Jennifer Lopez is a big, A-list movie star again, thanks to ‘Idol’


Last week as Jennifer Lopez was in the midst of agonizing over her decision whether or not to return to “American Idol” (that is, holding out for more millions), she took her twins Max and Emme out for a lovely day in a Parisian park. That’s Jennifer’s mother, Guadalupe Lopez, alongside her in the above photo (according to Fame’s caption) — doesn’t she look great? Anyway, Jennifer just wanted to remind us that she’s still here (don’t worry!), and she has predictably become a media monster (literally slipping a boob on live German television) once again, thanks to her exposure from “American Idol.” She’s got a hit single with the related bells and whistles, and she’s now inexplicably in the running for some high-profile movie roles once again. One of the movies would feature Lopez alongside Cameron Diaz in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but the real groaner is that she’s been tapped as the female lead opposite Jason Statham in a new action franchise. Really?

There has been much speculation over whether Jennifer Lopez will return for another season as judge on “American Idol.” Adding to the intrigue: she is in talks to star in not one, but two feature films. I’m told that Lopez is in discussions to play the female lead opposite Jason Statham in Parker, the Taylor Hackford-directed action film adaptation of the Donald Westlake mystery novel series. Statham will play Parker, a thief who follows a strict moral code, but a hard guy who’s willing to kill if crossed. That character was previously played by Mel Gibson in Payback and Lee Marvin in Point Blank. The hope is to hatch an action franchise. John J. McLaughlin wrote the script and Steve Chasman is producing with Kimmel, Hackford, Les Alexander and Jonathan Mitchell. Lopez plays the female lead, a character named Leslie, who gets involved with Parker as he executes a heist.

The film is being financed by Incentive Filmed Entertainment and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, and Sierra/Affinity’s Nick Meyer brokered that distribution deal and sold most worldwide territories at last month’s Cannes Film Festival. Production on the film begins in August.

At the same time, Lopez is also circling What To Expect When You’re Expecting, the Kirk Jones-directed Lionsgate film based on the bestselling how-to guide to preparing for childbirth. Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison star. Lopez is in discussions for the supporting role of Holly in that film. Neither deal is closed, but talks are underway. Clearly, Lopez is in demand again and that stint on “American Idol” certainly helped.

[From Deadline]

Honestly, this is unbelievably annoying news. After FOX executives chose Lopez (over so many preferable faded female pop stars), who has graced audiences with merely one season on a primetime reality music television show, she’s suddenly an A-list movie star again. It makes no sense at all, especially considering the lukewarm box-office reception that Lopez received for last year’s The Back-Up Plan, that zany romantic comedy turned pregnancy-horror flick. For whatever reason, film studio execs (mistakenly?) believe that “Idol” fans will now show up for Lopez’s movies because she’s such a shooting star again, but that’s not really the case. Lopez might very well be ubiquitous* now, but that doesn’t mean people won’t get tired of her soon. Instead, the fact that she’s seemingly everywhere at once will only encourage another collective Lopez fatique, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the “Bennifer” phenomenon. Remember Gigli, folks?

* As if to prove my point, I received an email from L’Oreal Paris while I was writing this post with the subject line, “Get Jennifer Lopez’s smooth, sleek hair with EverSleek!” Delete.



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  1. NayNay says:

    Well, with her in the movies, they are sure to be big flops, because she cannot act her way out of a paper bag.

  2. lucy2 says:

    Ugh. She’s just not a good actress, IMO, but I’m not surprised movie execs are hiring her because she’s more famous again.
    Cute kids though, and yeah her mother does look good!
    Her “smooth sleek hair”, that always looks like it was tightened with a wrench and then slicked down? No thanks.

  3. sassenach says:

    I think the media is miscalculating this new “interest” in her. When she had fame, she did all of the wrong things and burned a lot of bridges and became so overexposed most people are turned off by her.

    I seriously will never be able to get the image out of my head of Ben literally kissing her ass on a yacht.

  4. Nev says:

    go jlo….she’s fun and beautiful…at least not moody and depressing. go jlo!!!

