Enquirer: Julia Roberts is rude, obnoxious & nasty to her overweight sister


It seems like the new celebrity trend is making fun of fat people and saying critical things to their faces. Gwyneth Paltrow did it to her “friend” and now this surprisingly explicit Enquirer story claims that Julia Roberts absolutely detests that her half-sister Nancy is overweight. Just to make this clear – I had no problems slamming Gwyneth for her rudeness, because that story came directly from the dude she criticized TO HIS FACE. This Enquirer story might be completely fabricated, but considering the specifics, I’m getting a feeling that some (if not all) of it is true. And if it is true, than Julia truly needs a good, hard slap. I’m not even joking. If she honestly said this this stuff to her sister under these circumstances, Julia is a complete and utter C-U-Next-Tuesday.

Julia Roberts and her half sister Nancy Motes are feuding again – this time over Nancy’s weight! Nancy, 35, has blown up to more than 300 pounds and her movie star sister is “disgusted” by her appearance, say sources.

“Julia’s made no secret of the fact that she’s not happy that Nancy’s gotten heavy,” said a source close to Julia’s husband Danny. “She thinks it’s humiliating for her and the entire family.”

Julia went out of her way to land Nancy a job as a production assistant on Glee, thanks to Julia’s connections with director Ryan Murphy – and Julia believes Nancy’s obesity reflects badly on her, continued the source.

Julia is also concerned that Nancy’s weight will make it difficult for her to continue to care for their 76-year-old mother, Betty, who struggled with her own health issues. While Julia has been paying Betty’s bills, Nancy is her part-time caretaker.

“Julia has asked Nancy point-blank, ‘Who’s going to keep an eye on mom if you get sick?’”

Tensions between Julia and her sister came to a head last month at Betty’s home in Pacific Palisades.

“Julia was rolling her eyes and making cutting comments about Nancy’s weight behind her back – whispering to partygoers, ‘Can you believe how big she’s gotten?’ When Nancy got wind of what Julia was saying, she confronted her, telling her to shut up and leave her alone. Julia shot back, ‘Well, I wouldn’t have to if you had enough self-respect to lose some weight!’ At which point, Nancy told Julia to ‘go f–k herself’ – thus ruining the party.”

The two women have not spoken since, and Nancy was noticeably absent from Julia’s 4-year-old son’s birthday party in June.

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

So, just to recap, Julia’s sister is the part-time caretaker for their mother, plus she has a full-time job as a production assistant on Glee – which is like a slave position, is very time-intensive, and I doubt Julia really had to pull many strings to get a sister what amounts to an “internship”. And Nancy is struggling with her weight. So instead of lending moral support, or suggesting help in finding a less time-consuming full time job, or suggesting that their mother needs full-time professional help to ease the burden off of Nancy, Julia decides the “solution” is to be a complete and utter bitch DURING A PARTY. And let me tell you something, it was Julia’s d-bag comments that shut the party down. “Well, I wouldn’t have to if you had enough self-respect to lose some weight!” That’s what shut the party down. Not “Go f–k yourself.” Don’t blame the overweight girl for Julia’s ridiculous, THAT’S SO TACKY behavior.

I wouldn’t have even managed to choke out an insult, honestly, if this story is true and I was in Nancy’s position. I would have simply choked the hell out of Julia.



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  1. Eve says:

    Julia Roberts being rude, obnoxious and nasty towards another human being (assuming she herself is one)? Noooooooooooo! I’d never think that.

  2. RHONYC says:

    ‘go f–k herself’!

    thatta girl!

    this Nancy is my type of broad. ;-)

  3. Jasmiola says:

    Well, by all accounts Julia Roberts has always been a sanctimonious bitch, so this really comes as no surprise.

  4. Jules says:

    So Julia the homewrecker is a bitch? Who knew? I hope her movie fails.

  5. brin says:

    Yeah, I believe it. “America’s sweetheart” my ass.

  6. RobN says:

    Is there a time when she isn’t rude, obnoxious and nasty?

  7. jc126 says:

    I never could understand JR’s appeal, nor did she ever seem to me like “America’s Sweetheart”. In fact, I refuse to watch movies she’s in, my distaste for her is so great, and that’s after watching only a couple of her movies. I can totally believe this story.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “If she honestly said this this stuff to her sister under these circumstances, Julia is a complete and utter C-U-Next-Tuesday.”

    this woman is a C-U-Next-Tuesday, regardless of whether or not she said this.

