not anymore. I think he’s a big poser and he totally sucked the life right out of Angelina. Like a vacuum.

  86. N.D. says:

    @Sue It makes him a man who knows what he wants and what he can get and goes for it. I’m sure the divorce gave him some sads and some regrets but that was a price he paid willingly and happily and immersed himself in building his happiness elsewhere right away.

    And yes, I find it very likable quality in people. To be honest with others you have to be honest with yourself first. Acknowledging the reality of your own feelings and acting accordingly in a honest constructive way is the best policy for any kind of relationships in my humble opinion.

    Speaking of honesty, “nobody cares” about Brangelina anymore, seriously? That total indifference is the reason why every little shit about them makes headlines all around the world and inspires holywar in comments?

  87. mike says:


    I find it rather funny that you worry the new Cleopatra will be a cesspool of historical revisionism… Since when has there been a Cleopatra movie even remotely accurate?

    Even if Angie’s Cleopatra is only 1% historically accurate, it will be 99% more historically accurate than Taylor’s Cleopatra…

  88. Laughternrain says:

    Canuck, since Brad didn’t cheat, your post is redundant. I know some Aniston fans cling to the lie of an affair because it makes them feel better about Jen’s part in her marriage breakup, but facts are facts there was no affair and confusing a work photoshoot with something private is not Brad and Ange’s fault.

  89. Laughternrain says:

    The Pitt photos are easy to find, if you know how to use ‘Image’ on Google and type in ‘Brad Pitt’. Thats all anyone has to do, they show up (pardon the pun) immediately. And yes, having seen the picks of a *very* well-endowed Brad, can I say Ange is a very very lucky woman! drool, pant pant. 🙂

  90. thesea says:

    Does nobody see the Stepford wife?

    I think Angie goes on and on about being a “soft woman” and Brad being “a real man” because she has no idea what either gender is. She didn’t have very good role models as parents and she is like a kid playing with dolls – role playing – because she is clueless what a real relationship is like. I also think this is why her child has gender issues. If you ask me this is the role of a lifetime for her and she is overplaying it – but she was never a very good actress – just good at drawing attention to herself because she has an endless need for it.

    And as for getting married for the kids, please, will they get divorced for the kids one day too? I mean if the kids ask them? If the kids asked them to jump of a bridge would they? Such bullochs! Who lets their kids run their lives?! Angie has been angling to marry Brad since day one and she has played this manipulation with obsession. Now she is using her kids!

    And believe me people – that little “piece of paper” changes everything.

  91. Crash2GO2 says:

    Wow. I it seems the Brange are loosing their Midas touch. At least with the majority of this crowd.

  92. Cheyenne says:

    Sue: Your comment was a bit scary – ” he just got up and left and never even pretended to suffer because of his divorce”. What does that say about a man.

    I think that might depend on the circumstances. If the marriage had been going fairly well and he suddenly met another woman and decided the grass was greener on the other side of the fence, then I would agree he is a heartless, unfeeling S.O.B. But from all reports, his marriage to Aniston had been on life support for at least a year before he ever met Jolie. I think he did all his suffering while he was still married. Once he made up his mind to end it, I think his overwhelming feeling is relief.

    BTW there are several reports that on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith he talked to Angie about his unhappiness in his marriage and told her he wanted to end it and Angie said “Don’t do it”. She may have realized even at that point that she would be accused of breaking up his marriage if he left his wife.

  93. Zoya says:

    @ #58 dorothy:

    So people can worship their pseudo perfect lives and validate their narcissistic existence. No room for dignity when your life is about feeding off mass attention and adoration.

  94. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D. and mln: You both got it right. It wasn’t so much that he left her, it’s the way he left her. Thanks for saying it better than I did.

  95. shay says:

    I’m just kind of sick of these two. I originally enjoyed Angie’s work especially “Girl Interrupted” but having read about her I rather think she didn’t actually have alot of acting to do in that role. Frankly, I think St. Angie has an anti-social, superior personality and I don’t care for it.
    Brad Pitt and Angelina both seem to be excellent at handling the media and presenting the image they want out there. I just wished they didn’t seem to be constantly talking about their sex life, children’s lives, and personal relationship. Tell us about getting into the role for “Inglorious Basterds” or the funny moments filming “The Tourist.” Please quit telling us you’re going to get married. We’ll all be thrilled when you do just so you can stop talking about it!

  96. Canuck says:

    @ND: “Yes. They only want him to be sorry he ever left her.”

    No, it’s not even that. And I would disagree about the decisiveness. Had he been decisive, it wouldn’t have been left at “we’re trying to work things out” in January, HE would have filed for divorce right off the bat. Instead, SHE filed for divorce, a day or two after those beach pix hit the tabs.

    I’d say it’s far more a case of wanting to see karma bite Brad in the b*tt for the atrocious way he threw Aniston under a bus in the aftermath. Even if it was about kids (which I personally don’t believe, at least not in the way it’s been presented), if your wife isn’t ready to have kids yet, does that make it ok to cheat on her? And when you do cheat on her, does it make it ok to blame YOUR cheating on her current lack of motivation to have kids, just so you can salvage your image? Yet that’s what he orchestrated.

