Jessica Simpson’s dad doesn’t want her to marry Eric Johnson


Since Jessica Simpson doesn’t do much else these days, the tabloids have had to satisfy themselves with rampant speculation about her impending marriage to slacker Eric Johnson. First, there was the theory that Jessica had developed cold feet over those upcoming nuptuals with her “annoying K-Fed.” Yet almost immediately afterward, the word came out that Jessica was excitedly splashing out over $1 million on an 11/11/11 wedding in Hawaii. Next up, an alleged wrench has been tossed into the couple’s happiness, for In Touch reports that Jessica’s dad has begged his oldest daughter not to marry Eric because “[h]e fears his little girl is rushing into another bad marriage.” No kidding, right?

Wedding dress shopping? Check. Rings? Check. Location? Check. Seal of approval from the father of the bride? Not so much. Though Joe Simpson was intially a fan of Jessica Simpson’s fiance, Eric Johnson, the overprotective dad is now singing a different tune. It seems Eric’s unemployed status — the former pro-football player was in grad school for business before dropping out after meeting Jess — is causing some major concern: “It bothers Joe that Jessica is paying for everything and that Eric really doesn’t have a job,” reveals a friend. So much so that Joe is pressuring Jess to call off the wedding completely! “Joe thinks Jessica can do much better and that’s the bottom line,” adds the payl. Of course, the rift between the two most important men in Jessica’s life is making her upset and feel like she’s trapped in the middle. “Jessica is a daddy’s girl, so it bothers her that Joe no longer approves of Eric,” the friend explains. “She’s really torn.”

[From In Touch, print edition]

There very well could be more than a little bit of truth to this report because — let’s face it — Papa Joe probably doesn’t want any other man to take his place in Jessica’s life. Also, it’s rather bizarre that Jessica picked this guy up, and he immediately dropped out of his graduate-level program just to follow her around the world without any designs towards a career of his own. Still, what does Jessica herself do all day anyway? Sure, she’s supposedly got her fashion “empire” and has those past earnings upon which to live, but the only actions that I’ve ever observed from this girl for the past several years (since her pop star career deflated, unlike those boobs) would be Jessica walking around carrying oversized purses. Literally, that is all she ever does these days, and I don’t think she even has the excuse of carrying a dog around in those bags anymore either. At this point, I think Jessica just wants to be married again more than anything else in the world, and since she’s found a man who’s willing to deal with all of her trappings, Jessica will talk Daddy into giving his blessing for this second marriage. With a massive prenup, natch.



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  1. stella says:

    That’s right, carry those bags, mister. As long as this guy does what Jess wants why shouldn’t she keep him around. If he makes her happy then so be it. Let daddy eat cake. Wedding cake that is.

  2. Pix says:

    Her father is kinda creepy. I am betting Jessica wants a baby more than being married again. She wants in on the Hollywood baby boom. I still don’t think she should marry he guy. It is so strange that he hasn’t worked their entire relationship.

  3. AngelMay says:

    Does she ever wear anything other than short shorts, oversize top and platforms?

  4. brin says:

    Cause pappy Joe wants Jess all to hisself (yeah, I said hisself)!

  5. Quest says:

    “[h]e fears his little girl is rushing into another bad marriage.” Um, wasn’t she the one to do the deed to Nick? Oh please like sleeping around with John Mayer, etc was any good for her.

    Joe Simpson wants his daughter for himself…that nasty, sleezy, controlling money grabber.

  6. Quest says:

    Hi Brin, I guess we were thinking the same thing

  7. Ruby says:

    @brin lol!
    Why is she still in the tabloids? I don’t hate Jess – I think she is sweet. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but she seems endearing. But why is still famous?

  8. brin says:

    LOL, Quest…great minds think alike!

  9. guesty says:

    Guess that’s her go to summer look… every color imaginable.

    No fan of Eric but Papa Joe needs to butt out. No one will ever be good enough for his cash cow.

    Nick really loved her but Joe just wouldn’t leave it alone. Biggest mistake ever imo.

  10. P.M. says:

    Bless that girl but she seems so marriage hungry. And I love that purse, seriously love it.

  11. Leticia says:

    All that money and this is the best that she can dress.

    I think that she thinks the huge purses make her look smaller in comparison. She thinks wrongly.

  12. L says:

    Well that’s not surprising. He didn’t want her to marry Nick either.

    The irony is he seems to be fine with her hooking up with lots of guys as long as it improves her ‘brand’. He’s awful.

  13. atorontogal says:

    If she dressed in couture daily she’d be razzed too! Who cares what she wears. And why is it ok for a female with no job to tag around the world with her wealthy male partner but a guy doing it is a loser??

  14. Blue says:

    Ya, I don’t think this marriage is a good idea. But like someone said I think she wants a baby badly and heaven forbid she has one without marrying the father. She sure does know how to pick ‘em though. I think no one has compared to Nick

  15. yepp says:

    guys you are so right! i was def gonna say baby.. then a VH1/MTV/E!. show to follow.

  16. Sumodo1 says:

    @yepp: Yep!

  17. Mae East says:

    @atorontogal: Agreed, this guy’s no prize, but there’s a double-standard at work here. I’ve never seen a woman like Luciana Damon, for instance, get flack on this site for quitting her bar tending job when she hooked up with Matt Damon. Maybe Eric Johnson plans to be a stay-at-home dad?

