Victoria Beckham is pulling an Ivanka Trump: “Maternity leave – what’s that?”


Because I so rarely actually hear Victoria Beckham’s voice, I often substitute her voice (in my mind) with Patsy Stone’s from Absolutely Fabulous. I was just reminded of that when I was looking at these photos. Victoria is always doing Patsy’s pout and I can imagine her screaming “OY!! PEANUTS!” Anyway, Victoria gave an interview to Glamour UK, and she talked about how she’s pulling an Ivanka Trump. Meaning that Victoria doesn’t know about this whole “maternity leave” situation. Only Ivanka sounded kind of delusional, where Posh sounds nice – and after all, this is her fourth kid. She knows what’s up:

Victoria Beckham has revealed that she will continue working right up until her daughter is born next month. The singer-turned-fashion designer, who is eight months pregnant with her fourth child, told GLAMOUR magazine that she has no intention on slowing down, until her baby daughter is born.

The star joked: “Maternity leave – what’s that? I’ve been working incredibly hard so I’m prepared for next season. ”

Victoria, who is already mum to Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, said that normal working mums could relate to her plight, commenting: “Being a working mum is hard – I think women can relate to me when I say it’s like juggling glass balls.”

However, the star, who took home the coveted Accessory Designer of the Year gong at the GLAMOUR Women of the Year earlier this week, insisted that she doesn’t see her clothing line as a job, saying: “My husband and children will always be my priority. But for me, what I do professionally doesn’t feel like a job – it’s my passion.”

She later added: “It’s been a really exciting time for me. It’s my passion to make women look and feel beautiful and the highest compliment I can receive is when women enjoy what I’m doing.”

Beckham is expected to give birth to her first daughter, with husband David Beckham, on 4 July in their adoptive home of Los Angeles.

[From Glamour Magazine]

Ah, it sounds like she’s going to take time off when the baby comes, but she’s working up until she goes into labor (or gets induced, whatev). And besides, how much is there really to do at her fashion line? Just look at what Roland Mouret is doing and add a few Posh-isms.

By the way, I meant to mention this in the Kate Middleton story, but it’s pretty much established that William and Kate will be spending some time with David and Victoria while in LA. Here’s the thing – Victoria is likely due around the fourth of July (Independence Beckham!!), and some tabloids are saying that Victoria is working her C-section around William and Kate’s trip!!! Hilarious.

One last thing – I don’t really want to get into that story about Gordon Ramsey and Victoria at the restaurant with no substitutions. If you’d like to hear about, go here to Lainey.





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  1. Mr. Greek says:

    Ms. Posh’s oodles of plastic surgery has her now more than resembling this character from the old 1960’s live animation series, “Thunderbirds”.

  2. AngelMay says:

    You have to have a job before you take maternity leave. Impersonating a stick insect does not count.

  3. bros says:

    I wish she’d ditch the try-hard face constantly.

  4. tiki says:

    i commented on this story on another site. i do not begrudge the beckhams (or ivanka trump) their privileged lifestyle. they’ve earned the perks they enjoy. what i find patronizing and annoying is the attempt to identify with the masses. posh is not your typical working mother. she has options an ordinary woman can only dream of. i really wish celebrity moms would cease and desist when it comes to pretending they and other mothers are in the same boat. posh lives on an ocean liner. regular moms live on rowboats. quite often, leaky rowboats that require constant bailing.

  5. kwoww says:

    women with too much botox get those weird little crater holes in their skin and she’s got a ton of him in between her eyebrows.

  6. Mr. Greek says:

    Her face looks like a hemorrhoid.

  7. Kristin says:

    I substitute her voice in my head with the one Audrey Hepburn has at the beginning of “My Fair Lady.” haha

  8. original kate says:

    i love these wealthy women boasting that they don’t need to take maternity leave from their imaginary jobs.

  9. Mr. Greek says:

    Hey? Is it just me, or does she also, in a weird way, somewhat resemble actress Stephanie Zimbalist, you know, from the old 80’s series “Remington Steele”?

