Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux are loved up: the photo evidence


OOOOOOOooo. Terry Richardson just published these photos on his website – he had dinner with Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston in SoHo last night, and he snapped some loved-up photos. Alright, I’ll quit my pity party over how supremely UNCOOL Jennifer Aniston is for HOMEWRECKING and just say that she looks really and truly happy in these photos. It doesn’t look manufactured, or like she’s in this for the publicity, to promote a movie or something. She looks genuinely happy and engaged. As for Justin… he looks pretty happy too. Am I going to have to revise my “one year, tops” time limit that I gave this relationship? I don’t know.

So, here’s what will happen in the coming months: Aniston is moving to New York City, and there will be some (but not a lot) of paparazzi candids of the couple. People Magazine and Us Weekly will get exclusives about how they’re doing as a couple, where they went out to dinner, who they’re partying with. And then what? A baby? Well, Aniston already wants a new puppy:

After taking their relationship public at the MTV Movie Awards after-party on June 5, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are now taking the relationship one step further! Life & Style can reveal that after discussing it with Justin and gaining his support, Jen is actively looking for another rescue pup to adopt! Jen’s beloved Welsh corgi-terrier mix, Norman passed away earlier this year at the age of 15. The new addition will join Jen’s other pooch, Dolly, and Justin’s two dogs, Lou Lou and Pooma.

And Justin can’t wait to start making a life with Jen. While dining with a buddy at the Chateau Marmont on June 7, he couldn’t stop bragging about his “amazing” girlfriend and even showed off a picture of Jen on his cell phone.

“He’s at that place where he wants to settle down; he wants a wife and kids,” a friend of his tells Life & Style. “And he doesn’t have any doubt that Jen would be a good mom.”

As for Jen, her dreams of finding the perfect mate and starting a family seem to be coming true.

“I hope I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to enjoy being with a great man and having a family together,” Jennifer confides. “That’s always been my dream.”

[From Life & Style]

Will Justin be the Baby Daddy? Oh, God. That’s what the story is going to be from here on out, right? Endless covers about the state of Aniston’s womb, instead of endless covers about how she’s a boozehound homewrecker. Well played, Aniston.


Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson/Terry’s Diary.

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  1. yuya says:

    Ugh, Terry Richardson. Gross.

  2. Me says:

    Awwwwwwwww im not even going to hate on them She looks really happy. I hope it works out for them so Brangie can live and love in peace.

  3. Hautie says:

    It is June.

    And hot as hell.

    Why is that man wearing a leather jacket and a hoodie?

    I do hope she helps him get a better fashion sense.

  4. guesty says:

    She’s obviously praying in thumb #2 that he’s the forevah one. Lol.

  5. Theuth says:

    Finally, after 7 years, the end to this triangle bulls**t.

  6. Sloane Wyatt says:

    HATE TERRY f’n child molesting Richardson!!!

    Jen looks beautiful and Boyfriend shares the totally loved up look!!

    It does my heart good to see sizzling chemistry; pics like these always remind me how I still feel for Hot Hubby.

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    *shrugs* Still not that much evidence. I have guy friends and we hug up like this but I am TEAM END TRIANGLE. I would really like Jen to be happy so she and her her rag tag of fans can move on…her to whatever she wants, I really do wish her well and them…well I just want them to quit the bashing. I hope like hell they are dating.

  8. Ari says:

    that grin of theroux’s in the last pic SMARMY

  9. Eileen says:

    “He’s at that place where he wants to settle down; he wants a wife and kids,” Double OUCH for the ex in that statement! His ex of 15 years wasn’t fitting the bill? Shit happens I guess-I am happy she seems in love.

  10. brin says:

    I’m happy for her if this is for real, just wish it hadn’t come at someone else’s expense.

  11. Lushus L. says:

    That guy is not cute at all. IMHO

  12. Laura says:

    Well I hope it works out for them so that THEY can live in love and peace and people will get over the Triangle for good. It is so tiresome.

    They do look cute here-like they are having a good time.

    I hope the people on the “other side” just keep their Negative Nancy comments to themselves.

    EDIT: Love Angelina-both sides bash each other. You know it, I know it, the world knows it. Throwing your side a pity party, eh?

  13. curleque says:

    I cannot hate Jen for this at all. I completely understand, because I was in a similar situation. You know what? This guy was probably over his live-in girl for many years already, and he just never got around to pulling the trigger until he found someone who finally gave him reason to break up. It’s very hard to break up with someone with whom you built a life, even if you never married. Justin and his ex were together since their early 20s, and a lot changes in 14 years when you get together so early, especially in a cosmopolitan area. (I’m not talking about hee-haws who get married at 19 and stay together because they live in the sticks and have nothing else going on in their lives.)

    If the guy was so happy, he would never have wandered. Period. And I’m sure Jen was not the first.

    Good for Jen. I hope she’s happy. And anyway, isn’t she originally from NYC? What’s with all this hoopla about her moving anyway?

  14. nnn says:

    I said it earlier, but i really think that move of selling a home she just bought two years ago and move to NY was because of being near Theroux, the man she fell in love with, probably months ago..

    Life goes on. So hope this time it will last more than a couple of months.

    To Heidi, You have my sympathy for beleiving the ‘just friends’ he spouted in may when it was clear that he wouldn’t last with you and had already someone else in his mind at the very least.

    I wish you all the best.

  15. poppycarew says:

    I think Jen Aniston must have a full-time publicist/photographer following her around every day of her life. Everything she does has to be reported in the news. Who cares?

  16. June says:

    I’m really happy for her if it’s true. That first pic makes me very comfortable. Makes me feel so warm to see genuine smiles (happiness).

    and I Totally co-sign with curleque!

  17. Iggles says:

    Eileen – I feel you on that one! But it feeds the theory if a man isn’t committed towards marriage within 2-3 years, he likely doesn’t want to marry you!

    Many men don’t want to be alone and as long as you make it convenient for them (sharing a home, cooking meals, regular sex) they’re not inclined to leave, even though they’ve already decided that you’re not ‘the one’.

    Sure there are outliers and exceptions, such as when folks are really young, but after a certain point either you piss or get off the pot!

    It’s a very cruel lesson, but hopefully his Ex is young enough to still have kids and hopefully will find a man who is worthy of her!

  18. KCT says:

    I agree with other comments here about Justin moving on from the former girlfriend. He just never did it until the right person came along. This is no where near homewrecker status. Didn’t he and Jen meet last year but are now just getting together? I’m happy for them and hope it works.

  19. blackblackblack says:

    Hautie, I wanted to say the same thing. It’s one thing to be committed to your look, but it’s another to be the type of aging hipster that wears a keffiyah and beanie in July. Which I’ll bet he probably does.

  20. furrrball says:

    i have not REALLY thought about Justin Theroux. NOW, i get it. and yes, as a team ANiston fan, im all for let the whole triangle BS die a final death. personally i think Pitt is a better match for Jolie than Aniston, however i also think that BBT was the one man that hurt Jolie very much and was more than her match. there was so much more in her pictures with Billybob of affection and possibly geniune love that is evidently missing with her and Pitt. Live and let Live – now Aniston can be who she was always, less the stupid tags. Yayness and let Celebitchy hook Heidi Bivens up with George Clooney.

