Casey Anthony Juror: “Not guilty doesn’t mean innocent” (update: to be released 7/13)

The first juror in the Casey Anthony trial has spoken to the press. Jennifer Ford, a 32 year-old nursing student, spoke with ABC’s Terry Moran to explain how the jury reached a “not guilty” verdict in this very controversial case. (Video of her interview is above.) I found her very convincing, logical and well spoken. Ford explained that the prosecution simply didn’t come up with a scenario of how Caylee was murdered and that was why they couldn’t reach a guilty verdict. She said that they carefully weighed the evidence, that the 10 hours of deliberation does not mean that they all agreed right away, and that many jurors were upset and crying after delivering the verdict. Here’s more, from ABC, and the source has more details that you might want to read if you’re interested.


Casey Anthony juror Jennifer Ford said that she and the other jurors cried and were “sick to our stomachs” after voting to acquit Casey Anthony of charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

“I did not say she was innocent,” said Ford, who had previously only been identified as juror No. 3. “I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.”

Ford, a 32-year-old nursing student at St. Petersburg College, praised the jurors, but said when deliberations began there were “a lot of conflicting ideas.” At first, people came down on both sides of whether Casey Anthony killed her daughter, Ford said, and the first vote was 10-2 for “not guilty.”

“I toggled on manslaughter and not guilty,” Ford told “Nightline” anchor Terry Moran in an exclusive TV interview. “It doesn’t feel good. It was a horrible decision to have to make.”

The jury’s jaw-dropping not guilty verdict shocked court observers, but it was also a difficult moment for the panel, Ford said in her exclusive interviews with ABC News. No one from the jury was willing to come out and talk to the media in the hours after the verdict.

“Everyone wonders why we didn’t speak to the media right away,” Ford said. “It was because we were sick to our stomach to get that verdict. We were crying, and not just the women. It was emotional and we weren’t ready. We wanted to do it with integrity and not contribute to the sensationalism of the trial.”

Ford told Moran she thought Casey Anthony’s claim that her 2-year-old daughter accidentally drowned and she lied for three years was more believable than the evidence the prosecution presented.

“I’m not saying I believe the defense,” she said. “Obviously, it wasn’t proven so I’m not taking that and speculating at all. But it’s easier for me logically to get from point A to point B” via the defense argument.

Ford said that she couldn’t make out “logically” the prosecution’s argument because there were too many unanswered questions about how Caylee died, including how Casey Anthony would have used chloroform to smother her 2-year-old daughter, then put her in the trunk of her car without anyone seeing her.

“If there was a dead child in that trunk, does that prove how she died? No idea, still no idea.” Ford told Moran. “If you’re going to charge someone with murder, don’t you have to know how they killed someone or why they might have killed someone, or have something where, when, why, how? Those are important questions. They were not answered.”

[From ABC News]

Some other telling quotes from Ford include “It doesn’t feel good, it’s a horrible decision to have to make, but I had to do it based on the law,” and “If they want to take someone’s life they have to prove it, or else I’m a murderer too, I’m not any better.” Maybe if the prosecution wasn’t going for the death penalty it would have been easier to convict.

The prosecutor Jeff Ashton, spoke with Matt Lauer on the Today Show yesterday morning, and he said that he was shocked by the not guitly verdict after less than 11 hours deliberation. He felt that they presented a clear case to the jury and that “One of the strongest pieces of evidence that we had in the case was that her actions, we felt … [were] just so completely inconsistent with just some accidental explanation for the death.

As for whether he would go after Casey’s mom Cindy for perjuring herself by trying to take the blame for the Internet searches, he said he had no idea. Ashton is retiring after this case.

I’ve been overseas this summer so I have not been as exposed to this case as many of you. It looks extremely bad in that Casey lied to the police repeatedly, fabricated entire scenarios about what happened to her poor daughter and went out partying in the month after her daughter’s death. In this case I don’t think it’s fair to blame the jury for doing their job, though I know many of you will disagree. Given Casey’s behavior, she’s the one who should be blamed for this, and she will be for the rest of her life. Like Ford said, “Not guilty doesn’t mean innocent.” It’s just a shame that Casey won’t have to rot in jail for the rest of her days.

After I wrote all that, People came out with a new story with details from a letter from Casey to another inmate. She wrote that she dreamt she was pregnant, has considered adopting, and that she misses mani pedis and wearing nice underwear. It made me a little sick. The Enquirer is also reporting that Casey is telling people she’s pregnant. I hope that’s a lie like so many other things that come out of this bitch’s mouth. It’s possible that Casey, who has only been convicted of four counts of lying to police, could walk free today. I guess we know how she’ll celebrate.

Update: Casey was sentenced to four years in prison and fined $4,000 for her four misdemeanor charges of lying to police. She’s already served three years and her calculated release date with time off for good behavior is now July 13, next Wednesday.


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  1. Sandra says:


  2. Victoria says:

    This beyatch has it ocmin’ One way or another.. yeeeup. On THAT you can bet your own life.

  3. brin says:

    What makes me sick is that she will be making millions from her lies.
    The jurors had other options than the death penalty. They will have to live with that verdict.

  4. Sandra says:

    Brin: absolutely she is the next OJ Simpson.
    How long before “How would I have killed my daughter” book…

  5. Quest says:

    She is nothing but a dumb-ass f**k

  6. katnip says:

    NOT GUILTY means:

    You didn’t do it

    What is wrong with these people. If they felt that way they should have made it a mistrial so that she could be retried. Now no matter what she is FREE..

    I don’t want to hear from these jurors again. I want them all to STFU and go away. They are going to make money too. So that is the part that pisses me off as well.

  7. fannomore says:

    let’s hope Karma is on the way

  8. skilo says:

    This whole thing has made me so sick I can barely stand it. My youngest daughter died just a few months before Casey killed her daughter and when this story hit the news, to see her partying like she did after just killing her child. When I would loved to have died to be with my own, or would have, if I could, died for her. It is just repulsive to me to think that she is going to get rich off her own daughters murder, at her own hands. And that there is nothing stopping her from having another child someday, it’s just SICK. All the money these people make the free trips they take it’s BLOOD MONEY Caylee lost her life and a bunch of sick people are profiting of her murder.

  9. lucy2 says:

    All I can say is that I hope I never end up on a jury having to make that decision. It sounds like they all suspect she did it, but it just wasn’t enough evidence.
    I hope karma is coming from Casey like a freight train.
    @brin – on the news this morning they were saying that because she was convicted of lying to the police and waste a lot of time, money, and resources with the investigation, they could hit her with HUGE fines to recoup that, and it would come out of any future earnings. It’s disgusting if she’s allowed to profit from this, so let’s hope the state, county, whoever takes whatever they can from her.

  10. brin says:

    skilo, I’m so sorry, my heart goes out to you.

  11. skilo says:

    thanks brin

  12. Roma says:

    @katnip: Actually, not guilty does not mean you didn’t do it. It merely means that enough evidence hasn’t be presented to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I agree that the prosecution didn’t present its case strongly enough and from what I read / watched I probably would have come to the same decision. That being said I think she’s guilty as hell and I hope that because she was convicted for the 4 counts it means that she won’t be able to profit from her crime ie book deals, etc.

  13. tapioca says:

    The jury had the option of manslaughter, which it sounds like they didn’t even properly consider, even though IMHO it’s the most rational explanation.

    I believe the death was accidental, but it had nothing to do with the pool, because toddlers don’t walk around their grandparents yards with duct tape over their mouths! Someone had to put it there and I think drugs & duct tape & the trunk of a car were Caylee’s babysitter when mommy went partying – “Zanny the nanny” = Xanax? The poor child overdosed or was suffocated and Casey dumped her body in the woods. Ergo she’s guilty of her death, but without the premeditation necessary to charge her with murder.

    Either way, I hope she never has another child because she is a true remorseless psychopath.

  14. mel says:

    I hope she rots in hell!

  15. mln76 says:

    I am only going to defend the juror not that slimy nothing thing Casey Anthony. The jury has to deliberate upon the evidence and the standard has to be beyond a reasonable doubt that’s the law. Unfortunately the prosecution failed to prove her guilt eventhough everyone knows she is guilty. BTW I couldn’t even bear to watch this trial so horrific that anyone could do this to a baby and also horrific that this trial has become some sort of sick entertainment. If the prosecution had spent more time collecting evidence and convicting this woman in a court of law than in the court of public opinion than that wretched thing would be behind bars.

  16. jen says:

    Here’s the live stream for her sentencing:,0,6003068.htmlstory

    She’s looking all done up today-she can drop the dowdy look she was using for the jury!

  17. nelly says:

    I can’t get over her quote “I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.” Both the judge and prosecution instructed the jury that they were not to determine punishment their job was to render a verdict of guilty or not guilty. It was not up to the jury to determine punishment they were told this numerous time during this trial. For God’s sake this jury didn’t even find her guilty of child endangerment. Caylee went missing for 31 days and the grandmother not Casey reported it to the police and even when the police asked Casey during questioning “was this an accident that snowballed out of control, maybe she drowned and your afraid to say anything” Casey still refused to cooperate and told the police nothing; mind you this information was played for the jury and still the jury rendered not guilty. Its truly disgusting.

  18. Isabel says:

    I hate this woman. I hate her. I hate her I hate her I hate her. Why can’t we, in the very least, neuter her??

  19. brin says:

    lucy2….agreed, let’s hope that happens.

  20. NeNe says:

    Why should this poor excuse for a human be given her freedom, when her poor child’s freedom was taken away from her.

    I personally think the jury was filled with the stupiest people on earth, and I hope THEY can live with themselves knowing they let a BABY KILLER get off.

  21. Shay says:

    What are these jurors going to say or how are they going to sleep when she ends up getting pregnant again, because she probably will, and kills another child?
    To me, this verdict may as well mean that the empty headed life of a tart is more important, that tarting about is more important, than a child’s life.
    In my mind, these kinds of trashy women do little to forward Darwin’s idea of natural selection. Humanity is definitely taking a backward step. Now that we can definitely survive with technology propping up survival, we aren’t so discerning about who we reproduce with. What about the sorry arsed man who had the child with her?
    Don’t these people even think before they procreate and are they so stupid to use condoms?

  22. justathought says:

    The cadaver dog was smarter than the 12 loonies on that jury. Travesty of justice.

  23. tapioca says:

    @mln76: “Unfortunately the prosecution failed to prove her guilt even though everyone knows she is guilty.”

    That’s the thing, though – if the jurors thought she was guilty of her death, then it WAS proved to them beyond all reasonable doubt. If they were “crying and sick to their stomachs” after voting for acquittal, then they clearly had been convinced of her guilt by the prosecution.

    The problem is the defence convinced them that they could not convict without any undisputable forensic evidence, which they knew by then had been degraded, and to take the word “reasonable” to mean “all”.

