Kate Middleton kissed a girl once when she was 14 years old


Now that our beloved Stepford Waity is a full-fledged Duchess of Crumpets (and, incidentally, a princess), even more people from Kate’s past are going to be coming forward to talk about her past. In the nine years of dating Prince William, Kate managed to have a relatively scandal-free past – there was her lingerie modeling (which is why she’s a princess today), there was some report about her “mooning” cars while on a bus. And of course there’s her dodgy uncle. Basically, that’s all the “bad” stuff about Kate. Not so bad, right? Well, as it turns out, Waity kissed a girl. Once. When she was 14 years old. LESBIAN!!!

“Let’s give them another one. I love you.”

Those are the sweet words Prince William said to his new bride before planting a sweet smooch on her after their wedding, but a little known secret about Kate Middleton is that her first real grown up kiss was with a girl!

When Kate first went away to the posh boarding school, Marlborough College, in 1996, the 14-year-old shy girl had never kissed a boy. She became friends with a girl named Jessica Hay who told this week’s Star magazine that she and Catherine were “a little tipsy,” before a school dance and one thing led to another.

Kate was a “shy, painfully thin and nervous girl,” Hay tells Star. “She was the complete oppositie of the beautiful fashion icon and regal woman you see today.”

:before one of the school dances, Catherine and I were a little tipsy, and she admitted she’d never kissed a boy in her whole life,” Jessica recalls. “I said, ‘Oh, kissing is easy!’ and I pecked her on the lips,” Jessica said. “Our eyes locked and we started full-on kissing, with each of us pretending the other was a boy!”

The hot-and-heavy moment was not the first step on the way to a lesbian affair though. “It was more about a mutual love of each other and an intimate friendship,” Jessica said. “If you combine raging hormones and alcohol, all sorts of things happen.”

Jessica said she and the Duchess-to-be were best friends. “I was her protector, best friend and guide, making sure she became fully involved in school life.”

Even though the girls shared a smooch, Jessica said “Catherine was never very interested in boys,” except for just one guy, her prince charming. “She had a picture of Prince William on the wall of our dorm. She always told me he seemed like a kind, caring, sensitive person.”

[From Radar and Star Magazine‘s print edition]

Kate’s denied that she had William’s photo up in her dorm room – she denied it in their engagement interview. But I believe it. I’ve always believed that Kate had her eye on the princess prize since she was a teenager. I think she’s an ambitious girl who steadily and patiently worked her way to her goal. And I do not believe she’s a lesbian. But I totally believe this Jessica chick is, though.

But who could have ever thought that Kate would have such a “torrid” past?! Seriously, I’m surprised her “first [lesbian] kiss” wasn’t white-washed by now! The Palace really needs to get on this.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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43 Responses to “Kate Middleton kissed a girl once when she was 14 years old”

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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    That’s what teen girls do…


    Makes me like Katie a bit more…

  2. magda says:

    I kissed a girl when I was 15. It was ridiculous but it happens. and I’m totally heterosexual woman.
    Point is: I don’t see a story :)

  3. Summer says:

    Kaiser, I know you’re not a Kate fan but don’t let that blind you to taking anything this Jessica Hay says as anything other than something conjured up to earn her a buck or two.
    She’s been popping up in various mags for ages to flog tales of her various encounters with young Kate courtesy of once having gone to the same school. In fact I think for awhile there she was calling herself Kate’s best friend (I’m sure thats how Kate remembers it, lol).I once had a law class with Nicole Kidman’s cousin; I think that gives me the same level of authority to pontificate on Nic as Jessica likes to do about Kate! Once Jessica runs out of “recollections” to sell I hope she will find a real job.
    Kate doesnt have a torrid past – that’s one of the reasons why William married her. But let’s see what Jessica recalls next ….

  4. guilty pleasures says:

    Seriously? This rated a post?
    PS, I loooove her angora sweater.

  5. jacq says:

    If this even happened. And, cut her some slack, so what if she DID have his picture in her dorm? No one ever hung a Teen Beat poster on their wall? Isn’t that the equivalent? Plus, who actually EVER really gets the PRINCE? Ah, yes, HRH She Who Waits.