    Btw, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. AJ can almost certainly expect the same sort of shoddy treatment should they ever split, only she’ll probably have it worse. Their fandom is heavily invested in their “great love story” and if they ever split, Pitt will do his very best to make sure that he once again comes out of it unscathed which means that AJ will be the one who gets savaged.

  97. Charlotte says:

    I’m shocked no one is saying anything about Depp (supposedly) referring to them as the “Taylor/Burton” couple. Didn’t Taylor and Burton fight all the time and break up at least twice? No wonder the interviewer couldn’t tell whether she was pleased or not with the comparison. As for the “real man” comments, I’ll just say what I’ve said before. So much press and so many interviews about a sex life often means there is no sex life. At least not one as glorious as bragged about.

  98. Charlotte says:

    @Canuck: so true. the only reason I’ve never been able to buy the whole “pitt left aniston because the marriage was dead and she didn’t want children and he was so tired of her” spin is because of those very things you’ve said. If he was so unhappy, why then didn’t he leave long before he met Angie? And if he was so determined to leave, why was it that Aniston was the one to file? Doesn’t add up. And with the way they keep going on about their wonderful lives and the sex and the beautiful chaos at home, blah blah blah, the harder it’ll be for fans and for their image when they split up. Who knows when that’ll be, but this is hollywood. No one lasts forever.

  99. Reality says:

    I’m getting a serious Jada Pinkett Smith vibe here, and that’s not a good thing.

  100. Canuck says:

    @Charlotte: I have my own theories on the why’s and the what’s going on now that I won’t bother getting into here.
    I will say that I’ve always thought that Pitt’s behavior wasn’t consistent with the “nice guy who fell out of love with his wife and met someone else who could give him babies” that they tried to spin. It was a lot more consistent with someone who was either being vengeful or was trying to discredit his target in some way re: what she might say about their marriage.

  101. Paige says:

    “I love all the sensitivity and natural emotion.” – is she a robot that just found emotion??

  102. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Canuk: Interesting posts. The only thing I might disagree with, is that I doubt Pitt could escape the Brange as unscathed as he did his marriage. AJ is formidable in her own right.

  103. Sue says:

    Cheyenne in your defense of Brad you make him look like a jerk. “BTW there are several reports that on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith he talked to Angie about his unhappiness in his marriage and told her he wanted to end it”

    First, why would a married man be talking to another woman about his marriage. Marriage is private and if things are not working out then talk to your spouse about it not some other woman you are working with. Do you think that Angie would like to now if Brad was not liking something in the marriage and talked with a co-star about it? I think the answer to that is obvious. What goes on inside a home is private. Men who discuss there private marriage with someone else besides a counsellor are jerks. If it is that bad talk it over with your spouse and ask for a divorce. Then wait a few months until the divorce is final and start dating.

    Also the comment “But from all reports, his marriage to Aniston had been on life support for at least a year”. If that was true why hadn’t he asked for a divorce? Why the “pretending” to be in love and making comments in magazines and talk shows about his marriage? Why did he take her to Cannes and smile and look “so in love”. Why did Jen ask for the divoce and not Brad? If Brad was that unhappy then he should have had the b*lls to ask for a divorce a year before when you say the marriage was on life support. And even if things are not going well that does not mean that someone has no regrets or stuggles or worries around a divorce. You make Brad come across as an unfeeling, uncaring, jerk. You just make him look worse the more you try to defend him. If this is the case do you think that if things were not working out well for him in a year or two that he would leave Angie with a feeling of relief?

    And as for the poster above that Brad had no affair. We have gone over this a million times. yest they did have an affair. whether or not if was physical who knows only them. However there is not doubt that they had an emotional affair – and those can sometimes be way worse for a marriage then a physical affair. They have also both addmitted as much when they stated they fell in love when filming the movie.

    Crash2G02 I disagree with you. Brad could leave the Brange unscathed. he is a mastor in media. Angie has some weak spots. Brad would use those to his advantage.

  104. Canuck says:

    I agree, I think Pitt would use whatever he needed to in order to make himself look good, while finding a way to ensure that anything AJ says is suspect. If I were a betting person, I’d say he would use a story based on a combination of drugs (ie: she’s using them) and kids (have to take them away from the bad influence, so sad but what else can I do?).

  105. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Sue: All good points. I never could quite put my finger on why Brad’s defenders left such a bad taste in my mouth, but I’ve got a good handle on it now. Was he lying about his relationship to Aniston then? Obviously. Is he lying now about his relationship to Jolie now? Pick a hand, any hand…

  106. anonymous says:

    Judging from what I have read in most of the post on this site, so many of you have invested yourself in the idea that Brad Pitt would have left Angelina Jolie. The mere thought of Brad and Angelina living happily and still having strong romantic feelings is driving some of you to the point of lunacy. Two grown women fighting over a man in this day and age, believe me Jennifer Aniston is somewhere half-crazed after seeing and hearing from Brangelna these past weeks in Hollywood. Especially the statements from Pitt about finding time to kiss Angie and how this is the happiest he have been in his life. Angie statement , Brad Pitt is a man’s man in every way, was meant just for JA ears, but why after all these years and he is with you?still playing games.

