Diane Kruger & Fergie at amfAR in Paris: who looked worse?


Here are some additional fashion photos from last night’s amfAR Inspiration gala in Paris – I already covered the photos of Dita Von Teese and her crazy-hot boyfriend here. Diane Kruger was also in attendance, but she didn’t bring her cute boyfriend, so she doesn’t “win” as much as Dita. Diane wore this red, silk Yves Saint Laurent gown which I’m kind of meh on. Don’t get me wrong, the dress in and of itself is very pretty, and on a different woman, I would be loving it completely. But it just feels like Diane didn’t feel like styling it the right way. Her face looks washed out, her hair is a mess. It’s like she pulled her hair back into a makeshift bun, washed her face in the sink, and decided to just throw on the gown and some red lipstick and go to the event.



I guess the best you can say about Diane is that at least she didn’t look as insane as Fergie, who was also at the event. Fergie wore Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2011-12, and beyond looking insane and not formal enough for the event, it also looks like Fergie’s plastic-surgery-jacked face is falling. So much for that “new lipstick” huh? She’s just a train wreck.




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. Snazzy says:

    Fergie looks the worst, hands down. And what’s going on with her neck?

  2. Bee says:

    Geez Fergie, I don’t even know where to begin.

    1. Why does she have the turkey neck of a 50+ year old?

    2. Was pulling her hair back to tightly an effort to “lift” her sagging face? And if so, just stay home FFS until you can get that mess fixed.

    3. The outfit…enough said

  3. Reality says:

    Diane looks absolutely gorgeous! I would kill for that dress, and would style it pretty much the same, but with better hair.

    No comment on Fergie.

  4. brin says:

    Oh man….Fergie looks waaaayyyy worse, is she wearing her pet?
    Diane looks good.

  5. Erin says:

    The thing about Fergie is…she got her face done but the dumb bitch forgot to get her neck done so she’s got the neck of a 50 year old house wife. When will these bitches learn?

  6. Cherry says:

    OMG! FERGIE! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? Seriously, I can hardly stay off the capslock. When did this happen to poor old fergieferg? She looks like she’s about 200 years old! What’s with the turkey neck? My grandma has one of those!
    As for Diane: meh. The dress is nice and she’s pretty as hell, but this look doesn’t flatter her. She even looks kinda, I don’t know, boxy.

  7. gee says:

    Fergie is not aging gracefully.

  8. You don't say says:

    Chicken neck and tight face–a plastic surgery no, no. It is like overdoing your face make-up and forgetting to touch the neck. Outfit–is she trying for hooker chic?

    Kruger’s dress is a lovley color and fits well. The hair-no.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Except for her hair, Diane looks gorgeous, I love the dress, and she has such a beautiful face.

    Fergie…not so much. Her face looks too tight and her neck too loose. What is she doing?

  10. Quest says:

    Words right now cannot explain the feelings I have regarding how Fergie looks. Let’s say it is not Fergilicious at all and truly feeling for a barf bag at this moment

  11. grazi says:

    As the Countless Luann from RHONY said the other day, even LV makes mistakes.

  12. Stubbylove says:

    Umm…that’d be fluffy fergie.

  13. Patata says:

    If i were Fergie i would cover that neck up. Also, she looks like a mannequin modeling that louis vuitton bag.

    Diane looks like she’s wearing a red sack, that being said, she’s making that red sack look pretty damn good.

  14. Emily says:

    Oh wow Fergie’s neck! I bet she’ll blame all the after affects of her surgery (and all the future crap she’s probably going to do) on the past drug use and just expect us all to buy her story. Sad.

  15. Ellie says:

    I can’t stand Diane Kruger. Who is she? What does she do. She looks like she’s got a stick up her arse!

  16. womanfromthenorth says:

    I am glad I am not held to the same standards as people like this.
    That being said…
    Fergie.. never a real fashion icon anyway looks like a cross of drag queen/stoned space hooker.

    Diane looks fine to me.. her hair could have used a few braids, greek style would have looked better.

  17. original kate says:

    at least diane looks clean.

  18. UKHels says:

    fergie looks worse but diane – how can someone so beautiful look so dowdy! in YSL!

  19. Hanna says:

    Diane always looks amazing, stuuningly beautiful,great sense of style!

  20. RHONYC says:

    Diane always looks like she’s in pain.

    Fergie’s looks are always just painful.

  21. ladybert62 says:


  22. Lady Satan says:

    blah blah blah Diane Kruger nice dress but too much for her and her hair looks like she just came from hot yoga class yada yada …

    OMFG Fergie! Did someone leave her out in the sun too long and all her plastic melted? WTF? She went from super-jacked (eyebrows looking uber surprised & cheek “bones” you could set your drink on) to drooping eyelids, saggy jawline, and wattle neck.