  6. mikey says:

    Shocking! She’s more normal than I originally thought.

  7. sarah says:


    *insert sarcasm*

  8. sarah says:

    I don’t believe this ever happened… at least not the way this story has been told. Wasn’t it documented that she actually wasn’t “painfully thin” until her college years. She was ranked a 2/10 by boys at her school because she was chubby?

  9. OtherChris says:

    Agree with Lala11-7. That’s what we all did.

  10. kiikii says:


    And I once, as a 13yr old, stole a Snickers.

    Good lord.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Poor Kate. I dated my husband for five years and I don’t think I was “waiting”. I found the person I loved and needed to finish school, make positively sure he was the one and be ready to live a responsible adult life. we’ve been married over 17 years, so that 5 years were fun. Dating, no worries, trips, no kids, no big girl bills. So 9 years for her, big deal. They are probably ready to have kids soon and need to be married now. 9 years she got to date him without the enormous pressures his mother lived and died with. He probably wanted to take this long just to shield her, coming from his general attitudes about that.
    I’ve kissed a few girls too, and I am completely heterosexual, big deal. Drunk girls kiss sometimes, meh.

  12. serena says:

    Uwhahahahah LESBIAN.
    LOL this make me laugh so much. A kiss between two bestfriends, most of girls has done it. So what?

  13. Zoe says:

    Ooh, a girl kissed a girl once as a teen. Shocker of the century.

  14. Eleonor says:

    I’ve never noticed this before..but look how she works Diana’s ring!
    For the lesbian kiss…I don’t see the story.

  15. Alice says:


    The horror. *eye roll*

  16. Emily says:

    @Lala & Otherchris: Apparently Kaiser’s the only one who didn’t have this kind of experience growing up.

  17. sapphire says:

    Non-story from a fame chaser. Kaiser, I really don’t get the hate youhave for this chick. Sure she’s boring and conventional, but so what?

  18. Reality says:

    I agree with most of the other posters. This isn’t a big deal and sounds made up. While I know you love to hate her, the reason they got married wasn’t because she stalked him like big game hunter and wore lingerie on a catwalk, but because he fell in love with her. They’re sweet together, and this sounds unnecessarily acerbic.

    I also remember you saying that you’d give up this ‘waity’ nonsense after the wedding….

  19. Jackson says:

    Meh. I don’t believe the girl anyway. If she was besties with her back in the day, wouldn’t she still refer to her as ‘Kate’ and not Catherine? Whatevs. Sounds like some chick trying to find her own 15 minutes.

  20. trolleydolly says:

    And I hope she liked it…

  21. Kate is a Duchess Only says:

    Kate is a Duchess like Sarah Duchess of York was when she married Pr. Andrew,She was given a Duchess title,Sarah was made the Duchess of York,Kate is a Duchess only, (the Queen issued a statement saying she does NOT have a Princess title.)Her title is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. She is not princess anything, she’s a duchess.

  22. Thor says:

    I really don’t get it. What’s wrong with it? Just imagine it. Throw some really sexy girl to the mix. Now be jealous of William. I am.

  23. Mary Jane says:

    I know most of us are ladies here, but who HASN’T kissed a girl — in THAT way — at least in college or whate’er…?
    It seems like its become a “has-to-have-happened” on the sexual resumes of e’ery single lady (where’s all the news for the “experimenting” men?).

  24. Rianic says:

    Ummmm who didn’t at that age?

  25. Dirty Martini says:

    While there is nothing shocking about this, I’m more shocked by the fact that I’m clearly in the minority by never having experienced this.

    I gotta get out and try that.

  26. mrsezc says:

    I think she was just an average girl who met the Prince and he was smitten because she’s beautiful, smart and classy. She probably played it cool around him and treated him like William and not the PRINCE; someone he’d rather be thanks to Diana!! I also think we’ll see more scandalous reports about her because lets face it .. it sells. I love them together, I really think they’ll last and I think his mum would really really like her!!
    But really who hasn’t kissed a girl when they were younger???? Especially in boarding school!!! Doesn’t mean we’re all Lesbians .. it just means we’re normal!!