  107. original kate says:

    i wonder what exactly brad does to his women. they all look healthy and happy when they get together, but anorexic and exhausted by the time he’s done with them: juliette, gwynnie, aniston and now angelina. maybe she should leave while she still can!

    and the photos of brad aren’t hard to find, people. whoever posted them here is not unusual. my gay boyfriend has had those photos on his refrigerator for ages.

  108. Sakyiwaa says:

    i’m just glad that while people sit on the Internet bickering day in, day out about EVERY nuance about AJ and BP… those two are going ahead with their lives in relative oblivion.

  109. N.D. says:

    @Canuk: He just let her a)save face and b)come to terms with their split a bit before dealing with legal isuues of their split. He didn’t hate her, he wanted to be as gentle as were possible in the curcumstances. That’s his take, not mine (although I see it that way too) – he said “I don’t know how it could have been handled better” or some such words. He was dumping her for another so he let her have everything else her way. Including pity parties that ensued.

    Re their alleged disagreement about having kids – it didn’t start AFTER the divorce, google it, the issue was in tabloids at least since 2003. Thanks to Anniston not-so-enthusiastic answers on national TV when she was asked about it. And lets be honest everything that happened ever since only confirms that he was much more into having kids than Jennifer. It doesn’t make her a bad person in any way but it gave Pitt very legitimate reason to leave that marriage.

  110. Eve says:

    @ Cheyenne (# 56) and Mln76 (# 74):

    Guys, my point was that Olivia claims to dislike the two (Jolie and Pitt) however is faster than any fan could ever be when she posts info/links about them on the threads here. I was about to google “naked Pitt” when I came back here and saw she had already posted the link for it. I’m not sure that’s what she expects to achieve when she does that, but it sure ends up being a public service to all Jolie-Pitts fans out there.

    I have always said I like The Jolie, not Pitt — I can only wish he makes her happy because I like her and want her to be happy. But I don’t think I’ll ever like him (as an actor, for example). I still think he’s a good father though.

  111. Canuck says:

    @ND: I think that you’re giving credit to Pitt for being nice, when his actions said the contrary. It’s not mercy to hang someone slowly, which is what the “drag things out” scenario amounts to. There’s nothing face saving in being confronted with photographic proof that your husband is off playing happy family on a beach somewhere with another woman. I rather suspect that either Pitt or AJ arranged those shots to force Aniston’s hand, because I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a large contingent of paps hanging around Africa. I don’t think he hated her, I think he felt the need to neutralize her. I also think that he was well aware that if he was the one who filed for divorce from Aniston rather than the other way around, it would be harder to spin it to his advantage.

    Aniston was still on the number 1 TV show in 2003, surely she can’t be blamed for wanting to ride it out until the end? And no, I don’t really think that “I want kids now, you want to wait a while” is a good reason to look elsewhere, not unless for Pitt it was only “all about Pitt” in the marriage. The woman had just finished 10 years of steady filming, it’s no big surprise if she might have felt the need to kick back and cut loose for a couple of years before taking on the responsibility of kids. Anyways as I said earlier, I don’t believe that kids were really the issue, or at least not in the sense that it’s been fed to the media.

    As for her current childlessness, I don’t know that we can read anything more into that than possibly not wanting to be a single parent. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea…

  112. Camille says:

    Didn’t those photos of the Brange and Maddox on the beach in SA come out AFTER BP and JA had officially separated?
    People are forgetting that Aniston moved on pretty quick too, wasn’t she hooking up with Vince whats-his-name after the separation announcement?

    Either way, too many people take all of this stuff wayyyyy too seriously.
    None of us really know what went on behind closed doors. And frankly I don’t care who left who or why- it is NONE of my/our business.
    JA and BP broke up years ago- who cares now?!

  113. Charlotte says:

    @Canuck:There is a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t make any sense with the whole “children” argument. Pitt and Aniston built a nursery in their house in LA back in 2003. They both talked about how they were excited for it. Why would either of them do that if they didn’t want kids? And then there’s the whole Parade interview from last year, where Pitt talks about how he didn’t want kids until he met Angie. WTF? So…Pitt supposedly didn’t want kids until he met Angelina…yet he built a nursery in 2003 and gushed in an interview at the time that he wanted a bunch of “little Jennifers”. My my. How quickly the fans forget that google holds the answers. None of that stuff adds up either. Honestly? I think Pitt loved his wife but he was really tempted by Angelina and made the choice to leave, so together they came up with this stuff to help their own situation. How else can you explain such lies and contradictions?

  114. Canuck says:

    @Charlotte: It’s called “spin”.

  115. hyena says:

    Why does everyone ignore the fact that JA had a miscarraige when she was with Brad??

  116. Sioux says:

    To Sue,

    You Anistonloonies ALL sound the same
    Here is what you said. “First I am not sure where you are getting all this made up stuff – from your head maybe like Cheyenne.”
    When others tell the truth about Aniston and Brad’s DEADEND marriage it is always “all made up” but when you speak your lies about Brad and Angelina it is always your truth. Well the truth is the reason
    Brad did not suffer any qualms about leaving Aniston is because he suffered thru 4 and 1/2 years of hell with that fake narcissist and was glad to get the hell away from her. That is why he labeled his years with her as DEADEND….his words and NOT made up!
    He had the guts to tell the old fraud that he was attracted to Angelina almost one year before he left the old ball and chain. so she was NOT taken by surprise. And those words are NOT made up but recorded in Aniston’s 2005 Vanity Fair interview she gave after Brad left her lying, fake rump.