  24. po says:

    I didn’t watch the trial and came in on this whole thing at the very end. What ended up catching my attention was her parents. When her mother got on the stand and claimed she was searching for chloroform but she was actually at work that was all I needed to hear. This women killed her daughter and the grandmother cared so little that she actually got on the stand and lied about it. DISGUSTING!

  25. Miss Marie says:

    I heard a forensic psychiatrist on a talk show state yesterday, that for a trial that length, deliberations by a jury typically last 7 days. The jurors didn’t spend too much time thinking about the end result.

  26. dorothy says:

    A family of liars.

  27. Jackson says:

    “…Casey is telling people she’s pregnant.”
    Uh, how is that possible? She’s been locked up so unless she’s getting with a guard or an attorney??Makes no sense to me.

  28. mln76 says:

    @tapioca my feeling is they looked in her eyes and felt she was guilty (again I couldn’t watch the trial) BUT the prosecution didn’t do a good enough job and her defense planted enough doubt. It reminds me of the OJ Simpson case. I saw an interview with Mark Furman where he talked about how the prosecution was so arrogant that they basically ignored phyisical evidence including a bloody fingerprint because they were confident they had a tight case. Again the prosecution did more to convict her in the court of public opinion than in the actual trial.

  29. Addie says:

    condolences to you Skilo

  30. Audrey says:

    Please let this be one of the few outlets that does NOT obsess about a white girls death at the hands of her attractive mother. Why the big deal?? There are thousands of kids that die every day all over the world and most of them are not white. Where’s the outrage for all the injustices done to black, brown and yellow children?? Let’s just get back to gossip!

  31. Kevin says:

    Damn! She got away with it!
    I was gonna hook up some conjugal visits with her. Always liked em crazy!
    Good thing about seeing a chick in prison is that when you leave you don’t wonder where she’s at.

  32. mia girl says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine.

  33. Sam says:

    I don’t like that Casey’s death goes unpunished. However I am glad that with such a media circus around the trial, that these people were still able put aside their “I just know she is guilty” feeling and look at the facts. That is how our system is meant to work. If there wasn’t enough evidence, regardless of how well they played up the sad story of the little girl dying, there isn’t enough evidence and I am proud that these people did what they did knowing the backlash it would cause. Ford doesn’t have to make millions of dollars off of this if we’d stop giving her the attention. THAT would really be a sight to see.

  34. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I couldn’t finish watching the juror video.

    I hate her smug face and her self righteous tone of voice. Juror is a cold witch! Ugh

  35. MarenGermany says:

    The important questions (when, where, how, why) NEED to be answered and proven right 100%.
    If not you cannot be convicted, and that is a good thing. It is one of the most fundermental laws in every civilized country in the world.
    In dubio pro reo!
    In doubt on behalf of the culprit.
    We all have a gut feeling that this BITCH killed her child, we know it in our hearts, and the evidences confirm our feelings.
    But just imagine for a second that would be enough to put her behind bars for the rest of her life.
    Imagine living/being convicted in a country where law is handled that way.
    Especially Americans are so proud of their justice system (not in Hollywood, I know)and it is the best system you can have.
    You have trials, and unless you are not 100% proven guilty, you get to walk free. In this case it is a shame of course, but I guess better than the other way around.

  36. Maritza says:

    The woman is a liar and has no remorse whatsoever. She’ll have to move out to another state if she wants to live a normal life because people will be hounding her. She is going to have to watch her back, there is a lot of people who might take justice in their own hands.

  37. Klassy says:

    i hope they identify every juror on that panel. not so that something bad happens to them (though if it happens in florida, obviously it wouldnt be punished)but just so that they have to live with their shame for letting a child neglecter (not a word maybe but partying for a month while child is missing IS neglect even if you cant prove murder)go free.

  38. brin says:

    Bitch ain’t leaving yet…ha!!!

  39. tapioca says:

    @po: “This women killed her daughter and the grandmother cared so little that she actually got on the stand and lied about it.”

    But it does explain a lot about how Casey is how she is.

    @Audrey: I don’t think this case would have received half of the interest it has if Casey hadn’t been so clearly devoid of all empathy and remorse at her daughter’s death. Psychopaths intrigue people.

    @MarenGermany: It’s never 100%. Scott Peterson is on Death Row on zero forensic & limited circumstantial evidence – although he obviously murdered his wife. He should hire Baez for the next appeal.

  40. Mari says:

    10 hours is not enough time to deliberate a case like this. I was sure it would take a couple of days and was shocked when they reached a verdict so soon.
    ****Can someone help me out here****
    Didn’t they find a strand of decomposing hair in the trunk of her car? And an overwhelming amount of chlorophorm in the air inside the trunk? How is that not enough evidence for even manslaughter?

  41. Jackson says:

    @ Klassy – What?? To me, anyway, there is just so, so, so much wrong with that. What if you were on the jury of an infamous case that has taken on a lynch-mob mentality by (some of) the public. You do your job, as charged, to the best of your ability. And you want every nutball who somehow bonded via media to the victim to know your name and your address and your phone number and probably where you work? Really??? That would indeed be a sad day for the American justice system.

  42. brin says:

    @Sloane Wyatt…just like Casey, she can relate.

  43. Audrey says:

    @ tapioca – the media never would have even thought of covering this trial if the mother and child were black or if the mother and child were not attractive. I live in Chicago where black and hispanic are dying everyday. This trial, at the end of the day, is not going to solve any problems we are experiencing today as a nation. That said, I don’t have a tv, so I haven’t been subjected to the media storm like others.

    @ MarenGermany and Sam – well said!!

  44. Jackson says:

    ” A horrible decision to make”? Yet this juror, Jennifer Ford of Tampa, FL WANTED to be on the jury panel. Mmmmmm, just like Casey, she want’s fame at any cost.

  45. Dani says:

    So let’s look at the facts.

    Fact – Caylee’s hair found in trunk with the death band which eliminates anyone else living so a dead body was most certainly in that car that Casey had control over.

    Fact – chloroform found in the trunk.

    Fact – evidence of computer searches on how to make chloroform and neck breaking on the computer and proved they were not done by Cindy as she was logged on to a work computer at that time, in otherwords she lied.

    Fact – duct tape, 3 pieces found on the skull of Caylee and her body found in a swamp with weeds growing through her remains indicitive of her being there for a long time.

    Fact – numerous people smelling the death smell in Casey’s car, including George Anthony and others with absolutely no connection to this case.

    Fact – the defense throw out the idea that she drowned and then present absolutely no evidence of this BUT
    This is what the jurors chose to believe.

    This is why people are so upset. They disregarded the scientific evidence for possible scenarios with absolutely no evidence provided. Don’t even get me started on Casey and her failure to report her missing and along with her party girl routine.

    Another issue, it was not for the jurors to determine the punishment as she states so that is wrong also. They were to only deliberate about her guilt.

  46. Jag says:

    @Mari ~ Imo, it seems that the jurors completely ignored evidence and misunderstood what reasonable doubt means. I was watching interviews last night with the alternate juror and couldn’t believe my ears at what he was saying.

    Just like the juror above, he would say one thing and then say the exact opposite for the decision he made. Inexplicable to me.

  47. Kimble says:

    The jurors deserve no respect or anonymity once they take money. Apparently the going rate is mid 5 figures for an interview for a juror to “explain” their thought processes. I hope we’re not going to get them bleating about how difficult their lives are now everyone knows who they are …

    Doubt a guilty verdict would have produced such money making opportunities for them …

    I thought this juror sounded very sanctimonious.

  48. Pamela says:

    “Didn’t they find a strand of decomposing hair in the trunk of her car? And an overwhelming amount of chlorophorm in the air inside the trunk? ”
    Yes, they did. I *think* that the technology on the hair is new. (ie. it had roots like color-treated hair and a newer science is confirming that this happems when a body starts to decompose) PERHAPS the defense “poo-poo”‘ed this because the technolgy may nit be 100% proven yet?
    One expert said the chloroform in the car was the HIGHEST concentration he had ever come across in his career.

  49. Quest says:

    Bitch got fined $4,000 and a 4 year sentence but can be free in a few weeks… oh go fn figure.

    4 counts of lying @1,000 and 1 year each in which she already spend 3 years in jail but nothing for killing a child.

  50. Thea says:

    Juror No. 3 or whatever is just as guilty as Casey is in my opinion. There were numerous other charges she could have been charged with. I think since this was a jury of her peers, they wanted to get back to partying like Casey. I hope none of them ever have a decent moment over this. As for Casey, I think she thinks once she gets on the outside, it is party time. And I dont think thats what is going to happen for her. I hope karma runs over her and backs up and goes for seconds. She is disgusting, immoral and any other horrible word you can toss in there. As for her parents, I see them opening their home up for that drama again. They all deserve each other.

  51. Anne de Vries says:

    @ Katnip:

    “Innocent until PROVEN guilty.” Rings a bell?

    And guilty means ‘We are certain beyond a reasonable doubt that you did it’.

    That does not mean ‘We look at you and we have a gut feeling that you did it.’
    That does not mean ‘Everybody knows you did it, we just don’t know how’

    You have to be more certain to find somebody guilty than you have to be to find them not-guilty. That’s how the justice system – rightly! – works. And even then, how many times do people get convicted to the death penalty, then released later because they are found innocent after all? This has happened at least 130 times since 1973.

    I feel for these jurors. It was a horrible decision to have to make, and they are likely to catch a whole lot of flack for it because everybody thinks they ‘just know’ that the woman was guilty.

  52. GeekChic says:

    @skilo, I am so, so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you.

    My heart breaks for this poor little girl, too. I have no doubt that her mother killed her (at least I have a super strong gut feeling), although the prosecution absolutely did not prove their case. I really sympathize with the jurors, as they were put between a rock and a hard place. According to the letter of the law, they had to acquit, but in their hearts, they knew she was guilty. What a horrible decision to have to make. Just a tragic case all around.

    I have to say also that I can actually somewhat understand Cindy’s actions. As a parent you just can’t fathom your child doing something so horrible, and you do whatever you can to protect them. If my daughter were in a situation like this, I would just absolutely not be able to conceive of her intentionally killing someone. And yes I would lie, cheat, and steal to protect her. I think most parents would do the same. Love is very blinding. Even if you know if your gut that your child is a psychopath, it can be a very, very difficult thing to accept. It’s more comforting to think that he/she just made a bad choice.

  53. Lady D says:

    Skilo, so sorry about your daughter. What a heartbreaking tragedy, I wish there was something I could do to help you.

