Star: Bradley Cooper is trying to seduce his co-star, Zoe Saldana


Poor Bradley Cooper. It’s not even as if I’m a fan of the guy, but I do feel bad that he can barely even speak to a woman (or a man) without rumors flying as a result. This week’s edition of Star points towards Cooper’s (nonexistent) reputation as a player — he dated Renee Zellweger and dissed Jennifer Aniston, the latter of which includes much of the male population of greater Los Angeles — as evidence that he’s the kind of guy to steal another man’s woman. In this case, the girl just happens to be Zoe Saldana:

In his upcoming movie, The Words, Bradley Cooper plays a writer who pays a heavy price after stealing another man’s work. Now it seems that the legendary Lothario could be trying to cast his spell on another man’s woman — his costar Zoe Saldana!

The Hangover hunk Bradley, 36, and Avatar beauty Zoe, 33, seemed to be getting very up close and personal as they took a pre-soot morning walk on June 7 in Montreal, where they’ve been filming their movie. At one point, the actors — who share deep kisses in the flick — shared a romantic hug before engaging when they spotted photographers taking their picture.

Bradley is so not Zoe’s type,” a friend tells Star, but there’s no denyin he has a way with women. What a dog!”

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Zoe is engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years, businessman Keith Britton, 34 — and the pair were photographed looking “miserable” together, says the friend, on May 17 at the Cannes Film Festival. A rep for Zoe tells Star she and Keith weren’t miserable, they were just “exhausted after a long, working boat ride” with the press at Cannes, and adds, “Zoe and Keith are very, very much and love.”

But the friend says, “You could certainly make the case that they looked unhappy at Cannes, whatever the reason. I’ve never seen them look that bad together. And I can see where the timing of Zoe and Bradley getting close while spending time together just a few weeks later would raise some eyebrows, especially given Bradley’s history.”

[From Star, print edition, June 27, 2011 ]

Legendary lothario? I certainly wouldn’t go that far, given that Cooper recently got out of a relatively long-term relationship with Renee Zellweger and hasn’t been (truthfully) involved to anyone since that time. If anything, Cooper seems to be the very opposite of lothario and quite aware that he’s often “linked” to anyone that either happens to be a co-star or just simply standing next to him at a party or on the street. In fact, that jilted Esquire journalist made explicit mention that Cooper had carried all of their grocery bags but also took great pains to avoid walking next to her just so that she herself didn’t end up as part of a tabloid spectacle. Come to think of it, that might have been part of the reason for the journalist’s attitude problem in that article.

So is Bradley Cooper making motions to get Zoe Saldana in bed? Probably not, but he sure does make a convenient target despite all of his efforts to avoid such a mess.



Photos of Saldana at Cannes courtesy of Fame; photos of Cooper at the German premiere of The Hangover from WENN

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  1. HotLatino says:

    They would make a cute couple, Zoe is really pretty, I really like her!

  2. Eve says:

    From a shallow aesthetics perspective, they’d make a great couple. Both are pretty and sexy.

  3. Anon says:

    she’s got a man end.of.story.

  4. gee says:

    I love how you always use his “HAAYY GIRL” face picture.

  5. girlindisguise says:

    I thought the Coop was gay.

  6. normades says:

    I love her but hate her red carpet pics. She needs to up her fashion to become A list

  7. karena says:

    Star uses a template in its articles. They take a handsome popular actor and then a pretty popular actress and add a few details like how the actor is a “ladies man” or “lothario” and presto! a story is born. If one of the pair is in a relationship they always make sure to mention how miserable/sad/lonely they look together. I want creative rumor mongering dammit not this drivel.

  8. Lila says:

    Rachel Zoe made that dress happen. She should be fired.

  9. really says:

    Bradley wished! Zoe is really really pretty and fantastic actress!

  10. Jen34 says:

    The tabloids can’t seem to decide whether he is a Lothario or if he’s gay. I’m thinking that he is neither. It might just be that he is a decent guy whose main focus is his career. I kind of feel sorry for him, too; and it’s making me like him.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Ah, look at Star trying to make Cooper the next Butler.

  12. Ari says:

    Ever since I watched her in that idiots funny or die vid with kate bosworth ive been meh – i think the bos corrupted her image for me lol

  13. Nolita says:

    Even though they do look great together and would have beautiful babies, Zoe’s got a man–end of story. I feel bad for BCoop that he’s being cast in the public eye as some lothario when he seems like a guy who dates (like any other single man would do). That Esquire article was a head-scratcher. Seemed like the author kind of had it in for him and anything he said or did was seen through a lens of barely concealed disdain. Looking forward to see how his star evolves over the years.

  14. kazoo says:

    i saw pics of them filming and thought they’d make a really cute couple! physically, he’s zoe’s type.

    @gee, lmaoooooo. my gay radar is quite confused when it comes to BC. which maybe means he’s bi? LOL

  15. KsGirl says:

    I saw these 2 filming in the park by my house about a week ago. They both looked smaller than I expected. I have nothing else to add.

  16. Mingy says:

    @Ks, I was wondering where in Mtl they are filming (I live in MTL too)..where did u see them? :)

  17. Stacia says:

    Peppermint dress!

    And about BC…not sure about him.

  18. WHmama says:

    Oh please. This story is a plant by his publicist who no doubt is working over time to keep him from being linked to attractive young men.

  19. crtb says:

    Great looking couple! If memory serves me correctly, she has been dating the same guy for many years. I remember thinking that he wasn’t very good looking and she could do much better.

  20. OfficialBitch says:

    She’s cute; he’s not.
    I guess Biel didn’t try hard enough to make that happen?
    By the way O/T- I love this site. I have been to a few others… jUST JARED has by far the dumbest women posting on that site. It’s like just being there and my IQ went down fifty points. They’re like…hillbillies.
    Thanks for being above the fray here, ladies

  21. CeeCee says:

    oh Bradley, I would tolerate so much shit from him and keep coming back for more whenever he asked

  22. kaligula says:

    i may be skewered for this here but i will stand by it: she is an atrocious actress.

    him, he’s not too interesting but serves his purpose. kind of like a wall-streety mcconaghy.

  23. first time I visit this website.. very interactive post .. thank you dude..!