Suri Cruise has a $150,000 shoe collection, including kid-sized Louboutins?


Throughout the years, the tabloids often try to guesstimate how much Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spend on their daughter Suri. It’s no secret that Suri quickly developed into a clotheshorse at a young age, and some have speculated wild figures for Suri’s wardrobe thus far, saying it’s probably around $3 million, just because Suri gets so many custom-made pieces. Compared with the alleged $1 million Tom and Katie are reportedly paying for Suri’s education annually… well, I think ALL of those figures are probably very inflated. For her education…God knows, they might even just chuck some barley water and an iPad at her and hope that will suffice for her early education. But I’ll buy that Suri’s wardrobe is full of designer clothes. Katie loves to shop. She thinks she has excellent taste (she doesn’t). And Katie is trying to ensure that Suri is a world-class shopper too. Thus, this story in Star Magazine/Hollywood Life:

We knew Suri Cruise loves shoes, but this is ridiculous! Star magazine is reporting that Suri, 5, has amassed an outrageous $150,000 shoe collection, and mom Katie Holmes does whatever it takes to ger little girl the designer pairs she wants.

“Suri is … a massive fan of Marc Jacobs and she’s had several shoes custom-made, so if they didn’t come with a heel, Katie had them redesigned for Suri,” a source tells the mag. “She commissioned a pair of Louboutins for her a while back!”

The 5-year-old is so obsessed with heels, in fact, that she reportedly “cries if Katie reaches for anything but a little pair of sandals with some sort of heel.”

“Suri’s desire to wear heels, in some way she is trying to be like her mother,” child psychiatrist Dr. Susan Abbott tells “Most children try to emulate adults.”

And child psychologist Dr. Lawrence Balter agrees, although he believes kids need restrictions when it comes to things like clothes and shoes — even if they are celebrity kids.

“Children often cry if they do not get what they want, but parents need to explain why certain things might be necessary and others might not be,” he explains to “It sounds like she is a miniature Imelda Marcos.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Did anyone else laugh at “It sounds like she is a miniature Imelda Marcos”? Suri should totally have an Imelda beehive! She would look adorable. Anyway, back to Suri’s high heels. Yeah, I’m sure this is exactly how Tom Cruise explained all of the “commissioned Louboutins” bills that were coming in. Tom told Katie, “Um… they were for Suri, I SWEAR.” But if Suri loves her heels and we’re going with this whole “learned behavior” psychology… then both parents are to blame. Katie’s to blame for being a zonked-out robot whose only joy is spending her husband’s money, and Tom is to blame because the bitch loves his lifts and he won‘t leave home without them. Suri learned it from watching BOTH of her parents.




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  1. deva says:

    The emptiness of their life.

  2. brin says:

    I almost feel sorry for Suri.

  3. Mitsey Martin says:

    Maybe Suri is emulating Daddy and wearing lifts in her shoes not heals!

  4. tracking says:

    Oh the future podiatry bills.

  5. Jenny says:

    I am not a fan of her parents as I think they use her like a “living” doll or an accessory, but I really wish that tabloids would leave children alone. Talking about their wardrobes, or their intelligence is just plain silly. That Hollywood life site is just the worst in any case.

  6. sisi says:

    and the thing is, Suri’s clothes don’t look better/cuter/more expensive than that of an average child. What a waste of money… Oh well… their money is their money

  7. bagladey says:

    Katie seems to like these stores; first there were the peins gunmmis and now there’s a “Cock Blocker” hanging in front of Suri.

  8. Quest says:

    sigh…only if.

  9. Samigirl says:

    I know I’m going to get yelled at about this, but I really don’t see what the big deal is? We’ve seen tons of pictures of Suri and Katie out, and it isn’t like Suri is wearing stilletos, spike heels, or some lucite stripper platforms. We see her in cute little sandals (like above) with the thick heels on them that aren’t more than an inch or 2. Cute and age appropriate. When I was a little girl, more than ANYTHING, I wanted to wear heels like mom. Now, do I think she should wear them 100 % of the time? No, because it will end up causing her back pain, and she’ll end up with ugly feet like Victoria Beckham. Do I think Tom and Katie spoil her way too much? Absolutely, but, I spoil my son, and enjoy doing it. They’ve got the means, so why not? I don’t like Tom and Katie, but I think the obsession with Suri, and the bashing the parents is ridiculous. T & K have done nothing to show they are bad parents. Unfortunately, they tend to get a guilty before proven innocent when it comes to their parenting skills.

  10. Hautie says:

    I am just waiting for Suri to enter those teen years. When she decides to be emo. Cause we all know that is coming.

    She will flip a switch around 12-13 years and become a true terror for her parents.

    Since no one wants to discipline her as a child. And set boundaries for her now. Things will be outrageous when those pesky teen years come around.