  21. sassenach says:

    Jennifer seems to really have some questionable friends. Joe Francis and now this nasty asshole Terry Richardson. UGH. I feel very bad for Heidi, this can’t be easy. Justin is a jerk and even though I don’t like Jen, I hope she gets rid of him soon. I think he is just using her.

  22. Venus says:

    My opinion of Jen Aniston just got lower now that I know she associates with that perv Terry Richardson. Seriously, Chelsea Handler & that Girl Gone Wild douche were bad enough, but this is the last straw. The girl has terrible taste in men AND friends.

    eta:@sassenach: we must have posted at the same time! I agree & I think “birds of a feather flock together.” The fact that Jen is friends with these people says MORE about her than any of her PR BS

  23. Nanz says:

    She’s a rom-com ACTRESS. Of course she looks loved-up and happy.

  24. nan says:

    Is she praying that the ex-girlfriend won’t whine at every opportunity about her breaking up their relationship the way pity-party did for SIX YEARS!!!! Feeling any guilt whatsoever??

  25. lucy2 says:

    “TEAM END TRIANGLE” I love this, and request membership on that team!

    I haven’t been following the details of this relationship or whatever because I’m tired of the focus on her personal life, but I will say this – if she does get another dog, I hope it really is a rescue adoption, because anyone who does that gets bonus points from me.

  26. Audrey says:

    It’s all BS. Total PR relationship. And, WHAT woman would purposely hang out with Terry Richardson????

  27. Hautie says:

    Well crap… I just realize something.

    That has to be a old picture.

    Jennifer’s hair was still long in it.

    I don’t believe her hair has had a chance to grow out yet.

    Still I hate the hoodie/leather jacket thing on a man this old. :)

  28. Kim says:

    All i can picture is his ex, serious, live in girlfriend who he dumped for Aniston crying when she sees these pictures like Aniston cried when she first saw pics of Brangelina.

    I wish her zero happiness for doing exactly what she has been playing victim for for years!

  29. Sakyiwaa says:

    @curleque; a certain group of fans have been saying the exact same thing you just said to another group of fans for awhile and this group have not agreed with it for quite a no. of years… but hey, i certainly hope they do so now. Good 4 Jen.

  30. katnip says:

    AND the spin begins..


  31. Rita says:


    Nicely put but I wonder what that says about the man Jen has bought into. Have they both simply gotten tired of their lifestyle and are subconsciously looking for a change? If so, hopefully it’s the right change.

  32. tango says:

    Hmm, what exactly is attractive about a man either too lazy or selfish to leave his live in girlfriend of 14 years until he found someone better?

    Kinda like Brad Pitt. Fine with Jennifer until something better came along. Funny how Jenn holds Brad to a different standard than her current boyfriend.

    Both Justin and Jenn are losers.

  33. Bee says:

    um, did she get some extensions or are these pics from months and months ago?

  34. Jenny says:

    The spin machine is at top speed about now. Did her hair grow over night and change color (exensions maybe)?

  35. almond says:

    This must be the height of hypocrisy. She was a pity-party thrower for six years, milking it for all it was worth and now we say good for her for nabbing herself an attached man? It sure takes two to tango, but let’s not woot-woot for her. It was still a douchey thing to do. Uncool,Jen. How she can be so immature at her age is beyond me.

  36. Sigh. says:

    She always finds “The One” around movie release time (Horrible Bosses, anyone), so I’m decidedly cool about this (as I have always been towards her in general).

    I agree with furrrball on the whole Aniston-Pitt-Jolie-Thorton thing. I think Thorton did break Jolie’s heart and SEEMED to be the better (freaky, quirky) fit, but, c’est la vie.

    And I also agree with Sassennach: Aniston has very…”concerning” tastes in friends. They don’t match the image she tries to foist down our throats of the Cali-chillin’ Vanilla Bean Lavender Mijotos maker. She has no “edge” like these people, or she is doing an EXCELLENT job of hiding it.

  37. Micki says:

    So now when there are some “half-evidence” photos we’re suddenly “OK I’m ALL for END TRIANGLE”, the same one that was keeping so many people up and in arms for years, LOL

    As ANGELINA will wait to see a “real evidence” for a relationship I’ll wait to see a real proof JA matured and is ready to work for her new found happiness and hopefully maintain it.

  38. Bee says:

    Ugh, Terry Richardson is such a disgusting perv. How he has so many semi-respectable friends is beyond me.

    I agree with who ever said birds of a feather flock together. Joe”Girls Gone Wild” Francis, Racist, bitter Chelsea Handler and now Richardson…says a lot about Aniston’s character

  39. Slim Charles says:

    Of course she looks happy. She’s a professional. She gets paid to fake it.

    Terry Richardson is gross and disgusting.

  40. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    @tango – EXACTLY.

    This woman’s a little old to be dating the morally dubious.

    Maybe she’s really dense. Perhaps that’s why Brad left her…maybe her shitty love life is her own making (John Mayer anyone?).
    What about dating a genuinely nice dude who is not famous? Ech – she’s panning out to be America’s Sweet Tart.

    Also – she has terrible friends (chelsey handler, Joe Francis).. How great can her personality be?

    Finally, every time I see her face hawking “Smart Water” I cringe.

    Check out what ‘Tap Thirst’ of Concordia Univeristy have done to teh Smart Water adverts. Soooo funny!!/tapthirst

  41. Jenn WInd says:

    These pictures have to be older, since Radaronline has one up from yesterday and her hair is still short in it.

    So no extensions yesterday!

    I hope she is happy, I like her, and she deserves to be happy just like everyone else. Do I like that she is with someone that was with someone else when they got together, no, but no one but the ex has really said anything about. So I will reserve judgement until I hear the actual story.

  42. lola says:

    Can someone explain to me the hate on Terry Richardson? I only know him as a photographer, of which I’ve seen just a few of his photos in magazines.

  43. Mia says:

    Preach it, almond!

  44. Miss Marie says:

    One has dinner with a famous photographer so it is certainly staged. I give it nine months top. Lust makes everyone look happy – the glow wears off when reality comes knocking at your door. The first light bulb moment for her… he makes less money then here which is a real deal breaker per studies! The chance of a man having an affair is greatly increased if his female partner is the breadwinner. And she is definitely the bread winner. There must be a lot of romantics on this site or incredibly naive people.

  45. You don't say says:

    Question: If she did not get extensions yesterday, then these photos were taken before her haircut, which was months ago. Now when did he break up with his girlfriend again?

  46. Miss Marie says:

    Lola, easy to find reasons why people question Richardson if you surf the internet. There is a concern he sexually abuses and exploits the young models he uses.

  47. Miss Marie says:

    Uh, notice his arm is draped around her loosely in photo#1. If “he” was into her like she is into him, you’d see his hand grasping her shoulder, or in a protective manner. Staged, as noted in my earlier writings.

  48. someone says:

    I think this is an old photo, possible back when they were filming the movie, her hair is much shorter now!