  10. duh says:

    Rich women who hire an army of nannies and don’t take care of their babies themselves 24/7 should not say things like that because it only makes them look stupid.

  11. Quest says:

    First of all: If you don’t have a labor intensive job (like us common folk), there is no need for maternity leave

    What these celebs do is not really labor intensive:

    – they can relax when they feel like it
    – take their kids with them whenever they choose to
    – have a nanny or nannies at their beackoning call
    – don’t need to cook, clean or do more manual labor after a long day, etc, etc.

    Yeah, I said it, Posh technically don’t have a labor intensive job and can take time off – whenever or however long she chooses

  12. Whatever says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think not taking time off before the baby is born means she isn’t taking any leave. For me, maternity leave never began until the day I went into labor. I wanted all my time to be with the baby. No need to sit home waiting to go into labor. She has it even easier with nannies, housekeepers, people to cook for her family, unlike normal working mothers.

  13. JohnnieR says:

    Lady Penelope!! LOL!!

  14. Sha says:


  15. Geneva says:

    Dang. Pregnant or not – she’s so darn fugly!

  16. Mindrew says:

    I’m with AngelMay and Kate on this… maternity leave FROM WHAT?!

    She does NOTHING other than impersonate a mannequin (badly, I might add).

  17. granos says:

    Oh Kaiser are you psychic? I always imagined Victoria’s speaking voice as Patsy Stone’s. It made reading her autobiography so much fun, that and many StoliBollis.

  18. ol cranky says:

    @whatever – ITA. I’m not a fan but it sounds like she was just joking around while discussing her fashion line and said she’ll work until she pops. The only people I know who went on leave prior to going into labor are ones who had to for medical reasons.

  19. lin234 says:

    You just know she’s trying to plan her c-section before Will and Kate’s trip so she can try to out skinny Kate! lol! I love how she counts calories on a salad while pregnant.

    Her little girl better have the skinny genes otherwise look out!

  20. danny says:

    She almost smiled in the 3rd picture.

  21. lin234 says:

    ooo they can also have an eyeliner dance off! 😛

  22. gee says:

    I LOVE her, but she needs some bangs to soften up her face a little.

  23. MsS says:

    I.M.A.G.I.N.A.R.Y J.O.B.S. spot on!

  24. Testarosa says:

    I also commented on this article on another site. And here I thought Mrs. Beckham was preoccupied with juggling “golden balls” (as she refers to her husband). Okay, Vic, glass balls it is and best of luck on July 4th, your very own “Independence Day”. If you want to be really patriotic, why not name the baby Liberty Belle Beckham (has a nice “ring” to it)? :-)))

  25. ladybert62 says:

    She looks awful -her face is hard and tight and her haircolor is too dark – maybe if she lightened it a little it would make her face seem less like its is sunk into shadows.

    Oh sure I feel real sorry for her having to “work” right up to the day – sure Posh, Sure.

  26. Gwen says:

    @Kristin: That’s perfect 😀

    She looks even more horrible than usual here. Her face is downright scary. I hope the baby will be ok.

  27. Ashley says:

    @ Angelmay, you soooo damn funny!!:D

  28. Minx2 says:

    Of course she doesn’t know what maternity leave is… she doesn’t know what real job is!

  29. Dingles says:

    And what is her job exactly? Posing on red carpets? Attending royal weddings? Being a trophy wife (snort) for her husband? Being a working mom is hard…give me a f-ing break. She’s a filthy rich woman with a hobby, nothing more. If she stopped going to “work” she wouldn’t lose access to health care, or have her house go into foreclosure, or have her credit wrecked. Working because you want to is a world away from working because you have to. She’s never had to work out of necessity and she likely never will. She knows nothing about what it means to be a working mother.

  30. Sue says:

    duh@ so your saying that about working mother who don’t take care of their babies themselves 24/7 because they work 8 hours a day also? or is it just rich woman?

  31. hottathanholywatta says:

    Usually pregnant woman have a gorgeous glow about them, but that is NOT the case with her, she looks awful, then again preganant women eat and she doesn’t, her poor kid is gonna be deathly skinny:(

  32. Micki says:

    Enlighten me please, what exactly makes her hardworking or better harder working that Ivanka? If we assume Trump is delusional then I’d say Posh is delusional too. It’s not her feeding the family and maintaining this lifestyle.

