Maria Shriver could get $100 million in her divorce

We haven’t heard much about the Schwarzenegger scandal lately, and it looks like the parties are hunkering down and trying to work out a divorce settlement so that Maria can put all this behind her, bathe in diamonds and wipe her ass with Chanel for the rest of her awesome life. She was married to a cheating lying bastard who carried on with the maid right under her nose for over a decade, but she’s about to come away with a multi-state lotto level settlement, thanks to all that money Arnold made by playing the same tough guy character with an accent over and over again. Hollywood Life talked to a celebrity divorce attorney who estimated Maria’s take in her divorce at around $100 million, considering that she was married to Arnold for 25 years, that California is a 50/50 divorce state, and that his net worth is about $300 million. Plus Maria could be entitled to $10k a month child support per kid, along with a percentage of Arnold’s future earnings. It’s a lot of money for an already wealthy woman:

Although she wasn’t exactly hurting for money before, Maria Shriver stands to be richer than ever following her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. consulted with two leading divorce lawyers who agree the scorned wife will likely earn at least $100 million because she gave up her career for Arnold and stuck with him for so long.

“Maria Shriver is certainly entitled to a generous amount in the settlement, one that is consistent with her lifestyle. If Arnold’s net worth is $300,000 million she should get half of that plus child support,” Susan Filan, famed legal expert, says.

Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder — who has represented some of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples including Elizabeth Taylor and David Guest, and Robin Givens and Mike Tyson — agrees and points out a technicality that may result in Maria, 55, making slightly less than $150 million.

“If Arnold is worth $300 million, than Maria is likely to get $100 million. One third of that was probably money Arnold earned before he got married. So she would get half of $200 million because in the state of California it’s 50/50,” he explains.

That said, Filan says the court will have to take into account more than just Arnold’s net worth. There are outside factors, like Maria’s support, her giving up her career and the sheer length of time they were married (25 years!).

“The fact that Maria gave up her career as a journalist to fully support Arnold’s career cannot be overlooked. They will look at how she contributed to his career,” she says.

“He could not have gotten to where he is without her support. The reason Arnold is worth so much is because he was married to Maria. Yes, a portion of his net worth comes from his body building days and acting career, but Maria took him to a whole other level, and the opportunity for income that he has today is in large part because of his marriage to her.”

She adds, “The court will also look at earning capacity. Who in the future will have the greater capacity to earn money? And it’s quite apparent that he does and because of this, Maria should be entitled to a portion of these future earnings.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Good for Maria for moving forward with the divorce and getting hers. She’s been looking resilient and kind of triumphant in her pap walks lately, flashing her ringless hand. Meanwhile Arnie is still wearing his wedding ring, like the douche in denial he’s been for the last twenty odd years. As I mentioned in an earlier story on this, I’m surprised he’s ready to move forward with a settlement and isn’t holding on harder to his marriage. He must have another woman lined up ready to take Maria’s place as his main piece while he continues boning anything that moves on the side. Just wait, we’ll see him with a girlfriend soon enough.




Maria is shown on 5/31/11. credit: Brabus, Arnold is shown on 6/7/11. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Can’t argue with any of those points, I think she deserves it. She helped him build that hugely profitable career, and put her own on the back burner.

    Aren’t most of their kids grown adults? She’ll probably only get support for 1 or 2 of them, I’d think.

  2. Lila says:

    I was promised by the Enquirer. . . or one of them. Aren’t they all Enquirerors? whatevs – that it was 200 million dollars!

    I get some weird satisfaction from this that I couldn’t get from the Edwards v. Edwards tragedy. Probably because what happened to Elizabeth seemed so fundamentally wrong, sad and unfair.

    I like what Maria is doing. I’m glad that she seems normal in some way through all this. And Arnold is handling this strangely well. No running to the press campaigning for sympathy. No get back stories about how Maria drove him to this (looking at you JESSE JAMES) He’s taking the punches as they come. It’s very adult. And it helps me not hate him more.