  49. Thea says:

    I think she looks happy, and he has the goofy look from where he just had a BJ in the car and is delirious. I wish he shave the beard cause other pics of him he is handsome, seriously. I think he is making her have a change of heart in regards to where her life is at and notoriously savy PR moves. You know, she is mid 40,s still attractive, time to cut her loses and live. And end the “Triangle” Speculations, which never will happen as long as there is media. I think she is relocating to NY because of him. I think she is the blind that is taking fertility treatments. Everyone jumps on hating him etc. maybe his ex. didnt want kids. Maybe Jen is ready for them. Who knows. I think they hit it off back last fall and maybe fought those feelings and then they couldnt and now here they are. I like Brad/Angie, and I like Jen. I wish they would all be happy. But I wish most that he shave that beard. LOL

  50. Ally says:

    I had no particular feeling about this until Terry Richardson entered the picture (literally). Now I find it all skeezy, skeevy & desperate — desperate for fame, hip quotient and youth.

    Officially, Brangelina win.

  51. kira says:

    Ugh, tacky. Apparently, Heidi recently moved out of their apartment. Her publicist released a statement about her leaving on June 14th. And, Aniston and Justin are going public ALREADY? Ouch–that’s in your face to the ex-girlfriend. Seems like a lot of people are missing their “sensitivity chips” these days ;-)

    He didn’t start out this relationship well–seems like he was lying to some people. And, he was still living with Heidi when it began. After x17 took pictures of Justin and Jen having dinner early May, Heidi’s mother responded to Radar.

    May 25th: “Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux? Not happening. Who says so? The mother of Justin’s gorgeous long-time girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens! Marilyn Bivens said Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, are just FRIENDS. “It’s not true at all,” Bivens said. “That’s from Justin’s own mouth. He said he was with her at a dinner party with a lot of other people. It’s been just a big, big misunderstanding — and you can take that as the truth.”

    Then, it all changed:

    June 14th: “The costume designer’s mom, Marilyn Bivens, has exclusively told Radar that her daughter is “doing fine” despite her high profile and painful split. She said: “Heidi is doing fine and just trying to get on with her life.”

    “Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, allegedly first hooked-up last autumn while they had been filming Wanderlust together. He was last photographed in public with Bivens at The House Of Blues Leaves opening night on Broadway on April 25, 2011. Aniston and her new man went public with a very public display of affection at the MTV Movie Awards bash (on June 5th)”

  52. Madisyn says:

    This may be “uncool” but I’m bored already.

  53. katnip says:

    There never was a triangle.

    the triangle happens when one person is going back and forth between two people.


  54. jocular says:

    Miss Marie – he is not unemployed. Granted he earns less than her but I think he can take care of himself. ONE can read what you like into a photo, its subjective and perhaps judgment is clouded when ONE doesn’t like the subject.

  55. Mary K says:

    These cannot be recent photos!!! Her hair is too long.. These were before her haircut. So either they are publicity (they are actors), or Heidi has it in black and white they were an item while she was living w/ him. Either way he is gross!

  56. MJ says:

    Regarding Terry Richardson, here are some reasons why he’s so reviled (I hope these links are OK, Celebitchy!):

    I have a hard time believing that JA would be friends with this pile of shit, so I’m leaning toward this relationship being pure staged PR BS for their upcoming movie together.

  57. Good! Now she can quit milking her self-pity,because the cow just ran dry.

  58. lola says:

    Miss Marie – Thanks. I just did a lookup on him. Blech!

  59. werty says:

    Jenn WInd:
    June 22nd, 2011 at 1:57 pm
    These pictures have to be older, since Radaronline has one up from yesterday and her hair is still short in it.

    So no extensions yesterday!

    So does celebuzz

    Really hope this put an end to the triangle, but i wouldnt be surprised if Jen got away with it since shes considerd `nice` and Angie is `Sexy vixen` (not my words, but several articles about her)

    PS Katnip: The triangle= tabloids and *special* fans

  60. KJ says:

    I *love* the rationale that since it wasn’t a happy/healthy relationship leading to
    Marriage and Babies, it’s perfectly okay that she swooped in knowing he had a girlfriend.

    Look, I get that relationships are hard. Feelings and people change constantly. And you can’t help falling for someone, regardless of whether you want to or should per se. But acting like Jennifer aniston fucking this guy before he kicked his girlfriend of 14 years is just fine? Cause he was too much of a cunt to end it like someone with balls? I’m not saying she’s a horrible person, but she’s damn sure hypocritical. For someone who built her entire career on being the jilted ex in that stupid “triangle,” she sure is being pretty flippant about this new relationship. It’s gross and cold blooded. People make mistakes. Everyone is human, or whatever tired trope you wanna use to say hey, it could happen to any of us is fine. It’s the arrogance and hypocrisy that bothers me.

  61. londonLady says:

    impossible to forget the allegations of all those models. Nasty terry

  62. Amanda says:

    These are old photos. Jennifer has had her hair cut into a new style these were taken.

  63. The Truth Fairy says:

    @HAUTIE — GOOD EYE! This pic must be old because Jen’s hair is still long, so that means they were together when he was still with his girlfriend. Jen cut her hair at the end of February!! And that is not extensions either. UNCOOL!

    I hate this chick and I DEFINITELY do not think she deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Untalented loser.

  64. Runs with Scissors says:

    Aniston is a piece of sh*t for actively trying to destroy her ex’s family for years, exploiting the sympathies of her fans, and then living off the profits.

    I wonder who she’ll go whining to when the death threats or attacks on her would-be children come rolling in? Oh yeah, I forgot, Theroux’s girlfriend isn’t famous and can’t go whining to her famous friends to attack Aniston. Too bad for her.

  65. Violet says:

    Justin Theroux looks like Ryan Dunn in these photos.

    Of course, Jennifer Aniston looks happy. She always does when she first gets involved with a brandnew douchebag.

    Her marriage ended more than five years ago, but she regularly still yaps about her ex lacking a “sensitivity chip” — encouraging others to badmouth Brad and his family, including Chelsea Handler who’s made racist jokes about his children — yet she doesn’t seem to spare a thought to the woman that shared her life with Justin for 14 years.

    Jennifer Aniston is a callous, selfish cow and she seems to have found her equal. Let’s hope she and her new douche don’t spawn, because both of them are far too self-centered to be good parents.

  66. Lucky Charm says:

    These pictures have to be from February – look at how light blonde her hair is. And Justin was still going out in public with Heidi in April…

    Sorry, even if Brad was still with her until he found someone better suited to him, he still was not photographed in public with Angie until AFTER the split was announced AND after Jen had filed for divorce. Justin is a cheater, and JA better realize that if he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you. The good thing about this is, maybe after they break up she’ll go on a six year long pity party about him and stop mentioning Brad & Angie forevermore. One can only hope…

  67. original kate says:

    i think justin was on “sex & the city” a while back. i believe he was carrie’s boyfriend, the premature ejaculator. for jen’s sake, let’s hope life doesn’t imitate art.

  68. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    She looks happy so let’s just forget that her new man just dumped his live-in, long time girlfriend for her and let’s all move on? Wow. Such a shame that this same magnanimous attitude was nowhere to be found when Brad moved on so he too, could be happy. Fancy that, eh Jen?

  69. patata says:


    1. the pix are obviously from months ago, when he was still with his longtime girlfriend. wether jen and justin are totally smitten with eachother or it’s just a publicity stunt this situation is totally-UNCOOL

    2. Having Terry as more than an acquaintance is absolutely-UNCOOL


  70. How about a romantic beach getaway? They can scream at the ocean together!

  71. mary jones says:

    I really can’t stand maniston. So over hyped and fugly. That being said I don’t think you can steal a person from another. Noone forced him to leave his girlfriend he did it of his own free will.

