Dita Von Teese & her sexy boyfriend at an amfAR event: hot, amazing or meh?


These are some photos of Dita Von Teese and her young, hot, sexy, mouth-watering French boyfriend, Count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. You may remember, I’ve been hot for this dude for a while (as has CB). He’s just SO PRETTY. He’s so beautiful, I barely notice Dita, and she’s one of my favorite people, so that says a lot. This is what makes me believe that Dita is truly as amazing as I think she is – she landed this lovely French aristocrat, and he walks red carpets with her and looks down at her (because he’s super-tall and he towers above her) lovingly. Sigh… why am I not Dita Von Teese? I want her life for just a week. A week spent in bed with Louis-Marie.

Anyway, these photos are from last night’s amfAR event in Paris. I’ve been looking to see who did Dita’s gown, and no one has it thus far, so if you want to yell at me and identify it, go ahead. It looks like… Michael Kors, maybe? She looks surprisingly good in this deep navy, although I do prefer her when she does a brighter color. But even in a rather plain dress, Dita still stands out because she’s styled herself beautifully – perfect makeup and hair, simple jewelry, perfect. I love her. Dita WINS.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. BW says:

    I realize the guy must have problems finding shoes to fit feet that big, but surely he can get a pair in black and shine them up. Scuffed up brown shoes with a 3 piece black suite on the red carpet just looks wrong.

  2. MB says:

    I dont really get the Dita love.
    I appreciate and respect the effort she puts into her shtick – but thats really all she has going for her so she is basically just doing her job.

    The fact is, nobody would even know who she is if she hadnt married Marilyn Manson way back when. I have spent many years really trying to love her but she just seems so MEH.

  3. Bee says:

    Meh, I like her style, but really shes just a glorified stripper who was married to freakish MM for a while

  4. Audrey says:

    I’m on the “meh” bandwagon about Dita. But I do love that dress and it suits her very well.

  5. Reality says:

    Glad I’m not alone in thinking she’s just a fancy stripper who stole her look from Betty Page and crafted a careful PR image. And I agree that without the marriage to Manson, she’d be just another burlesque dancer. Hot man though, so there is that.

  6. Dorothy says:

    People can hate on this woman but they can’t deny, she is gorgeeeous! Her man is like looking at pastry in the window and you can’t eat it! Yummo! Sure, she married Marilyn Manson, but he lost her! As for her act, it’s more tasteful than just mere stripping, it’s an art! Any woman that can pull something like this off and still be considered stylish is on point with me! :-)

  7. Mitsey Martin says:

    Her face is two shades of pale too light compared to the rest of her but other than that they are both HAWT :)

  8. sassenach says:

    I don’t get her and I don’t think she is gorgeous but her man is fine as hell!!

  9. RHONYC says:

    he’s such a Dandy!

    like a hotter, younger version of Jude Law. the purrfect companion for Lady Dita.

    a definite upgrade Dita, go! ;-)

  10. RHONYC says:

    @ MB

    since seeing Natalie Wood in ‘Gypsy’ as a child, i’ve always found burlesque intriguing & exciting!

    like Dita, i too have a love of vintage lingerie.
    i LIVE for ‘longline’ brassieres & i used to LOVE those Jane Russell commercials as a kid. back in the day she was the only dame in Hollywood with a rack as huge as mine. lol

    i grew up watching all the old Hollywood classics (my mom was/is obsessed) and embracing that glamour. Dita represents that today.

    if you love old Hollywood glamour, then you love Dita.

    simple as that. :-)

  11. sonoa says:

    Dita doesn’t excite me much, but her man is gorgeous. To go from marilyn manson to that dude? Wow, I think that turnaround is off the upgrade charts.

  12. IAMEROK says:

    @RHONYC AGREED! She captures that glamour so perfectly, it IS her job, and she is really frikkin awesome at it! Tres Jolie!!

  13. marge says:

    I absolutely loove Dita, but her makeup is too white in the face. It reminded me of V /Anonnymus mask… I hate myself now!

  14. original kate says:

    i want the dress. that is all.

  15. badrockandroll says:

    He has a pretty face, but why is he wearing such dreadful shoes (with RED socks!!)? She looks great – perhaps her dress is vintage (Lanvin maybe?)If you put her on the red carpet next to Fergie, how would you choose who the stripper is/was?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have always thought that Dita Von Teese was not a true beauty, as far as the shape of her face and teeth go, but she puts on make up well and has a schtick that totally works for her and have thrown her into the spotlight. She looks beautiful with her “look” that she’s created. Her boyfriend is legitimately hot, though.

  17. velourazure says:

    and her boy looks like a hotter taller jude law, which is not a bad thing at all.

  18. Bill Hicks is God says:

    She looks like she needs a transfusion. Overrated and cadaverous. That’s all.

  19. your momma says:

    i dont know what it is but dita reminds ne very slightlky of margaret thatcher in that last pic. (yeah yeah i know i’m gonna get crap for that but thats what i see)

  20. Turtle Dove says:

    Utterly fabulous. She has something… a real lustrous quality that makes this look and all the accoutrements believable and natural.

