Weinergate: women could be called to testify in ethics probe

The Weinergate sext scandal rages on, with more women coming out of the woodwork, and more stories about the stupidity the Congressman from New York was up to. Radar even published all the chat sessions he had with one of his Facebook friends, a 40 something blackjack dealer from Vegas who won him over by talking politics for a hot minute before flattering him. It was stupid and lame, and reading those messages brought the scandal home for me – he just wanted to talk sex online and get some fan love from randoms. If he would have owned up to the c*ck pic from the beginning and admitted that he was up to no good online he might possibly have avoided this inevitable leakage of even more evidence. The Republican NY Congressman who sent the shirtless pic to the woman on Craig’s List resigned right away and we didn’t hear another peep about it. This douche is holding on and trying to weather the storm that is his own stupidity and throbbing ego.

There’s also that chick from Texas who friended him by commenting “hottt” on his YouTube video, we heard from her yesterday, the porn star who said that Weiner coached her to lie, and the 21 year-old student that Weiner originally tweeted the boxer briefs photo to. There are surely many more, and some of them have got to be scared that they could be called to the Capital to talk about what they were up to when the Congressman was bored at work. There’s going to be an ethics probe into whether he used official resources (he did according to one of the women he called on a Congress phone) and if he violated any House rules:

Disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is now facing an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether or not he violated any House rules, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the women embroiled in Weinergate could be called to testify.

Los Angeles powerhouse attorney Mark Geragos, who has represented numerous high profile clients, including Roger Clinton and Susan McDougal, tells RadarOnline.com: “The Ethics committee could issue subpoenas for the women involved in the scandal. If subpoenaed, they are required to appear, by law.”

Weiner’s woes don’t end there — Geragos reveals that the embattled lawmaker’s government issued cellular phone records and government computer hard drives could also be admitted for evidence in the investigation.

“It’s possible that Congressman Weiner’s government issued cellular phone records, and government computer hard drives could be subpoenaed as well. It’s all relevant.”

In a joint investigation, RadarOnline.com and Star magazine broke the blockbuster story that Lisa Weiss, a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer had a nine month sexting relationship with the disgraced Democrat.

Moments after weeping Weiner’s press conference on Monday, House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced: “I am calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.”

Meanwhile, the congressman said he has no plans of resigning.

[From Radar]

This seems pretty inevitable, and again if he just would have nipped this in the bud from the beginning and admitted it was him and that he was doing some cybersexting he may have been able to get off (ha!) with a slap on the wrist. As it is he’s going to be a punchline for a long time and he may get kicked out of Congress. Plus we’ll probably get to read more asinine messages he sent to women online when he was jerking off. Yay!

Kaiser pointed me to this Daily Show send up of the Weiner press conference, which they didn’t cover right away on Friday. The best part is the second one where John Oliver comes in. Kaiser and I agreed that we would hit it so hard.

And here’s Stewart in a moral dilemma about whether to cover this. I love it. “What if it was Senator Scrotum? Comptroller Camel Toe?… You gotta come cleaner, Weiner.” This had me crying laughing.

This photo is from 2006. This woman has got to regret posing with him.

This one is from 2005.

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Amy says:

    What an appropriate last name. Eh, we New Yorkers are sort of used to our politicians getting into trouble like this. Eliot Spitzer scandal was only a few years ago. I just feel bad for his wife. They only got married last year and apparently Bill Clinton officiated the ceremony… or well the Clintons were there because his wife is an advisor to Hillary Clinton.

    I bet Schwarzenegger is thrilled though that the spotlight is currently off him right now.

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    I guess he thinks if he hangs in there long enough, he can convince us of what he thinks he knows:The normal ethics of society don’t apply to him. In other words, like so many politicians, he is a sociopath.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh Jon Stewart was amazing last night. He cut himself during the bit, poor guy but he did an amazing job and I felt that it was really hard for him because he considers Anthony Weiner his friend. Weiner was just stupid and I can’t get over how he did this to himself, I mean to think if he had never stupidly put this on Twitter Jon Stewart wouldn’t have cut his hand. What is he, 16 years old sending his junk pics online? *Gag* I feel especially bad for his wife.

  4. brin says:

    Love it….”You gotta come cleaner, Weiner”….I’m sure there are plenty more of those to come!
    These guys never learn.

  5. AngelMay says:

    I haven’t been following the story but this guy has douche written all over his face.

  6. Kimble says:

    What a lot of fuss about nothing – what’s a dick pic between voters?