  72. werty says:

    Hanna of Machars:
    June 22nd, 2011 at 3:13 pm
    How about a romantic beach getaway? They can scream at the ocean together!


  73. your mama says:

    Totally different subject… But, did she get hair extensions?? It was cut short not that long ago. Anyone have a guess?

  74. kiikii says:

    This REEEEEEKS of publicity.

    1. She is rolling out a new movie
    2. Enter new guy .. but this time with a twist as the public are onto the Huvane new man/new movie roll out agenda
    3. Help bad girl image in movie more believable (as who could actually rely on Aniston anything more than Rachel acting skills)
    4. Jen also gets to shirk her good girl image that aint working so well for her now that its tired and old.
    5. A few days of Aniston/Theroux story silence
    6. Cue “New in love pics” which are obviously old (hair etc) and were perhaps previously mere promotional pics

    Another thought… Who says jilted ex gf is not in on the situation.

    Love Hollywood conspiracy stories! -haha-

  75. Minx2 says:

    I’m sorry but the guy looks like a douche. She has terrible taste in men and in friends. Like someone said here before maybe she’s really dense and maybe that’s why Brad left her. He at least acted with some class and was not even photographed with Angelina until after Jennifer filed for divorce. But since this guy’s ex is not famous, nobody feels sorry for her.

  76. Lauren says:

    Bong sexy, douche sexy, serial killer sexy..Jen has interesting taste in men.

  77. Derpy says:

    Alright so..

    Angie gets accused of only wanting press for her UN work and doing vids/press around the anniversary to detract attention away from Jen.

    Jen gets a mag piece accusing her of “pulling an Angie” in the rag cycle, that day photos come out and Jen so wants babies.. and people are totally cool and happy for her.

    Gottttttttttt it.

  78. lil says:

    I think that Aniston is a few millions richer than that Heidi girl… also has publicity following her… but at tthe same time he is supposed to have talent to write or something…
    I do think he preferres JA over his girfriend because of money as one reason.

  79. Marna says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. Since when did a guy being tired of his live in girlfriend and just waiting til the next one came along become ok? If he really was tired of the gf and ready for a new relationship he should’ve MANNED UP AND LEFT THE GIRLFRIEND. Not simply waited for the next one to come along and then called it quits. And Aniston should’ve respected herself enough to not become involved with him until he called off the other relationship. This whole situation makes me angry. I hope they crash and burn and feel the unhappiness & humiliation his ex is currently feeling.

  80. Chloe says:

    :D I was wondering what strategy Aniston’s people are gonna take and here it is. And it’s kind of working. Even Kaiser, the Balls of Steel, goes “Aw, they look so happy” (well, I do too). Let’s ignore everything else.

    And you know what? I’m not gonna hate on Aniston. Whatever. Good luck. I’m too old not to know that when relationships fall apart things are rarely as black and white as the parties want them to seem.

    I do think it’s kind of sad that Jolie/Pitt got 7 years of caning and Aniston is instantly forgiven, because they look so pwetty and happy.

    Oh, tabloid culture, you are a thing to be studied :)

    Now, let’s throw some rocks at Jolie for her charity work!

  81. Runs with Scissors says:

    god imagine how Justin’s girlfriend must feel seeing pics of this old skank pressing her plastic face into his neck. ugggh.

  82. werty says:

    Chloe: Now, let’s throw some rocks at Jolie for her charity work!

    *runs of to the Angie in turkey thread*

  83. Sakyiwaa says:

    Chloe: I do think it’s kind of sad that Jolie/Pitt got 7 years of caning and Aniston is instantly forgiven, because they look so pwetty and happy…
    I agree. that Aniston sure gives one helluva a happy face, doesn’t she? there are some with Mayer…and Tate…and Brad too. I wouldn’t worry though, Aniston is not gonna slide off THIS hook eaaaaasily AT ALL. the MOMENTUM MUST BUILD! THE MEDIA STILL LIVES! (*cue the evil-sounding cackle) just stay tuned…

    a lil’ birdie tol’ me Terry Richardson is a perv who attempts to committ lewd, pedophiliac acts on his nubile, often nude models at photoshoots. WTG, Aniston…

  84. mln76 says:

    She really does look happy so I’ll wish her the best because it’s nice to be in love. Here’s hoping he’s not as much of a douchebag (yeah I know it offend some but it’s a word I can’t let go of just yet) as he looks to be and that they ride very quietly off into the sunset.
    EDIT: and if it’s all just another PR strategery then why the f—k can’t she put as much effort into her acting as this PR bullshit???

  85. stella says:

    What’s wrong for wanting people to be happy? Jennifer is what some would term a ‘good girl’ and she deserves to have her happily ever after. Cheers!

  86. Camille says:

    HAHAHA. This whole story is hilarious tabloid gossip gold.

    *goes off to get popcorn and sits down to read the comments*

    @mln76 ^ : Agree 100%. :lol:

  87. Maritza says:

    I hope she finally gets married and has kids so the tabloids can stop the Brangelina love triangle.

  88. Madison says:

    Finally she found someone and yes she does look happy, hope it turns out to be more than just another PR relationship.

  89. Cheyenne says:

    She’s still got long hair and he’s wearing a winter jacket, and that photo is how old?? C’mon, guys, something reeks here.


    stella: What’s wrong for wanting people to be happy?

    Did you ask the same question when Brad dumped her for Angie?

  90. galaxy.girl says:

    “Closes eyes, plugs ears & STOMPS…”


  91. skibunny says:

    The hate on here is scary. Is JA the poster child for all of the misery in your pathetic lives? Some of the comments are so vile. Get a grip. You’re commenting on tabloid gossip. None of you know what happened in JT’s breakup.

  92. Bee says:

    @skibunny, the same could be said of many jolie posts, on which I’ve seen you make some pretty nasty comments. Pot meet kettle

  93. luce says:

    Skibunny : are you a member of JA PR team ?

  94. CG says:

    I dunno … his body language in the first pic is odd. His arm around her, the position doesn’t look natural or comfortable to me. It looks kinda stiff. But I’m not a body language expert.

  95. Carolyn says:

    Poor Jen is getting all the homewrecker comments but what about Justin? My relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years limped along for the last 6 months because he didn’t have the balls to end it with me (he told me this afterwards). I was also unhappy but hoped we’d work it out. He was dating within 2 days (yes, 2 days) of me breaking up with him and had an intended conquest waiting in the wings. Some men are gutless. To quote one of Jen’s PR-generated comments…”not cool”. The Richardson photos are weird…what, he happened to pop past to do a photo shoot in black & white? To #93….it’s a well-known strategy for Jen’s agent to have flunkeys flood blogs with pro-Jen comments to make her fan base look bigger than what it is. Sometimes they all have the same phrase in it LOL.

  96. Please stop. says:

    This woman sure gets around.

  97. Ja says:

    These pictures are indeed old. And for some reason black and white. JA all the way behind this shoot.

  98. N.D. says:

    Honestly, I’m shocked. As many have pointed these must be old pics, from months ago. And putting two and two together it seems highly probable that they had an affair since last autumn – that it’s this affair that prompted her to contemplate the move to NY (selling her LA mansion) and say while promoting JGWI that “so many exciting things are coming soon”.

    She’s throwing it in everybody’s face with these pics isn’t she?