  11. Laughternrain says:

    I just hope the majority of her shoes are not heels. Even small heels like in the picture above are dangerous for a CHILD her age.

  12. mln76 says:

    @Samigirl I agree that there shouldn’t be bashing what Suri wears but Suri is almost always photographed with heels on which is gonna mess up her feet big time. I honestly think if they want to spend millions on her wardrobe that is their perogative but the signs of just how spoiled that kid is are pretty blatant, and in 10 years I’ll be curious to see what they are dealing with from Suri.

  13. constance says:

    My issue will always be with the forced indoctrination of Co$ on all their children/spouses and the mental pressure/abuse that goes with it. Their PR rep team is massive. I’m sure they tally these blogs and photos of Suri in heels and keep the train chugging along to give us “plebs” what “we” want. Tommy is sick and delusional. Kate is unfortunately shallow enough to go along for the ride for the money and the side-eye fame.

    He wooed her with millions in flowers, clothes, and trips around the world to get her to agree to marry him and continue his charade of being Every Man’s Man. Too bad many people continue to believe he’s as straight as the Niger River.

  14. mia girl says:

    OMG Kaiser! That picture you posted of Holmes holding Suri is from the same batch at Serendipity in NY (the famous Gummy Penis photos).

    So what do we see in this new photo? They are standing 3 inches from a candy “Cock Blocker”! Priceless.

    I have been to Serendipity and if you have kids, you steer clear of those shelves. One look tells you it’s a smorgasbord of inappropriate stuff for the little ones. And yet, there she stands with Suri. This just goes to show how incredibly robotic and spaced out as a mom she is.

  15. anoneemouse says:

    Epitemy of waste. Give it to charity Tom!

  16. Rhiley says:

    I laughed at the “She loves Marc Jacobs.” Oh, sorry, its “Suri is… a massive Marc Jacobs fan…”

  17. dorothy says:

    These people are just idiots.

  18. Jen34 says:

    I was in the hospital awaiting a C-section when the births of Suri Cruise and Brooke Shield’s child were announced. Our children are the exact same age. I would hate like hell for anyone to be analyzing my son’s childhood or criticizing my parenting skills. Katie and Tom are fair game, but I think Suri should be off limits. She is not a miniature adult. She is a small child.

  19. Andrea says:

    Beast in training! Wait until she is a teen!!!

  20. lucy2 says:

    That makes me think of that old very dramatic anti-drug commercial “I learned it from watching you!” LOL.

    I kind of feel sorry for all of them, there’s just an emptiness or something there and they don’t seem happy.
    If even a fraction of this is true, that kid is going to be a holy terror as she gets older. But I too wish the tabloids would leave her and other kids alone.

  21. Jezi says:

    ITA with @Hautie Suri is going to grow up to be so self entitled, wanting things and thinking she can have them. Because let’s face it, I doubt her parents ever say no to her. There is no reason for a child to have Loubitans or such expensive clothes. Even if I was a millionaire, my child would be wearing Children’s Place.

  22. suggabugga says:

    it’s so nice to see when mothers and daughters are out shopping for daddy.
    “honey, what do you you think your daddy would like more? the penis gummies or the cock blocker? oh, how about a some anal beads. we could all share them?” L. R. Hubbard would be delighted!

  23. Sue says:

    This is from Star – why are people posting like this story is true? I think these two are good parents and really don’t understand the “hate” they get. The same people who get so upset when Brad/Angie’s kids are talked about and say children should be off limits come here and do exactly what they say other people should not do. Pathetic. I say leave Suri alone.

  24. B says:

    Of course she does…would you expect anything less?

    All this talk about how she’s *going* to be a Holy Terror…I think she already is. Katie seems like the wishy-washy, let-her-have-her-way type parent, not the “you’ll do as I say, or you’ll get a spanking” type. By all accounts, Suri rules that house with an iron fist (and I believe it). And I’m sure she has her father eating out of the palm of her hand *grin*

  25. someone says:

    And Star mag knows this because????

  26. KL says:

    Those shoes are mini ballroom dancing ones. Other times she is in ballet flats. It’s shady to put a child in either of those when her feet are so soft and still growing – my kids get custom measured Stride-Rights, because I’m a Brit and we are anal that way – but Suri isn’t in custom-made Laboutins either, if those pics are any guide.

  27. munchies says:

    thats called Imeldific. Ostentatious extravagance.

    Imelda even said: Theres is a little Imelda in all of us.