    Aniston never appreciated her then husband and talked about him derisively every chance she got and then she demonstrated on TV how much she despised him by not thanking him as she gave out thanks galore to everyone and the janitor when she received her undeserving award in 2003. That was two years BEFORE Angelina ever appeared on the scene.
    And Ansiton was humping Vince Vughn on the Chicago balconey BEFORE Brad got together with Angelina.
    Why don’t you learn to speak the truth for a change as many others on this board does LIKE CHEYENNE!
    Aniston’s evil is recorded all over the internet and in many magazines galore. She is America’s scumbag, sleeping around w/so many men for 6 years. And her PR people have been doing a number on the public trying to hide the truth about that famewhore since she got called out for whining incessantly and making herself the victim of a DIVORCE she was the CAUSE of. And to this day she accepts NO responsibility for what she did to destroy her own marriage but to this day wants the world to believe Angelina stole the very man who RAN like a bat out of hell away from her and has never looked back to see her continuously stalking him and Angelina. That is why almost 7 years after Brad left that witch the tabloids are still printing stories of some secret clandestined meetings even though John Aniston, the old bags father said they do not keep in touch. Stop lying and accusing others of pulling stories out of their rear end because THAT is what you consistently do on this Site and on every other hate site you frequent. I think you are the chief hater on the FF Site and you just disguise yourself to appear somewhat more sane on all the other sites you post at. You are not fooling anyone.

  117. thesea says:

    I give ’em 3 more years.

  118. Sioux says:

    The stories that are being told now have nothing to do with the WHY that deadend marriage ended the way it did.
    Aniston gave her account in Vanity Fair 2005. Her bff at the time, Courtney, (apparently no longer her bff now and I wonder why?) said Brad did not cheat. And it was stated in the Aniston tell all she wanted Brad to go off and have his fling and come back to her.
    Now what sane wife tells her husband to go off and have an affair but be certain and come back to her afterwards?
    Since some are speculating, let me speculate and say I think Aniston was hoping Angelina would kick Brad to the curb and he would come crawling back to her and when that did NOT happen Aniston’s need for revenge went into full overload mode and she has been on a 6 year revenge attack ever since. She does not have a barracuda of a pr person for no reason. He is known for his skill in tearing apart the non suspecting victims she sics him on.
    And as to Sue’s comment about what husband talks to another woman about his marriage…….get your head out of the proverbial sand and stop playing the idiot Sue.
    You know for a fact that most men DO talk to other women about their marriages falling apart. Boy you love to play it sneaky and coy don’t you? That was also one of Aniston’s problems, she could not keep her mouth shut re: her “issues with Brad” from all her friends. She was always telling her friends what was wrong with Brad just as she told everyone on TV. And she was the one who said “after Friends” she would get pregnant and then proceeded to sign on for more roles in movies making one bad rom com after another and one disastrous drama w/Clive Owen which she blamed on everybody but herself for its failure.
    Plus, Brad has said his marriage to the deadend one did NOT break up because of children. He said he would have children when it felt right and it did NOT feel right UNTIL ANGELINA! His words not mine.
    Let’s get honest here. Aniston is 50% to blame fro the breakup of her marriage and Brad is 50% to blame. Angelina had NOTHING to do with the breakup of a marriage that was already broken up long before she came on the scene. Brad was just more motivated to end the sham marriage at that point for whatever reason, he alone knows.

  119. Sioux says:


    The reason no one ever mentions any miscarriage that Aniston supposedly had is because she NEVER had a miscarriage. That is a made up story by the lying Tabloids.
    You can bet your last dollar if Aniston ever had any proof of having had a miscarriage it would have been all over the news LONG before now.
    That woman has thrown every story she can to wring every drop of sympathy from a public now disgusted with her lies and sham games she has played for the last 6 years. She would have used that as her trump card to win the public back to her side if she could have. But she could not because she NEVER had a miscarriage.
    Stop believing the tabloids. Especially the lying In Touch Mag.

  120. Canuck says:

    Wow Sioux, if all is as you say, Pitt must really be a weak POS to stay for 4 1/2 years in a marriage from hell and not have the gumption to leave until he had a replacement lined up. Because you know… that’s pretty much what you just said about him.

  121. wifeyskarsgard says:

    When she talks about her Mom she tugs on the strings of my heart since her mom reminds me of mine RIP. Its true you will never heal over that.

    As for Cleopatra, I think she is the perfect person for it.

  122. sandy#1 says:

    omg!!people are still debating this after all this time? so much hate for a happy couple, who cares that they share their love, so does other couples who have been asked, where’s the hate for kevin bacon? when asked about his long marriage he answered, it was sweet also, most people share, when asked, if JA is truly happy like her fans constantly tries to convince us, then whats the big deal? brad is a respectable, good man, with a lot to offer, that’s why after all this time, people are still talking about this break up, how many other celebs got divorce since him, tom cruise,alec balwin, anyone?, oh so many more, too many to name. let this go, the man is completely happy now, his ex had her chance and she blew it, rather you, accept it,believe it, not buying it, or what ever. children played a big part, brad spoke about it on t.v., look at the evidence now, 6 kids, it’s over now, everyone has moved on and so should we.