    Well, good luck, what can I say.

  99. Cheyenne says:

    Anyone want to place bets on how long this one lasts? I’m giving it five months maximum.

  100. Josephina says:

    #46- You Don’t Say and #52- Kira:- Thank you both for your keen perception!

    A black and white photo of Aniston with light blond long hair, looking “happy” and leaning into Justin, who is wearing a thick leather bomber jacket. Since when do we wear thick leather jackets in the middle of June?

    This picture was probably taken in the winter before Aniston got her hair cut during her PR tour of “Just Go With It.” The “candid photo” is taken by none other than an infamously known perverted photographer who loves to show his peen to very young models in exchange for sexual favors. And yet again, this is how Jennifer spends her time…associating with the trolls and pondscums of the earth.

    Jennifer Aniston…thy name is neither “classy,” nor “good girl,” nor “America’s Sweetheart.” Her choices in men, PR tactics and friends… oh my, have me in stitches!

    Is there a Common Sense School available somewhere that she can enroll? I would recommend this before any further acting school classes.

    And ditch Stephen Huvane.

  101. Runs with Scissors says:

    @luce: “Skibunny : are you a member of JA PR team ?”

    There are a few posters who are ALWAYS defending Aniston no matter what she does.

    Skibunny even defended Aniston when Chelsea Handler attacked Jolie and her children with racist comments. I remember because I couldn’t believe that someone (yes, even someone who calls themselves “Skibunny”) could defend condoning a racist attack on innocent children.

    (And yes, I’d call Handler screaming that Angie is “EVIL” and then introducing Aniston onto her show a few seconds later, with Aniston grinning ear to ear (and repeatedly coming on the show, and taking trips with Handler, etc. etc. ) condoning her behavior.

    What’s “pathetic” is people defending Aniston and NOT being paid for it. :)

  102. the other mel says:

    You sure this was in New York last night??? It was hot and muggy, and like another poster said, too hot for his leather and hoodie, also…her hair is long here, and either she’s got new extensions or these are old photos. Hair doesn’t grow THAT fast.

  103. nnn says:

    @ 99 N.D.

    I caught the same observation and reached to the same conclusions as you did.

    I am just observing the mental contorsions some of her fans are making and the sudden ‘let’s move on’, the same people calling about hatred are the same who have hated another woman relentlessly, who didn’t even had that kind of lovey dovey picture out around during that suspected ‘period’ of time but yet was always criticized by her fans when it wasn’t insulted for showing off at the nose of Aniston, dating Brad too quick after the official divorce announcment. To hell the fact that in the meantime Aniston was hugging and doing some lap dance to Vince.

    So many people were so sure of their prerogative to hate another woman and complain now that we point the blatant hypocricy and double standard.

    Missing a sensitivity chip, uncool comments, insults were always first and foremost a prerogative of the jen camp. Not the other way around as they often make it beleive.

    As for jen, I hope it will last and that this 14 year relationhip breakup isn’t for a fluke. But her camp and herself remain the biggest hypocrites and vile persons ever for having milked, exploited and cashed in all the sympathy they coud get, excuse me, the IMMUNITY they could get at the expense of a young woman and her 6 children they have lynched with no remorse ever…

  104. Ramona Q says:

    It’s time to stop all speculation about the state of JA’s womb. She’s 42! The window is closed.

  105. You don't say says:

    @nnn: Here, here and so well put!!!

  106. serena says:

    It’s not genuine happiness, it’s oblivious it’s all so fake, to show off she’ll use every meaning.
    ugh bitch please.

  107. katnip says:

    So if these pictures were taken before today and before the “famous haircut” then that would mean they were taken during the shooting of the film or after. so with her nuzzling his neck and her hand on the inside of his leg does not speak of “just friends”. I recall a couple being tared and feathered for a picture less intimate. But hey.

    as someones asked before. when was that breakup with the girl friend.

    But she is getting a pass because it is so important for her to be Happy at Last. despite the fact that there have been several relationships after her DIVORCE OVER 6 YEARS AGO.

    so funny how the spin turns.

  108. louise says:

    I don’t know why people think this will end the triangle. Jennifer was engaged and had several serious relationships that didn’t end it. I do hope Jennifer’s fans and tabloids will stop treating her like a pathetic victim. She never was one. I think she finally decided to show her true colors. As mentioned her choice in friends and boyfriends clearly prove she’s not the good girl she and her team imaged her to be.

  109. ShirlyMay says:

    If he really was tired of the gf and ready for a new relationship he should’ve MANNED UP AND LEFT THE GIRLFRIEND. Not simply waited for the next one to come along and then called it quits. And Aniston should’ve respected herself enough to not become involved with him until he called off the other relationship.
    This pretty much says it all. How can she be happy with someone who could not man up? What a weasel!
    There is a saying that applies here to Jen:
    You get it like you got him!

  110. Flan says:

    Totally agree with you, ShirlyMay.

    And how is she suddenly not a homewrecker???!!

    Her whole career on the last 7 years was based on how a ‘homewrecker’ ruined her marriage (even though Brad and she had trouble before Angelina too).

  111. nnn says:

    @ 109 Louise.

    It will end IF and only IF, this relationship lasts and is somehow productive in terms of happiness because if it doesn’t, i beleive Aniston will get even more some flack for being the catalyst that end up a 14 year relationhip and her fans will get more nasty towards Jolie like they always do.

    I wil bet my home that the same people who conveniently wave the white flag today will be the first ones to dig up the battle-axe and somehow find a way to spin it and blame Jolie for that failure.

    I have already read some cxomments of jen fans blaming her for that ‘homewreck story of Jen. Jolie for causing so much hurt to jen that now Jen is so traumatized that she doesn’t know what she is doing and steales a man from another woman. But it’s Jolie’s fault.

    Or this one, that all this is out now to make people forgeting about Jolie being a whore.

    The extent to which the nasty Jen fans would go just to whitewash their idole is unbeleivable. Mental contorsion, daily duty of mean and insulting comments, straight up lies and intellect dishonesty at its paroxysm.

  112. Isa says:

    Wow. I’m just amazed at the double standard.
    So he was in a sucky relationship, dumped his gf when someone better come along and it’s okay? Isn’t that what happened when Brangelina got together? But it wasn’t okay back then?

    And let’s say that these photos are old because of the hair and his warm clothing. His poor girlfriend was cheated on! But it’s okay? Because she’s not America’s “sweetheart?!” Because she’s not famous and giving interviews over her broken heart?

    Terry Richardson is gross. I can’t believe she hangs out with these people..makes me really wonder about what kind of person she is.

    You’re right Kaiser, it’s well played. The ex girlfriend will fade away and every tabloid cover will be about Jennifer Anniston’s womb. And if she does have a baby, you can forget about it! Nothing whitewashes better than a case of the babies.

    Time for say something nice: I really hope she rescues a dog. It’s always great when people rescue from shelters!

  113. katnip says:

    Well looking at the picture. she has the same purse she was photographed with on the streets of NYC pretty much nude from the waist down.

    So again..when was the split with Heidi..

  114. Rachael says:

    Hmmmm … well these pics are cute if you’re not considering who took them … and I’ve always thought Justin Theroux was hot ever since I saw him in Mulholland Drive like a decade ago. But I never knew anything about him as a person; I just knew that he was hot.