  54. Melissa says:

    @ Skilo: I’m so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  55. Iggles says:

    I don’t believe this juror one bit. You know, people were convicted of crimes BEFORE forensic evidence was invented! Yes, sometimes innocent people were convicted too, but that still happens today even with forensic science! (Ever heard of planting evidence?) That doesn’t change that the vast majority of people in jail ARE guilty of their crimes!

    Kudos to whoever pointed out the Scott Peterson case. Whether there’s solid proof or not, if there is NO viable alternative as to who murdered someone I don’t think you need to meet the DNA standard!

    This people are stupid, plain and simple. They knew what they were signing up for when they decided to be jurors on a murder case. At the end they would have to decide if the defendant is guilty or not – and yes that might lead to the person being executed. As for this:

    “If they want to take someone’s life they have to prove it, or else I’m a murderer too, I’m not any better.”

    Bullsh*t. By that logic, she would still be a “murderer” if they sentenced a guilty woman to die! It’s only murder if the person is innocent? F*ck no. It’s justice for sure, but sentencing someone to die is sentencing someone to die whether they’re “guilty” or not!

    This woman is an idiot as are the rest of the jurors! If they didn’t want to be the ones making the big decision then declare themselves deadlocked! The judge would declare a mistrial and they would have a NEW trial with new jurors. If you feel this woman is “not innocent” then give the prosecution another chance to “prove it” rather than letting her walk free!

    IDIOTS! The whole lot of them!

    And one more thing… If I ever find myself on a trial like this there’s NO F-ING WAY I’m letting people talking me into changing my vote so that someone I felt was guilty would walk! Grow a pair and stand your ground! If it forces a mistrial, so be it! I hope this woman and the others feel haunted by the cowardly decision they made.

  56. jlf says:

    “it seems that the jurors completely ignored evidence and misunderstood what reasonable doubt means”

    No, it seems the police and the prosecutors did not do their job properly.

  57. Lou says:

    And yet we convict people without even a body!

    I’m so happy that she’s so comfortable with her decision to rule Casey not guilty even though she actually thinks she’s guilty as hell. Guess who won’t sleep well tonight. Caylee Anthony. Because she’s dead. Thanks a ton, Jennifer.

  58. Beck says:

    There was enough evidence to show she was guilty. The jurors didn’t have to know exactly how she died. These jurors lacked plain ole common sense.

    I won’t be buying anything the parents, Casey, Casey’s brother or his girlfriend, the jurors, or defense will be selling. They will all try to cash in on this case. (Casey and her parents have made money already from selling videos and pictures to ABC and other media. I just hope the jurors didn’t consider the money making possibilities before sitting on the jury (lying during jury selection) or rendering this verdict. There should be a law against jurors making money off of serving on a jury. The possibility of making money corrupts the system even more.

  59. Christine says:

    @skilo I’m so sorry for your loss. My son has significant health issues and the possibility of losing him terrifies me.

    As to how Casey gets pregnant in jail? Um…. Sex with guards. I work for prisons sometimes. That kind of thing goes on all.the.time.

  60. Hanh says:

    The jurors are dumb. They should have deemed a mistrial, not acquittal. Now Casey can tell everyone she killed her daughter and never be retried again. Stupid idiots. And yeah, the jurors are going to milk this for all its worth, book deals and everything. The book deals are worth more now that she was acquitted than if she had been found guilty.

  61. Maddie says:

    So let me get this straight you didn’t convict because of the father jumping sides and lying and evading yet Casey does the same thing and has a dead daughter in the woods, and you think nothing of her lying and giving the police, her mother, father, brother and everyone else who ask what happens to Caylee and you and the jurors find her not guilty?

    Some one please explain this to me!!!!

    I hope those jurors never have a peaceful night of sleep for as long as they live.

  62. Hellen says:

    Some people here would not be fit for jury duty because you have a lynch-mob mentality. You would not have considered the LACK OF EVIDENCE, you would only have considered your own emotions and feelings.

    It does not matter what kind of person Casey Anthony is. Like it or not, being a jerk and an @sshole and a bad mother does not equate with being a murderer. And if there is insufficient evidence to convict, you have to base your decision on that fact.

    I think she’s guilty as hell. But there was insufficient proof of what actually happened. And even if Casey eventually tells us what happened, she can’t be retried. Those are hard concepts to accept, but that is the LAW.

    Now if you really want to do something good and positive, go out and volunteer to be a child advocate in your county or state’s juvenile court system.

  63. ladybert62 says:

    well they just had the sentencing hearing – 4 years but gets credit for time served – she will be out in July or August. Also, she has to pay $4,000 ($1,000 for each count of lying to police).

    The hell in her life is just starting – if she thought prison was bad wait until she has to face the court of public opinion – it wont be pretty.

    I also heard yesterday that even though she was offered a “job” in a porno movie that offer was rescinded when the company received so many complaints that no one would buy/watch her in a porno movie! Dang, that has got to hurt when even porno says “NO”! ha ha – get used to it monster mom- it has only just begun.

  64. Jackson says:

    Amen, Hellen. Amen.

  65. kira says:

    The thought of Casey Anthony procreating makes me want to vomit.

    What really got me was an interview with one of the alternate jury members on tv last night. This guy emphatically stated that “Casey was a good mom!” Then, he said that “George Anthony knew what happened to that child! He knows.” This alternate juror seemed to be totally smitten with Casey, and he bought her whole act, mainly because, she’s a pretty girl and it’s hard to imagine pretty girls doing that. A-mazing.

    @Hellen. What? Some of us do volunteer! I get up early every single Saturday and work as a volunteer for the full day. Why would you presume that people here don’t volunteer?

    And, some people here are venting. The law, in this case, didn’t deliver justice and it makes some people justifiably angry. If some of the jurors themselves did not believe that Casey Anthony was 100% innocent, then letting her go free without ANY possibility of a future trial is a real tragedy. People have a right to their opinions. And, laws can be changed–it happens all the time. I’m guessing if enough of these types of trials happen, then, we will get a future law which allows juries to vote not guilty by reason of insufficient evidence, and allowing the possibility of a future trial with more evidence. Laws are not set in stone.

  66. GeekChic says:

    @Hellen, very well stated. I agree completely.

  67. feebee says:

    I know it was a hard job but it is laughable for her to say she followed the law. The law says the jury should not consider the penalty in making a decision. This juror said the death penalty was a factor. They hold a second hearing for deciding the penalty when the jury could decline to recommend the death penalty. She and the alt juror also stated they considered it could have been an accident. THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE PRESENTED regarding an accident. The law states they are to deliver a verdict based on the evidence presented. I’m surprised they didn’t find George guilty of molestation while they were at it.

    The only consolation will be that Casey Anthony will be in court for a while to come facing the State of Florida again over recovery of costs relating to the wild goose chases she sent them on. Not to mention Zanaida Gonzalez who lost her job, car and apt over the kidnapping insinuations.

  68. Truthful says:

    I can hardly reply because I can’t have kids and this makes me sick to my stomach.

    I guess, I am still on whether she died in the pool or not, SHE did not reprot it and then HOW did the baby’s body get in a swamp w/duct tape around the head.

    she should have to pay for that alone. She knowingly knew someone died and hid a whole damn body…if you harbor a fugitive, you get time–this was MURDER.

    secretly disposing of a body and not reporting it but sending officials on a wild goose chase..

    she should be in jail for hiding that baby’s body and diposing of it–like she was trash. SHE KNEW allll along…and evidence was in her car, I saw the forensic expert hold back tears while testifying about the air being tested from her trunk and car.

    I’ve seen them convict folks on less and w/o a body.

    I can’t, this is maing me emotional all over again..

    @Danni-EXACTLY!! and they deliberate for 10 hrs ONLY. while she did not report her kid missing for 30 days..all those lies.

  69. newtsgal says:

    I for one will boycott anything to do with Casey, Caylee or the rest of the Anthony family. Book, TV or movie!
    Best case: Soon after being released someone will shank her and than they can sell their book “Why I killed Casey” now that’s a book and movie I would pay for!

  70. Blue says:

    This bitch had something to do with her daughter’s death. I believe her family knows what happened as well. Maybe not right of the bat but they know. But they’re all f***king nuts so they’re shutting up. This girl is never going to have a moments peace. Who would hire her or give her a place to live? She’ll get run out of the neighbourhood. When she has another child (she will because she’s an asshole) people are going to be watching her hard. I wish she was in jail forever and never be heard from again, instead out making money off of this tragedy. But having a miserable life is something. I guess

  71. Dani says:

    @62 Hellen – you are lecturing people you don’t even know about how they live their lives??? Who is judging unfairly here? Better take a look in the mirror.

    You have no idea about the people who comment here and what they do in their daily lives.

    Everything I stated in my post was totally based on fact and I stand by what I said. I strongly disagree with the jury decision based on those facts. I accept it but I don’t agree with it.

  72. Riana says:

    The jury was toostupid to properly delliberate or even understand all their options. There was enough evidence for prosecution but I suspect desire to run back in time for their vacations motivated them. They could have charged her with manslaughter, they could have done a mistrial instead now they will come crawling out whimpering and making excuses.

    10 hours ‘delliberating’, barely took notes during the trial, didn’t ask to look at any evidence.


    I agree with another poster, I don’t want to hear from any of these people. I want them tocrawl back into their holes and deal with the choice they maclde for the rest of their lives.

    Also that juror is one many were calling a stealth juror who was eager to get on the trial fir some fame, how ‘shocking’ she’s the first to speak to the media.

  73. tapioca says:

    kira@: Yes, agreed! That alternative juror guy made me want to punch my computer. Could he really picture a woman – who’s self-obsessed enough to go out clubbing four days after her daughter dies – lying to protect her father for allowing Caylee to drown and then disposing of the body, having dressed her up with duct tape to look like murder?

    In fact, all the jurors seem to have believed this. Wow, just wow…

  74. mags says:

    @Amanda, here here ma’am.
    what’s gross is that apparenly everyone here is an armchair lawyer now. saying this woman should be “neutered”!! you do realize that the eurgenetics board in north carlonia did this in the 60s. You can see cases of african american women whose tubes were tied b/c they were deemed “unintelligent” and “loose”
    guys i understand that everyone loves to berate a crazy, but be careful what you say. and yes everyone knows that the ONLY REASON ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS IS B/C THE MOM IS HOT YOUNG AND WHITE AND HER DAUGHTER LOOKS LIKE SURI CRUISE
    americans do not take your justice system lightly.

  75. Jen says:

    There is no 100% innocent or guilty. Those are not the standards for conviction; it is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) one of the jurors had a cruise planned later this week. I wonder if that helped speed up the decision for him/her.

  76. Beck says:

    The media is reporting that Casey may be going to Houston, TX to stay with extended family after she is released from jail. I don’t understand this since she has stolen from many family members including the grandparents. I hope they hide their checkbooks and credit cards.

    Another report said she may be going to live with Cheney Mason’s family.