  3. Oenix says:

    Got to hand it to Arnold – he’s handling a classless situation with a lot of class. He’s taking it as a man in the sense that he’s not blaming anyone, keeps a dignified silence and supporting his babymama. And I know a lot of people have issues with him supporting whatshername but I think it is the right thing to do as she too is the mother of his child. And the child benefits from his mother’s well being. Must admit that her disappearance and silence has gotten her some admiration from me. She could so cash in by selling her version of the story.

  4. constance says:

    I agree @ Lila. I think their hush hush on this matter has been good for both of them.

    I think she deserves to be comfortable. Days of old lump sum hush money is gone. Media pays for facts stranger than fiction!

  5. KL says:

    Oenix – the babymama is probably silenced by the cash being conditional on silence. She couldn’t earn as much from talking as she can by staying quiet, especially as her kid has his relationship with his father to factor in. College tuition, cars and a first place to live won’t come cheap.

    I think keeping the woman on in his home and allowing his wife to trust her with their kids is one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard of. He makes Tiger look like a good husband by comparison. I hope Maria takes him for every cent, and I hope she meets someone who will actually treat her well, in future.

  6. Jackson says:

    Good for her. She gets $100 mill and doesn’t have to stay married to a man that wears a wallet chain with a suit. Or at all.

  7. Happymom says:

    Maria Shriver is a class act. And Arnold has probably sent a thank you note to Anthony Weiner.

  8. Oenix says:

    KL – I agree. Silence ain’t cheap and when you factor in future expenses, relationship, et al, it turns out the maid ain’t dumb at all. But it’s got to be the lowest of the low to carry on with the maid right under the nose of your wife and kids. All involved handle the situation, in public, with class and dignity.

  9. Boo says:

    I wish some tough-cookie lawyer could get Maria all $300 million and Ahnuld could go live in a big cardboard box by the train tracks.

  10. bluhare says:

    You don’t know that the other woman would be cashing in without Arnold taking care of her. She’s not the one who broke this story; Maria is.

  11. OXA says:

    The figure for child support is far too low, he paid a maid $1200 a week. The kids are entitled to the same standard of living at both parents homes.

  12. 4Real says:

    She’s already filthy rich so I doubt she cares about the money. Otherwise she could easily take more…

    She should donate it all to the DNC and start dating Jean-Claude Van Damme!

  13. Oenix says:

    OXA – It is my understanding $1200/week was the maid’s SALARY. No reported figure for child support. Perhaps what you meant to say is that each babymama is entittled to the same amount? Wether you’re a maid or a rich socialite.

  14. cara says:

    ah…..”could?” Isn’t he worth 4 so shouldn’t she walk (without a fight) w/2oo mil. Come on Arne, in the Legendary words of Billie Jean, “Fair is fair!”

  15. Ron says:

    She deserves every penny…25 years and that kind of lie? Sign the check Arnie.

  16. Justaposter says:

    I don’t care he is an actor/politian, or that she is a “kennedy” and all the gossip that comes with this drunken monkey mess… I am still sad about this.

    They have raised amazing kids, no matter how douchy a person is, it is sad to see a family implode. 🙁

  17. Lisa Turtle says:

    Yeah, make him pay. I think Maria should get 5/6ths of his fortune. One sixth for herself, and the other 4/6ths for her children. On the last sixth Arnold can support whatever children and women he has out there that will surely make claims against him.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s only 50/50 in CA if you make it the magic number 10. 10 years of marriage, and she (or he) is entitled to half. Anything less than 10 years, she (or he) gets spousal support for HALF the duration of the marriage. (You’d think an attorney would know this stuff!)

    Maria will probably only get child support for the 13 and 17 year old, but if Ahnuld doesn’t want to look like any more of prick, they may come to an agreement regarding college tuitions, etc…

    Something I read on Radar really disturbed me: it said Ahnuld was still very supportive of and in contact with Patty.