    So I am conflicted about this, because at first I thought this was a good coupling, but then I learned about the shady stuff with him and the ex which raises some big red flags to begin with … and now the Terry Richardson connection just raises another red flag haha. I’ve heard a ton of stuff about what a HUGE creep he is. And something tells me that Jen was not buddies with this guy … the connection to Terry is probably from Justin. And if he hangs out with creepface Terry then maybe he is a bit of a creep too? Who knows.

    About the ex-gf thing … the fact that they dated for 14 years almost makes me feel a little better because it means there’s a higher chance that they were basically dunzo for quite a while before this Jen thing started. BUT, that feeling doesn’t seem like it was mutual on the ex GF’s side. Which still makes it bad, because it means Justin was being dishonest. Which means he’d likely turn around and do the same thing to Aniston in a heartbeat. And it means that Aniston is probably being an idiot when it comes to this relationship, and ignoring the red flags. This can’t end well. My prediction is that it will follow a similar path as the John Mayer relationship.

  115. kira says:

    “So again..when was the split with Heidi”

    No one knows? But, here’s the timing:
    1. Justin and Jen work together on-set while he’s living with Heidi in autumn
    2. Justin is photo’d with Heidi early April and April 25th
    3. Justin is photo’d with Jen early May
    4. Jen’s PR denies a relationship (People, US weekly, Celebuzz,), saying they’re only friends
    5. According to Heidi’s mother, Justin tells her, there’s no relationship with Jen, and they’re just friends
    6. Jen and Justin are photographed together June 5th at MTV awards.
    7. Heidi, apparently blind-sided, releases a statement that she’s leaving the house she shares with Justin after being together for 14 years, June 14th.
    8. A few days later, Justin and Jen are walking the streets wearing matching rings.
    9. Today, the snuggling pics hit the internet. Somehow her hair is longer, even though pics on Popsugar from today show her hair shorter?

    So, at the very least, we can guess that Heidi was living with Justin when he was also with Jen. But, I do find the Radar comments from Heidi’s mom really interesting (my earlier post). Heidi’s mom said Justin told her that he was “only friends” with Aniston, it was all a “big misunderstanding,” and that “was the truth.” Hmm… sounds like someone was doing some serious lying? Totally sad for Heidi to have it SO in-your-face, too. :-(

  116. Ruby says:

    @ Ramona Q – 42 & she can’t have kids. The window is closed? A family friend of mine had a a baby at 44 naturally. A total surprise to her and he is a healthy, happy baby boy. Stranger things have happened. Perhaps Jen froze her eggs years ago hence the long dating and taking her time to find the right guy. She could always get a donor egg too or adopt, or GASP! She might not want kids.

  117. layla says:

    Interestingly enough – I asked LAiney during her live FB q&a thing about the Aniston/Theroux happenings, mentioning it had been all quiet for a few days/for the week ….

    Her response:
    Not quiet, they are in NY. So is the ex gf. And her side is willing to talk.

    I have since deleted the reply – silly me! But this may get more and more interesting yet!

  118. jocular says:

    @nnn I think you may need a break from this story. No stranger should ever make you that bitter sounding. In this case you’re arguing against no one as there really doesn’t seem to be anyone supporting Jennifer and Justin at least on this site and there hasn’t been any derogatory mention of Angelina either. I’m sure she’d be happy to know she had you’re support but it all seems quite unnecessarily angry.

  119. Vanessa says:

    I think it’s disgusting. She is what she has been burned by in the past. I dont think it’s cute. He seems gross and a male gold digger and she is a fool, as always, I used to really like her but have lost all respect the last few years. Stealing another woman’s man does NOT make me like her.

  120. Vanessa says:

    PS it will NOT last.

  121. Sue says:

    Love the new Jen! Love the bad press! His eyes are smiling. I could not care less if they cheated just so long as she doesn’t try to lie about it and say stuff like “I would never do that”. Don’t mind cheating – hate lying and trying to get good press! They look happy and in love!

  122. miri says:

    so, in the words of some, if the guy, JT and JA are not marrie d… does that mean they can cheat on each other, or end their relationship and date the next day.. would that not be “uncool”?

  123. Reality says:

    I’m not getting involved in this drama again, but I’m just going to point out that her hair in these photos looks about the same length as when they were papped with the matching rings (although we never saw a close-up of his) and the hot memaw.

    I vote she had extensions and decided to remove them again today. Much more plausible than believing that this douche-bag Richardson sat on these candids for 6+ months.

    But seriously, some of you really need to chill, it’s just fucking gossip about people none of us know! It’s not meant to fill you with such vitriol.

  124. Aly says:

    Thanks werty, I was wondering the same.

  125. Cheyenne says:

    @Sue: So can we also assume you had no problem with Brad dumping her?

    The hypocrisy of Aniston’s fans is mind-boggling.

  126. Sue says:

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that thinks she looks like a better version of Chelsea Handler in that last picture?

    I Co sign the double standard here and I’ve already read some comments on other site where Jen fans are comparing the couples saying that Jen and Justin look happier in these pictures than Brad and Angelina ever did I mean really some people can’t let the hate go. Which makes me think that the triangle is never going to end tabloids are going to start to compare the couples as well and if they have a baby they will compare the kids too.

  127. katnip says:

    @sue… too late

    The photos were taken while out on Thompson Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, according to Richardson’s blog.

    The couple recently raised some eyebrows when it was reported they started dating before Theroux had broken up with ex-girlfriend costume designer, Heidi Bivens.

    “I know people are saying Jen broke them up, but they had been on-and-off for years,” a Theroux pal told PEOPLE. Another source close to Aniston said: “Jen would never hook up with a guy who has a girlfriend.”

  128. garvels says:

    Totally agree with@kira-JA is a skank-just look at the company she keeps,Chelsea Handler,Joe francis….need I say more. Mark my words, JA will be 90 yrs old with her walker and still pitching her Rom Coms. The woman is simply GROSS!Rich yes,but still GROSS!

  129. Jenny says:

    I did not realize that people could go through so many contortions to make this situation OK. Pretzel makers would love to see this. But to say cheating is fine is truly jumping the shark.

    But @sue must not have read the People whitewash and guess what she says or one of her “insiders” actually… “I would never do that”. So, is Anniston in trouble now?

  130. kira says:

    “I know people are saying Jen broke them up, but they had been on-and-off for years,” a Theroux pal told PEOPLE. Another source close to Aniston said: “Jen would never hook up with a guy who has a girlfriend.”

    I love the PR statements from People magazine. I guess when Heidi was with him all April, she didn’t realize it was “off”? Or, when they want on vacation together to Kauai this winter, and she talked about the trip to a style magazine in May, she didn’t realize he was over her? Or, when he told her mother that he was only friends with Aniston–that actually meant it’s over? Or, that living together with him still meant nothing? Sounds like a sorry excuse to use after the fact.

    And, Jen would never hook up with a guy with a girlfriend? Right, but she did hook up with a guy who was living with his girlfriend at the time–who was lying to her, according to the mother’s statements–and, who now downplays their 14 yr relationship. Not very respectful. Why you would want a guy who treats his lontime girlfriend in such a callous way, I don’t know? Guys like that will do it to you when things go sour.

  131. Sue says:

    Sue@ “she doesn’t try to lie” O but she and her people did lie when they said that she wasn’t dating him when they were photograph together and it came out that he had a girlfriend, trying to get good press!.