  33. Mimi says:

    Is shopping and doing Botox and tons of makeup considered “work”?

    Who are these women kidding?
    They don’t have jobs. They don’t really need to do anything.

    Thanks for ruining the little and lacking understanding working moms have.

    Women should be supportive of one another.
    These two women- one whose “career” is owed to her father, and the other who has no career (unless paying paid “paparazi” is considered a “career” dare to try and score some points as being hard working at the expense of real women who really have to be exhausted and face apathy with the impossible task of caring for a newborn and baby, and going back to work.

    Thanks you A holes.

  34. Kim says:

    Love Posh but lets get real – having millions of dollars, mansions all over the world, nannies, cooks, drivers etc. sure makes it much easier to be a “working” mom. She isnt working to support a family because she HAS to she is working because she WANTS to and there is a huge difference.

    She is trying to applaud working moms & how hard it is though which i appreciate.

  35. Deb says:

    People seem to have gotten more and more mean spirited lately on this site. It is easy to criticize and seems like it might be nice to give her the benefit of the doubt since we don’t know all the facts. First of all,I believe she has had 3 previous C sections. It is not recommended that you try and have a natural birth with that kind of medical history. And as far as taking leave before the baby is born, few women do that anymore. I certainly didn’t. And far as the substitutions. She asked for her salad dressing on the side. I do that all the time and bet a lot of others do too. How is that being demanded or asking for a change?

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    FYI Posh: “maternity leave” is what us po’ folks take when we give birth to our babies, as we don’t have the famous athlete husband; music royalties *snickersnort*; our own fashion lines; and someone else to cook, clean, and raise our other kids.

    (And maybe Becks’ voice is that high because she dropped his “glass balls” whilst juggling them!) 😀

  37. ctkat1 says:

    I prefer the Amy Poehler version of being a working mom- where you say that you love your kids and you love your job, and the only way it all works is to have nannies who take care of your children while you are working. Where you admit that as a working mom you feel the same version of guilt/balancing that all working parents feel, but you are privileged to be able to afford the best version of child care and are privileged to have the flexibility in your work schedule to bring the kids to set/the office, have the nannies bring the kids for lunch, work only a few months out of the year, etc.

    The internal feelings of being a working mom are universal; the realities of being a working mom as a rich celebrity are vastly different. Don’t pander to us by trying to say that it’s the same, because it isn’t.

  38. Maritza says:

    Does she have rotten teeth or does she need braces? I get a feeling that with her attitude she doesn’t have many real friends.

  39. garvels says:

    I do get quite irritated when celebrities like Posh pretend to understand and feel as though they have the same life issues as the common folk. I highly doubt that Posh has only a limited number of days to be with baby before going back to working 10-12 hour days away from her castles.

    I wish her and her husband would just move their brood back to England so they could shop,do lunch,play polo and drink tea with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  40. mommyesq says:

    This seems totally different than Ivanka—I’m a pregnant working mom and just like my other 2 pregnancies I’m working right up to the end (more leave after the baby’s here, and better than sitting home all day thinking about STILL being pregnant). VB didn’t say she’s not taking time off after the birth. With Ivanka not spending time WITH her baby once it’s here—now that’s just WEIRD!!!!

  41. imabrat says:

    I swear she looks like the Grim Reaper. Stands to reason, since the grim reaper never rests.

  42. crtb says:

    Did she gain an ounce during this pregnancy? There is no fullness in her face or neck. This can’t be healthy? Is she so vain that she couldn’t put on a little weight for her this much wanted girl?She could have gained al least 20 pounds and most of the weight would have be lost with water, baby, after birth and breast feeding.

  43. Belle Epoch says:

    @crtb – thinking the same thing!

    I’m worried about this baby. Has Posh eaten anything since she got pregnant?