    I used to like Roberts, she seemed sweet and genuine when she first came on the scene, but somewhere along the line she became this stuck-up bitch who thinks her shit don’t stink.

    didn’t she wear some snotty tshirt insulting the woman who’s husband she ran off with? “a low vera” or something like that?

  9. kieslowski says:

    Well everyone knows Julia is a real Bitch, so yeah a version of this could have happened.

  10. Jacque says:

    Does this mean America’s Sweethearts the movie was in part based on her? Except when she wanted to look like the good guy, she gave the part to CZJ? :P

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Kaiser, if it was me I’d have sat on her. That’d teach that skinny little arrogant bitch to talk to ME like that! Especially in front of people. And she makes more than enough to hire a home-health-aide for her mother.

    What a beast.

  12. girlindisguise says:

    According to Wikipedia, Nancy Motes is Julia’s niece, not her half sister. Geez, is the Enquirer getting to lazy to google???

  13. ladybert62 says:

    Just reinforces the image I already had of her and my very low opinion of her.

  14. HotPockets says:

    Not shocking.

    Julia lives in Taos, New Mexico and has always had a reputation of being rude and selfish. I’ve heard several stories about her refusing to donate money to local charities and events and how she won’t do it because she is being exploited due to her celebrity-ism. I understand that, but I also just see her as someone who is rude to be rude.

  15. Eve says:

    @ Jacque: Sounds totally like that, right?

    Roberts gives all the vibes of being a horrible, horrible person.

    I remember reading a piece about Roberts (n in the early 1990s) that said something like “even back in high school no girl could compete with her, she’d crush whoever stood on her way and got what she wanted”.

    She was probably a bully in high school — you know that girl who walks around with two or three friends by her side so she can corner a girl who’s alone and humiliate her?

  16. Bubulle says:

    I do believe it Julia Roberts is a notorious bitch, check this out


  17. Jacque says:

    @girlindisguise: It says on wikipedia

    “Her mother married Michael Motes and had daughter Nancy Motes in 1976.”

    What do you mean Nancy’s her niece?

  18. mln76 says:

    I am not a Julia fan and I think she’s a beeotch so maybe it’s true… but I can see the National Enquirer staff watching American Sweethearts and deciding to write a story based on the movie plot…It’s just way too similar LOL.

  19. Eve says:

    @ Praise St. Angie:

    Yes, you know…because (apparently) the woman wasn’t signing the divorce papers fast enough (for her, Roberts). It seems that it had to do with the Moder’s divorce taking too long to get finalized or something. I’m not sure, I hate this bitch and avoid most of the news about (and movies with) her.


  20. Relli says:

    @ Jacque that’s what i was thinking. HORRIBLE freaking movie too, its the only movie that i turned off 30 minute before it was over because i couldn’t stand to waste another minute of my life. AND still to this day i have never watched the ending, even when its on TV.

  21. Andrea says:

    “go f-k yourself”
    Zing!!!! That is hilarious!!!!!

    I’m sorry…there are a few things i could nitpick about Miss Julia too….that nose and big ol horse mouth. Nobody’s perfect you b**ch!!

  22. Kiska says:

    Can’t stand this woman. Overrated actress. Miserable human being.

  23. gab says:

    I have nothing to add to the steady stream of negative comments because I whole heartedly agree. B*%ch is the nicest word for her.

  24. kieslowski says:


    Thanks for the picture and the backstory, yeah now I remeber that story, jeez this woman is a piece of work, and it’s not like she is a great actress, I just don’t gt the appeal.

  25. Ms. Candy says:

    Well, Her sister has a right to say what she feel if this is true…

    The comment about who’s going to take care of Mom if you get sick” Hire a Nurse or do it yourself but then again she may not want to spend that kind of money her mom’s-

    I hope the latter isn’t the case…

  26. Blue says:

    So instead of helping her, humiliates her in front of presumably friends and family. Nice. Taking care of a sick parent is a full time job, even part time. I help my mothers FIL on the weekends and it’s alot even though he does some of the work himself before I get there, but when he’s not well it’s hard

  27. Whatamess! says:

    I love her…she’s a fellow firecrotch

  28. truetalk says:

    so we all just agree this has to be true?