    On anyone else it would be a parody *cough Katy Perry cough* but Dita carries it beautifully.

  21. harfang says:

    Dita DOES always win. I like the boy. Go Dita. Oh and the deep navy is pretty fantastic on her.

    Has anyone else noticed that NO ONE calls this beautifully healthy zaftig perfect woman “fat?” I guess when done right and redefined for the individual, the modified Betty Page approach can help you get a free pass for not being a damn Skeletor.

  22. Annie_Grey says:

    He looks like Luke Perry and Jude Law had a baby….with better hair.

  23. bagladey says:

    Dita looks gorgeous but boyfriend looks tacky – is he wearing corduroy? And what’s with those scuffed, unpolished, BROWN shoes?

  24. sapphire says:

    Dita’s never been conventionally pretty but the style, the grooming-chic!

    And a hotter than possible young guy. Sigh-here’s to you, Dita!

  25. sassy says:

    They should make a Dita Von Teese barbie doll for all of us to dress her up with cute dresses, pasties, shoes and accessories! they have a joan collins barbie! Why not Dita!?!

  26. megan says:

    that dress looks like a bridesmaids dress i tried on last week @ davids bridal. dita is still gorgeous though.

  27. LunaT says:

    @Megan—made me laugh.

    Dita’s pretty and gets all fancy and blah blah blah….but she’s kind of boring. Since she performs on stage and it’s “burlesque”, that makes her an artist, so much different than a stripper or a woman in Playboy, right? Um, no. Same deal. Just because she’s so devoted to her retro look doesn’t change what she does for a living.

  28. Bellabumbum says:

    I love her dress. I love that she’s not stick thin. I can’t believe her hot Frenchie BF exists in the same universe as that Marilyn Manson. WTF was she thinking.

    This couple looks like they are clinging to eachother. Real love? She looks anxious. Preggers? He’s holding her hand and just oozing supportive at her.

  29. Cherry Rose says:

    Jesus, before you start slamming her for being a stripper, why don’t you actually watch a video of her doing a burlesque show for once? Yes, they strip down, but never fully nude. They always wear a thong and pasties. And it’s a show to be enjoyed, not another woman gyrating herself against a pole and collecting money in her g-string.

    And I’d love to be in the middle of Dita and Louis-Marie. Mmmm…

  30. taxi says:

    He’s much prettier than she is. Too bad she didn’t make him wear appropriate shoes though. She looks old enough to be his mother, though. Guess it’s all the heavy, stylized makeup. Way too high maintenance a look to be attractive off-stage.

  31. aly says:

    omg he is HOT!! and she is beautiful…and it looks like there is some chemisty going on between the two of them…best of luck !

  32. Dhavy says:

    He’s so hot and I do see the Jude Law thing going on with him

    Well for being just a dancer she sure as hell looks better, acts better and dresses better than other really famous celebrities

    And for someone who’s just famous for being married to a rock star, she’s not a famewhore like all the Kardashians

  33. BLA says:

    The dress has to be Herve Leroux, or at least that’s where my guess is going! Dita linked to it on her facebook page a little while ago.


  34. Andi says:

    I think Dita is very pretty. This guy is a total upgrade from Marilyn Manson!

  35. LunaT says:

    @Cherry Rose—I’ve seen burlesque live. I know what it’s about. Just stating my opinion.

  36. Hm says:

    The hair and makeup is getting to be aging on her. It accentuates the age dif between her and the guy. She could keep the vintage but lighten the hair and have the makeup be less severe.

  37. Cait says:

    Don’t get the love for her…girl just wears way too much makeup. She’s probably rather plain without it.

  38. krys says:

    i love him, OMG BOTH ARE CLASSY , hes so damn hot…..dita looks fabulous too..

  39. Shoe_Lover says:

    @ RHONYC and Cherry Rose- I totally agree with both of you

    I love DVT so so much. In a world where it seems no on gives a crap how they present themselves to the world and walk outside in stained track suit paints and no shoes DVT is a breath of fresh air. she genuinely loves old world glamour and is passionate and knowledgeable about it all. It isn’t an act like it is with some people like Katy Perry.

    To the people saying her burlesque act is just glorified stripping- it most certainly is not. she never gets fully naked, parts of her are always covered to maintain mystery and allure. and whenever she sits in her martini glass and spins around I cant help but giggle and be happy at the look of sheer joy on her face.

  40. Laughternrain says:

    She looks like one of those black and white Hollywood classical beauties, like Vivien Leigh. Very OLD WORLD beauty.

  41. metatrix says:

    This dude kinda looks like my bf. Freaky…

    Also freaky: Dita looks exactly the same year after year after year. I don’t think she ages.

  42. Elin eve says:

    Aduuh. . I didn’t agree with you both !
    Just Dita nd Marilyn Manson in ma heart ..

    Gak setuju !


  43. Yaro says:

    I love dita beautiful!!! My favorite person in the world!!!