  44. jemshoes says:

    I’m really happy for Victoria – she’s finally going to have the baby girl she’s been dreaming about for years! That kind of makes me go, “Awww …” 🙂

    BUT… I do have to ‘ITA’ with everyone who’s called her out for pretending to understand what it’s like to be an ordinary working mother when she’s a celebrity with resources on hand that most of us do not have. I appreciate her trying to identify with ordinary mums and I’m not going to deny that she loves her family and that she feels she’s made sacrifices, too, for them. But I also understand the ire. Their lives are not the same as ours, and never will be as long as there is one or two incomes flowing into the household going into the millions! 🙂

  45. John Wayne Lives says:

    Jebus she has horrible skin! eesh!

  46. Eve says:

    Because I so rarely actually hear Victoria Beckham’s voice, I often substitute her voice (in my mind) with Patsy Stone’s from Absolutely Fabulous. I was just reminded of that when I was looking at these photos. Victoria is always doing Patsy’s pout and I can imagine her screaming “OY!! PEANUTS!”

    Oh, I loved that show. I can’t watch it anymore because the one channel (Eurochannel) that aired its reruns here is not available among the channels offered by the paid tv company to which we subscribe (Sky, owned by Globo corporation, which I hate but can’t ditch because it’s the only one available here — in the specific neighbourhood we live now).

    Back when we subscribed to the cable company’s channels I had the opportunity to watch Eurochannel and got to see reruns of English series: The Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, French and Saunders, One Foot In The Grave and Coupling (that was a new show though). Good times.

    On topic: I don’t like Victoria Beckham. I don’t think she’s a fashion icon, nor she ever will be — but it’s amusing to watch her trying desperately to be seen as one. Even funnier is knowing that she’d probably give one of her limbs to be on the cover of Vogue America.

    @ Imabrat (# 41):

    I swear she looks like the Grim Reaper. Stands to reason, since the grim reaper never rests.

    LOL! It makes sense.

  47. khaveman says:

    Oh Lord — my job, my –stop. You’re bloody wealthy and live a charmed life. Nannies free up your time. Enjoy it but stop faking that you would be on a leave of any sort from a JOB. You are just a designer who sets her own very limited hours I’m sure. I wish her the best but get real?

  48. Becca says:

    Why is everyone so hostile towards Posh? She is beautiful – perfect bone structure, perfect figure (+ 5 lbs perhaps), and a fashion career. Seriously, why does she continue to be Beckham’s breeding stock? That’s the part I don’t understand. If she loves her career, who can blame her for not taking a maternity leave? It’s her choice. However, there is a human overpopulation problem and I’m not excited to see her spawn. Good day, everyone.

  49. Common Sense says:

    @ Becca…his breeding stock? She is his WIFE. You sound like the typical brainwashed feminist who values “career” over everything when these corporations could care less about you. They tell western women that child baring is beneath them while they bring in foreigners to populate the country. Posh can conduct her business from the nursery if she wanted to with people paid to cater to her every whim. She isn’t sacrificing anything. I bet your are one of those “don’t wear fur” types while you advocate for the reduction of fellow human beings on this planet. What if someone decided to exterminate YOU as part of the problem? Idiot yuppie…

  50. taxman says:

    Posh Beautiful?!
    She looks like a toxed version of a Dark Crystal puppet.

  51. Celeste says:

    Looks better with short hair.

  52. RHONYC says:


    isn’t wild how you can see (what i think is) the baby’s head on the left of her belly & her tiny fists on the right, like the baby is laying sideways?!

    soooo super sci-fi !

    Vicki Becks is looking particularly exhasted (for us who know…the 8th month is a mothaf*cking bitch!) and she’s trying to cover it up with heavy eyeshadow. not the best look, which also aids in her looking so very tired (and a bit emo). i was a slender mom-to-be and the 8th month!

    i had the bad skin, deathly eyes & sour gaze as well. thank god she’s not going to go through it in August like i did, yikes!

    anyways, i wish her the best & healthiest delivery.


  53. Mitsey Martin says:

    3rd photo down, what are all the weird lumps just above the bow on her dress in her mid section?

  54. suggabugga says:

    she looks like a corpse! scary.