  29. Eve says:

    @ Kieslowski:

    To be fair (not that this insufferable bitch deserves any fairness but because I like practicing what I preach), I don’t know for sure if she wore the shirt as a result of not getting what she wanted (that Moder’s wife signed the papers/”released” him)…I know it was on purpose (to provoke his wife, or to send her a “message”), that it had something to do with his divorce not being finalized fast enough for her (so she could marry him) but I can’t confirm the exact reasons.

  30. SEF says:

    She may be rude, obnoxious and all that, but honestly this particular story does not sound true!!

    Guessing there’s a grain of truth about Julia worrying about the sister’s health and questioning her ability to care for Mom, but really doubt the rest of it.

  31. Jezi says:

    My fiance actually worked as security for her on the set of “Eat, Pray, Love” 2 years ago and she was really nice to him. But I guess she’s selective. All I remember is how she cheated with Danny Moder and treated his wife like shit. So I would believe this story.

  32. fizXgirl314 says:

    Well, I don’t know if this story is true… I hope not… but I like Roberts insofar as she seems like a legitimate, serious actor. You don’t see that too often with women in Hollywood who you google and just see ass, vadge and boob all over the web. She’s got “ovaries” (female equivalent of balls) and I dig her business savvy and her ability to get ahead without being overtly sexualized. Also, she once commanded a very high salary for a female and that’s another thing to respect about her… I just think she’s a good role model for women professionally… her personal life I don’t really care so much since I can overlook it because of her other great attributes. Also, she does seem to pick good movies instead of bimbo roles that showcase her body or something. I dunno, I dig her. Men in power get away with a shit load of stuff anyway, why not her?

    on a side note, being concerned about how someone’s weight is affecting YOU is very bitch, selfish and despicable.

  33. Violet says:

    Julia Roberts is a complete c*nt.

    Let’s not forget that she got involved with her husband while he was expecting a baby with his previous wife — which she ended up miscarrying — and then Julia rubbed salt in the wound by wearing snide t-shirts.

  34. NayNay says:

    Julia is a f*ckin’ bitch. Who the hell is she, nothing but a bitch?

  35. The Truth Fairy says:

    This sounds like a BS story. Julia would just hire someone to care for her mother. Also, Julia doesn’t seem like she gives a shite about what people other think of her or her family.

  36. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I do not believe a word of this story. Not a word. I don’t even believe the part about Julia getting her a job. And PA jobs, while low on the totem pole, are highly sought after and have hundreds of applicants for every position. Especially on a hit show.

  37. Hellen says:

    Yeah, it all makes sense – “If you can’t take care of mom, who will?!” Direct implication: IT SURE AS HELL WON’T BE ME!

    My feeling is that her role in My Best Friend’s Wedding was NOT “playing against type” – I think that was probably very close to her real personality (but nicer).

  38. Hautie says:

    This b*tch has a serious case of Karma face.

    It would explain alot about how badly she is aging.

    And I suspect she rarely meets a man that she can’t figure out how to use to her advantage.

    Geez… she was notorious for bedding all of her co-stars. I wonder if she stopped that little practice after she got married.

    Or did Clooney and Pitt get her special treatments too??

  39. Rhiley says:

    Celebitchy also printed that delicious story when she was promoting that crapfest Eat Pray Love about how she was a bitch to the writer of the novel by making her party with the peasants instead of inviting her to Julia’s private room in the resturant where the real party was happening.

  40. snappyfish says:

    She is rude and obnoxious to everyone.. Remember “A low Vera” when her husband’s wife wasn’t divorcing him fast enough for her?

    She is trash.

  41. Kate says:

    Totally believe this! She lives part-time in my hometown of Santa Fe and she has a horrible reputation for being a MAJOR BEEOTCH!!!

  42. jo says:

    Hate her too!! I am so glad everyone remembers that tee shirt…. she is a total C@nt!! She slept with everyone on the way up and down..

  43. TG says:

    She looked like a buffalo in that horrible movie about Italy (the traveling one can’t remember the name). She should focus on her own image before running someone else down publicly.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Well her karma is ‘pretty’ bad indeed!

  45. TeeTee says:

    not surprised, she’s always been an undercover mean b*$#@!

