Jennifer Lopez’s ex claims J.Lo sacrificed hens for Santeria blood rituals


Jennifer Lopez’s first husband, Ojani Noa, has an axe to grind. I’m not even sure what he’s trying to achieve at this point, whether he’s just a famewhore or he’s out for money, or even if he’s just a dude trying to reclaim some self-esteem. But I wish he would let some of stuff go. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been following (barely) the reports that Ojani got the go-ahead to release the “sex tape” he and Jennifer made when they were married. Note: some say it’s not even sex, just some J.Lo nudity with no intercourse. Anyway, Jennifer and her lawyers have been blocking every effort of Ojani’s, and yesterday it seems like a judge finally put an end to it:

Looks like J.Lo’s privates are going to be kept private. A judge today put the kibosh on the release of the singer’s “sex” tape, ordering Ojani Noa’s business partner, Ed Meyer, to turn over the footage to the court so the juicy tapes can be locked in a safe deposit box at the City National Bank in Century City, Calif., and never see the light of day. The holder of the most-super-important key in all the world will be with Lopez’s lawyer, Jay Lavely.

“The parties agree that all home video in Mr. Meyer’s possession, custody and control will be delivered here today and placed in a sealed envelope,” Lopez’s attorney told the court today. Meyer turned over all the videos (not technically a “sex” tape, but rather nudity over more 27 hours’ worth of footage) to be placed inside, and he tells E! he has no problem with handing them over.

“Now there is an evidentiary chain,” he said. “Before they just wanted me to hand it over to Jay Lavely and he would just put it in a drawer. We went with a bank so people will be photographed coming in and out and there is no tampering.”

Before being placed in the box, the tape will be made available for Lopez, her lawyers, Noa’s gal-pal Claudia Vazquez (who’s been the one hawking the video) and Meyer to view at Lavely’s office. Lavely also played hardball today, announcing that he plans on having an expert determine whether or not copies of the footage had been made and if the video had been saved to a server somewhere in a “cloud” type program.

“We all know that out there on a G-mail cloud is some snippets,” said Judge Ann Jones today.

The judge then placed Meyer under oath, saying there was a problem with leaked footage out there and ordered him to delete everything he had copied and saved. The security box ruling comes after Noa’s claims that porn sites were engaged in a heated bidding war over the tape, wanting to pay big bucks for the footage of J.Lo in the flesh on her honeymoon with her first hubby. Lopez managed to halt the release this week when she was awarded a temporary restraining order by a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, which blocked the release. The footage had been sold by Noa to his girlfriend for the bargain basement price of just $1. Bidding was expected to reach into the millions. Not anymore.

[From E! News]

Well… good for Jennifer, I guess. But if you think that’s going to be the end of it, you are sorely mistaken. Ojani wants to get this stuff out there, and I’m not even sure he cares about profiting from it at this point. Meanwhile, Ojani continues to give interviews about his time spent with Jennifer, and in a new interview, he details Jennifer’s interest in Santeria. He’s talked about this before, but he’s getting really specific this time, and even claiming Jennifer participated in animal sacrifice:

Ojani Noa married Jennifer Lopez in February 1997, but Noa claims that J. Lo cheated on him with P. Diddy and Miami club owner Chris Paciello. Desperate to save their marriage, he visited the LA home of a Santeria guru with Jennifer, he says.

“At the end of the ‘90s, my black magic godmother – who is now Jennifer’s spiritual leader – was protecting me, taking care of me, helping me and guiding me like a son,” Noa said on the Spanish-language show “Frank Cairo: Sin Libreto.”

“We participated together in sacrifices of chickens and hens, and in one occasion, I was present when they were cleansing Jennifer with the blood of a hen.” The hen’s blood was poured over Jennifer until she was covered in it, Noa said. Then she was bathed in “holy water” to wash away the blood, and herbs were passed over her body. “Meanwhile, the godmother was asking the gods to cleanse Jennifer and save our marriage,” he said.

Noa claims he participated in the Santeria rituals and animal sacrifices only because Jennifer believed in them. Jennifer’s parents come from Puerto Rico, where Santeria is commonly practiced, but Jennifer has strongly denied that she has taken part in anything involving Santeria.