  5. 4Real says:

    Uh I don’t think that’s Lupe…

    I actually like her in romcoms (Monster-in-law) just not the dramatic roles.

  6. NancyMan says:

    She’s A-list only in her own mind.

  7. dee says:

    That’s not her mother. Get your facts straight…

  8. velourazure says:

    damn, what’s up with her hairline? it’s going to be in the middle of her back soon.

  9. The Truth Fairy says:

    She is a terrible actress.

  10. Az says:

    Say what you want about her, that Eversleek stuff works like a dream, for real.

  11. Anne de Vries says:

    I can’t work up more about this than mild bemusement. I have to say it is good in one aspect though – in terms of Hollywood she is definitely ‘over the hill’ and I am surprised and vaguely pleased that they’d cast her anyway as the female lead in an action film. Generally I would expect those sort of roles to go to a mid-twentish hot new thing. That film produces would cast any woman over 35 as the female lead in an action film is noteworthy.

  12. gbehmy says:

    she’s a beautiful woman,let’s face it,i want to look as good as that when i’m her age.but getting such lead roles jst bcos she starred on IDOLS,is sickening.

  13. sapphire says:

    A list. Not.

  14. lrm says:

    she’s definitely hot.
    And, though it pains me to say it, I have actually liked a few of her movies-and liked her acting in them….
    I don’t know why-she has a quality that translates onto the screen. Prob b/c she is larger than life. She’s a bit like julia roberts with a certain on-screen charisma, and J Lo is so over the top that you actually like her, vs. roberts who is just a b*tch.
    I don’t know why….I think acting is her better choice, over singing, that’s for sure! lol

    she has that star factor. she just does. and at this point, her delusional ego and thoughts about how much of a fashionista and trendsetter she is, are very endearing qualities. comical, but endearing. as they say, you just can’t hate on her.

  15. Tomas says:

    “A list Movie Star?” Really? Since when?

  16. Lisa says:

    That’s not her mother. That’s probably her nanny or her assistant but that is not her mother. Fame needs to get their facts straight. She was never, isn’t and will never be an A-list movie star.

  17. maggie says:

    I love her! She is beautiful and funny and I want her back in the limelight. go J Lo! you are amazing 😉

  18. Bellooo says:

    As Lisa said, the woman with JLo in the first picture is NOT her mom!!!

  19. Nah, nah and nah... says:

    Funky Cold Medina…I mean, good luck and congrats to her management team. Ace job, people!

  20. antisara says:

    THE WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF HENS, DARN IT!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS WITCH!!!!!!!And her mom should be wearing what jello is wearing…what’s with the mom dressing younger than you, b*tch????

  21. Amanda G says:

    I’m still burnt out from the J.Lo train of the early 2000’s.

    J.Lo is a terrible comedic actress, but I think she does okay in serious roles.

  22. Jezi says:

    I liked some of her movies Wedding Planner and Monster-in-Law. This last one was horrible. I don’t particularly like or dislike her.

  23. bluhare says:

    @ded: Jeez, you don’t have to sound so hostile. It says above that the information was obtain elsewhere.

    Can’t stand Jennifer Lopez and she’s got such an inflated opinion of herself that she thinks she’s relevant again just because she was on that cheesy American Idol. She was hot a while back and couldn’t sustain it, so why does she think she can now? Plus she’s got Skeletor who’ll probably eff things up for her because he has no career. Unless you could Hawthorne. Which I don’t.

  24. Kiska says:

    She’s never been an A-list star. Sure she’s had fame but not to the extent of AngieJ. I did like her on Idol but it’ll be interesting to see if they offer her the big bucks to come back. It might be nice to have a fresh face this season.

  25. XIOnce says:

    Those poor babies look just like their daddy.

  26. MariPily says:

    @Bluehare, Marc Anthony is HUGE in the Latin community, both in the US and abroad, so he definitely has a career, if not by your Anglo standards. His Spanish ballads are beautiful. So he might be a nobody in the States, but in most of Latin America, he’s a big deal.