    I support nothing this chick is involved in and haven’t for yrs.

  46. fannomore says:

    I didn’t know her movie was called Starve, Insult and Hate. what a beyotch~

  47. Catherine says:

    What the hell is she wearing? Hot mess. If this story is even true, I could totally see it happening. Had a friend who worked on a Roberts movie set and said she was incredibly snotty to everyone.

  48. Thea says:

    If I stole another womans husband, then proceeded to wear a T shirt “Aloe Vera” in reference to her, I would shut the **** up. And shave those armpits.

  49. Eve says:

    @ Thea:

    It was “A Low Vera” — like, literally. I posted the link for the picture on my comment # 20.

  50. whybenice says:

    How many dozens of millions is dear Julia worth? What offended me more than anything was the idea of “who’s gonna take care of Mom?” Seems like Julia’s got as much of an obligation as dear half-sis and can certainly afford home health care and maid service, etc etc etc as needed. It would be a pair of low-service shoes for her each month. And an individual’s weight reflects on their own dynamic –no one else. Get a clue, Julia.

  51. dorothy says:

    And her sisters weight is her problem how? What a b**ch.!

  52. G* says:

    It’s ironic that she played the “USED TO BE FAT SISTER” in America’s Sweethearts
    Guess she took more away from that movie than we thought!!

  53. LucyOriginal says:

    Julia is a beeotch? so is her niece (Emma). Does it run in the family? or Emma is trying to follow her adorable aunt’s footsteps?

  54. shay lee says:

    I can’t stand it when people think that throwing money at a situation makes them superior to people who are actually in the trenches dealing with it day in and out.
    Julia’s half sister sounds like she does an awful lot of work with very little appreciation.Ms. Roberts should be treating her sis to some off time and telling her how much she appreciates her but that would actually mean Ms. Roberts had to make some sacrifices (her time,her wants, her needs)instead of writing a check.
    I guess Ms. Roberts thinks its ok to take another man’s husband, publicly humiliate the woman,insult her sister’s weight,demand her sister put Julia’s needs first, and ignore the fact that money doesn’t replace Julia in her mom’s life.
    She initially seemed like a lovely girls but she let her fame go to her head.She became an entitled b*$#@.
    I like Tom Hanks but I don’t want to see a movie with her in it.Didn’t see eat,pray,love or whatever movie it was she had out before that either.Some people are so personally nasty that I can’t even enjoy their work.

  55. kira says:

    I heard “The Biggest Loser” needs a new replacement for that insulting screamer, Gillian Michaels. Roberts would be SO perfect, that is, unless Gwyneth doesn’t snatch it up first. They can call it, “The Biggest Celeb Loser” edition. :-)

  56. werty says:

    June 16th, 2011 at 5:26 pm
    How many dozens of millions is dear Julia worth? What offended me more than anything was the idea of “who’s gonna take care of Mom?” Seems like Julia’s got as much of an obligation as dear half-sis and can certainly afford home health care and maid service, etc etc etc as needed. It would be a pair of low-service shoes for her each month. And an individual’s weight reflects on their own dynamic –no one else. Get a clue, Julia.
    “She thinks it’s humiliating for her and the entire family.”

    Honestly i think it woul be more humiliating to be related to julia then snooki. And thats saying something.

  57. DreamyK says:

    So is a 300lb sister actually like a size 12 sister in Hollywood?

  58. Whatever says:

    I am not a Julia fan and I think she’s a beeotch so maybe it’s true… but I can see the National Enquirer staff watching American Sweethearts and deciding to write a story based on the movie plot…It’s just way too similar LOL.

    I was just about to write basically this. Not a fan and think she may be a bitch, but this seems suspicious.

  59. REALIST says:

    I could see it. Julia doesn’t have to be “horrible” to do that to her sister-my sister is 9 years older than me and she’s always telling me what to do and how to do it and what to wear and what I’m doing wrong. It’s just a dynamic as old as time-at least Julia didn’t have her sister killed off like Cleopatra did!

  60. girlindisguise says:

    You’re right. I read that wrong. Nancy is her half sister.

    My bad. It’s been a long azz day.

    At any rate, Eat, Pray, Love sucked. I watched the first twenty minutes and checked out.