    Before Casey disposed of her child, Cindy Anthony told one of Casey’s friends that Casey was a sociopath and he should stay away from her. (I think she was mad at Casey for stealing and lying or who knows what.) If her own mother called her a sociopath, that says it all. Casey will be in trouble with the law again. She will wreck more lives before that though.

    Oh man, on HLN, they are covering the sentencing. There is a guy outside the courthouse that has a “Casey, will you marry me?” sign. He is attractive enough and about her age. People are totally nuts!

    There have been plenty of people sending money to the jail so Casey can buy what she wants from the commissary. There will be people willing to help her so she won’t be completely ostracized.

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    *jumping in*

    Duct tape was the only thing holding that child’s skull together when it was found after a hurricane (in a different place); because the Florida PD went to the wrong spot after they got a tip about her body. If that’s not murder, it’s DEFINITELY manslaughter, at the very least!

    If the jurors were so freakin’ upset about the not-guilty verdict for 1st degree murder, why didn’t they find her guilty of manslaughter? Or the felony child abuse counts?

    I’m sorry, but anyone who chloroforms their toddler and puts them in the trunk so they can go party needs to be sterilised.

    And did y’all see that lovely photo of her defence team drinking champagne and giving everyone the finger? That was LOVELY.

    @ skilo – I am so, so very sorry. My heart hurts for you.

  78. Riana says:

    I also thinks Casey thinks simply because she is not going to jail she is free. Her freedom DIED when she KILLED her child. Never will she have another free peaceful moment outside.

    She WILL be spit on.

    She WILL have drinks thrown on her.

    She WILL have people attempt to assault her.

    She WILL be scorned, insulted, mocked, disrespected, booed and just generally made intonparish…and she deserves it ALL and more.

    The Anthony Family should expect the same, they aided this lunatic and Cindy Anthony can rot in hell for betraying Caylee to lie for that murderer.

  79. kira says:

    @tapioca. So true. Her defense sounded like pure BS. My father buried Caylee after she accidently ran up a pool ladder, lifted the swimming pool cover, and then tried to swim, drowning herself. Then, I lied because my father and brother were molesting me forever. You’d think after all her lies about Nanny Z and working at Universal, people would say, “BS!” But this alternate jury bought it. Just goes to show–there’s one born every minute.


    Thought I would repost this. After this trial, Florida should have a new travel slogan.

    “Pesky brats got you down? Can’t party like you used to? Well, come to Florida and give those brats the *permanent* swamp tour! Then, you too can live the “Bella Vita”–burden free!

    Forida–we’re not just about sunshine and oranges anymore!”

  80. 4Real says:

    “I did not say she was innocent,” !!?

    Ummm YEAH you pretty much DID!

    I’m STILL disgusted…

  81. the original bellaluna says:

    I hope these jurors don’t think people are actually going to FEEL SORRY FOR THEM because of a verdict their stupid asses rendered.

    *here I sit, without my give a damn*

  82. MonicaBee says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Sam #33 and Hellen #62.

    I’m much more sickened by the lynch mob mentality and histrionics right now than I am that Casey Anthony will be a free woman.

    She was tried by a jury of her peers. They were unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she killed her child. They did feel like she wasn’t being honest in knowing what happened.

    Why can’t people use their logical minds instead of their emotional minds? That’s not how our justice system works, people.

  83. irishserra says:

    I read yesterday that particular juror is now being questioned on her statement “If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.”

    If this is how the jury came up with their verdict, than they did NOT follow the judge’s instructions.

  84. the original bellaluna says:

    @MonicaBee – Not a very comforting thought that she was tried before a “jury of her peers.” A jury of sociopathic, selfish, child-abusers, who will (most likely) also use this opportunity to become fame-whores and make money off of their stupidity.

    What cess-pool were they fishing in for THAT jury?

  85. brin says:

    She will be out next Wednesday. Unbelieveable. Hope the state and anyone who sues her will take whatever money she makes.

  86. MonicaBee says:

    I have no skeletons in my closet (Caucasian, middle class/working family, upstanding/law abiding citizen, etc). I do volunteer work in my community with children and seniors.

    I can’t say that I wouldn’t have made the same decision as the other jurors with the lack of evidence presented.

  87. Diane says:

    I just heard that too, brin. 6 days and she’ll be free. This is depressing.

  88. Amandahugandkiss says:

    Sorry, but I don’t see the point in debating this. The topic is way too emotionally-charged to get anything out of this conversation. In fact, I am going to go out on a very fragile limb and say this case has zero to do with celebrity gossip – what does it accomplish except to allow loads of people to scream at each other?

    I get that this case is a very big deal, but maybe it should be found on news/political sites instead of a (very good) gossip site.

  89. Mick says:

    IMO, the baby is better off where she is now. A little, and beautiful angel.

    Imagine growing up in the hell of a household that is so dysfuntional. Like mother like daughter and the father was even worst.

    The whole family is marked for life, and I hope mother and daughter rot in
    hell. Not a moment’s peace for either
    one. They have not fooled anyone, but the jury. The majority of the public knows exactly who killed that beautiful child.

  90. Pyewacket says:

    Sorry, but in my opinion, when you vote not guilty that means, to me, that you believe in that persons innocence. Yes, yes, I understand the reasonable doubt issue, BUT by not convicting her of lesser charges, like murder two, manslaughter, child neglect, you DO say that she is innocent. I do not care how the jury/jurors want to spin it. Not guilty means innocent of the charges.

  91. TG says:

    @MarenGermany – that is BS you don’t need to prove why someone killed somebody.

  92. logan says:

    I have the perfect room mate for this thing. Lindsay (I didn’t do it, but I will spend a few hours in jail if everybody will just shut up) Lohan.
    Twins seperated at their spawning.

  93. badrockandroll says:

    Here here Amanda at # 88.

    and Kevin at #31, I don’t know if you posted that because it represents your sense of humour or because it represents your true beliefs. It is so repulsive a statement that it doesn’t matter.

  94. Melinda says:

    @Beck- Great comment. I totally agree with you except for every lunatic there is there to support her there are a few thousand that still want her to pay. I think her life will be a living hell after she is released and it will be much deserved. She is a lying POS. Only a matter of time before she gets into more trouble. How does the saying go, if you give someone enough rope…

  95. lrm says:

    Not Guilty does NOT mean INNOCENT….
    Call it semantics, but it’s the law, which is written a nd spoken in very logical/rational language….
    Not guilty of said charges is very different from being an innocent person. Innocent of the charges ‘presented’ in the ‘court of law’ is a different thing.

    I bet if she was tried in civil court [but who would do that? certainly not her parents...], as OJ was, she would be found guilty, just as OJ was.

    All the not g uilty says is that they could not find her ‘guilty’ based on evidence. it’s just the opposite of not guilty, but does not mean innocent.

    Take some inductive and deductive reasoning classes-it’s a maze/labyrinth but def. helps to understand the madness that is a justice system….

    And you know what?
    I agree with the person who said that this has zero to do with celebrith gossip.
    IF and WHEN she comes out with a book or reality show, then it can be covered as such.

    In the meantime, it’s the evening news….IMHO, of course. It’s not my blog-but I had the same thought yesterday when I did not read the post-’why is this on celebitchy?’

  96. BrandyMc says:

    I agree with skilo. My baby was stilborn at 35 weeks, and the last thing on my mind was partying, getting tattoos, and entering hot body contests. I could barely get out of bed. I think she murdered that baby and she got away with it, but the state could not prove it.

  97. JustBe says:

    I really don’t get why people are still on here defending the jury’s decision.

    I didn’t watch the interview with the juror above, but the excerpted statements don’t reflect favorably on this juror or the alternate juror who gave a separate interview. These two statements below are particularly appalling:

    “Ford told Moran she thought Casey Anthony’s claim that her 2-year-old daughter accidentally drowned and she lied for three years was more believable than the evidence the prosecution presented.”

    How, as a thinking, feeling human being, can you say that a person, a mother could find their dead child in a pool, not call for any kind of help to attempt to resuscitate her, take her lifeless body, place it in her car long enough for some level of decomposition to begin, wrap it in duck tape, transfer it to a swamp near your home and bury it in a shallow grave, then party it up like you’ve won the lottery and get new tattoo(s) and lie to EVERYONE about the well-being and whereabouts of your child including the authorities. Even if, given all of this, you still believe her, where does the chloroform come into play. The presence of chloroform in the trunk (where there was evidence of a decomposing body) and evidence that she searched the web about how to use chloroform was proven in court. Where does this fact figure into your disbelief of the prosecution’s case?

    and then this:

    “Ford said that she couldn’t make out “logically” the prosecution’s argument because there were too many unanswered questions about how Caylee died, including how Casey Anthony would have used chloroform to smother her 2-year-old daughter, then put her in the trunk of her car without anyone seeing her.”

    Is this because she’s incapable of logic? You don’t have any unanswered questions about how a mother could continuously lie to authorities about the whereabouts of her child, but you do have questions about how someone might use chloroform? That is one thing that has consistently been depicted in movies/television, damp a cloth with chloroform then hold over someone’s mouth and nose. You also don’t understand how a two-year-old’s body can be transferred to a trunk without anyone seeing? How about using any type of suitcase/duffel bag. Two-year-old aren’t particularly big or bulky, you can easily put one in a piece of luggage. Anyone who sees you isn’t going to think twice about watching you put some luggage in your trunk.

    Come on now people, if you’re going to claim that the jury is standing on solid ground, you’re going to have to do better than this.

  98. angee says:

    I really pity her at this point – she has the OJ stamp of we-know-you-REALLY-did-SOMETHING-awful written all over her. She’s already got people lining up to sue her. So she BETTER do a book/movie/appearances because she’s going to need the money. In a sense, she really WILL be in jail for the rest of her life.

    Trust that God saw EXACTLY what happened and will deal with her accordingly.

  99. feebee says:

    @ 33, 62 and 82
    How do you figure people (some not all) cannot think logically about this case and still come up with a guilty verdict?

  100. ElleGin says:

    Law does not equal to justice.

    I just hope she is not pregnant, and if she is, I pray to God that she didn’t kill her first one…cos sooner or later she’ll run out of money that she profit from this case.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I blame whoever it was who decided to charge her with murder knowing they couldn’t meet all the points of law needed for a murder charge. I don’t know if that was Jeff Ashton, the assistant state attorney who prosecuted the case, or his boss. Charging Casey with something other than murder probably would have resulted in a guilty verdict. Those kind of decisions are made everyday by DA’s, state’s attorneys, etc. They have to decide if they have the evidence to convict on the appropriate charge. If not, go to plan B to get a better chance of conviction.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Original Bellaluna wrote: “And did y’all see that lovely photo of her defence team drinking champagne and giving everyone the finger? That was LOVELY.”