  27. Lisa Turtle says:

    When is she going to retire the blue saphire engagement ring? She is married. I would have preferred the understated gold band with that beige outfit.

  28. Isa says:

    …so has 90% of the female population at one time.

    The other 10% practiced with their hands.

  29. Kiska says:

    WE all have! That is how we practice for later on in life.

  30. Enn says:

    I can’t help it, I love her. Although I’m also in the minority – I never kissed a girl. It just never even occurred to me.

    As for her engagement ring…why would she retire it? I wear mine with my wedding band. I didn’t stop the day I got married.

  31. L says:

    @Sarah (#8) I agree that Kate waschubby in college but these pictures (which include Jessica Hay) show that she was sort of thin at some point. Or maybe it was just her height that made her so ‘gawky?’


  32. beth says:

    ha, big deal. i kissed a rottweiler when i was 4. we practically tongued.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    So what? I didn’t kiss a girl, but I may have if the opportunity came along and she was a friend. Whatever.

    @ Enn – I, too, wear my engagement ring with my wedding band. Just out of curiosity, did you take it off during your ceremony? And is it “closest to your heart” or is your wedding ring? (Again, curiosity, not bitchiness. I know, I know: how out-of-character of me!)

  34. dahlia1947 says:

    Jealous losers are still trying to dig up whatever they can on her. So she’s a princess because she modeled lingerie? Uh huh.

  35. Liana says:

    I haven’t kissed a girl that way, but I did practice on my hand. I don’t think it’s shocking or anything, though. I know plenty of girls who have practiced kissing with other girls.

  36. Tia says:

    Oh puh-leeze, she is trying to be ‘IN’ with the whole girl on girl thing.. lesbians are cool!!

  37. kapser says:

    Don’t worry, she thought the girl was a diamond.

  38. orion70 says:

    I have never kissed a girl that way either. Now I feel abnormal.

    But with all this “she was never interested in boys ever” except an interest in only Will as a caring sensitive person (which certainly isn’t how I felt about anyone I had posters on my wall of) almost as if she’s trying to insinuate that Kate is still in the closet.

    The whole “protector” thing makes it sound like they were in prison together or something.

  39. Jessica Hay says:

    My name is jessica Hay and this is to SUMMER. for your information I have a proper job.. and a very good one at that! I dont make anything up and I have hardly done anything with the press..as you should know alot is made up or exaggerated in order to sell column inches. I have no desire for fame or to infringe on Catherine’s life.
    I also saw one comment that noted that if I still knew her why did I still refer to her as Catherine. This is because that is what I have always called her. She has severla other nicknames which others call her, its just that the press, once again have focused on her being called Kate.
    Please think before you insult and
    judge me. If I ever said anything on TV it was very positive and for the public to get to know her they needed to gain an insight from someone who spent alot of time with her. Whatever else has been said I know nothing about and if it is negative or intrusive I apologise on behalf of the press who more than likely made it up!
    Sorry to go on! x

  40. Brittney says:

    ^ whoa, you think that’s really her?

  41. fabgrrl says:

    I *wish* I had kissed other girls at 14, instead of waiting until I was in college. But I made up for it ;^)

  42. LC says:

    LOL!!! Really…this is all the smut they’ve got on her? Big deal. How hot and heavy can you really get when you’re 14 yrs old and inexperienced? The writer of this article was trying to manipulate everything into sounding soooo scandalous. The Middleton girls really are normal and fun. The gossip sites are trying to get smut and scandal on them so badly so they can make money in this poor economy.

  43. LC says:

    …and if that was Jessica Hay who told the press, whether she meant it maliciously or not, was still wrong. YES…she was looking for her 15 min of fame. It was a completely unnecessary story to tell the press. How could Jessica think that telling the press this story (no matter how innocent) was beneficial to Princess Kate. It wasn’t. It was for Jessica to get her name out there. Complete ego.