  123. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Canuck; Brad needed a REASON to leave… Not a “replacement”.

  124. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oooh. *I* want to be the chief hater. No fair. *pout pout*

    So, according do you (Sioux) Brad is a really big liar and a wuss, since he repeatedly spoke in glowing terms about his marriage to Jen and their desire to have kids and the nursery they put together (liar) and he stayed in the marriage from hell that was (apparently – according to Cheyenne) set up by their reps (really big wuss, and stupid to boot).

    Seriously, do guys listen to yourselves?

  125. Canucks Suck says:


    If you want to talk about cheating in the Aniston/Pitt marriage then I can certainly go there. I suggest you acquaint yourself with a lawsuit on file at the Smoking Gun that clearly states that Aniston used to sleep with the male writers on Friends for “a few extra lines per show or the funniest jokes.” After you do that, then do a little research into the affair that Aniston had with Matt LeBlanc, which began in the spring of 2003 while Pitt was in Malta shooting Troy. Sure, they were having a trial separation, but Aniston was NOT given license to sleep with other people while Pitt was out of the country. Furthermore that affair with LeBlanc went on for well over 15 months. The two of them were snapped making out outside an LA restaurant in the spring of 2004 – while Pitt was living in hotels and with friends because he was dodging Aniston. And don’t make me bring up Aniston’s lesbian affair with Mark Wahlberg’s cousin during the Rock Star shoot in 1999 that supposedly went on for YEARS behind Pitt’s back. Or the fact that Pitt’s former stylist and commercial agent (and friend of Aniston’s) Todd Shemarya repeatedly called Aniston’s longtime “friend” and yoga guru Mandy Ingber her “lesbian lover”. I have female friends, but I don’t buy them multi-million dollar homes like Aniston bought Ingber; nor do I spend countless hours with them in locked rooms at my home claiming to be having private yoga workouts. They’re exercising alright, but I doubt it’s yoga.

    So – my advice to you – don’t talk about Pitt supposedly cheating with Jolie unless you REALLY want to get into it. Aniston, Cox and all the rest of Aniston’s Goddess Circle, as well as Pitt and Jolie, are all on the record as saying there was no affair between Pitt and Jolie before he dumped Aniston. If you want to point fingers and lay blame, bring it on. I’ve got a helluva a lot more dirt on that fraud Jennnifer Aniston than you’ll EVER find on any supposed affair between Pitt and Jolie before he dumped Aniston.

  126. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Canuk sucks: “I suggest you acquaint yourself with a lawsuit on file at the Smoking Gun that clearly states that Aniston used to sleep with the male writers on Friends for “a few extra lines per show or the funniest jokes.””

    I just went to the Smoking Gun and found no such document. Can you provide a link please?

  127. Laughternrain says:

    Oh, how ironic, Canuck. If anyone threw anyone under a bus, it was Aniston who threw Brad under the bus with her passive-aggressive attacks on him and Angelina. Brad has never said a bad word about Aniston; he and Angelina have been respectfully silent, classy and dignified throughout the whole ordeal they have gone through. Aniston has used the media to throw Brad and Angelina under the bus and manipulate the public into feeling sorry for her and believing Brad was to blame. And going by yourself and others, her manipulations from the start have worked on many. It might be summer but so many of Aniston’s fans are so snowed by her manipulations and vendetta its unbelievable to see.

  128. Sue says:

    Sioux and Canucks Suck are you guys OK? WOW – feel better now?

    Calm down – It cannot be good for your heart. I’ll say it again. Brad/Angie fans really don’t do them any favors.

    And to reply to your one comment; “get your head out of the proverbial sand and stop playing the idiot Sue.
    You know for a fact that most men DO talk to other women about their marriages falling apart.”

    Most men (real men) do not. Only jerks. You must hang with the wrong crowd. Karma – never do things to or with someone that you wouldn’t want done to you. It may take years but someday it will come back to bite you in the butt. Women who listen to a man cry about his marriage and then get with the said person can be sure that somewhere down the road the same thing will be repeated – just this time the man will be crying on some other woman’s shoulder about them.
    It’s a rule I live by.

    And to the above poster. No link wil be provided – because there isn’t one.

  129. Canuck says:

    @CanuckSucks: I’d be happy to read if you provide links…

  130. Charlotte says:

    Keeping the ball rolling on this one! I have to say that if my husband were talking to other women about the problems in our marriage (and earth to the teenagers on here, there are problems in every long-term relationship), I’d consider it grounds for kicking ass right then and there. That’s the first step that can be considered as cheating. If that confidant isn’t a close family member or a therapist, you’re asking for trouble. And it’s weird to me that the men and women who engage in such shit don’t realize that if they’d do that to their partner or spouse with you, they’ll turn around and do it TO you with someone else when you bore them or piss them off. IMO, Jolie didn’t get a “prize” when she got Pitt. She’s got herself a walking time bomb. Saddest part of all? Six kids involved.

