Ryan Phillippe sent $5k worth of baby gifts to his pregnant ex girlfriend

This story reminded me that one of Ryan Phillippe’s exes is pregnant and that she’s due soon. It also made him seem like a decent guy, which sort-of makes me suspect that his publicist planted to story to make him look good. No matter, it was a decent thing to do. Now we’ll have to see if he steps up to the plate with child support payments. Anyway, according to In Touch, Ryan pretty much believes he’s the baby’s father and is acting as such, but it’s not like he’s going to skip doing a DNA test when its born. The mother is an aspiring actress named Alexis Knapp, and she got pregnant around the time her relationship with Ryan was ending in mid September. (After he cheated on her at his birthday party.) We first heard about Alexis’ pregnancy right before the Lincoln Lawyer came out in March, which made it seem to me like he was playing it for publicity despite the fact that the story made him look like the douche he is. So here’s the story, which he could still be playing for publicity.

Findnig out your ex girlfriend is pregnant when you have a new girlfriend can be a deal breaker, as was the case for Ryan Phillippe, Amanda Seyfried and his soon-to-be baby mama, Alexis Knapp. But since splitting with Amanda, Ryan seems ready to accept his ex’s pregnancy. “He still wants a DNA test, but they’re getting along,” says a pal. On June 5, Ryan, 36, surprised Alexis, 26, at her baby shower by having more than $5,000 worth of girts delivered. “He wasn’t invited, but heard about the shower and sent some amazing gifts, including a crib,” reveals the pal.

[From In Touch, print edition, June 27, 2011]

Well that was nice. Ryan is a good dad and he loves his two kids. It makes me wonder if his older kids with Reese, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7, are going to meet their new half-sibling. That’s got to burn Reese up. It’s one thing if your ex has a baby with a new girlfriend. That’s a typical scenario and one that can be explained to your kids without a lot of embarrassment. When your ex has a kid with a girlfriend he’s no longer with, it must be a lot harder to broach that subject. “Well this is your half-sister, but daddy and the baby’s mommy aren’t together anymore.” There’s something really sad about that for kids who have already gone through the divorce of their parents.

Alexis Knapp photo from 5/1/11 credit: Pedro Andrade/Gaz Shirley, Pacific Coast News. Ryan Phillippe photo from 6/11/11, credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures. Look at his kissy face!



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  1. Steph says:

    so does that mean hes leaning towards admitting that he is the father?

  2. Steph says:

    ryan might be a womanizer, but I’d gladly have him hehe 😉

  3. Anne de Vries says:

    Wow, he used to be cute! Serious douche-face going on in these photos..

  4. gee says:

    Eh as the child of divorce with a half sibling somewhere out there, it doesn’t kill me. Maybe I’m cold or something, but idgaf.. 🙂

  5. Ruby says:

    I am not write down my life story but from I have realized is that just because you are related to certain people doesn’t mean you are “family”.
    I hope that little bub is loved.

  6. hatekyle says:

    he’s gotten ugly. what a loser!.

  7. Eve says:

    Went downhill fast*.

    Now he looks beaten down and somewhat desperate (he seems aware that he’s not popular anymore).

    P.S.: Not that I ever found him attractive to begin with…but he used to be in all those “sexiest men” lists.

  8. Celia says:

    I still think he’s hot!! I love curly guys! : D

  9. silken_floss says:

    Eww.. he looks greasy now. No thank you

  10. MikeyAngel says:

    Alexis is really gorgeous in that pic. She looks great being that far along. Although those shoes have to be killing her.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    He looks like he’s coming off a three-day weekend tequila bender.

  12. nona says:

    What a waste. He is very good looking and a descent actor but he is constantly behaving like a 17 years old.
    He has fame,money,health.It seems taht he addicted to prolem with women and can’t live without the drama… poor bastard.

  13. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Isn’t it hard to walk in stilettos when pregnant?

  14. Jezi says:

    As much as I dislike Ryan for the way he behaves in a relationship, I think he’s a really good father. He takes care of his kids and is involved. I think him and Reese have a mutual respect for eachother based on his ability to be a good father. I’m sure he will be a good father to this new baby as well.

  15. Madisyn says:

    @ Jezi, I hope your right about Ryan being good to this baby as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that he may pull a “Jude Law” and LOVE his kids with his ex-wife but only pay child support for this new baby and never see the child. Technically punishing the child for the sins of the mother, for purposely getting knocked up.

    Again, I hope your right

  16. Angelina says:

    Well Ryan and his good friend Benicio will be able to have baby chats lol

  17. Turtle Dove says:

    Gifts? I believe it’s called providing support for your child.

  18. mercy says:

    When I’ve seen him in movies, I love his pouty mouth. These pics don’t show that off too well.

  19. RHONYC says:

    kid # 3 on the way (and who knows how many more) and he still does not look a day over 26. bastard! 😆

    hate him. 🙁

  20. Danni says:

    They were dating off-and-on for the most part, so it’s probably a bit embarassing for the two of them, but hey….things like this can happen. I do not how it makes the guy a “douche”. ???
    Ryan likes the ladies and they are obviously into him, but I don’t think he treats anyone without respect.

  21. Isa says:

    I’ve always thought he was pretty.

    And that woman looks beautiful pregnant. *Sigh* I look like a whale.

    I never understand how women are able to wear heels while pregnant. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that about 10 lbs of my baby weight is in my feet! Ugh.

  22. eternalcanadian says:

    Yet another daft celebrity who doesn’t do safer sex. 😐