    That actually shocked the hell out of me. Talk about rude winner. Cases like this can ‘make’ a law firm, but acting like a bunch of childish d-bags could hurt them in the long run.

  103. nanster says:

    @45 can’t read your name(?) – you very eloquently said exactly what I have been thinking. Bellaluna and Riana, too. I am embarassed to say that I am also from Pinellas County – that’s where the jury was selected. If I could move from this God-forsaken place, I certainly would because we obviously have some of the dumbest people ever to walk the earth living here (and I thought that before the Casey Anthony trial). Unbelievable.

  104. TaylorB says:

    Original Bellaluna wrote: “And did y’all see that lovely photo of her defence team drinking champagne and giving everyone the finger? That was LOVELY.”

    No kidding! That actually shocked the hell out of me. Talk about rude winner. Cases like this can ‘make’ a law firm, but acting like a bunch of childish d-bags could hurt them in the long run.

  105. nanster says:

    @JustBe – how about transferring a body to the trunk of a car at night or with the garage door closed??? There are also many other holes in her explanation, as you pointed out. Jennifer Ford is obviously a moron who drank the Casey kool-aid. Our judicial system in this country is a joke.

  106. Ron says:

    The probelm is there was no definitive casue of death and that was enough to have resonable doubt. To be honest, I was really surprised there wasn’t a hung jury in this case. She’s so guilty, but according to the law, there was not enough prrod. Also, the jurors were sequestered so they didn;t see any of the media hoopla, even though they knew it was going on. The OJ thing was different, he benefitted from sloppy police work, being rich, and having alot of evidence inadmissable. Both cases are awful.

    Skilo–my heart breaks for you.

  107. Judy says:

    Thank you, Debi, for presenting the facts. This Jury was incompetent and indifferent and did not even consider the overwhelming circumstantial evidence, which was all that was needed to convict Baby Killer. I have a long legal background and watched every second of this trial. What a travesty. A Bar Complaint has been filed against Cheney Mason for his three-fingered salute at the public and the media while celebrating the Defense Team’s “win” at a restaurant–he fit in nicely with this scum of a Defendant and her equally despicable attorney. The forensics presented were indisputable and presented by the best in the country, the computer searches proved pre-meditation…all that was missing was an actual photograph of the murder. Baez should have lost his license to practice as a result of this trial, all the sanctions against him, and his total lack of professionalism, and instead his business will flourish. The verdict rewarded liars, swine, and a cold-blooded murderer. I watched every second of this trial: These low-life creeps will become rich over this murder. May they all rot in Hell.

  108. cookb says:

    Prosecution messed up big time. they had 3 things to PROVE – WHO did it. HOW it was done, WHY – motivation. If they had stuck with who how and why instead of presenting a circus – AND if the charge had been manslaughter this beast would not be roaming the streets. The District Attorney screwed up. They couldn’t even be sure of the cause of death. I find it quite humorous the Marcia Clark – loser lawyer in the OJ case is flapping her lips about this case

  109. Melissa says:

    Everyone can state all the legal facts that they know (or think they know) and their opinions on here and everywhere else on the internet. But the sad fact is that there was no justice for that baby girl. End of story. There is nothing that can be done about it now. Except that we can start ignoring this person and boycotting anything pertaining to her. This is the last I will read, look at or write regarding this sociopath.

  110. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Angee – Save your pity. She doesn’t deserve it.

    @ TaylorB – Let us hope that behaviour ruins their firm.

    @ nanster – Thank you.

  111. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m sorry, but a toddler’s skull kept “whole” by duct tape simply does not scream “accidental death.”

    Everyone responsible for this mess needs to burn in hell.

  112. mln76 says:

    @cookb ABSOLUTELY!!! The blame lies with them. Especially for putting more effort into inviting the media in than to actually proving their case.

  113. Angelina says:

    I am from Scotland so I am not up to date with US Law but if its true that Caylee died in an accident and that she covered it up shouldnt she be charged with disposing of a body

    I dont understand this at all

  114. AngelMay says:

    I have a sick feeling she is going to get pregnant to “replace” Caylee.

  115. Cheyenne says:

    @Angelina: The most outstanding thing about this case is the sheer number of “unknowns”.

    Nobody knows if the child’s death was accidental or deliberate.

    Nobody knows who hid her body.

    Nobody knows who killed her, if her death wasn’t an accident.

    Nobody knows anything for certain.

    My gut says it was an accidental death and the mother panicked and covered it up (with her parents’s help) but I don’t know if that is actually the case or not.

    Bottom line: the jury didn’t have enough evidence to convict her.

    @Hellen: Excellent post. You totally nailed it.

  116. Jana says:

    Judy, I agree. I work in the legal system,also, and this jury spent barely any time in deliberations compared to the evidence to deliberate over and mounds of documents from experts. I saw juror number three last night on TV, and she sickened me. She said she didn’t like George Anthony and didn’t like how he behaved on the stand. George was the only one I really felt bad for in this case. How did she expect him to react? His daughter has accused him of molesting her and being part of the death, as far as covering it up and dumping his little granddaughter in a swamp. What a crock. So what, was he supposed to be nice to Baez on the stand who was ruining his name? According to juror, number three, I guess so. She even said she thought he had something to do with it. Really going by the evidence, wasn’t she? There was zero evidence he was involved. And a father would not let his daughter sit in jail for three years and not got to the police and admit it was an accidental drowning and etc. She wouldn’t sit in a jail for three years and only throw that out there in trial in an opening with no evidence, to save herself.

    The molestation she accuses her father of, lol. Letters were released she wrote to an inmate, and in there she states she began having dreams that she realized were memories of her father molesting her. Funny how she just now remembers her father molesting her while she was sitting in a jail cell 23 hours a day for three years trying to come up with a defense.

    She’s a psychopath. She killed her child, partied hard, destroyed her father in trial as far as his good name all for her benefit. She doesn’t really love anyone unless they do for her what she wants.

  117. Dave in MN says:

    @Hellen at 10:42:

    “I think she’s guilty as hell. But there was insufficient proof of what actually happened.”

    You can’t have it both ways. If there was insufficient proof of what actually happened, then on what basis do you think she’s guilty as hell? If you think she’s guilty as hell, then you must have seen enough evidence to convince you of that. Didn’t these jurors see just as much evidence if not more? And if the jurors are going to claim, as this one did, that they’re “not saying she’s innocent”, then to me that means that they were either certain enough of her guilt to have returned a guilty verdict in good conscience, or that they held the prosecution to an unreasonable standard where they had to prove her guilt beyond all doubt, not just beyond a reasonable doubt. Common sense should come in to play at some point.

  118. She’ll get hers.Maybe not in this life,but she’ll get hers.

  119. Kim says:

    Not enough evidence my ass! They should have found her guilty of at least charges 3-7 not just the lying. I can see not guilty of murder or getting death penalty but they had plenty enough evidence to charge her with count 3 (accidental death but negligence in reporting that death). Hello! That was a slam dunk – and they totally had enough evidence to find her guilty on that charge.

    The not enough evidence is a cop out!!!!! They have no common sense. You have to look at common sense versus having “enough evidence” and they could have done the right thing but didnt.

    They will have to live with fact that they let a (if not murderer) seriously negligent mother who NEVER reported her daughter missing walk!

    This jury is saying that if your child dies accidentally its not a crime to NEVER report the childs death =(

  120. original kate says:

    i haven’t followed this case, mostly because of my intense hatred for nancy “i make my living off of dead kids” grace but casey seems suspicious at best and guilty of murder at worst. but if the evidence isn’t there you cannot and should not convict. our legal system is based on innocent until proven guilty, and the state did not prove the case, just like in the OJ verdict.

    as for everyone screaming for this woman’s blood, it reminds me of an interview i saw with the dalai lama. someone asked why people who do such terrible things so often get away with it. the dalai lama said “but they don’t. they live their whole lives looking over their shoulder, waiting to get caught, waiting to be punished, that it’s always hanging over their heads until their last breath and that is their karmic justice.” somehow that makes me feel better.

  121. Kim says:

    Lets not look at what we dont know (exact cause of death, accident or not, etc). Lets look at what we DO KNOW and Casey Anthony NEVER reported her child dead or missing. This in and of itself IS A CRIME! If your child accidentally drowns you MUST report it. It is a crime not to! The jury could have found her guilty of this but didnt. They had enough evidence for charge # 3 period! They are morons!

  122. Dave in MN says:

    @original kate:

    “the state did not prove the case, just like in the OJ verdict.”

    The state more than proved its case against Simpson. The evidence was overwhelming, and the jury just decided to disregard it. Totally different.

  123. Rhiley says:

    I actually wish that Kaiser and Celebitchy would’ve made the decision not to run any stories about Casey Anthony. While I agree that Casey has received justice, she does know how her daughter died and how she ended up in a swamp with duct tape over her mouth and nose. There is still no justice for little Caylee. Furthermore,and this boils my blood, Casey will now likely cash in and become a millionaire. There are enough outlets publishing Casey Anthony stories and plenty of blogs where people can vent, but to do it here, to give Casey one more reason to believe that she has arrived, that she is all important, a genuine celebrity is shameful. Of course, Kaiser and CB have the right to write whatever they want, but I like this blog when it focuses on real celebrities and their issues, like Lindsay Lohan and all her crack lies.

  124. TaylorB says:

    Original Kate wrote: “i haven’t followed this case, mostly because of my intense hatred for nancy “i make my living off of dead kids” grace”

    Hey now! THAT IS NOT FAIR!! She also makes money off pedos and missing white blonde girls.

  125. Jana says:

    There was enough evidence for manslaughter or aggravated child abuse. A different jury, with stronger minds could have come with a different verdict. How they interpreted reasonable doubt is not how another jury would have necessarily. They laid out enough evidence for convicting her at the least manslaughter, which was on the verdict form. Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his wife, Lacey, and unborn child on just about the same amount of circumstantial evidence.

    Common sense. A jury is also supposed to use common sense in their deliberations. Duct tape across the baby’s mouth, Casey’s behavior, hiding from her family for a month partying with no remorse, her bizarre behavior afterwards claiming a person who didn’t exist kidnapped her chid and she was working on finding her on her own. getting a tattoo “The beautiful life,” on and on. There was enough for a conviction.

  126. Kim says:

    This juror is smug and an idiot. I cant even watch her unintelligence for more than 10 seconds. She said they were to emotional to talk on day of verdict but 24 hrs later she is ok now to talk about it??!! She is a piece of work! She is looking for her 15 mins which is SICKENING!!!

    She keeps saying we dont knowhow she died or who did it. Well we do KNOW Casey was guilty of at least count 3. We KNOW Casey didnt report her daughter missing – that is a crime. That charge #3 there was 100% proof positive evidence for them to have convicted on.