  131. Canuck says:

    @sakyiwaa: Ah. How many years of hell do you think he would have stayed for then, had he not met his “reason to leave”? 10, 20? Because seriously, even one year of hell, maybe 2 tops should have been reason to leave all by itself. It’s not as if he was financially dependent on her or anything like that. No kids to worry about hurting. Absolutely no reason to stay for 4 1/2 years of hell unless he’s a weak person. You’d think that if it was so hellish, he would have filed those divorce papers the second he was out of the house.

  132. Canuck says:

    Also, Sioux… the only time that men talk about problems in their marriage with other women is when they are trying to get into their pants. It’s the classic “my wife doesn’t understand me” ploy. Old as the hills…

  133. thesea says:

    Re: the Karma – it takes about 10 years – Brad and Angie have about 3 or 4 good years left…

    It seems the Brad and Angie fans are more about hating Jen than being happy their idols are together. I don’t understand why if their togetherness isn’t contigent upon their disrespecting Jen, why then hating Jen or feeling happiness over Jen’s initial pain is a such a part of your admiration equation for them.

    Let’s face it – your admiration for Brad and Angie couldn’t exist without their having disrespected and hurt somebody else – someone you all seemed to hate long before Anj came along. I suspect you are all living somewhat anti-traditionally to feel this way and so are in a way are defending your own anti-tradional lives and world view.

    Am I right?

    I believe in tradition – I agree it is harder or perhaps not as provocative and exciting because it involves character and commitment, but I just don’t think there has been found a better way.

  134. Canuck says:

    @laughter: Yes, they’ve been living a terrible “ordeal” that has helped to keep them in the spotlight ever since. I’ll bet they’re crying into their bank account over that…

    I keep hearing about all of these awful things that Aniston has said about Brangelina, yet the only things I can remember was her saying it was “uncool” when AJ brought up in an interview how they “fell in love” on set, making a remark about Billy Idol wanting his hair back and saying something about having “chosen to believe her husband” concerning whether or not he and AJ had slept together or not.

  135. nnn says:

    I agree that most men talk about their problems with women when they are on the verge of breaking up or when the idea of calling quits become more and more present.

    I have plenty of male friends and most of the time, it began with that type of informations about their life with their women. They often are on the verge of breaking up and are pouring themselves.

    I have noticed that since i have been a teenager

    I have my own theory about it. I think men are somewhat manly between each other and don’t want to show their vulnerability and problems to other men.

    But i can assure you that once they have a girl friend they pour themselves. They talk about the other sex more than women do between each other. They ALWAYS talk about problems they have in their couple

    I don’t know if it’s a way to make you feel sensitive or a subconsious way to test you but i have noticed that when men do that, they kind of ask you between the lines how you will react to a typical situation their woman have reacted to…like testing you in the same situation, test you in a way to see if you are matching in certain situations they have lived in the past or present with women.

    Men who come to a point when they constantly talk about their women and problems are men who have given up on them but are too hesitant to call it quit before having a reason to do it because they don’t want to be lonely or don’t want to jump in the tiresome dating game. They want a replacement in a new LONG TERM relationship, hence they test you as a potential partner in this type of relationship by transfering case studies of situations they live with their women.

    That’s typical of men and that’s happen everytime when they are on the verge of breaking up.

    Rememember, women are more brave, if they don’t want the relationship, they will call it quit and are not afraid to be alone to heal. Men usually don’t do that. They rather stay miserable in a relationship growing bittered towards the woman they don’t love anymore while being totally free in their heart and mind for another relationship they actively look for or are hoping will come in teh way to save them from a miserable situation. They usually wait and look for their heart to fall in love again with another woman to jump from a dead relationship to a new one giving the perception that the third party is the one that cause the breakup when it’s the pretense to officialize a situation that was dead end for long ago.

  136. Laughternrain says:

    Canuck, then you also haven’t heard of Chelsea Handler? Handler mocking Angelina while INTRODUCING ANISTON as her guest? To which Jen walked in on cue, grinning, not missing a beat? This happened twice, so if she had a problem with the intro, she would have told Handler the first time. She was in on it. And the same Handler that Aniston went on an intimate vacation with, only for Handler to immediately launch her most vicious attack on Angelina yet, (the c word) on their return? I can give more examples but these 2 are clear cut evidence of Jen being involved in a calculated vendetta. She has been conniving, scheming and manipulating the public from the start. I don’t know what to say if you can’t see it yourself.

  137. Laughternrain says:

    thesea, then how do you explain Jen’s bad luck/karma? Angelina and Brad didn’t have an affair. So why would they attract bad karma, for something they never even did? They are good people, with a happy family, success, respect, karma has rewarded them, as it SHOULD do. Karma has spoken, and you need to accept that. Why do you feel that in order to be a fan of Jen’s you have to hate Angelina and Brad for some perceived slight that never even happened? For me, it seems that Aniston’s fans are ‘fans’ by default. They are only fans of her as a result of their hatred for Angelina. Go to any board. Many Aniston fans say they like Aniston, BECAUSE of how they (believe) she was treated. They are not a fan of Aniston for herself. They are a fan by default. And if you were traditional, you would understand that it is immoral and plain wrong to judge people/bear false witness against people for things they are totally INNOCENT of. How would you feel, if you were falsely accused? What I find ironic, is that the people who hate Angelina because they believe the lie of an affair, are the ones who are behaving immoral. Judging people on lies and gossip is plain evil. Maybe you should ponder that one and ask yourself which one is the wrong one, out of Angelina and you?