  61. Ella says:

    Back in the day, when she first came out – I hate to admit this, ugh – but I was a fan. She lost me during one of her interviews, which was early in her career – but she gave that bitch vibe right off the hop. The more she opened that horse mouth, and laughed that heehaw laugh, the more I became annoyed with her.

    I loved her in the early movies but when I was exposed to her real self, I stopped watching anything with her in it. I really hate it when that happens – you discover how mean, entitled and bitchy celebrities are, and it ruins the movie experience.

    Hollywood needs fresh meat lol

  62. Kim says:

    If Julia is doing it out of concern and speaking privately with her sister about it its one thing but if she really made those nasty comments publicly she is a tool. Leads me to believe its about much more than just weight gain. 300 pds at her age isnt healthy and does show she has issues she is using her food consumption to deal with but Julia needs to deal with it privately. Yelling at her that she has no self respect will only make it worse.

  63. Fuzzy Cat says:

    It would be interesting to see a photo of Nancy – I bet she is really pretty, that’s why Julia was such a beyotch to her because she is jealous.

  64. chloe says:

    I don’t really take much of what the Enquirer publishes to heart, but I think Julia’s star has faded out a long time ago and it most of it is because she’s not talented but also how she treats people. I hope her new movie fails.

  65. Shy says:

    How could someone even believed this story? Apart from Julia being bitch as we all know it. But how can people believe that some tabloid can know such private information? Who went where and sad what. Who told them?

    If this is true then it could only came from one “source” – that half-sister herself. Since it’s “poor good sister” and “evil Julia” story. And then comes the Question – how can you believe person who runs to tabloids to trash her famous sister. It’s like when little sisters fight and then each one has her own “truth”.

    Really people how can you so easy judge someone. You don’t even know this half-sister. You don’t know how she looks or what kind of person she is. You don’t know if this story is true. And yet you already decide to judge and trash celebrity.

  66. Flounder says:

    She seems pretty laid back about her appearance, so I don’t see why she would concern herself with how others look. I think this story is a complete fabrication.

  67. Banshee74 says:

    Regardless if the story is true or not…she is still a horse face with a bottle opener for a mouth…and she’s an ugly cryer.

    SHe would never do a movie where she is full out rocking the ugly or the complete villian. She can take her two Oscars and shove them up her uptight butt.

  68. Chloe says:

    “She thinks it’s humiliating for her and the entire family.”

    I really hope it’s not true.

  69. Susan says:

    Her mouth looks like Steven Tyler. I have ALWAYS hated her. I think she is a dog…..I hope her sister doesn’t put up with that ever again!!!

  70. imabrat says:

    Well maybe Julia’s big ass horse mouth embarrasses her sister. You’re right; someone needs to slap ‘er hard.

  71. lucy2 says:

    I doubt this is 100% true as written, but I don’t think she seems like a nice person at all, so who knows.

  72. Mouse says:

    I think this could very well be true, word for word. You never hear of one nice thing she does or says about another person, but on the other hand there are numerous incidents where she’s behaving like an entitled, self absorbed butthole to others. What a miserable pathetic person to treat a family member like that.

    I’d like to be the one to adminster that slap to this giant nostriled, plastic faced old brat. With a chain mail glove.

  73. Lou says:

    Well, Harmonica Mouth can’t be a very nice person since she screwed around with a pregnant woman’s husband. Hope that Harmonica Mouth gets it right back in the teeth one of these days.

  74. “My fiance actually worked as security for her on the set of “Eat, Pray, Love” 2 years ago and she was really nice to him. But I guess she’s selective.”

    I’ll say! Wasn’t she completely disrespectful to the locals in India when their millennia-old temple traditions interfered with her important filming schedule?

    Insufferable woman.

  75. kasper says:

    Julia’s big mistake was to fail to hide her narcissism behind third-world orphans. If she had everyone would be praising Santa Julia, just like dirty St. Joe. This is a woman who desperately needs to learn the value of a fake celebrity cause.

  76. Lucretias says:

    @Flounder. There’s an article I read interviewing her for America’s sweetheart and they talk about how the staff offered to let her sleep while they placed her in a fat suit for her role in the movie. She refused stating she couldn’t think of a worst nightmare than waking up and being fat.

    i also remember when she first got started she was fuller (but still slender) and working out to become thinner b/c of feedback from her people and taking her weight loss/physique very seriously since then. I think she cultivates the hippie mystique in terms of hair pits/flowy clothes as long as the body is a twig underneath the caftan..