    This jury is just not intelligent in the least bit or they would have known 100% evidence shown and proven in court of law for conviction of count #3.

  127. Kim says:

    Prosecution may have been reaching with counts 1 and 2 BUT CAsey is 100% guilty of count 3 and that was proven with 100% certainty, no doubt at all in court. These jurors obviously didnt understand the law in regards to count 3 which states its a crime/negligent to not report a dead or missing child. DUH!!!!!!

  128. Kim says:

    We must have IQ tests given to juries. This lady is so stupid it kills me she served on a murder trial. Honestly she is so unintelligent its scary! She keeps saying we dont know if she killed her – okay well we do know she didnt report the child dead or missing which IS A CRIME!!!! And they should hav convicted her of this count (3). The juries stupidity is a crime!!!!

  129. logan says:

    If this dear child did accidently die in the family pool, how could any grandfather, mother (who ever) just put her in a plastic bag and toss her in the swamp? This just goes beyond any sane reasoning. I guess sane is the word.
    I will boycott any books, movies, or interviews or reality shows any member of this family takes part in. And try to profit from Caylee’s death they will.
    I just pray that Hollywood, t.v. interviewers such as Barbara Walters, Oprah, Dr. Phil, the Today Show, the View, etc. will look beyond the all mighty dollar and give this child the final rest she deserves. I am sure there will be low lifes crawling out of the woodwork to get their hands on “the story”, but any respectable person will not be a party to the redeath of this child!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Kim says:

    Jana – good point on the Peterson case. I forgot he was convicted with far less evidence than they had in this trial! Not enough evidence is a total excuse.

  131. Ann says:

    I think Casey cared more about herself than she did her own child and I think if her child did drown and she helped to expose of her body hse should be charged with tampering with evidence but I guess if lie like a dog like she did you can get by with it. If anybody else had got in court and lied like that cold-heart bitch they would be charged with perjury. The remark was made on the tv the other day that her mother could face time for lieing on the stand and that woman really loved that child. If her mother gets time for lieing on the stand and Casey (the low-down child murderer should get 3 times more than her mother and the people of our country can honestly say our judicial sysrem is a joke. She literally got by with all kind of things we would have been charged with and probably got sentenced to prison on just about all of the charges. Well Casey you may not have been found guilty of murdering your child so you could get back to your old lifestyle but oe day YOU WILL PAY. hER NEW NAME SHOULD BE ‘CASEY THE MURDERING UNCARING MOTHER WHO WOULD RATHER HAVE A GOOD TIME THAN GET OUT AND HELP LOOK FOR HER DAUGHTER BUT SHE KNEW ALL THE TIME SHE WAS DEAD AND SHE DID NOT CARE11111

  132. Isa says:

    I just can’t anymore… there are so many good points by so many commenters here.

  133. Parisienne says:

    Please people, stop behaving, venting and accusing like that. This kind of behavior has killed much more people than psychopaths like Casey Anthony ever could.

    This verdict is very hard to live with, but the jury decided that there was not enough evidence, so better accuse the prosecution or change your jury-trial system and have judges do it all.

    Insulting other people of dumbness or irrationality because of their differing opinion does not get us anywhere.

  134. liv says:

    beyond a reasonable doubt does NOT mean beyond ALL doubt.

    it’s also not this jury’s job to consider the punishment – just if the defendant is guilty or not.

  135. wunderkindt says:

    Jennifer Ford-you stupid bitch-if you were truly ‘sickened’ then that means you really believed CA was guilty, but then went ahead and lied in your verdict by saying ‘not guilty’.

  136. sapphire says:

    I couldn’t watch the trial at all-when you do this for a living, you have a hard time seeing it on the tube. So I can’t really comment on what exactly the prosecution did or did not do.

    I don’t know if Florida has a Son-of-Sam Law or if so, it is only for certain felonies. I do hope they file the civil action for sanctions.

    I guess I second the request for skipping this topic.

    @skilo-I am so sorry for your loss.

  137. Amanda G says:

    I cannot get over how they only took 10 hours. IMO, they were not taking this seriously.

    I hate the “not guilty doesn’t mean innocent” line.

  138. mln76 says:

    Even if you think the jury was stupid that is still at the feet of the prosecution because they helped pick them.
    God forbid any of you people ever got selected for jury duty as a juror you aren’t supposed to go by emotions but by the evidence and the judges instructions. If you don’t like it go find a Founding Father and kick their butts don’t put down a juror for following their conscious I bet it wasn’t easy for any of them.

  139. original kate says:

    “The state more than proved its case against Simpson.”

    @dave: the blood evidence was tampered with in the OJ case, and many other things were bungled. do i think OJ killed his wife? yes, but you cannot convict someone if the evidence is sketchy. and a lot of the OJ evidence was circumstantial, as i recall.

  140. Rhiley says:

    Regarding Scott Peterson, with very little evidence, the prosecution was able to lay out exactly how scott peterson murdered his and child in their home, wrap her body, and dump her in the SF Bay in their closing arguments. This was a very powerful mental imagine for the jury even though it was a hypothesis. However, the prosecution in this case could was unable to do that.

  141. Riana says:

    Ironically some of the people defending this juror are only exemplifying the lack of common sense Barr bones legal knowledge that was absent on that jury.

    Seems like everyone is suing Casey or her family for the damage caused and it seems sh’s already 100,000 + in the red because her good buddy Jose didn’t take care of her as good as he claimed.

    Chaney Mason would be a fool to take her in. Not only did he flip off the crowd after his champagne buffet over the corpse of a little girl but that other horrid bitch lawyer actually filmed the crowd on her iPhone, as if it was nothing more than entertainment for her.


  142. Nymeria says:

    Reminds me of a quote I came across that went something like: “My peers are not 12 people who were too stupid to get out of jury duty.”

    Hear me out on this one, please. Suppose Casey Anthony had been poor and black: do you think the jury would have voted “Not Guilty” then? I’ve often asked myself this since the verdict came out. I’m not black myself, and I am not trying to start a race war here, but when you look at the statistics of how the different races are treated by the court system, it becomes sickeningly obvious that whites are generally given more benefit of the doubt than blacks (not always, but more often than with nonwhites). A certain former football star comes to mind as the exception, but money goes a long way.

  143. Riana says:


    ACTUALLY the prosecution tried to get many people on the jury bounced but Jose played a lit of tricks to make people stay INCLUDING a woman who said from the beginning said ‘she didn’t like to JUDGE people’

    Of course Jose said ‘They only want her gone cause she’s BLACK’ though why should his shady misrepresented tactics at jury selection be any different during the trial?

  144. OtherChris says:

    @skilo, I am so sorry for your loss.

  145. Stubbylove says:

    I’m with all of you on this. @skilo – I’m so sorry for your loss – cannot imagine. IF the judge does not put a lean on her ability to profit from this situation with any moneys going to reimburse the state/police dept. – PLEASE EVERYONE DO NOT BUY/BAN ANYTHING THIS PIECE OF CRAP IS A PART OF IN THE FUTURE.

  146. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    I’m with the crowd that are still scratching their heads on how she wasn’t found guilty on aggravated child abuse.

  147. the other mel says:

    My family and I watched the Primetime interview with this juror, Jennifer Ford, last night on ABC and we were certainly not impressed. If this is a sampling of our jury pool, it is disturbing indeed. As several others have mentioned, it bothers me greatly that she mentions they were considering Casey Anthony’s punishment, when all they should have been considering is returning a ‘Guilty or Not Guilty’ verdict. Manslaughter, at the very least, was deserved, based on the evidence we saw — and we watched the entire trial. There is no explaining the duct tape away and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots in this case, in my humble opinion. It’s shameful, but sadly, not surprising. But hopefully many things about our ‘justice’ system will hopefully be brought to light after this fiasco. I thought the prosecution did an excellent job, despite the tremendously disappointing outcome.

    I heard this morning that the William Morris Agency just signed Jose Baez and Casey Anthony as a ‘package deal’. It is truly galling.

  148. Dave in MN says:

    @original kate:

    the blood evidence was tampered with in the OJ case, and many other things were bungled. do i think OJ killed his wife? yes, but you cannot convict someone if the evidence is sketchy. and a lot of the OJ evidence was circumstantial, as i recall.

    The blood evidence was ALLEGEDLY tampered with (but why would anyone do that?), but O.K. I’ll give you that. Even if you throw out all the DNA evidence, which that jury clearly did, there was still more than enough evidence to convict. The jury had to WILLFULLY disregard a mountain of evidence – a thick rope of it where even if you were able to cut one or two strands there were still 1,000 other strands that, taken as a whole, pointed inexorably to Simpson’s guilt – in order to acquit. And that’s what they did. The prosecution did make some errors, but even that should not have been enough given the enormous weight of the evidence for an open-minded, reasonably intelligent jury to acquit him. But that jury was looking for any reason to acquit, and that miserable POS Johnnie Cochran gave them one.

    I don’t want to re-try the Simpson case here, but anyone who’s studied it in even a cursory fashion and believes he was innocent is simply ignorant. Vincent Bugliosi’s book on it is brilliant.

  149. Dave in MN says:

    And please understand, original kate, that I am not saying that you are ignorant.

  150. mln76 says:

    @Dave in MN we can all agree OJ was guilty but lets remember that DNA wasn’t as established of a science that it was at that time. The jury didn’t know what it was because most of the public didn’t either–this was before CSI etc. Again it fell to the prosecution to know their jurors and prove their case instead of working the press and getting the media involved creating a circus. Mark Furman (not that he’s a prince) did an interview last year on Oprah and he basically spelled out just how lax the prosecution was with their evidence collection including by his account the fact that they ignored a bloody fingerprint that was left at the scene of the crime.

  151. the original bellaluna says:

    Re: Scott Peterson:

    They found the baby’s body first, then found Lacy’s partial torso (minus head, hands, a foot, and a lower leg).

    They had physical evidence (DNA of baby showing it was Lacy’s & Scott’s) and lots of circumstantial evidence, and the sense of outrage was enormous.

    Cali may be screwed up, and it may be letting violent criminals out of jail as a “budget solution” but at least we can convict a murderer.

  152. Lucky Charm says:

    Well, I guess now the State of Florida can eliminate their Department of Child Services, or whatever it’s called there. Apparently child abuse and neglect are now legal in the great state of Florida! But on the bright side, just look at how much money the state will save – yea!!!

  153. Dave in MN says:

    mln76: I’ll grant you that the science of DNA was over the heads of that jury, so they opted to just ignore it and grant it no weight. Some of the jurors even admitted that. But there weren’t just one or two pieces of circumstantial evidence. There were many, many pieces of it.