    So what now? She did everything you said you don’t like.

  132. Turtle says:

    I actually like Justin Theroux from Tropic Thunder and Parks and Recreation, so good for Jen. I feel like Amy Poehler in one of the eps he appeared in: “Oh Jen, I just want you to be happy. …Stay away from John Mayer.”

  133. heyjane says:

    Talk about bad timing! Would love to see Clooney and Aniston hook up. They don’t have to fall in love. Just imagine Clan Vs Brange in the headlines. Anyway, Justin may be a douche on the way he handle his break-up with the ex, he is the most impressive man Jen dated post-Brad. He is good-looking, intelligent, multi-talented, has bad-boy vibes and impressive family background.And the photo of the two of them which is posted everywhere for everyone to see is adorable. Well-played Jen. Brange gonna have to adopt another baby to get back the limelight.

  134. tracking says:

    Agree with Reality that people are making too much of the hair length. She might have had clip-ins/extensions for Wanderlust reshoots or a photo shoot. Check out Gwyneth’s book tour photos. Short hair, but one day long (New Jersey I think), then two days later back to short again. Even Heidi has not called Aniston a homewrecker. She said it sucks to have your ex move on to someone famous soon after the breakup. Until she comes forward and gives a timeline, we really don’t know anything.

  135. nikko says:

    All these Jen fans accepting the fact that she took someone man. Why are you calling her a ho, cheat, lowlife, etc like you did Angie? Jen did the same thing.

  136. gingergingham says:

    The Rules:
    1. You can’t steal a man like you would a piece of furniture.
    2. No one put a gun to his head to make him leave his ex.
    3. Why waste time with a person when you’re unhappy?
    4. Falling in love on set doesn’t an affair make.
    5. Maybe Justin T. wanted children. Heidi probably didn’t want to give him the league of children he deserves.
    6.Jen is WAY prettier than Heidi. And more interesting. And probably more nice. And she gives to charities! Who wouldn’t leave their girlfriend for her?
    7. They probably didn’t have sex until he had completely separated from Heidi, even though the timing is suspect. If there’s no sex, there’s no cheating. I for one, know for a fact that they didn’t give in to their feelings until he had broken it off with his ex.
    {back to reality}

    Wow. One would think you Brangelina fans wouldn’t have a single problem with Jen and Justin’s status. It fits your bill and your blogger agenda, hook line and sinker. Yet now that Jen has done the same thing Angelina went A-list for doing, y’all are calling for the pitchfork treatment. And you’re saying Jen fans are hypocrites? Pot, meet kettle.

  137. gingergingham says:

    ^^^^ I usually don’t post on threads that have to do with cheating/triangle relationship because people get batshit insane. But this is really too much. @Jen Fans: stop glamorizing what she did. Unless we hear a convincing story about how it all went down, I think it’s safe to say she and Justin cheated. Or at least, he lied to his girlfriend or Jennifer or both of them. Not a good situation. @Brangie fans: again, can’t have it both ways. You can’t glorify cheaters and then get angry when a different cheater doesn’t get the same treatment. Either own up to the fact that Brad and Angie cheated on Jen, or give Jen a pass the way you gave them a pass. Plain and simple.

  138. Addie says:

    @curlque spot on.
    Don’t know any sure facts of how they got together, but just from these pics (whenever they were taken)They truly do look happy and at the beginning stages of a something.

    I really hope THIS relationship goes well and lasts. For Brange sake, for Jenstin sake and for the well deserved downfall of tabloid trash mags everywhere that make money off of this triangel nonsense.

  139. Louise says:

    @gingergingham: I think you and other Jennifer fans are missing the point. For 6 years her fans have been saying that Angelina stole Brad and is an evil whore. Not to mention Jennifer and her pr team have been painting her as the wronged woman who deserves pity and sympathy since the day they announced the divorce. So it’s hilarious that Jennifer does the same thing and her fans are saying the same things they attacked Angelina’s fans for saying. People are just throwing back the comments and attitude of Jennifer and her fans back into their faces. Besides anybody who says that cheating is fine without marriage and a 14 year relationship is meaningless without marriage deserves to be attacked.

  140. Funnylilou75 says:

    @gingerginham: I adore you !lol!! I cosign every thing you said

  141. nnn says:

    @ 140 Louise

    That’s exactly the point.

    You don’t see Angelina fans condomning or insulting Jen the way her fans insulted Jolie, using names.

    It’s not even about Jen possibly cheating. We, all know that at the end of the day, if a man want to end a relationship to pursue another woman, it’s because he probably didn’t love you enough or have stopped loving you a long tiome ago, hence his mind, and heart were free to focus and love another person.

    It’s not about blaming Jen for that. It’s about calling her team, her fans and herself out for shamelessly exploiting the same situation at the expense of another woman with impunity and arrogance.

    It’s about laughing at the constant spin we have observed for th last few days, a totally changed mindset and flip flop hability of her own fans who now embrace and even encourage the same behaviour they have loathed and criticized for years just because Jen is the perpetrator of that act and she has to stay immuned, innocent even if they have to perform some extreme U turn of the mind that reeks of absolute hypocricy.

    It’s about noting the whitewash process of jen caught in a “perceived immoral” situation by her own fans using any means necessary (it began with the not married/ married couple, ect) to do so when they were the first in lines to scream about being in the right side of morality and grant themselves the right to insult left and right those who were not living according that moral.

  142. katnip says:

    And the spin continues..

    LoL at the Jenny fans.. grasping at any straw. But hey..let’s see where it goes.

    But gosh I love how forgiving they are about this.

    I guess Heidi is not the “good girl” or a “friend”.. she’s just a woman that had a relationship for 14 years end, and because she is not famous, or had a divorce 6 1/2 years ago her relationship was just not that important.. As long as Jennifer is HAPPY AT LAST. that is all that matter..

    well good for you Jen. NOW your fans have a romance that they can celebrate with you. Wow.. and to think there are women that have gotten divorced and were left with bills, children and pretty much nothing and they don’t get a 7 year pitty party.. WOW.

    Well you go girl. you go

  143. Lauren says:

    Vince Vaughn- AKA Captain Blobalicious,was Jen’s most revolting conquest. Justin, who looks like a homeless serial killer is still sexier than VV. Angelina has Brad and 6 children. Jen has a trail of ex-lovers and a deceased dog…a very fulfilling life.

  144. anonymous says:

    After all the talk about Jen and Justin hook-up, wishing her well and how she looks so happy, don’t believe the hype, a leopard don’t change it’s spots. Jennifer Aniston is an attention seeker that is why none of her relationships have lasted, wants lights , action, camera to compete with her ex-Brad Pitt and Angelina. I am not a psychologist, but JA seem to have some kind of mental problem from childhood,needy, and craves constant attention and adoration from the public. And to the person who said she and George Clooney is a match, JA is too old for George he seem to want nothing to do with anyone over 30, JA is almst 50.

  145. Micki says:

    @anonimous: She’s only 42 and FABULOUS !!! Don’t you ever forget it, LOL Otherwise we’ll get more magazine covers like that.

    For the rest I agree with your statement.There are people who carry the seed of unhappiness and dissatisfaction within.Whatever life throws in their way it cannot make them happy for long. Aniston seem to be one of them. I only wonder how long this relationship will last.