Noa also claims the “godmother” used the bloody rituals to get money from Jennifer, and eventually turned J.Lo against him. Noa says: “I’ve realized that I was never in favor of the animal sacrifices, but I was present at the rituals Jennifer was doing to improve her career and her love life. Jennifer had a lot of faith in these animal sacrifices, cleansings, black magic and Santeria. But the godmother planned them so she could have financial security through Jennifer. Afterward, she eliminated me and then got Jennifer to start hating me.”

In the past, Jennifer has reportedly been associated with Santeria rituals. In 2003, the Enquirer reported that a Santeria priestess conducted a cleansing ceremony for Jennifer after her wedding to actor Ben Affleck was canceled. Jennifer denied those reports as well.

In the end, Noa says: “A number of people have bad-mouthed me, but the truth is that Jennifer cheated on me with two guys… I stayed quiet for more than 10 years, but not the moment has come to tell the truth.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

As I’ve said before, I tend to believe that Jennifer is into Santeria (some say “voodoo”). I don’t know if these explicit claims are true, but if you asked me if I had problem believing that at one point in her life, Jennifer was covered in chicken blood and herbs, I would answer in the affirmative.

Also, Ojani better watch his ass. Jennifer has more to lose right now than she did a few years ago. She was already (allegedly) having him threatened and followed – what’s next?



Photos courtesy of WENN & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Jezi says:

    This guy is pathetic. They were married in what the 90’s. Get over it and he needs to learn how to make money off his skills and not hers.

    As far as Santeria, yes, I do believe JLo is involved. Depending how deeply involved she may have had certain rituals where there was a chicken sacrificed but doubtful she did it herself. She probably has a Madrina do it, or whomever is responsible for her. Don’t ask how I know all of this 😉

  2. irishserra says:

    I lived in Miami (Hialeah specifically for a few months) for a while after my husband and I got married (He is Cuban-American and raised in the area) and I was sickened weekly by the smell of the rotting chicken and goat carcasses that would regularly be left all around by various neighbors after their use in Santeria rituals (Along the sides of the roads, around the train stations, tossed in some random front yard). On one occasion, I woke up to find on our doorstep a bloody coconut with a feather in it, apparently some sort of Santeria curse meant for us (My husband received a lot of flack for marrying a lily white girl like me).

    Thankfully we got out of there shortly thereafter and headed out to the much nicer areas of Miami (Where the gross practices were kept a little more private) While I never really felt threatened or afraid, I was just disgusted on a daily basis by the repulsive Santeria practices and the filth from it, as no one seemed to have enough common sense to dispose of the remains of their rituals in a more dignified and sanitary manner.

    With regard to the post – Yep, she is totally involved, but this guy is a pathetic ass who needs to get a life. Too bad though that there is no way of keeping that tape out of the public view. It never works out that way, so unfortunately all of the fight to do so is futile.

  3. Hautie says:

    I am so sorry.

    But I be willing to bet there is more than a few copies of this thing.

    And I would not be surprise that is mysteriously ends up on the internet for free. In its entirety.

    Yet it goes to show. If you really want to keep your sex tape from being released for cash. You can do it.

  4. The Other Hand says:

    $cientology is scarrier than voodoo. More damaging and have better publicists.

  5. Leticia says:

    This guy is such a loser! Get a job and stop trying to exploit your 15 minutes over 10 yrs ago with her.

    What he says about her is probably true, but it also says a lot about him. That he has no loyalty or decency or money making ability aside from suing a former wife. And I think she had even tried to get him a job at her failed restaurant.

  6. gee says:

    I have a really hard time believing this.

  7. luls says:

    They separated on good terms. She appointed him the manager of her restaurant for several years!!
    Why is he being a jerk now?

  8. guesty says:

    Creepy. But he needs to get over her & move on.

  9. Kiki says:

    Does this mean that if any celebrity’s tape “accidentally leaked”, it could be blocked if persisting on doing so?

  10. sapphire says:

    Voodoo and Santeria are different beliefs.

  11. jc126 says:

    #2irishserra – what a horrifying story! Glad you’re out of there.
    WRT Jennifer Lopez, I think she would’ve committed HUMAN sacrifice in the early stages of her career if she thought it would help her get publicity.