    However, my point is that the prosecution could have done absolutely everything right and that particular jury would have still acquitted Simpson (please stop calling him “O.J.”) once Johnnie Cochran (may he rot in hell) managed to make the case about something other than the evidence. What else could he do, when it pointed overwhelmingly to his client’s guilt?

  154. the original bellaluna says:

    I posit that if scientific evidence is “over a jury’s head” they’ve done a piss-poor job of jury selection. Were they fishing for the jury pool in a swamp?

    Knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers much?

  155. faithy says:

    if u guys can recall..back in 1995 (i think) w/ the OJ case, DNA evidence was brand new and “not trusted”, so the defense told the jurors to disregard that “new-fangled” type of science…just like jose baez did to this jury when he told the jury to disregard this “fantasy science” like air samples of chloroform which the jury obvioulsy did. both OJ and casey got off..

    and isnt it ironic that DNA is so accepted now that this was one reason the jury claimed there wasnt “enough evidence” because they didnt have any DNA ? casey is beyond atrocious and a succubus and like OJ…very, very lucky

  156. faithy says:

    i guess u guys beat me to it w/ the OJ DNA thing :)

  157. original kate says:

    @ dave: i’m not going to rehash the OJ case with you. evidence was tampered with and that alone makes it almost impossible to convict. my gut feeling? i think OJ is guilty as hell but the state did not make their case, IMO. but a jury can’t convict on a gut feeling, otherwise what’s the point of presenting evidence? the thing about a murder case, especially a capital case, is that once you convict someone it is almost impossible to overturn that conviction. if the person has been executed for a crime they didn’t commit there is no bringing that person back. therefore i believe that a murder conviction must be fair, and based on evidence and not emotion. it isn’t foolproof but it’s the best we have.

    and i didn’t think you were calling me ignorant, but thanks for saying so.

  158. mln76 says:

    @original kate he thing about a murder case, especially a capital case, is that once you convict someone it is almost inpossible to overturn that conviction. if the person has been executed for a crime they didn’t commit there is no bringing that person back.

    THANK YOU!!! Let’s not forget that there have been many,many people who’ve been executed in the US only to be later exonerated by DNA evidence.

  159. Wif says:

    I don’t understand why all the hate for the jurors. They did not kill this little girl. Jurors are a representation of society, so if you’re going to call them stupid (and they could be, I didn’t follow the trial), then your beef is really with the education system. I’m choosing to go with the idea that they did the best they could in that situation with whatever the limitations were. I would hate to get called in on jury duty seeing the way people here are reacting, you’re all going to scare people away from doing their civic duty.

  160. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Wif – Please don’t take offence, because I mean none, but:

    Anyone who watches Law & Order or CSI or Bones or any other crime show on TV has a basic (albeit bare-bones) knowledge of “scientific evidence.” And I’m assuming by “limitations” you mean the jurors’ intelligence-levels.

    And if I was on a jury (or even called to “audition” for a jury) for a murder case, I’d be the first to say “Yeah, I’m all for capital punishment. Fry the bitch/bastard.” (Which is, incidentally, why I always escape jury duty.) ;)

  161. Cheyenne says:

    Dave in MN: the biggest problem with the OJ case was not that they lacked evidence, but that the LAPD wanted to be so sure that a conviction would stick that they fabricated additional “evidence”. They actually tried to frame a guilty man, and in doing so, they contaminated all the good evidence that was available. Not to mention the appalling incompetence of Christopher Darden and that shrunken glove, and the unconscionable stupidity of Marcia Clarke bringing in Mark Fuhrman as a prosecution witness.

    I wasn’t impressed with Bugliosi’s book but Jeffrey Toobin’s book “The Run of His Life” is definitely worth reading. And he’s dead-on correct when he said the best lawyer in that whole trial was not Johnnie Cochran but Barry Scheck.

  162. fizXgirl314 says:

    I think they were waiting for some sort of CSI moment where someone bursts through the door and waves around some sort of indisputable evidence. I dunno people are nuts these days.

    I think there wasn’t any one great piece of evidence that was the clincher but the sum total of everything was definitely damning… I dunno what the jury was thinking, probably just one huge, major piece of evidence like flashing red pointing to CA or a sign from God or something… I dunno.

  163. Meg says:

    no media outlets are discussing the fact that they found her not guilty of child abuse. that is what pisses me off about this. not enough evidence to prove she killed her but it’s clear she neglected her daughter’s well being: 31 days not telling anyone about her missing then lying to police when asked about it. how is that not neglect enough to be put away?

  164. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Meg – And let us not forget chloroforming her daughter and putting her in the trunk (or wherever) so she could party and boff her boyfriend.

    HOW did they find her not guilty of the felony child abuse charges?

    Apparently, children are disposable in FL.

  165. Lady D says:

    “There will be people willing to help her so she won’t be completely ostracized. ”
    Just like people who want to marry mass murderers or send letters to the most horrific brutal inmate/animals. There are truly some sick people out there.

  166. blacksheep says:


  167. mln76 says:

    @blacksheep you are disturbed.

  168. logan says:

    Ummmm, @blacksheep are you by any chance close to the Anthony family?
    I think thou doest protest tooooooooooo
    “You don’t blame her one single bloody (poor choice of words here)iota for covering it (Caylee) up?”
    You are one scary person.

  169. Lilly says:

    YES, because good mothers forget about their missing/kidnapped daughters for 31 days while they go partying. AT THE VERY LEAST, she should have received criminal negligence, or abuse.

    If this happened in Texas (my home state), Casey would have her death row date set up in a week. In some states the burden of proof is on the prosecution, but in Texas, if your story is fishy, you are toast. Not that I would EVER agree with the Texas way of doing things, but I certainly disagree with the complete acquittal of Casey and the fact that she can never be retried. That’s just sickening.

    It just shows that in America, justice is relative to where you live, your race, or what you look like, your lawyers, your wealth and status. In other words, our justice system is badly flawed, and ever since these trials have been publicized, more people are losing faith in the system. It seems like other democratic countries have supassed us by using paid, professional jurors (with a reasonable level of intelligence), and limiting the media circus of these trials to a minimum. Maybe, we should start taking some notes.

  170. blacksheep says:

    @131 (Ann) Casey didn’t KILL her daughter. She drowned ACCIDENTALLY and Casey was scared of the SH*t court system convicting her for life or worse, for NO CRIME! AN ACCIDENT IS NOT A CRIME!! AND GRIEVING PEOPLE DO ODD THINGS SOMETIMES – YES, EVEN GO OUT PARTYING! WHAT..NEVER HEARD OF SOMEONE DRINKING AWAY THE PAIN AND SORROW? GIVE ME BREAK PPL.

    all you girls seem like sheep – all following the mass-mindset – bahhh bahh bahhh. all watching the same way, all thinking the same way, all sounding the same way. and here i thought this was a place for independent critical comment. weak, ladies. weak.

  171. the other mel says:

    …and along comes ‘Blacksheep’ to drive home the point that our society is chock full of ignorants.

    p.s…not everyone on here is a woman, fyi.

  172. blacksheep says:

    @82 (monicabee) at least one other poster has some damn SENSE! thank you monica well said.

  173. Aqua says:

    Unfortunately we will never know what truly happened to this beautiful little girl but I’m sure that Casey even though she was found innocent by the court of law.will be forever found guilty by public opinion.This family will never be the same again.My heart truly does go out to this little girl may she rest in heaven.

  174. Charlotte says:

    By August 10th, 2011 – mani pedi… check. Trashy lingerie… check. Hot body contest… check. No longer ovulating because she’s pregnant again… check.

  175. Jana says:

    @Blacksheep, your statement makes you sound about as dumb as rocks, which I’m sure you’re not. In Central Florida, where I live, toddler drownings sadly are in the paper a lot during warm months. The majority of people have a pool here. They call an ambulance immediately, and they aren’t arrested for murder. And they don’t go and tape their nose and mouth shut and toss them in a swamp.

  176. Alix says:

    “Not guilty” in this case meant, “The prosecution didn’t meet the burden of proof.” Essentially, the DA said their main evidence was Casey’s inconsistent behavior. Compelling, yes, but not enough. Too bad, because we all know that bitch is guilty.

  177. Stubbylove says:

    I get not convicting on murder one, but CANNOT believe she wasn’t guilty of aggravated child abuse. And, um…@blacksheep – there are a number of independent, strong opinions here – a majority of which seem to be on the side of logic and reason not lunacy – none of us are perfect but I’m pretty damn sure that the majority of parents would react differently if their child drown in a pool – which is so not what happened anyway. Plus you seem to have an unnatural obsesssion with sheep – better get that checked out.

  178. Cut the Cheese says:

    Don’t ever have children Blacksheep. Please!

  179. Mtn Girl says:

    @121 kim and @164 bella – ITA, not sure what possessed the jury to think 31 days of Casey neglecting to tell anyone Caylee was missing/hurt/dead whatever ISN’T child abuse!

    @38 brin – second the HA – did you see the look on Casey’s face when the judge gave her the max sentences consecutively? It was obvious she thought she was going to walk out of court today free, then her demeanor totally changed when the judge gave her a piece of his mind, talk about the evil eye.

    It’s a small consolation that Casey has to wait another 6 days before she can get her teeth whitened and acrylic nails put back on. Word to those who think Casey is a just a misunderstood girl – tigers don’t change their stripes and have really sharp claws. Watch your backs and bank accounts./rant ;)

  180. Stephanie says:

    Nothing says “not guilty” to me like chloroform in the trunk of a car!!

  181. skilo says:

    Thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts, prayers, and condolences.
    I will say this to those who post comments about how this case only matters to people because the little girl was white, because her mother was supposedly “hot”. I read the news almost everyday and sadly, more and more often I read stories of parents murdering their own children. Some of those kids are black, some are white, some are Hispanic, it doesn’t matter to me. I cry for them all because my heart breaks for any child who dies. And I just don’t understand how someone can kill a child, especially their child and live with it.

  182. Layzo says:

    I think the current legal system places way too much emphasis on forensic evidence. Probably based on popular TV shows like CSI and even L&O. I wonder how the jury convicted murderers when forensic science wasn’t available. They convicted on enough circumstancial evidence and that enough pieces of the puzzle falls into place.

    I don’t think it’s the jury’s fault. They were given a capital murder case which is the biggest case anyone can take on with great responsibility. I don’t think anyone can truly understand the enormous burden that this can tack on a person. Unless we have been there, I don’t think we can truly say that we would or wouldn’t have made the same decision. Am I heartbroken by the decision. Of course. Angry. Absolutely but I can not condemn them for taking on such a case and making that decision.

    I think it’s really the prosecution’s fault. They should have seen the evidence presented, came up with the a charge that they knew they could prove without a reason of a doubt even if it was a lessser charge and appealed to the jurors emotions and drew a clear enough picture for them to think about when presenting their case especially during closing argument.