  77. original kate says:

    ugh – she is the worst actress. flouncing her hair and honking her horselaugh in every. single. movie.

  78. Lia says:

    I wonder if Nancy equally detests the fact that Julia broke up a marriage, looks like an old plow horse when she laughs, and seems to flirt with just about any and every man who comes within sight distance of her? How embarassing! Julia should be ashamed, but egotistical twits don’t have the capacity for shame…..

  79. Ella says:

    “Who’s gonna take care of mom…?” ??? Did Roberts’ income dry up or something? She can well-afford to take care of her mother in style. She uses her sister to do it, and then complains about it? What a bitch.

  80. jayvee says:

    how can she be so insensitive she is definately not what i thot she was

  81. Jazz says:

    This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Some people are truly awful to their half siblings.

  82. Jezi says:

    @MissyAgravation he only worked for her when she was filming in NY. So he didn’t travel with her to India. But I don’t doubt it.

  83. lilly says:

    @Kim (#64)…

    with all due respect, I doubt you know how fat works and how the body works overtime to hold onto it.

    the irony of all this is the more the horse-face humiliates and stresses out her sister, the more her sister’s body goes into fight or flight mode, releasing more stress hormone called cortisol and the more the body fights to retain the fat it has, and in some cases double it up.

    so, yes, just by stressing out a fattie, you can almost guarantee they will get fatter from the stress, not the food you believe they stuff into their faces to fill some emotional vacuum that may never exist in the first place.

    so, kim, unless you have a medical degree or are a former morbidly obese woman, i suggest you and julia jump up my ass.

  84. Eve says:

    @ Jezi:

    Can you imagine if she became interested in your fiancé and you (how cheeky of you) stood on her way?

  85. clare says:

    #28, What a mess!, Julia’s real hair color is brown. She dyes it the red shade.

  86. Veronica j says:

    If her sister is overweight and doesnt show any interest in loosing weight then i guess what Julia did was right. Its not healthy to be overweight.

  87. bluhare says:

    Veronica J: No it isn’t right to publicly trash your half sister in a room full of people. I don’t care how valid her point is/was, you don’t do it in front of people, period.

  88. nicole says:

    If Julia really cared about her sister, she would have hooked her up a spot on The Biggest Loser, and get some Jillian Michaels on her ass, not a PA for damn “Glee.” NO ONE should weigh 300 lbs.

  89. Violet says:

    @Veronica j

    If Julia Roberts was truly concerned about her sister’s health, she would quietly talk to her in private and tactfully offer to treat her to a stay in a wellness center.

    Unfortunately, Julia Roberts is a vile, selfish and insensitive piece of work, so she publicly demeaned her poor sister at a party. That’s not concern, that’s emotional abuse.

  90. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    I hated her in Notting Hill. Granted she had some pretty grim lines to recite…”I’m just a girl.. standing in front of a boy.. asking him to..(my barf) love her” .. “It IS a Chagall”. My ass.
    I thought her character portrayed HER perfectly.

  91. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    ps. this is Danny Mode’sformer wife Vera Steimberg (previously Vera Steimberg Moda) .. She’s such a talented make upa artist. Check out the make up she’s done for Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger (for Nars)…


  92. anne_000 says:

    it’s julia’s world, and we just live in it………

    julia, if ur sister gets sick, then YOU should help take care of your mother. that’s the answer to your question. quite simple.

    also, if ur half-sister is an emotional eater, then humiliating her in front of ppl just exacerbated the situation, didnt it. way to go….

  93. anne_000 says:

    btw, didnt julia have a really bad relationship with her brother too?

    i guess her siblings dont meet with her standards.

  94. Jag says:

    Why isn’t Julia taking care of her own mother? She doesn’t work full time unless she’s on a movie set, and when that happens, she could hire additional care.

    Until she takes care of her mother on her own, she has nothing to say to her sister. And she should be paying for full time care for her mother anyway, instead of forcing her sister to do it.

    I’d much rather be a fat nice woman than a skinny c u next tuesday like she is!

