Leighton Meester’s new hair: busted bangs trauma or kind of cute?


These are new photos of Leighton Meester in NYC, promoting that horrible-looking Selena Gomez movie, Monte Carlo. Leighton is working a new look – she gave herself bangs trauma. Do we need to have the same old fight about this? All too often, the girls who suddenly appear with a new set of bangs (trauma) are the ones who do NOT need it. Take Leighton – her face is lovely. Beautiful little dimples, sparkling eyes, great smile… she’s the poster child for “adorable”. Beyond that, her hair was already great – thick, with a natural curl or some kind of natural body working in there. So why ruin it all with bangs trauma? Does she think that she’s just so cute, she can pull off any look, any hairstyle? Very few women are that cute.

Now that I’ve ranted, I have to take part of it back. Although I almost always hate bangs (yes, I hate the HAIR not the PERSON), Leighton doesn’t look hideous with bangs. She simply looked much cuter without them. Hopefully, they’re those clip-on deals that everybody is doing this year.

In other Leighton news, did you know that she and Garrett Hedlund are still maybe-kinda happening? Us Weekly’s print edition had a story about them this week – they claimed that Garrett and Leighton, who starred together in Country Strong, were spotted “making out” at the Sunset Marquis. Unfortunately for Garrett (who is hot, sort of), Leighton also might be dating Justin Long…? She was overheard telling a friend about Long, so God knows. There were first reports about Garrett and Leighton back in January, when they were rubbing on each other at some Golden Globes party. Every so often, someone will report that they’re still going at it, but either they key it very, very DL, or it’s just a casual thing where they hookup once a month or something. Plus, I kind of feel like Garrett is trying to get on Kristen Stewart. And K-Stew might be willing.



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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22 Responses to “Leighton Meester’s new hair: busted bangs trauma or kind of cute?”

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  1. brin says:

    She looks great either way so I don’t mind the bangs (trauma) for a change.

  2. janna says:

    she is an attractive woman.

  3. Ann says:

    She still looks cute but I prefer without bangs.
    And..Unless I see pics of them out together, Come on, a pic would surface by now! I take it with a grain of salt.

  4. Quest says:

    I actually like it.

  5. xxodettexx says:

    i went through a period of time where i really really really wanted bangs, i went and cut them then went through weeks to months of the hateful growing-out phase… did i learn? no, of course not, i just went ahead and did it again the following year!

    anyway, i was young and didnt want to admit that bangs just do not work on everyone and especially my face…

    that being said, i dont think leighton looks horrible here, i have seen much worse bangs trauma! 🙂

  6. baby says:

    i love that dress!!

  7. Ben says:

    She is just so gorgeous. I love her. And I pray for the day she CRUSHES Boobs Legsly due to her actual acting talent.

  8. @Ben says:

    Oh I hope so!

  9. Flounder says:


  10. Darlene says:

    I love her, she’s just adorable.

  11. hmmhmm says:

    SHe looks more like that Derek Jetter’s Gf. Minka Kelly, there you go. Or the other way around.

  12. jen says:

    Love her!

  13. Bella Mama says:

    i like long bangs on most people so i like this look

  14. Jules says:

    I think the bangs age her considerably…I much prefer her without them. I actually just watched Country Strong, not a Gwyneth fan so I was holding off. But Garrett Hedlund only sort of hot! That’s crazy! His eyes and smile are beautiful!

  15. Mika says:

    I don’t care about the hair or the cloths or the boyfriend, this girl has SO MUCH TALENT. She does shitty movies, and Gossip Girl is kind of a shitty show, but she is always the very best part, totally fun to watch.

  16. Eve says:

    She’s such a pretty girl, and a way better than Lively. Fame is inversely proportional to talent in their case.

  17. sa says:

    There’s something about her that bugs the crap out of me

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Don’t know who she is (please don’t tell me, I really don’t care) but this hairstyle ages her. And not in a good way.

  19. normades says:

    Dear Leighton: please get a new stylist and agent!

  20. mimi says:

    She needs to go back to blond or light brown- and NO bangs.

    She is pretty and much more talented that Blake Lively.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Ya if it was like 2006 it would be all hot and trendy, but it’s 2011 and that busted look is not hip, trendy, new, or innovative, it’s old and boring!!!

    Hope she didn’t pay for that sooooooooo outdated look!!!!

  22. Blank says:

    She’s lovely but looks horrible here face-wise. Wrong make-up for her looks.