Steve Irwin didn’t really pull the stingray’s barb out of his chest

It was front page news on Yahoo! yesterday, but according to Steve Irwin’s manager he was misquoted and never said that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin heroically pulled out the stingray’s poisonous barb before he died:

The manager of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin has denounced as “absolute rubbish” reports that Irwin pulled a stingray’s barb out of his chest before lapsing into unconsciousness and dying. John Stainton told CNN that the reports, which quoted him, were based on “rumors.” Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the attack, which occurred in the water at Batt Reef, off the Australian coast north of Cairns, was caught on camera. Stainton further denied reports that he had watched the tape, saying he couldn’t bear to do so. The tape is currently in the hands of Australian authorities.

[via Fark]

In a way, that’s a relief to me, because I kept picturing it in my head, thinking the tape was going to leak onto the Internet and knowing that I’d watch it. My husband also said he thought about it a lot. People die in all sorts of terrible ways, but this has invaded our pop culture consciousness and become legend. RIP Steve. You’re remembered with love.

There are a lot of touching political cartoons about Steve Irwin’s death at

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  1. jess says:

    i grew up with him. he just seemed like such a great nice guy. this really makes me sad.

  2. PRISCILLA says:

    We watched him for years and our now 3 year old loves his shows and I have thought about it every day since they posted. It’s truly sad………….