  55. Alex Bryers says:

    She looks really old!! That hair is awful…she looked so much better with short blonde hair!

  56. Felicity says:

    I don’t think many people take maternity leave before the baby is born but I’m not impressed with all the judgemental comments on this site. We have no idea how much work she puts into her fashion line so it’s unfair to say she ‘imagines her job’.

    It might also be true that she has luxuries that a lot of other working mums dream about – but so do we when we compare our conditions with that of mothers in developing countries. Before you feel sorry for yourself, imagine having to care for 6 kids, bring in income and get all the cooking, cleaning and washing done without any electricity – not to mention the fact that you and your children are often battling illness with very little access to healthcare.

  57. orion70 says:

    Re: restaurant substitutions. Unless that trout salad was raw, the fact that she is pregnant has got diddly squat to do with why her request should be accommodated.

    Just for my own preferences, I never order dressing on the side. I want the salad as the chef intended, especially in a high-end place like this. And unless its a tiny little thing on a plate to begin with, I’ll only make a big mess trying to dress it at the table anyway.

    That said, I’ll sometimes ask for substitutions, but wouldn’t pull it if the restaurant had stated that they didn’t do so.

    She looks a bit like Hayley Atwell in the last large pic.

  58. MeriJaan says:

    She looks dirty to me…like she would smell bad. Yuk

  59. duh says:

    @Sue – rich women with “jobs” like Victoria can afford not having maternity leave. Their whole life as mothers is a one big maternity leave, they only name it differently. They have people who take care of their kids (although they are the ones who could really take care of their kids themselves and not the poor women who HAVE to work to make ends meet), they are also not as exhausted due to the nature of their profession (they are the bosses, they can do whatever they want). Poorer or even middle class women with normal jobs need to have some time off just to be with their kids because no one will take care of their babies. They also work much harder than Victorias or Ivankas. It’s a difference when you have to come back to work immediately and work in an office/hospital/school 8-10 hours a day (sometimes with toxic people and for minimal wages/salary) and when your only “job” is showing up on the red carpet and at some events or when you’re working under the protective wings of your own father.

  60. Jaana says:

    isnt this like the first pregnancy where we actually see a bump? someone needs to tell her that its NATURAL for her stomach to expand during pregnancy 🙂

  61. RHONYC says:

    @ Mitsey Martin

    check my comment just above yours. 😉

  62. Eleonor says:

    Posh eat food?Real food?

  63. California says:

    She thinks women can relate to her because she’s a “working” mom? Some of these celebrities need to stop trying to pretend that they’re just like everyone else.

    And Mr. Greek, had a good laugh about the hemorrhoid comment! Her poor face looks so ashen. Does it move or it she just trying to prevent wrinkles by never smiling?

  64. Mimi says:

    re: Felicity.

    Women in developing countries raise their children together in a tribe/ a village, hence, the saying “it takes a village”- they ALL participate in taking care of the children, the cooking, the cleaning and don’t just let the woman do it alone on her own.

    They help each other much much more than our “modern” societies and it’s better than any “hired” help.

    I do not have any problem with either Trump or Posh having tons of hired help.

    I have had help- and it was still exhausting and I was sleep deprived in ways I couldn’t imagine.

    I do take issue with these women bragging about how dedicated they are to their work that they will go back to work/ meeting/ won’t take a leave.

    That creates a false impression that if a woman is hard working and has work ethics- she will do the same.

    In reality, that is almost impossible to juggle motherhood and work life, not to mention that is impossible to do- so soon after giving birth.

    It adds pressure to women who are alreay under a lot of pressure and are being demanded to be super-human.

    It also might make men think that such things can be expected from a woman who has work ethics and is ambitious.

    That is so wrong.
    Even with all the help. How about famous and wealthy women talk about even with all the help- how demanding it is to care for babies and how they think a European model of 6 month or a year off is much more reasonable?

    HOw it doesn’t make sense that working PARENTS (not just moms) are expected to work 10-12 hours a day.

  65. Dana M says:

    She looks like a Gelfling from the movie The Dark Crystal.