    I like J-Lo. She’s glamorous and beautiful. She isn’t an Oscar worthy actor, but she is entertaining. I’m glad she’s made a comeback.

  27. gg says:

    Waaaay overhyped this chick. The music, bland, nothing; the acting, bland, nothing.

    Okay she has nice legs. so what.

  28. mercy says:

    She looks like a tan & younger version of Demi Moore in those sunglasses in the first shot.

  29. Kimberly says:

    Ya I’m sure her hollywood friends tell her that, but no she’s not an Alister.

    Sorry but I can tell myself I’m a friggn’ priness and even buy a crown at Claires, but that doesn’t make me a real princess. It makes me a pathetic fool.

    Seriously who even watches American Idol anymore? Really? who? Fat housewifes and tweens who can’tleave the house after 8pm.

  30. ZenB says:

    How does this make her A-List. Megan Fox is still being hired and she (allegedly) pissed off Spielberg and (most definitely – denial be damned) pissed off Bay. J-Lo has only pissed us and Ben Affleck’s mom off.

    Getting hired doesn’t make one A-List, getting box office does. We will see about that.

  31. Xander says:

    The media is over-hyping her but the public is smart enough to know she is a has-been and was lucky to even have a career because she can’t sing or act for beans. They should just pull the plug on AI it has been over for a few years.

  32. bluhare says:

    @marilister: I realize he has a career in the Spanish speaking community, but I was under the impression he’s trying to make a career outside. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected. But I don’t stand corrected on my opinion of both of them, which is UGH.

  33. Maritza says:

    The day she wins an Oscar that is when she can be considered an A list movie star, in the meantime she is a B. I like her movies and since she is such a hard worker I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she does win an Oscar. As for Marc Anthony he is a famous latin singer although he sings beautifully in English as well,he is also an actor in the series Hawthorne.

  34. Maria says:

    Good for her, she deserves another comeback! BTW– That is NOT her mother Guadalupe standing next to her in the pic up there…

  35. Kim says:

    Never was a never will be a list movie star. You have to be able to act to be n a list movie star.

    Her and her husband are the biggest ego maniacs. She drove me crazy on Idol. I hope they replace her.

  36. TG says:

    Oh this could be fun. I hope all this is true I can’t wait to see the havoc a jealous Marc Anthony can cause. Anyone see that he is now on a TV show? Too funny. JHO is much more fun to hate on than Jen Aniston who is just plain boring and predictable.

  37. lucy2 says:

    TG, I did see a commercial for him on some show! Was it Jada Smith’s? I’m not sure, all I remember thinking was ‘hope he pays taxed on THOSE earnings’!

  38. Dana M says:

    @bluhare- Marc Anthony is very popular in the Latin Music industry. He isn’t hurting for work. As as a matter of fact, he is touring Latin America and the States July-Sept. He is an exceptional musician.

  39. Swan Hakka says:

    J-Lo couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, she’s terrible. “A”-list my ass.

  40. Str8Shooter says:

    Yeah, cuz everyone is just clamoring for another Oscar-worthy performance like she gave in…oh, let’s see…Gigli, Jersey Girl, that thing with the turkey baster…LOL

    A-list only if ‘A’ means her big ASS!

  41. Jasmine says:

    They are hyping her up way to much! So JLO’s stint on American Idol has made her in demand in Hollywood now? Well it sure didn’t help her album “Love” she just put out. “On the Floor” was a hit, but she didn’t do that alone, she needed PitBull, but all the self-promotion she did on AI still didn’t help the album sales at all. So I don’t understand how the Hollywood directors feel AI made her such a big star, when her album flopped.

  42. cprincess says:

    To bluhare:
    you obviously don’t know nothing about Marc Anthony-he is a HUGE star in the latin world and can actually sing-unlike her…he doesn’t need her for his career-its the other way around…
    As regards her being A list again-eh I don’t think so-sounds to me like this was written by her publicist….

  43. Rosie says:

    I think it’s her sister – a few years back I was at a mets game and j.lo, Marc Anthony, the other Lopez girl and father Lopez were there. I’m pretty sure that’s the same girl.