  28. Samigirl says:

    Here’s the deal. We don’t know ANYTHING about how Suri is disciplined. We can’t say Tom and Katie don’t discipline her, because we simply don’t know. Perhaps they choose, like many other parents, myself included, to not discipline them in front of others. Just because they don’t put her over their knee right then and there in public, well it doesn’t mean she wont get a spanking/time out/loss of privileges later. TomKat can’t win. If they don’t discipline in front of the paparazzi, they are bad parents who let their child get away with murder, but, I guaranfreakingtee if they popped her hand and someone got a picture of it, the headlines would read like CPS needs to be called. Happened when Kate Gosselin did it.

  29. mln76 says:

    @Samigirl only problem is that Tom is an avid & outspoken Scientologist and we know their religions views on child rearing are well interesting….

  30. S_____ says:

    Don’t heels shorten your muscles/thicken your tendons over time or something? Wouldn’t that be worse on a developing child?

  31. Thea says:

    ROFLMAO….Over the Cock Blocker comment. I had to look and sure enough there it was..OMG. I lost it. Maybe Katie is going to get that for Tom because I am sure he is getting more…cough..than her. ROFL…That poor child and Suri. I would have a calendar on my wall marking down the days of my prison stay with that man. Then I would never darken his door again. Poor Suri….Yes, they pay all this money for clothes and I have seen better at the local thrift store.

  32. Samigirl says:

    @mln, yes, he is a scientologist, and I think that is the most ridiculous “religon” (read:cult) I’ve ever heard of. I just don’t think it’s fair of us to be judging anyone elses parenting styles. We don’t know if Katie participated in that stupid “silent birth” crap the Travolta’s are all about, we don’t know how she is disciplined, and we certainly don’t know any aspect of their lives, other than what we view through the paparazzi’s camera lens. My son is 3, and I know parenting is NOT easy, and it can’t be any easier when you are constantly fighting people away from taking pictures of your children. Suri shows no signs of emotional nor physical abuse. We see her out in public making funny faces or mean mugging the scary guys with cameras, or clinging to her mommy out of fear for them. Or we see her being a happy child of 4, playing on the beach or the playground. If something was wrong, it would show on a 4 year old. All I’m saying is shouldn’t and really cannot be quick to judge something we don’t know about. Sorry for rambling and ranting, I’m in a pissy mood.

  33. Deb says:

    @ Samigirl, I know that I would have loved little heeled sandals like those when I was Suri’s age!

    @ Mia girl, I don’t understand why she would stand near the shelves that obviously hold “adults only” products with her child in tow. She’s not the first person to do that though. I’ve gone into Spencer’s Gifts numerous times and seen little kids in the area of the store where the adult toys are displayed. There is a reason that some products and establishments are for adults only.

  34. mln76 says:

    @Samigirl good points I honestly don’t have issues with Suri and agree she shouldn’t be targeted but I have real issues with Scientology and Tom’s involvement. He’s been accused of participating in slavery for god sakes it paints a scary picture. And unfortunately Suri is part of it.

  35. elizabeth says:

    @ constance
    Is the Niger River really straight?:) or does it get a bit bendy like TC?

  36. Nanea says:

    Heels at Suri’s age, even if it’s just 2 inches… Will she have an artificial knee joint as a teen, a new hip in her twenties?

    Poor kid – to have parents like those two who treat her like she’s an adult in a small body just because the cult says so, who don’t say no, and above all, who took her out at night way past regular bedtime from a very early age on.

    Maybe Suri should save some money from her clothing allowance for therapy later on.

  37. chicana says:

    Katie and Tom need to stop spoiling her so much and do something about her rotten attitude STAT! Or she will become the next Paris Hilton

  38. 4Real says:

    Hopefully they are donating the ones that no longer fit to the less fortunate. You know until Suri and her Daddy wear the same size…which won’t be until what…like 2nd grade or something?

  39. Boo says:

    I see this kid and can’t stand her or them. Now, I see other celebrity kids, like the Garner-Affleck girls, and I think, Oh, what cute little girls! the difference? The Garner-Afflecks are not toting their kids around for photo ops late at night, dressing them up in ridiculous or inappropriate (for the weather, for a child) clothes, and endlessly prattling to the media about how the kids choose their mother’s clothes or are allowed to make their own decisions per their cult beliefs. If Katie and Tom didn’t invite criticism, they wouldn’t get it.

  40. Samigirl says:

    I really, REALLY don’t like Tom Cruise. I want to get that straight. I just get so…irritated with people slamming others parenting styles. That’s all 🙂 I think little Suri is adorable, and I think KH does her best. We can’t deny she’s a devoted mother, it’s obvious she dotes on and loves her daughter.

  41. June says:

    is it wrong that I have a problem with this kid? ugh

  42. LRH was a Con Man says:

    Stupid stupid parents. These two are proof that too much money lowers your IQ. I’m sure little Suri gets to go to a Scientology school where she is subjected to “Applied Scholastics” and the ridiculous LRH tech. She’ll be a spoiled blathering idiot providing much entertainment to the public for years to come.