  95. Charlotte says:

    Hold the phone–Cleopatra had her own sister killed off?
    *goes to find a history book*

  96. Gina says:

    The sense of entitlement is given to them by the masses who swoon and scream at award shows and practically kill themselves to get an autograph, a wave, a touch…They see how a person portrays him or herself in a movie and think that’s the real person. They’re in love with make believe. As long as people continue to iodolize actors they will continue to be obnoxious. I don’t know if this story is true or not, but I do know that there’s never anything positive written about her. And, I guess if we know that, maybe she knows it too and could care less! Her sister should have an affair with Julia’s husband…eww if she could actually stomach it, I mean.

  97. L says:

    How does one become a production assistant on their own?

  98. karma says:

    my gosh, you people are just as bnad as you claim julia roberts is, and you don’t even know her. i am assuming you all are saints, but here you are gossiping and and saying unkind things about a person you dont know. hypocrits.

  99. Emily says:

    She might be slim, but Julia’s about as sexually appealing as a trout. It’s the same thing with Goopy-all the ingredients for hotness are there, but they’re still repellent.

  100. ForWhatIt'sWorth says:

    I found this site that has a blink and you miss it photo of all 4 Roberts/Motes siblings in their younger years.


    Both of Julia Roberts’ sisters are overweight, then and now. However, while I have seen relatively modern photos of Julia photographed with her old sister, I haven’t seen any with Nancy — none.

    Also, the site has a lot of interesting quotes that give further insight into the “hair thing”, the cause of Eric and Julia’s strained relationship, how Julia considers herself to be looking out for her mother, hints of childhood tensions such as Eric living with their father after the divorce and the girls staying with the mother.

    ERic says he has 100% negative feelings toward his mother and Julia is the opposite (did the father poison Eric against her or are his criticizms legitimate?)

    Plus, Eric mentions his father being so broke, he stole a simple toy for Eric. This could be why Julia is so miserly with her own money. Plus, their seems to be a backhanded compliment of Julia by Eric (he mentioned how she used to be concerned with making impression and now she’s really selfconfident). My question is selfconfident or smug.

    Also, it mentions how Julia showed her affection for Nancy by offering her gifts and invitations to visit. Um, I would think her younger sister would have an open invitation, but hey, that’s just me.

    Anyway, the quotes section is fascinating background material.

  101. Soshann says:

    I never have and never will get the fascination with Roberts or why so many insist on calling her “beautiful”.Her mouth and nose alone are enough to get her into a circus sideshow.I can’t look at her face without shaking my head.Seriously?Do people really consider *that* an ideal of beauty??I remember back in 1989 when the whole “Pretty Woman” shit was all over the place,and all you ever heard was how “beautiful” Julia Roberts is.Never got it,never will.

  102. anonymous says:

    Americans are extremely sensitive about weight issues. The truth is Julia is right to be concerned for her sister. Perhaps her way of managing the situation was not appropriate (by any means), but her concern most certainly is. Being over 300 pounds is not OK. Being “curvy” is not the equivalent of being fat. And there are entire countries that don’t even realize people who weigh more than 200 pounds exist. Is this the country’s fault? No. They are used to having a normal, healthy population, unlike the USA.
    The reason Americans are so sensitive about weight issues is because most of Americans are fat, and too weak or proud to admit they have a generalized problem, and that they need to change.
    I´m sorry, but Julia is right. And she is not a “C-U-Next Tuesday” for pointing it out. She should be more tactful next time, but she is not wrong to worry about her sister´s health and situation.

    • The truth says:

      You sound a lot like Julia her self…anonymous. Some of this story is true. I know cuz I was present when it happen. Julia is a anti trans fat nut. That’s why her children look like they are starving to death. If Julia really cared she would pay for a lap band or somthing better, but insted she pick’s and choose’s who in her family she wants to care about. Look at her brother for instance, or her husbands youngest sister. Both are excamunicated form her and by her. She has no compation and anyone that knows her personally, knows it. You should get off of your fat kick, cuz at the end of the day we are all human.

  103. Contrarian says:

    I once saw Julia Roberts in person, without makeup on. She is in NO position to make fun of anyone else’s looks. She is no raving beauty up close.

  104. laurie kline says:

    I was picking kids up after school and said something to her and she was such a bitch to me, I was in complete shock for days. I seriously had no clue until then, she is a good actress and on screen and interviews she fools everyone.