  12. luls says:

    I think that stuff like Santeria/voodoo, works only if u believe in it.

    (Kinda like the placebo effect.)

    He and his current girlfriend are such jerks. Im glad J.Lo dumped his ass.

  13. duh says:

    I always felt that she is a very cold and emotionless person, so I’m not surprised.

  14. Crash2GO2 says:

    Seriously, this guy needs to move on.

  15. lucy2 says:

    I’m no JLO fan, but holy crap, this guy is ridiculous. Why does he keep harassing her, why not just move on, especially since she tried to help him out post-divorce too. My only guess is either he wants to be famous, or he’s broke and looking for a quick buck.

  16. Ben says:

    Enh, she can do what she likes. Believing in the cleansing power of sacrifice isn’t any crazier than other belief systems.

  17. Alix says:

    I don’t really think J.Lo was a Santeria girl, but if she was, better to use it to keep her from marrying douchebags like Noa. And as for chicken sacrifices, they happen all the time; they’re called barbeques.

  18. yepp says:

    good God Man! is there nothing left of your man hood… the more you hang on to your one claim to fame the faster your balls shrink! please please if you ever hope to be viewed as a man again please give it up.. hey Your Vag is showing.

  19. rose80 says:

    Most Americans sacrifice turkeys every year for thanksgiving.

  20. Snazzy says:

    I believe it %100 that she’s into Santeria. I’m from Puerto Rico myself and it’s more uncommon if you’re NOT practicing Santeria. And what the ex-husband is describing is pretty accurate as to how these rituals go about…I don’t personally practice it (it freaks me out), but I do know of a lot of hispanic people that do it…

  21. Thea says:

    If she does practice Santeria, it sure didnt help her love life. She is with skeletor. I never really paid attention to her but then I think back about when she was married to the Chris guy and Ben showed up on the red carpet with flowers, and some other things and that makes me thing…gag. I wouldnt put it pass her to do anything to be a star, and I mean anything.

  22. MJ says:

    Just reiterating sapphire’s comment that Voodoo/Vodoun and Santeria are two completely different belief systems.

  23. Rhiley says:

    I tend to think this guy must have some serious financial troubles and is trying to milk what he can from the only cash cow he knows. It is such weird timing (well not really considering JLO has had a bit of a resurgence of late). Anyway, I thought that at one time JLO had set him up pretty good by making him manager of one of her resturants and working with him on some of her other projects. He needs to keep his mouth shut and go away like that Chris guy she was married to. Maybe Onjai wants a 15 million dollar payout as well.

  24. HotLatino says:

    OMG Ojanj frekin move on, I know it must hurt that the most beautiful woman in the world left you but it’s gettin ridiculous. I don’t think she’s into santeria, I don’t know how common is in PR but in Mexico it’s common with some people but not with everyone so I dunno maybe it was just a limpia with herbs and eggs and stuff, I’ve done that hahahaha. Btw in those pics she looks like she’s 20, she’ so pretty, that’s latinos for you LOL

  25. Dorothy says:

    It’s time for Ojani to move on. Why be vindictive? Next, JLo will get a gag order on him not to even speak about the two of them ever. He just doesn’t get it! 🙁

  26. uknowuloveme says:

    of course she did it..

  27. Valerie says:

    @Snazzy–what on earth are you talking about?! I’m from Puerto Rico (I live here) & have never seen Santeria or know anyone who does! However, I and my circle are all college educated. This is not meant as a an insult–just an observation. I would argue that Santeria is not as common as you think in modern times & when you do see it, it isn’t amongst the educated.

  28. Amy says:

    I’ve seen her on TV doing some sort of cleansing with crystals laid out on her body. So, she has readily admitted to being into some level of hocus pocus.

    I buy the Santeria thing and Skeletor probably does it, too. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this Ojani guy is an opportunistic jackass!

    Seriously, man, move on and get a real job! Why would we care if she cheated on you? You “kept quiet” for 10 years?! No one cares!!