    How does that happen? Did she have one of those “threadlift” facelifts and the strings broke? Did all her Botox wear off at the same time?

    It barely even looks like her. Did she have a cold and have her old Auntie stand in for her maybe? Holy Fugly Batman!

  23. lrm says:

    while this is not diane’s best-she is a beautiful woman with a unique fashion sense.Fergie, on the other hand, is meth face, fug and white trashy looking, always….
    she may be a nice person, but she NEVER looks good, IMO.
    So there really can be no comparison.
    Fergie looks worse; Diane actually looks okay, just not as upscale as she normally does.
    I actually think the red nail polish cheapens the look; she could get away with it w/o that polish.

  24. lolalola says:

    Fergie. Whatever she did to her face, it didn’t help.

  25. LunaT says:

    “cross of drag queen/stoned space hooker” woman from the north—you made me lol. Was worried I’d wake my sleeping toddler. After looking for the dropping face work, I was just left w/the impression of her looking stoned. Like, beyond a joint stoned. Pills or something.

    Dear Fergie, no one, not a single person, should ever leave the house wearing that. No one.

    I noticed her wrinkly neck, too. How old is she supposed to be? I know meth wrecks your body, but can it trash a neck so much or is she older than she says?

    Diane is pretty, but I don’t get all the whoohah. A pretty girl who is skinny and wears fancy dresses? Aren’t there a lot of those on the scene?

  26. Ally says:

    I watched ‘Unknown’ with Diane Kruger, Liam Neeson and January Jones last night. OMG. It’s like someone threw ‘Frantic’, ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘North by Northwest’ in a blender and hit Purée, with predictably mushy results.

    Diane plays a Bosnian refugee in Germany, who speaks German with no accent at all. She also reports being terrified of murderers, but then falls for Liam Neeson after watching him knife a guy.

    Also, take a shot every time you see a Mercedes product placement onscreen. You’ll be hammered halfway through. (Apparently, literally everyone in Berlin has a Mercedes. Every taxi cab is a Mercedes. I especially liked the Mercedes electric car display in the airport, omfg.)

    It was entertaining watching Aidan Quinn and Liam Neeson brawl, though. I don’t think I’ve seen a major movie with two UK fellas fist-fighting since Bridget Jones’ Diary!

  27. taxi says:

    Fergie looks awful! The clothes look like dress up for the women’s rollerskating race team.

    Diane speaks German with no accent because she is German – born & reared. Fluent in a couple of other languages, too. That dress would be better on a curvier body – too angular on the shoulders & who wants to worry all night if the double-faced tape is sticking. She’s pretty, but always looks better when her hair style is softer. She does that pulled back tight look a lot, so I guess it’s what she likes. She was great in “Inglorious Basterds”.

  28. taxi says:

    @Ally – Taxis in Germany are always MB, BMW, or maybe Audi. Can’t renew the registration if it’s more than a couple of years old. Always very clean too. There’s a little more leeway for private vehicles, but all cars have to be thoroughly checked mechanically to re-register. No dents allowed either. Same in Switzerland.

  29. Oi says:

    Fergie looks like Rachel Zoe in 15 years.

  30. Andi says:

    Fergie is a butterface. She is totally lying about her age. I have seen women in their mid forties with wrinkle free necks!

  31. LunaT says:

    I just googled “how old is fergie?” and found her supposed birthdate is 1974. So, I’m a year older than her and I am soooo genetically blessed that my neck doesn’t look like her’s? Yeah, I’m gonna go w/”no” on that one.

  32. mary simon says:

    fergie is just hideous here. Diane’s hair is frightful and her dress looks cheap.

  33. Micki says:

    Fergie dresses and looks like a seriously pissed off hooker

  34. jasmine says:

    fergie.defiantly fergie!

  35. jemshoes says:

    The dress on Diane looks too big, but unfortunately Fergie wins for who looked worse. Not just her outfit, but mostly because her ‘new’ face doesn’t go with her old neck. :(

  36. Larry says:

    Except for her beach-wear hairdo, Diane looks fabulous.

    Fergie, on the other hand, looks like a transvestite! She’s in desperate need of a whole makeover.

  37. really says:

    Fergie needs to be arrested for such wacked’ness! Kruger looks absoultely amazing, very laidback European style………………LOVE IT!

  38. Shoe_Lover says:

    are you sure thats Fergie? Seriously- if you hadnt of said it was her i may not have known who it was!

  39. Cherry Rose says:

    Perhaps Fergie was hoping that her ugly jacket would divert attention away from her face and neck. She just looks so old in these pictures.