  138. shay says:

    I’ve read all the comments and I have this to say:
    1.No matter whether the affair was physical or not – it was still an affair.
    2.If Jen had cheated on Brad I haven’t seen one story about it and I think I would have. The press would have been on that like white on rice.But if there is one -show me the link.
    3.I don’t like women who have affairs with married men.Julia Roberts, LeAnn Rhimes,Camilla Parker Bowles to name a few or men who do either Arnold, Prince Charles, David Beckham etc.That would include Angelina Jolie because like it or not there’s was an affair of some kind.I don’t think they “stole” someone’s spouse but I do think they knowingly involved themselves with a married person with the full realization of what that means.Adults do not accidentally “fall in love” like they slipped in the bathtub.
    4.The ultimate in self justification seems to be Woody Allen’s “the heart wants what it wants” comment which to me translates as “I don’t give a rat’s a** about anybody else’s feelings just my own.”There is a right and wrong way to get a divorce and involving a third party is definitely the wrong way but the typical response is “the heart wants what it wants.”
    5.Brad and Angie may be as happy as pigs in mud but given that they’re both such media spin doctors it’s hard to believe anything they say.I hope they are for the sake of their children but with the two one or both of the hearts may decide they want something else.
    6.If we’re dragging Jen back into the discussion, I think truth be told most women would badmouth the third party in the break-up of their marriage.She’s been pretty restrained “I think about her what you would imagine I think about her” – she said of Jolie.
    7.Brad said Jen was warm and drew her friends together and he loved that about her.Obviously he changed his mind but that doesn’t change who she is.
    8.Jen is divorced and is free to date whomever she likes – her choices are bad in my opinion but she’s not hurting anybody.I think she enjoys being single with no one to answer to but herself.I think she is happy with a successful(yes it qualifies even if you don’t personally like her work – I wish she’d do something besides a forumula romcom)career,close friends(I don’t care for some of them myself),and and an independent (maybe for her first time as an adult) life wherein her choices are completely her own.Does she want children now?Sure but only with the right man and at the right time.She thought she had that with Brad so no doubt she’s not in a hurry to make the same mistake.
    9.If we go by Jen’s comments on the couple in the past I’d say she’s past it but is never gonna be their number one fan.Why would she be?

  139. thesea says:

    Don’t forget Melanie Griffith. She had a “the heart wants what it wants type response” for her adultery too.

  140. nnn says:

    @ 139

    Jen also said there wasn’t an affair and lately that, ther wasn’t any bad guy in the ending of her marraige so why are other people estranged from their personal life so up in arm and saying the contrary of their idole ?

    They should deal with their own issues of thinking Jen is lying and let go of their own bitterness transferred unto these people they personally don’t know whatsoever.

    They are the ones who are bad with unhealthy behaviour and obssessed with other people personal affair, not those people who are all involved in their respective journey of life, who don’t talk to each other (according jen’s own father) and don’t care about each other too.

    Jen isn’t the greatest of Brad and Jolie’s fan and the feeling is mutual. Together, they totallized 120 years old, an average of 40 years old.

    I find the whole comments trying to defend or showing bitterness twoards 40 year old person, 6 years post her breakup while one couple is still going on strong, the other one accustomed with serial breakups totally surreal, desperate and pittyful.

    So far those two are still together and managed to be happy. Since nobody can guarante they are, i will go with what i know about Jolie, since Pitt and Aniston have in the past managed to put up a show hours only before announcing they are divorcing and since Jolie has refused to interrupt the divorce process from her ex husband as he told that he tried to reconquer her, called her but she refused to ansewer his call.

    I am pretty sure that Jolie, with or without children will never stay with a man who don’t love her enough so until i am proven wrong, she is happy in a relationship.

    The rest is pure wishful thinking about a future that nobody knows. Wether it will last till next year or not is irrelevant. None of us can even say wether we will be alive till next week and will be loved by our own betterhalf.

    Those are the same uncertainties we all live in. So speculating about that is just plain stupid, the same that the karma questions !

    If Karma did exist all the criminals in teh world would be equally punished.

    Karma is the answer from people who have wishful thinking. Cause i am sure as hell that Paul Newman’s karma wouldn’t have been giving him the cahnce to live happily more than 50 years with the woman he had an affair while married with three kids. A woman who got pregnant by him while he was still living with his wifey, a woman who then lost the kid, a woman he married 24 hours ONLY after the finalization of his divorce to Jackie, his first wife, the day after the divorce was finalized…Talk bout that sensitivity chip lacking !.

    This didn’t stop him from being given great roles in movies. This didn’t stop him from living until old age after having puffed paks of cigarettes per day for decades. This didn’t stop him from being consider as one of the greatest ever who was and is still admired to no ends and who has been loved by his wife, 5 daughters from both marraige and grandchildren who adored him. And Joanne Woodward is not only Oscarized and respected for that, she is also the first actor/actress to have been given the star on the walk of fame.

    She said in an interview that when growing up she wanted to become an actress, won an Oscar and marry a beautiful actor and carry his children and admitted that she got exactly what she dreamed of and even more. So where is her bad karma ? Sure she has lost a child but all in all, she has been lucky.