  43. bub says:

    ugh she’s gonna be such a brat. i doubt she has ever heard the word no.

  44. Justaposter says:

    No June, it isn’t a problem! LOL Or we are both going to that hot place way below us! HAHHAHA

    I get that kids like to ‘dress up’ and I get that they have more money than a small Country.. BUT high heels are usually things that a girl has to look forward too. Like training bras.. their first pair of non wite granny panies, wearing lipgloss ect…

    If she is doing these things now.. what in the world will she be doing in a few years?!

    Boo (is that your user name? numbers are blocking it) I agree. The Dimple parade are darling little girls, doing normal little girl things.

    Face it gang.. Suri is going to blow Lilo and Paris outta the water.. mark my words, this little chickado will be EPIC! when she gets a bit older.

    Wasnt there a blind about 2 hollywood mega couples had a playdate and 2 of the combined kids stole one of the cars and went for a joyride and got caught.. and wasn’t the most popular guess it was at the Cruises house and the Smiths were over?

  45. Justaposter says:


  46. Aurelia says:

    Check out how ugly and pinched suri’s face is. She looks just like Tom and we now know what he will look like when he is 90!

  47. Violet says:

    Seems to me that his kids with Nicole had a much more normal upbringing than his youngest, at least until he cut their mother almost completely out of their lives. It is seriously messed up how they’re raising Suri, it’s quite sad.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    How in hell does a five year old even know who Marc Jacobs is?

    I’m surprised Ugg doesn’t make special-order boots with heels just for Suri.

  49. Bill Hicks is God says:

    What these two cult fools are doing with this child can in no way be called parenting…

  50. Samigirl says:

    I think the posters proclaiming little Suri to be “ugly,” and saying they don’t like her ought to be ashamed of themselves. Who says that about a child? Totally ridiculous, and a really mean thing to say. I hope you feel better about yourself, picking on a child that is all of 4 years old.

  51. Kim says:

    So if she wanted wine and a cigarette her parents under their cult of scientology would give it to her?? Where do you draw the line and realize a child is a child NOT an adult and should be disciplined (told no) & treated as such.

    A 5 yr old shouldnt give a care about her clothes let alone who designed them! Pathetic parenting!

  52. Lucy says:

    Totally agree that jen garners girls look so normal and happy….something just seems off with suri and with katie…frankly, katie looks so unhappy in every photo…like she sold her soul to the devil and has decided she made a bad deal and can’t escape…I could be wrong, don’t know them, hope they are happy, but I’m seriously counting down till the divorce happens, and that is going to make for some really juicy gossip…

  53. galaxy.girl says:

    Are any athletic shoes in the collection? I couldn’t stand wearing slippy, sweaty, sandals when I wanted to RUN & PLAY.

  54. HELENE says:


  55. Justaposter says:

    Suri did you learn to type?! (helene)

    Umm no, if I had that kind of money, I would never put my little girl in high heels.

    Also, those who type “U” instead of “you” tend to be ignored.

  56. RHONYC says:

    @ Mitsey Martin


    dry-heaved laughed just then. hilarious!!!

    i can’t wait for the inevitable picture of that kid leading the mom down the street with one of those ‘kid-harnesses’!!!

    oh, come on! you know it’s comin’…lol! 😆

  57. Cheyenne says:

    galaxy.girl: I couldn’t stand wearing slippy, sweaty, sandals when I wanted to RUN & PLAY.

    I wonder if Suri knows how to run and play. I’ve never seen a photo of her doing either one.

  58. hellnbackl says:

    That kid looks more and more like Ron Hubbard the older she gets…….

  59. photo jojo says:

    Suri cannot possibly be a huge fan of Marc Jacobs. Suri can however be a totally spoiled princess.

  60. fannomore says:

    all that money for shoes and they seem to carry her whenever they can?

  61. Lady D says:

    Samigirl, totally agree with your last comment. (#50) I can’t stand it when people pick on little, defenseless children.

  62. Confuzzle says:

    That mill on ‘education’ is for more baked bean cans and auditing. She’s going to end up a barely functional person by the time she’s 16. She will, however, know how to shout at ashtrays.

  63. Dani says:

    Shoes aside, the most loving thing you can do for your child is to set boundries. It makes for a secure child who grows into a healthy adult.

  64. Nikki Girl says:

    This kid just comes across as a spoiled princess to me, and I don’t feel like they discipline her or set boundaries for her at all. Obviously I don’t know what really goes on in their life, this is just the impression I get. But if they truly spoil her this bad and let her do whatever she wants, they’re in for a world of trouble later in life.

  65. Cruise_H8r says:

    They drag that kid out for photo ops just to keep their names in the papers…and to prove Tom is straight, which we all know he ain’t.

    The kid is innocent, blame the narcissistic parents.