  18. atorontogal says:

    @Sapphire I was thinking the exact same thing! These people with all their money and they can’t buy a pair of shoes that actually fit. Most have this toe overhang issue or their shoes are too big for them, they look ridiculous! Unemployed college dropout he may be, but shouldn’t he have some bucks banked considering he was a pro baller??

  19. Thea says:

    I think Jessica needs to spend some time alone for a while and stop hooking up with all these wrong men. And if she wants a child, she can have one without marrying the daddy. But…she cant take care of herself or her pets, so I dont think she needs a child. I think there is some seriously wrong dynamics in this family. She acts like one of those women who does everything to please a man and then still gets slapped in the face. She has millions. Take some self esteem classes and focus on herself a while. And tell daddy to but the heck out. Dads a freak anyway.

  20. TeeTee says:

    hmmm, this could be true..didn’t Papa Joe and her fiancee spend the holiday in Ireland or something recently??

    it all camme out, this dude has no thought of a career- it’ll be Jessica, that’s his career.

    Daddy Joe is never satisfied, he wants her all to himself and the money..the thought of this guy managing the money or some aspects of her career, has pissed Joe off!!

    wonder why she has to have this dweeb???
    yeah, maybe she wants a baby–cause there is nothing else he can give her.

  21. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ guesty, “Nick really loved her but Joe just wouldn’t leave it alone. Biggest mistake ever imo.”

    I always got that too..

    I think she’s a sweet girl who’s looking for her happily ever after. I hope she finds it, even tho this guy deserves the side eye.

  22. lin234 says:

    The romantic side of me thinks if I was worth a couple hundred million, does it matter what job or no job a guy has? He’s earned millions has a impressive degree. He’s obviously a smart guy.

    You already have enough money to last you several lifetimes. You can travel the world, pursue your hobbies, live your lives exactly how you want it to be. If he’s smart enough to get into Wharton, he’ll be a asset in the future when it comes to helping her with her business.

    Although, as romantic and idealized as that thought process is, I’d still demand a pre-nup. Jess is set for life. The guys with the high profile jobs who are raking in major cash most likely have massive egos that puts them in the mindset they have have anyone they want at anytime. Maybe he’ll value his relationship more with her? He has a lot at stake so maybe he’ll treat her better. Maybe they are blissfully in love and just happy? She really shouldn’t have divorced Nick. Her reality fame got to her head and a genuine relationship got ruined.

  23. Owl says:

    Rule #1 NEVER EVER allow a member of your family to be your manager.
    Rule #2 Marriage is okay…just please have a prenup.

    I really hope that this is for real for Jessica. I would like to think that Jessica and Eric fell madly in love very quickly and that the whirlwind of it all made Eric drop out of his Master’s program so he could be with her and that he will resume his studies once they are married. It’s a pipe dream I know. I want to believe that because I just think Jessica deserves a break in the love department for once.

    She’s so sweet though…dumb but sweet. And a very good tipper from what I hear.

  24. bluhare says:

    @Mae East: Totally agree! While I do think Jessica’s dad is a sleaze in every sense of the word, no one would be making all the “get a job” comments if Eric was Erica.

  25. Nikki Girl says:

    Eric is a loser, period. And imo, I think it’s just as bad when a woman drops everything to follow a famous man around too. Don’t they have any independence, or aspirations of their own? There’s a “famous” local musician in my city, and on tour he met a Burlesque dancer. This woman dropped her own career and now just follows him everywhere, which I too think is pathetic. So I think it goes both ways.

    I just think Jessica is a pathetic, clingy girl who desperately wants to get married and have kids as soon as possible. And those koochie-cutter shorts, platform heals, baggy shirts and jackets aren’t doing her any favors, it seems to be the only outfit she wears these days. It looks cheap and trashy. I understand she wants to show off her shapely legs and hide her fat gut (her body type is very similar to my own), but there are other more flattering ways of going about it!

  26. Jessica says:

    I could see this a mile away. OF Course Joe does not want Jessica to marry. He wants Jessica ALL to himself. (Of Course Jessica is going to do what Daddy says because she can’t think and say anything without her father telling her what to do).

    She’s a almost 31 year old’s Daddy Girl and she always will be one until she grows a backbone and tells Joe to stay the Hell away from her.

    Yes, they did go to Ireland together, Jessica tweeted a pic.

  27. lucy2 says:

    I’m pretty sure Matt Damon’s wife quit bartending to be a stay-at-home mom with the kid she already had. Who exactly is Eric taking care of right now? Someday sure, if they actually get married and have kids, but right now he’s not doing anything besides following Jess around. There’s no reason he couldn’t have finished his degree or done something else, and I’d say that if the genders were reversed too. I think it’s good for people to have something in their lives beyond their relationship.

    If there’s any truth to PapaJoe not being happy, there’s going to be trouble, because he’s FAR too involved in her life.

  28. Kim says:

    For once her father isnt creeping me out and I agree with him. Eric is a total dead beat. She could do alot better.

  29. Carolyn says:

    This may be the only thing Papa Joe has said that makes sense. He doesn’t want Jess to be a sugar mama. Yes to #15 about this being a lead up to a reality show.

  30. BabyCakes says:

    I do like Jess, but I will say it again… why does someone as short as she is have such big effen feet? What size does she wear? A 10?…11??