    The karma talk is pure silliness and just show how bitter you are yourself.

    There is no such thing as bad karma, there is just life (noone is equal in that) with its ups and downs and our repective journey with our respective opportunities, luck, bad luck and failures.

  141. thesea says:

    I am sorry, Laughternrain, I just saw your comments directed to me.

    Jen’s karma is for making a poor choice in a man. Heck, let’s not call it karma, I’d rather say she paid the consequences for a bad decision. We all do. I love what her Dad said recently – that he wishes his daughter would find an honest man. I think that implies that Brad and the rest aren’t. Jen needs to be more discerning. Also check out “Dud mates stress out female finches” I think it is possible Jen did not want to have babies with Brad after she began to understand who he really was. Ladies, we have to be careful who we have babies with. For real.

    Karma doesn’t end. It’s not over until it is over. When the large lady sings, then we’ll all know the truth. Until then, we are waiting to see how the play ends. Many more acts to go. That is why we are all still tuned in, isn’t it?

    No, I don’t hate Angie. I don’t admire her either. I wouldn’t want to be like her. Sometimes I actually feel sorry for her.

    And lastly, I just saw all my typos – sheesh – it was early over coffee when I wrote that, so I am sorry about that. No use touting tradition when you can’t even spell.

    One more thing, if you see a guy heading toward you to tell you about his problems with his wife, RUN. And don’t be naive. It’s a pick up line. They are testing you all right. For sure. But not for what you think.

  142. Laughternrain says:

    thesea, yet again, you are speaking as if they DID have an affair, when they did not. What you are doing is wrong, and far more immoral than anything Angelina could ever have done. You are slandering a woman who did NOT do anything wrong. Do you always believe everything you read, and believe the worst of people based on gossip, rumor and lies? What does that make you? Not a nice or honourable person, thats for sure. Spreading lies because you WANT to believe its true, does not make it true, and it never will. There was no affair, and I don’t understand why you need to believe there was and to try and validate your fantasy. You need to be more mindful of your own karma for spreading lies, prejudice and judgement against innocent people. Just know that people don’t admire people like yourself, and karma may pay you a visit itself. Consider that. Oh, and is it possible Brad found out what type of person Aniston is? After all, her karma is for her allowing these tabloid lies and rumors to get out of control, when even she knew no affair happened. I think she is a very nasty and highly manipulative person, and I think its her behaviour since, and that is the reason for her bad karma. Associating with Handler shows all there is about her, and I think her karma is because she is a vile person who played along with the tabloid lies about Brad and the ficticious ‘affair’ and used them for her own selfish gain. Its her manipulative and exploitive persona since the split that is the reason for her karma.

  143. Laughternrain says:

    Oh, and this: “I love what her Dad said recently – that he wishes his daughter would find an honest man. I think that implies that Brad and the rest aren’t.” By READING INTO it that he implied Brad wasn’t honest, shows such reaching and fanciful wishful thinking, its embarassing for you, surely. Are you THAT desperate to make Brad the bad guy, and Jen the miss perfect little goody twoshoes butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, that you interpret a comment that ANY and I state *ANY* father would say, as a slight against Brad? And all the men Jen is dating, are bad? I know you seem blinded by her and truly believe she is a saint and can do no wrong, but have you ever stopped to consider maybe SHE is the bad pick, and not the men? That the problem is her and her personality? That she is plain and simple, not a nice person?

    You seem to want to believe what you WANT to believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary. You have your mind made up (despite all the denials from Jen herself, despite everyone vouching for him) that Brad cheated on Jen. And you LOOK for things to JUSTIFY and to VALIDATE your belief. Thats fine if you need to do that, but make no mistake that your fanciful wishful thinking, twisted interpretations and distorting and reading into things does not show Brad in a bad light, nor does it prove anything other than you refuse to accept that you are wrong.

  144. thesea says:

    Let’s go back to square one, shall we, because I think you are ready to blow a valve…

    On Brad Angie says, “Physically he’s a real man, in all things that it means.”

    Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion. Proverbs 11:22

    Anj, do your looks some justice, keep it to yourself.

  145. munchies says:

    my hubby is a real man…. in all ways… I am proud to tell this to everyone. I dont want to be discreet because I am happy. So as Angelina I think.

  146. lolo says:

    HAHAHA did someone say REAL MAN..OMG CHOKEEEE!!!!! I cannot believe… are you kidding me? *a real man* ok yeh right…i do not think so, hello? the woman he is with now, ahem, used to wear blood from another person around her neck….omg..what a great mother that makes…and oh then there is jen, what a beautiful person with a beautiful heart that THOUGHT she HAD a good husband…HACK! why do men always like the trashy women, i don’t understand that. jen, you are a respectable person and deserve the best in life, you go girl. blahhhh brad pitt, shame on you…you will never deserve the good person with a strong beautiful heart, your loss, she will WINNNN! I know kids are our world and we love them dearly, but why would you disrespect SCREW UP, CHEAT your family like you did and call you a good man, you are so wrong! you owe and explanation to people who loved and RESPECTED you as a person and actor? you think time bought you fatherhood, i don’t think so my friend! respectuflly, a real person with real values in life!