    The people who complain about this either wouldn’t or couldn’t vote for him anyway …

    My only criticism of him is that he should have just “owned” his dick pic and not given his Republican opponents room to be so “disgusted of Peckham”! Not having “certitude” is what allowed this to roll on and on and now they’re gonna find he sent a text message from a Govt phone and make it into some sort of HUGE financial scandal! American politics is so hypocritical when you think how much dirty dealing goes on with lobbyists and special interests and everyone is scandalised about Wienergate!

  7. Laughternrain says:

    Bill Clinton officiated at their wedding? That is SO not a good move! lol I think Clinton jinxed him. Seriously though, once or twice, yeah ok (or not, imo). But if hes been doing this with several people, and only one year into their marriage? This guy is a Tiger Woods. Hes a Jesse James. He’ll never change and if the wife stays, shes a fool. She’s advisor to Hillary – she doesn’t need his money or his connections, she can make it on her own. She should leave with her head held high and never say a word about him again. Like Sandra Bullock.

    The sad thing is that Mr Weiner seems from what I hear to be a great congressman. Why couldn’t it have been a dud that this happened to?

  8. yeppp says:

    the daily news had an editorial, that he is involved in a sex scandal and yet he never even had sex! he really lost everything and gained nothing what a total dumb ass!

  9. Happymom says:

    What an idiot. That said, I don’t think he needs to resign-as long as he didn’t break any law or use government funds to carry on these cyber affairs. I also think his wife should divorce him immediately. If not sooner.

  10. Lila says:

    Look a the snooze on that dude!

    Enty (crazydaysandnights) hinted last night that Weiner’s wife had a special relationship with Hillary during the election. That must be the answer to the blind about the candidate that was having an affair with a staff member(not Edwards). Perhaps Weiner was trolling for some strange to share and bring back home to an appreciative audience.

  11. mags says:

    I am so in love with Jon Stewart. I’ll just say that. I love him so so so so much, not in a “biscuit tingling” sort of way more in a “he has kept me sane in a world gone mad and i love him for it” kind of way
    if i met him i would probably turn into a giggly fan-girl immediately.

  12. Hautie says:

    What is so amazingly stupid to me.

    Is while this idiot is getting his ass handed to him by the media.

    There is at least a dozen more politicians doing the exact same thing.

    Right at this moment.

    Exactly why can I make that statement? Because men are just that dumb.

    They have always used their d*cks to think with. So none of this junk even registers with me anymore.

    They are just getting caught because of internet. It is hard to discount a fresh d*ck picture you emailed to a twenty year old girl.

    I guess all I can say, is at least he was not creeping on teenage boys. Or tapping feet in the bathroom stalls of your local airport bathrooms.

    Which seems to be a specialty of the Republicans. :)

  13. bluhare says:

    What a non story. The only person who should give a big shit about this is his wife. So he texted photos of his dick. Consenting adults.

    If he misused his office, ok investigate him. But using a congress phone to call one of them? Big deal. I think those old geezers just love jerking off in the back room over shit like this.

  14. lolalola says:

    oh my GOD, I DON’T CARE!!! Can we pluh-leeeeze move on now?

  15. Delta Juliet says:

    I was reading in another thread something abut how the undoing of females was that we don’t support each other and pick each other apart to make ourselves feel good. WELL, the undoing of men will be their constant need for ego stroking (amongst other things) and their arrogance that they will never be caught.
    It’s really quite pathetic.

  16. 4Real says:

    It should be fitting that he will go out of office the way he came in…DIRTY!


  17. nora says:

    while his actions are goofy like that of a fifteen year old boy, it’s the coverup that implies he’s not fit for office. If he had come clean right away, apologized and took proper steps to show his regret, this wouldn’t be a problem for me. It’s him being a huge wimp, lying, trying to cover up, trying to get the women to lie, etc that makes him shady. It is amazing that someone so ambitious was SO STUPID though, given the fact we see politicians eff up in this area left and right and have their careers effectively killed.

  18. nora says:

    ps: and this issue goes beyond his wife cause when a man in a position of power like that has things to hide and is willing to cover them up, he makes as an easy target for blackmail abnd compromise. Thus the ethical probe.

  19. 4Real says:

    His wife is pregnant…now I really can’t stand him.

  20. Grace says:

    Buh Bye, Wiener Guy

  21. Knotstu says:

    Criky! I nearly got my wiener probed too the other day !!!
    It must be going round!!