  29. xxodettexx says:

    @valerie: where do you live in puerto rico?? i have family born and raised there for DECADES [shoot, my moms ancestors even had a plantation on puerto rico with slaves at one point!] and i DO know it is VERY common to practice santeria… a lot of my family members practice it/believe in it; and their stories to me and my mom [we both neither practice, condone or believe in santeria] just amaze us and almost embarrass us! my aunt for instance, is known to put the eye on her enemies and have brujas do rituals on her to fix illness or get rid of magic done on her home [YES, i always find this absolutely hysterical as an atheist].. and when i say a lot of my family members, i dont mean just the old ones [where the incidence in following santeria is higher], a lot of the younger ones follow it though most dont do the blood rituals but do use charms and spells and all that lame superstitious crap

    in short[long? haha], i am with @Snazzy in that it IS common in puerto rico, i know lots of family members and their friends, all residents of the island, a great majority college educated, that follow santeria! i guess good for valerie that she only knows the sophisticated/educated puerto ricans!

    @irishserra: my friend is cuban, born and raised in hileah and she basically has confirmed to me what you described about living there… cubans are just as hardcore about it as puerto ricans… crazy islanders [**said with a wink as those islanders are dear family members and friends!**]

    • arelis says:

      Im with valeria i live in pr and the brujeria is not that common u guys are exagerating. U make it sound as if all they do is brujeria and it’s not like that. if your family practice santeria that is there problem not everyone does. I don’t beleave that jennifer practice it. and ojani is a piece of caca making up all these stories. and when jennifer. divorce him they where separated for a while so she did not cheated on him. this pig wants money they should send his ass back to cuba al pendejo ese.

  30. Deb says:

    @ Sapphire & MJ, I was going to post the same thing, but you guys beat me to it.

    If she practices Santeria, so what? She lives in the United States of America, where religious freedom is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. She can believe whatever she desires.

  31. maggie says:

    I can’t stand this old bitch, and the stupid faces that she makes. I believe the ex because she seems like the person who would be into that shit.

  32. TeeTee says:

    I totally beleive him, I’ll be sooo glad when her true dirt hits the fan!!

    she cheated on him to get w/Diddy, cheated on Kris to get w/Ben and then plied her way into Marc Anthony’s marriage to get him..

    and she can’t sing nor act, her dirt will come out eventually.

  33. Eloisa says:

    So, J-LO is into santeria because she is latin (from PR)??????? Oh god, you are so racist! shame on you.

  34. anne_000 says:

    yeah, voodoo & santeria, 2 different things.

    the gossip i’ve heard on j.lo is that she’s mean – the one where she throws coffee on someone cuz it wasnt hot enough or wasnt the correct type of coffee. i’ve also seen a mean side of her on tv as well.

    do i think she’ll bathe in the blood of animals to get what she wants? yeah.

  35. iheartlasagne says:

    I’m all for religious freedom & tolerance but I’m amazed that so many people are commenting w/ ‘meh’ & ‘so what’. I would think that animal sacrifice and bathing in fresh chicken blood would be a bit more scandalous in this day & age. I don’t have issue w/ Santeria being practiced but with the way people react to leather & fur these days I was surprised by the lackadaisical comments…If this story were true I would expect it to be a big deal. But I do agree that Mr. Noa should ‘get over it’ & leave ‘rich bitch superstar multi-talented greatest performer ever dripping w/ diamonds’ JLo alone. And no, I don’t care much for her.

  36. Madison says:

    Ex husband 1 needs to let it go, move on get a real job and stop trying to making a living out of jenny on the block done me wrong and was into blood rituals.

  37. HotLatino says:

    @teetee you ain’t foolin anyone sweetie, you’re ojani or his awful GF. Stop being jealous of beautiful GodLo

  38. Mairead says:

    So “John” John Combs wasn’t the biggest jackass that she dated. Who knew? 🙄

  39. Valerie says:

    I live in San Juan & every single one of my friends went to college & most of their parents are professionals. None of them practice Santeria & neither does my family. Sorry, but Santeria is not common amongst the educated.