  66. kasper says:

    hopefully for her expectant child she hasn’t carried the whole botox thing too far.

  67. Piepie says:

    She and the baby will be fine, let’s be honest this is her fourth child and it’s not like she gained a ton for the other three.

  68. april says:

    I just can’t stand anyone who brags that they work harder than others. And usually they work less.

  69. eternalcanadian says:

    Say what? Hahahahaha. Well, I supposed being a fashion designer and professional red carpet walker is uber-busy one can’t take time off to give birth or recuperate from a C-section. I mean does Victoria really think she’ll be in tip-top shape to receive company less than a week after a C-Section?

    Doesn’t it take a few weeks to finally feel well enough to put on high heels without feeling like one’s innards are being ripped out again?

    Also a couple pals who’ve had hysterectomies the “non-invasive way” through laproscopy took six to seven weeks before they were able to stand up straight or bend over without feeling that “twinge” from the scars inside their abdomen.

  70. Gossip Owl says:

    Oh please. Everyday is maternity leave for Victoria B. What ticks me off is the whole having an elective C Section. That’s like me being too good to lay on my eggs. Having children (or chicks in my case) takes work from the get go. I wonder how much time she actually spends with her kids, she seems like the type to dump them on a nanny. Get over yourself lady.

  71. mln76 says:

    Posh and Patsy have a lot in common considering Patsy hasn’t eaten since 1974 but I think Patsy’s voice is just a bit more gravely than Posh’s.

    @Gossip Owl Not really a fan of the VB and of course she’s probably too Posh to push but mommy policing is sooo lame…How does having a C-section prove that you don’t care for your kids especially since most women in the US have them anyway. Having a vaginal birth in no way reflects how much you do or don’t care for your kids. Of course she has nannies as would anyone who can afford them but she’s always photographed with her kids and the little Beckhams look pretty normal and happy to me.

  72. Sheigh says:

    Her job is spending her husband’s money! Seriously, she doesn’t know at all what Maternity leave’s signification is! How many women stood up for this right over past years and centuries! She would just shut her mouth!

  73. Patrice says:

    If I were a betting woman (which I am) I would put good money on the fact that they name this baby “Liberty”. David and Victoria have always said if they had a girl they’d name her Luna, but I think Liberty would be waaaay too much for the Beckhams to resist considering how much they love America paired with the fact thay they are probably going to CHOOSE to give her an Independence day birthday (don’t get me started on choosing dates of birth).

    Normally I’d hate such a kitschy moniker, but for Vicki and David I really think it could work : ) I just hope to GOD that Ol’ Duchess of Maybeline’s influence hasn’t reached this kind of level: I mean, working in your birth around HER schedule?! I really hope that part’s a complete fabrication.

    *Side note*: Ooooo what if they name the baby “Liberty Kate” after Waity? Can you imagine??

  74. Gossip Owl says:

    I just have issues with the too posh to push thing mainly. Like she’s above pushing out a baby. Were the queens of old too good to push out a baby? No. Sorry my comments weren’t very clear, she just strikes me as the inattentive, “too posh to actually be a mother unless there’s a camera around” type and that’s what I was getting at.

  75. Kimbob says:

    I am mystified that she has healthy babies, really. She is anorexic, & prior to this post & the one before, I’ve never seen her pregnant ever. I thought when she was pregnant before, she hid out of the public eye. If her children didn’t have her features, I’d question if she was really their mother, but it’s obvious the boys are hers.

    Quite frankly, I wish she would take a maternity leave, as she is not a good example of a healthy pregnancy for impressionable young women. Again, I don’t know how she has healthy babies…but so far she has.

  76. alynn says:

    It’s hard for her to smile because she’s been thinking about David having affair with another woman all the time…maybe.

  77. sammib says:

    Wow. So much hate for poor Posh. I think she’s awesome. It seems like you guys are a bit bitter because she’s skinny, rich and has a hot husband. I say lucky her. And I LOVE her style!

  78. MissVJJ says:

    You guys she looks sick.. Like physically ill.. Hope that baby is okay..