  146. Sue says:

    You guys misunderstand. What is printed in tabloids or People does not mean anything to me. If Jen actually states in an interview that she just became friends on set and she never had an affair etc.(sounds like Brad/Angie) then I will really be disgusted by her. You guys know that I love this new image – it is really working for her and will give her an edge in hollywood. And I have never said that Angie stole Brad. I stated they had an affair and lied about it. I have no probelm with an affair – the lying drives me crazy. Admit it and move on. No need to pretend you are perfect like Brad/Angie. I had no problem with the affair (personally I think brad/Angie make a much better couple – they both love playing the we are perfect, have no nannies, etc). What I hate is the lying to pretend they are perfect and can do no wrong. Those two are so desperate to appeal to the mini-van majority that it makes me sick. Angie totally sold out when she decided to want to be loved by the mini van majority. Be bad once in awhile like Jen is doing. What you don’t realize is that Jen wants to be seen differently. The tabloids and People just refuse to let that go. She is trying hard but once the tabloids have a set idea of you it never changes. Sad.

    “You don’t see Angelina fans condomning or insulting Jen the way her fans insulted Jolie, using names.” Um yes you do.
    Here is the other thing, Jen has been putting out two sometimes three movies a year. So anytime she dates the “haters” would say it was for a movie. I say you guys should be happy that she has a boyfriend and move on. Why would you not want her to date? So weird. Well actually why are you so invested in her life if you are not even a fan? Move along and go and post on the Angie/Brad wedding which we know will never happen. Brad does not seem to want to marry that girl. Perhaps if you are fans you should spend your time trying to figure out why.

  147. Josephina says:


    Relationships do not begin or end based on cheating…please stop thinking that marriages/long-term relationships break up based solely on “cheating,” or else you will never really understand why people split and go in different directions.

    Brad and Jen’s weak foundation of a marriage caved in early. That marriage did not even last 5 years…and Aniston has been bitchy about it for close to 7 years.

    Aniston’s hostility towards Angelina comes from Brad shutting down his relationship with her so that he could devote all of his time and energy to pursue Angelina, the love of his life. (Aniston would have been fine if Brad wasted his time dating random women after the divorce.) Whatever value Aniston thought she had with Brad had diminished and changed into some other form. A mature woman would have read his actions and moved on. Brad did not humiliate Aniston. Unfortunately, Aniston’s jealousy got the best of her. And as such, she has inappropriately used the media, her fan base and her PR team to carry out her petty and vindictive agenda ever since.

    It is NOT acceptable to throw/divert the responsibility for the continuing success of any relationship to an outsider or third party. This is one of the character traits of an immature person. The downfall of any relationship ALWAYS rests squarely on the shoulders of the two people that claimed a commitment to one another.

    There is no pot meeting a black kettle here. You do not see Angelina bad-mouthing ANY of her exes to the press. She did not respond when Aniston overreacted and called her “uncool.” She has not responded to any of the vile and nasty comments that Aniston’s friends (Chelsea) have said about her.

    Aniston is not on Angie’s level in beauty, luck, sex appeal, adoration, professional accomplishment, personal fulfillment, wisdom, global influence, power, or maturity. Notice that I did not include motherhood because motherhood is a choice, and women have the freedom to define what family means to them.

    Still think this is about cheating?…

  148. Sue says:

    Josephina: yes brad and Angie cheated. yes they did wrong. Just admit it and move on. Jen has barely mentioned them in years. She has had other loves and is living and enjoying life. The tabloids and the Brad/Angie fans love to see her as bitter and sad but in reality that is not true. Brad/Angie have had hard times, they are not perfect,and neither of them are better Aniston. And yea Angie was uncool you don’t mention that you fell in love with someone while they were married. Angie crossed alot of lines when taking about how her and brad fell in love while married when she should have just not said anything. She also stated that she would welcome talking with Jennifer. Why was she even mentioning her? I would be horrified if jennifer stated in an interview that she wanted to talk with Heidi. It would be so rude. Angie played the game as well and was passive aggressive about Jen and mentioned her several times. Angie is no angel and I really grow tired of her fans trying to make her look like one.

    And by the way Chelsea says vile and nasty things about everybody and about Angie long before she even knew Jen. the fact that you think that Jen is still actively trying to put Brad down shows me that you need some help.

  149. Iggles says:

    Josephina – Well said! I agree 100%

    Jen is hag and it has nothing to do with her money and looks. She’s a vile, immature, vindictive person. I’m sure this will crash and burn too because she hasn’t worked out her issues.

  150. jocular says:

    EDIT: All y’all should stop name calling and heed the following…

    @nnn I think you may need a break from this story. No stranger should ever make you that bitter sounding. In this case you’re arguing against no one as there really doesn’t seem to be anyone (or just a couple) supporting Jennifer and Justin at least on this site and there hasn’t been any derogatory mention of Angelina either. I’m sure she’d be happy to know she had your support but it all seems quite unnecessarily angry.

    p.s You have been manipulated by the tabloid media to sell magazines and get clicks on websites for the last 7 years. Don’t make it 8.

  151. Josephina says:

    Sue, Sue, Sue….

    I do not read tabloid articles. Whe I reference, I reference interview statements after I read or see the interview myslef.

    I strongly suggest YOU read Aniston’s interview in 2005 August issue of Vanity Fair..It is a long interview, but in it she explains her feelings. Your whole basis for hating Angie is based on cheating…Brad was not interested in running two women at the same time-hence no triangle. Brad knew that Angie,a young mother at the time, already had a busy life. Brad could not pursue Angie with any credibility while married to Aniston. Furthermore, Brad discussed this Aniston. Brad wanted out of the marriage and Aniston wanted him to stay in the marriage. Guess what happended?

    He went after Angie before she got away. Again, read the article.

  152. Katherine M. says:

    I’ve felt for a long time that Aniston was not very bright. She just fell into a lucky sit-com with her 5 co-stars. That didn’t take any brains.

    Aniston’s choices in companionship are disturbing to say the least. How in the world would she have allowed the abusive Terry Richardson to publish photos of her is beyond me? This wasn’t even supposed to be in the pursuit of a professional shoot where she might have had less choice but allegedly in a personal setting where she had a choice.

    I think Aniston just lucked out that Brad was such a great guy. I think it’s becoming clear she is either a terrible judge of character or she just doesn’t care how scummy her associates and friends are.

    Problem is that I think Theroux is smarter than Aniston and targeted her just like she targeted Brad and he ain’t letting go of this golden ticket until he gets what he wants for his career and maybe finances. I expect a marriage. Both of these friends of Terry Richardson are desperate enough at this point in their lives and careers.

  153. Carolyn says:

    These comments are hilarious in a good way. If Huvane or his team are following this can’t he see that a huge proportion of the public don’t like Jen and never will? We see through the PR-mastermined every move of hers. She can’t string a coherent paragraph together in an article or an interview – they’re all written for her by the PR team. She hangs out with Mayer (and we all know about his filthy habits) and has done pot for years. If she’s so fantastic why can’t she make a relationship work. She isn’t a role model for 40+ women…I don’t aspire to be anything she represents. Enough of the PR fakery. If not for Brad hooking up and staying with Ange, there’d seriously be no interest in Jen at all. Enough. The tribe has spoken.

  154. Laura says:

    I am so so sick of Jennifer Aniston.