  40. John Wayne Lives says:

    @HotLatino, “in Mexico it’s common with some people but not with everyone so I dunno maybe it was just a limpia with herbs and eggs and stuff, I’ve done that hahahaha.”
    I know right! In the Latino community, alot of ethnic rituals blend right in with Catholicism and just everyday stuff. it’s kinda this moshposh of living. I cant remember a single time when I’ve ever been with my Abuelita when she hasn’t been saying some prayer or incantation over us, or rubbing something into our hair or Something.
    It’s not like in white communities where there is this huge difference between say Christians and Wiccans, In my experience. (Im not comparing the two, just using opposing religions as an example) And with PuertoRicans, I’m sorry, but it’s just part of their culture. I can easily see her covered in chicken blood and herbs lol. It’s not like it’s Satanism or something. But, here is one of the area’s where my VERY white hubs and I disagree. It’s weird and kinda freaky to him, where as to me, it just is. I really believe it’s a cultural way of looking at things.
    Now I’m sure I’m gonna get flack for everything I’ve said. I’m racist or something. But oh, well.
    And PLEASE with the “among educated people” it’s not common. That’s so elitist and untrue!

  41. Deb says:

    @ iheartlasagne, I can’t speak for the other posters who weren’t bothered by the animal killing component of this story. However, I don’t really have any problems with meat, leather, or fur, so I guess that explains why I don’t feel bothered by practitioners of Santeria sacrificing chickens.

  42. antisara says:

    I TOTALLY BELIEVE IT! This bitch really looks like she’d do witch sh*t just to be the “it” turd in hollyweird. I mean back in 2005 she asked the governor of FL to pay for her security! with taxpayer money! she’s gotta be messing with demons to think her safety is a matter of public exploitation. AND LETS NOT FORGET: IF IT WASN’T FOR SELENA’S MURDER JLO WOULD BE STILL EATING GRASS IN PUERTO RICO or stripping in a NYC club trying to pull off an “Ana Nicole-tycoon-heiress” stint. Can’t stand this broad!!!!!! BTW: when you mess with that santeria sh*t it can turn back against you…i think it already turned against her LOL…(cough…ugly a$$ kids…cough cough…ugly husband…cough…singing with pitbull…what could more demeaning, cursed and pathetic than that?)…

  43. iheartlasagne says:

    I don’t have issues with eating meat or wearing fur or leather; I guess I just found it sorta shocking that JLo has been linked with Santeria, especially more than once. I don’t really care per se but thought it would be bigger news I reckon. But clearly I was mistaken. So there ya go!

  44. antisara says:

    LMAO!!!!!!! Ojani: I have news for you on behalf of Jlow…ah, Jello.. whatever: you’ll be substituting the hen on the next ritual…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
    So she tried to do the Hilton/Kardashian famewhore trick before? with a lame “sex tape” where you can see what every body else has already seen…hhhmmmm…????
    This bitch really looks like she’d do witch sh*t just to be the “it” turd in hollyweird. I mean back in 2005 she asked the governor of FL to pay for her security! with taxpayer money! she’s gotta be messing with demons to think her safety is a matter of public exploitation. AND LETS NOT FORGET: IF IT WASN’T FOR SELENA’S MURDER JLO WOULD BE STILL EATING GRASS IN PUERTO RICO or stripping in a NYC club trying to pull off an “Ana Nicole-tycoon-heiress” stint. Can’t stand this broad!!!!!! BTW: when you mess with that santeria sh*t it can turn back against you…i think it already turned against her LOL…(cough…ugly a$$ kids…cough cough…ugly husband…cough…singing with pitbull…what could more demeaning, cursed and pathetic than that?)…

  45. CIdee says:

    What a scum bag. Move on, Dude!

  46. RHONYC says:

    sounds like the wack-ass script to ‘Angel Heart Dos’ 🙁

  47. Nah, nah, and nah... says:

    Ok. I like her ’cause we’re about the same age and pants size, so I’m biased.

    And while I’ll discuss it, I don’t get all up into criticizing the religions and politics of celebrities unless they get all Kal Penn-y (who I LOVE btw) or Tom Cruise-y on the public and make it a part of their image ’cause we have, like, the right in this country to think and do how we see fit in those arenas in private and I, publicly and privately, am down with The King. But, let me see, lemmee just see, if I can get this straight and understand what Ol’Oh-haw-knee is trying to do with my emotions here.

