Did Charlie Sheen get a sitcom, or is he just leaking stories about his greatness?

Yesterday we heard that Charlie Sheen was dumped by his single remaining goddess, (the marijuana model one above not the porn star – she bailed a few weeks ago), which means that even his well paid companions are getting sick of him. Or maybe the money and drugs are running out. Charlie bragged to TMZ that he had three women from three different countries that night anyway, which isn’t saying much considering that he still has all the madams in LA on speed dial.

Well yesterday the news also came out that Charlie’s character on Two and a Half Men (spoiler for that show, for the handful of people who may care) will die in a car crash or meet some other final end, because Charlie so pissed off producers that they want to make sure he’ll never come back. It’s rumored that they’ll introduce Ashton Kutcher’s doofus character by having him buy Charlie’s house.

So amidst all this negative news about Charlie comes a story in Radar that he just signed another huge sitcom deal with Lionsgate that will make him a star again. Supposedly there’s a bidding war and TBS is close to winning rights to the show. Of course this is happening – in Charlie’s mind. Remember the HBO talk show he was supposedly just about to get, and the book deal? Oh and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that this sitcom deal is imminent for him.

Only EW reports that Lionsgate refused to comment on this story and TBS flat out denied that they were in negotiations for any series with Charlie. According to EW (and common sense) this is not likely to happen for Charlie at all, because he alienated just about everyone in the industry and is too much of a liability. EW’s James Hibbard writes: “It’s tough to imagine any network, even a cable network smaller than TBS, getting in bed with Sheen without having some real reservations, given his admitted/bragged-about substance abuse and media rants — there’s just so much can go wrong. Even if Sheen draws big ratings, advertiser support could be iffy, and a big audience is only valuable if you can sell it.” We’ll see what happens with this supposed show. I wouldn’t be surprised either way. So many people have been enabling this guy for so long.


Photos are from 5/1/11. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. janna says:

    who would be stupid enough to employ him?

  2. rkintn says:

    Good grief he looks awful:(

  3. Lacey says:

    Why is he so special? There are a million actors… What makes him so worthy of countless chances and opportunities?

    I guess this is my question about Linnocent too…

  4. Quest says:

    Every one is dumping his sorry ass. I hear the words “WINNING” = “DUH” hovering around Charlie’s head at this moment

  5. Jackson says:

    Eww. It’s funny to me that this tool, who was so fond of calling other people ‘troll’ looks just like what I’d imagine a human/troll hybrid to look like. Anyone would be a fool to employ him. Are people really standing in front of their tvs thinking, ‘dang, I wish there was some new Charlie Sheen show for me to watch?’ I have a hard time believing that.

  6. Bill Hicks is God says:

    If anything is leaking it’s coming out his ears…

  7. Thea says:

    He looks older than his father in this picture. Thats a shame. He was funny. He looks like he has a serious illness (besides the crack/drugs/etc.). Shame.

  8. Hautie says:

    Oddly enough, I tend to suspect there is truth to this rumor.

    It would explain why Charlie has been amazingly quite for well over a month.

    So as much as people moan about him, they watch his show.

    And anyone who can bring in 12+ million viewers to any show. He will always be able to get a job in LA.

    Plus I assume whom ever is interested in him for this allege new show… will demand he gets tested. Weekly. Just to keep him insured.

    He may be crazy as hell. But Charlie knows that he needs that steady income. How else can he pay for the hookers!?!

  9. The Bobster says:

    Chuck Lorre is killing off Charlie Harper to make sure he never comes back.

  10. Shy says:

    Well he probably calls around and offers himself. I bet he still really does think that all those 16 million viewers who watched Two And A Half Men were watching it only because of him and are his fans and so will follow him whenever he goes. And don’t mind that there were writers, producers and other actors involved.

    Idiot really believes that if he will go to any another network playing himself then everyone will watch. And doesn’t understands that you need writes who will write jokes for you. Otherwise it will not be funny. And that bomb-tour didn’t teach him anything.

    And there he is few months later. Even in his worst nightmares he didn’t thought it would end up like that. He thought that he will badmouth producers, they will be angry a little bit and then take him back as it always before. And then he is – loser with no job and perspectives.

  11. Anonym says:

    I feel bad for him, he is destroying his life,he looks even older than his father.