  19. OXA says:

    @ Oenix, yes u r right, I meant the $1200 was only ONE maids weekly salary and they had several.
    I knew of a divorced couple in Ca, where one paid the other $15,000. a month in child support, plus all kid expenses,food, entertainment, private school tuitions, all extras like tennis/music/karate/riding/skiiing lessons, kids medical/dental insurance, travel/vacation expenses. The same party paid the nannies salaries and insurance/benefits, the nanny cars with insurance and so much more.
    This was 20 years ago and the couple had no where near the wealth of Aaarnold and Maria.
    Mildred’s son will be entiled to the same standard of living as Maria’s kids, she can afford to hire her own maid and cabana boy.

  20. really says:

    That PIG should pay her for life! What a waste of her time! And he can wear that meaningless ring all day, it is just another ring to a PIG. Love Maria!

  21. stella says:

    I thought Arnold was worth a lot more than that. He’s hiding his assets. If I were Maria I would not settle for $100M, hell no. That bitch Heather that was married to Paul McCartney got more than that and she only had one child and married for way less years…..start digging accountants. There’s something fishy about that figure.

  22. Maritza says:

    Yep, she deserves every penny she gets for putting up with his deceit.

  23. RHONYC says:

    she’ll get at least 500, believe me. suck. him. dry. grrrr 🙁

  24. lrm says:

    why shouldn’t he be still supportive of the baby mama? if he’s had a kid with her and has a relationship wtih the kid, he is not goign to turn his back now, just b/c the media found out….
    how is this fact ‘disturbing?’
    the kid is like 14 yrs old or something. no reason to start being a d*ck to the mother of his kid now. Sure, maria prob. isn’t thrilled, but i can imagine she would want him to take care of the kid, whcih by default means taking care of the mother.

  25. jemshoes says:

    Is there ever really a dollar value for lost trust, betrayal, humiliation and a broken heart? The money helps, of course, to build the new life. I wish Maria the best.

  26. mimi says:

    I wonder if it was a drunken,pitiful one nighter with the maid or was it ongoing? One thing I’ve learned is nobody is all good or bad. While on the face of it (and for the most part) Maria is the good girl and Arnie the bad guy. But Maria married him at 30, after dating him for years. She knew what she was getting. Why did she marry him? He was a rising star in Hollywood at the time…love,power,money? Wasn’t raised to look the other way? B.S. Most women wouldn’t marry a cheater – she did .
    Arnold makes a huge,terrible morally despicable decision and inpregnates the family maid. Why did he keep her on his staff? that is truly horrible for his other family..and this man has two families. But he didn’t apparently treat the not beautiful, not svelte, not educated mistress cruelly. He could have. Paid her a ton of money on the condition she and the kid go far away and never contact him. It sounds like he genuinely cares about his second family’s well-being despite their presence and existence effectively destroying his world – because he views them as *family*. So complicated..

  27. SAMMY J says:

    My heart goes out to Maria and her children. Arnold
    you are good in movies but”” at home ouch””these
    children now have to bear the burden of the public
    eye.(therapy). Especially the child no one knew about til now”” Walk those shoes Arnie”

  28. SAMMY J says:

    My heart goes out to Maria and her children. Arnold
    you are good in movies but”” at home ouch””these
    children now have to bear the burden of the public
    eye.(therapy). Especially the child no one knew about til now”” Walk those shoes Arnie”

  29. sandy says:

    i too hope maria gets want she deserves, (money wise) but those years living with that back stabbing, jealous maid watching over maria and his family? is some sick mess. he could have put his entire family in harms way, this man is not human and neither is the maid, what a compromising, conflict of interest, so, so, sad, it’s not always about money, maria and her family are in my prayers. let Arnold deal with all his illegitimate kids and their moms. maria is a class act.

  30. Mary Robertson says:

    In my opinion she is making a huge mistake. There are 5 children involved which this is hurting and why give the money that should go to those children to lawyers? She knew his reputation. She is too old to start a new family and is hurting the one she’s been given. Move to a new house. See each other at holidays. Love your children and move on.

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