    He’s saying I should stop watching The Backup Plan right now not because it was about the lousiest movie she’s ever done since Gigli but because the booty that launched a thousand injections is a rich Santeriantologist with spousal tax issues and he’s a flat broke ex-spousal issue and mad about that and is gonna sell 20-some hours of footage of said booty taped early in the 90’s of him with her in their drawls when they were married and allowed to be in drawls together and he’s gonna sell it through a jumpoff who he’s not married too who he sold the tape to for $1 because he’s still mad that he was lame and bored J.f.t.B. enough to play on him with 2 other dudes and then his “godmother” kicked him to the curb ’cause she thought he was broke and lame also and chose to skeet the rooster blood Jenny’s way instead of his all for the coin?

    Holy Medina, Batman! This dude needs to stop smoking extra-strength Jeffrey and take a pill. They make pills for his illness and have a whole detox plan. They do. I promise. Diddy can probably get him some of that, too.

  48. jc126 says:

    Okay, if the animal cruelty aspect doesn’t bother you, how about leaving the carcasses outside or on people’s lawns for others to find? Think that’s right? I think that would be pretty traumatizing for anyone to come upon, and it’s also a nasty example of littering and leaving one’s shit all over the place.

  49. jover says:

    Kinda don’t believe this because to worship in any faith requires that you be interested in something other than yourself – and Jho is a self-absorbed no talent egotist to the max.

  50. Dhavy says:

    I live in Miami and almost everyone who arrived from Cuba lived in Hialeah at some point it’s almost a right of passage. Anyway, I don’t live in Hialeah but Santeria is common everywhere in Miami, regardless of social status, because most of the population here is Cuban. Not trying to point fingers at a specific group but it’s just a fact. I wouldn’t doubt if she did it and it wouldn’t be a big surprise in this city.
    I don’t care what neighborhood you live in here, unfortunately, you will see a chicken or goat carcass at some point..very sad and disgusting

  51. Snazzy says:

    @Valerie, step off your high horse…it’s not a matter of “education” or “social status” it’s a matter of people choosing to live either the modern way or the old-fashion way i.e- santeria!

    P.S.- I have “educated” family that lives in San Juan as well, and family that owns various businesses in different parts of the island, and guess what? Santeria is completely known to them!

  52. Nan says:

    Ok, this doesn’t make much sense. I’m Dominican and Santeria is a really a Cuban thing. Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba are the three Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean and being Dominican I’m familiar with these countries and the cultures. They are former Spanish colonies and primarily Catholic, the racial background is White and black, the native americans died of disease so people are more likely to be “mulatto” and our White ancestry is mostly Spanish but with some Italian, English, French, Irish and of course the slave population.

    The slaves in Cuba (and countries like Haiti) were the ones that primarily created and maintained Santeria. The conquistadors and friars were not as successful in getting the Blacks there to completely convert like in PR and DR that where “whiter” so to speak. So to this day some Cubans have mixed Santeria and Catholicism together. There is history and information on this you can even look it up.

    Just the part where it says that Santeria is common in PR is bull. Yes, there is Santeria and Vodoo type faiths in general in the Caribbean and it’s in DR and PR but not to the extent that it is in Cuba…lots of people are scared by it. Some will engage in it and other won’t.

    My Dad was worried someone put a spell on him! It’s a complex thing but we are G_d fearing people and Santeria would be going against the principles of the Catholicism that the Spanish friars instilled culturally.

    Don’t be quick to believe this…since he is Cuban I’d say he is making it up or involved her in it.

  53. keadea says:

    I can not believe that jlo would be in something like this shit. I frickin love her but I have family members that do this santaria shit and i think that it can honestly ruin someones life. I don’t think that any human being on this earth should have the right to intervien with what god has planned for someone. the religion is not of god……….. shame on you jlo and that whole salma heyak thing is so shame full uhhhh..

  54. hater says:

    I think she would try anything she looks like she was desperate. She had so many marriages Mark Anthony and her won’t last.He loved her but she looks like she settled for his relationship since the other relationships didn’t work.She tries to play it like she is a wholesome individual but I’m sure she has always been into Santeria, cheating,having sex to get ahead. Her kids are ugly.

  55. Leonard Stith says:

    I bet she is into Voodoo.

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  57. arelis says:

    You guys are so narrow minded in beliveing this crap. beleive what you what you want it’s only about one percent of u guys that do not like her and that is called envy. It makes u come up with the dumbest stories.