    The defense was obviously going to use lack of evidence which was in their favor. The prosecution probably felt that they had this case from the start and that was their mistake. After all the testimonies and all the evidence. I think most jurors forgot the big picture that this was a toddler who was killed by her own mother. Notice how the jurors don’t mention Caylee’s name. She had become inconsequential. It became the Casey Anthony show.

    I do think Casey Anthony is guilty. As a mother of two girls, one who is only couple months older than Caylee would have been. I find it impossible to believe that I would not be searching the ends of the earth to find my daughter had she gone missing. Her behavior is despictable and so cold hearted. To think that she could leave her daughter out in the wild like that even after the fact is just bone chilling.

    Whenever I think about this case, I go hug my daughters because it’s all so tragic and sad to think about.

    @original kate. Thanks so much for your Dalai Lama quote. I have been trying to come up with how this could happen. How a baby killer could go free and this resonated with me. So thanks.

  183. The Burden of Proof always lies with the State. Always.

    It is the State’s job to provide substantial evidence that indicts the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. The Prosecution must anticipate and counter the Defense’s contrary evidence or an affirmative defense (ie insanity, duress, self-defense), with its own comprehensive and articulate scenario.

    In Florida v Anthony, the State failed to provide evidence that concluded in a logical progression of events. Instead, the prosecutors anticipated the emotional outrage of this case would alone be enough to reach a conviction.

    In short, they got careless and lazy.

    So for those of you sending death threats to the twelve men and women who had to sit in judgement of a morally bankrupt mother, direct your visceral to the Prosecution. They are the ones who didn’t do their job.

  184. fizXgirl314 says:

    I have to admit the thing that I found most despicable about this case is that woman in grey on the defence team that was jumping up and down and acting like she just won the lottery… what a stupid stupid woman and what poor taste.

  185. Callumna says:

    Not guilty does mean innocent, you idiot juror. You let her off scott free.

    Manslaughter was an option, the jurors could have said guilty with that.

    If they’re nuts enough to believe this baby girl died in a pool as a total accident and the mother just lied about that much, and for some odd reason put the child in a trunk with chloroform and duct tape then this OJ jury is as dumb as I thought.

    It’s OJ all over again, one of the most sickeningly stupid verdicts of all time and I hope these dumb jurors figure out the gravity of letting a psychopath off someday. Someone else will pay again for the jury’s stupidity because psychopaths don’t just stop when they get away with murder. Sadness.

  186. Doosh says:

    @MissyAggravation Extremely well-said. The jury would have not been doing their job had they convicted the defendant based on the sensationalism of the trial.

    Unlike with civil cases, when a death has occurred, it is the prosecution’s duty to prove “beyond all reasonable doubt” that the defendant was guilty of the crime, which includes even making sure the little details make sense. The defense’s job is often a lot more simple in cases like these; all they have to do is introduce one sliver of doubt, that’s all it takes.

    This woman is disgusting and should be locked away… Unfortunately, due to the prosecution’s half-assed job, she managed to get off. Hopefully she’ll slip up again in the future and the truth about these current events will come to light and she will get the punishment she deserves.

  187. DethHammer says:

    Lily: It just shows that in America, justice is relative to where you live, your race, or what you look like, your lawyers, your wealth and status. In other words, our justice system is badly flawed, and ever since these trials have been publicized, more people are losing faith in the system. It seems like other democratic countries have supassed us by using paid, professional jurors (with a reasonable level of intelligence), and limiting the media circus of these trials to a minimum. Maybe, we should start taking some notes.————-

    Jana: @Blacksheep, your statement makes you sound about as dumb as rocks, which I’m sure you’re not. In Central Florida, where I live, toddler drownings sadly are in the paper a lot during warm months. The majority of people have a pool here. They call an ambulance immediately, and they aren’t arrested for murder. And they don’t go and tape their nose and mouth shut and toss them in a swamp.———————

    Amen, Lily and Jana! ITA

  188. Aqua says:

    @ Skilo wanted to give you my heartfelt sorry for your loss,my thoughts and prayers are with you especially during this time.It must of been very difficult for you.

    It is said that a case is won or loss by the end of opening statement.

  189. Melancholy says:

    Olympian Keli Lane went to prison for murdering her baby daughter, even though the body was never found. They did not believe that she supposedly “gave the child to it’s father, to raise”, because that man she described appeared never to have existed. They suspect she may have hidden the body in cement at a huge building site, which is extremely creepy and upsetting.

  190. LunaT says:

    @skilo–I’m so sorry you had to experience such a loss. As a mother of a 22 mos old daughter, hearing about any child being harmed breaks my heart. I can’t imagine how it was for you to hear of this case so soon after your daughter’s death. Big hugs to you.

  191. faithy says:

    i had to comment again…i heard that now casey wants nothing to do with her parents but will chill w/ her brother lee, who if u recall she accused of molesting her. but she doesnt need her mother anymore and true to a psychopath and narcissist, gets rid of people when they dont need them anymore!
    this is the same mother (Cindy) who committed perjury and could face up to 15 years for this while her daughter goes free next week!

    did u see when cindy mouthed “i love u” in court to casey and casey looked away like “whatever”? she

    this woman is total con artist and an absolute monster!

  192. skilo says:

    @Christine- I’m sorry to hear that about your son. I hope God blesses your family and your son has a long and happy life.
    @BrandyMc- I’m also very sorry for your loss.
    Again thanks to everyone who expressed their kind thoughts.

  193. Victor says:

    If she drown by accident why go to all the trouble to cover it up? Proof again that stupid people should not breed.

  194. Ashley says:

    I think this juror is supid to put her name and face out there for everyone to see considering that many people are angry about the verdict. She could be putting herself in danger. I guess she needs attention. I found her smug and unlikable. Maybe she is looking to cash in on this experience.

  195. fwozbo says:

    She is a female Joran van der Sloot. I don’t wish for a second death like Joran but something will happen, these people can’t control themselves.

  196. DetRiotgirl says:

    Yes, yes… This verdict is upsetting and Casey Anthony is, at the very least, guilty of being a terrible person. I’m totally ok with the hatred and anger people have towards her.

    But PLEASE, for the love of sanity, stop making threats against the jury! The mob mentality here is terrifying!

    I was recently called in for jury duty in Bronx county. I was placed in the preliminary selection process for an 8 week murder trial. Thank God, I was disqualified from serving because I had a minor surgery scheduled to take place during the same time frame as the trial. But, reading through these comments has made me wonder what it would have been like if I had served.

    I don’t think it’s fair to lash out at the jury for coming to a decision. Setting aside whether they were right or wrong, none of those people asked to be on this jury. I’m not sure how jury duty works in Florida. But, I feel pretty confident saying that NO ONE asks to serve jury duty. In fact, I don’t think you could request to serve, even if you wanted to.

    Maybe someone who has served jury duty in Florida can tell me if things work differently in their home state. But, here in New York, no one can choose what case they serve jury duty on. It’s entirely the luck of the draw. So, to say that any of these jurors tried to famewhore their way onto the jury seems like a giant stretch to me.

    In New York, jury duty pays $40 a day. That is practically nothing by city standards. For a freelancer like me, serving jury duty on a murder trial could literally ruin my life financially. Many people are in the same situation, hence why so many of us will do anything we can to get out of serving. It is a huge sacrifice to serve on a murder trial if you are not being fully reimbursed for your time by your job.

    Now, let’s say you end up serving on a very controversial trial like this one. You render a verdict that the public finds unpopular, and suddenly you are facing the possibility that your identity will be released to the public and that you will have to deal with people like the posters here who think you should “rot in hell” for doing your best to complete your civic duty. God, who would volunteer for jury duty knowing that these are the consequences?

    I totally understand everyone’s outrage about this case. But, I beg you to think of the larger picture here. It’s hard enough to get people to serve jury duty in the first place without the added pressure of knowing that you may get lynched for picking what the public thinks is the wrong verdict. In order for the system to maintain any semblance of working order, we need to allow people who serve jury duty to feel safe in making an impartial vote on the charges at hand.

    It sickens me too this woman got away with what was probably murder. But, please don’t take it out on the jury. They did not kill anyone, and do not deserve the level of animosity they are currently receiving. Save that anger for the prosecutor, and for Casey Anthony herself.

  197. Dee says:

    Jennifer Ford is racking in the bucks. She is all over tv now. Profiting on a murdered child, defending herself on her dumb dumb backward ass decision. Not a smart woman stating she had no proof. Very Scary woman. Couldn’t give a damn about what she did or did not do. I DO KNOW SHE WAS ALSO TREATED to an all expense paid trip for her entire family to Disney land. How nice. KARMA

  198. Pirouette says:

    #30 “Let’s get back to the gossip.”

    Most of the comments here are merely gossip, though some posters seem quite convinced of their accuracy.

    Why is Blacksheep such a “scary person” to some of you amidst comments wishing death and misery upon Casey Anthony AND the f’ing jurors?!

    #133 “Please people, stop behaving, venting and accusing like that. This kind of behavior has killed much more people than psychopaths like Casey Anthony ever could.”

    You are absolutely right.

  199. daisy says:

    she makes me so sick, i get goosebumps when i read about her. i think that if they hadn’t wanted the death penalty, they would have gotten a conviction. i really wanna punch a hoe when i see her smile.

  200. Celebitchy says:

    I would just like to second DetRiotGirl’s comments. I served on a jury for a stalking case. It was entirely different than this case of course and was only for a few days. (I was working as a freelancer too, but I hated my main job so I was ok with it). I came away with a much better understanding of how this process works. As I wrote, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the jury. For those who do – have you ever served on a jury? Things are not as cut and dried as you might think.

  201. Ally says:

    I haven’t been following this case, but I don’t understand the particular line of hysterics that says Anthony is getting away “scot-free”. She’s been in jail for three years (where accused child murderers are considered legitimate prey); subjected to a lengthy public trial; and will be a pariah for the rest of her life, with death threats from all sides.

    One can argue it’s not punishment enough for what she might have done, but it’s not scot-free. I wish the media coverage of this smacked less of a yearning for a medieval public stoning. It’s hard to buy people as defenders of life, when they seem like they’d like to rip another human being limb from limb.

    The US has a pretty good court system. Intelligent analysis of the proceedings would be preferable to the lynch mob stuff that’s been on the airwaves the last few days.

  202. bugsy says:

    Oh yeah, yeah. I totally agree that we shouldn’t be hating on this poor, poor woman. What a tragedy it must be for her that so many don’t believe her stories..erm..story. I mean, if people wanted to arrest me for murder every time I accidentally dumped some chloroform in the trunk of my car, I’d be upset too. And I actually like the smell of decomposition. That’s why I spray the trunk of my car with an air odorizer whenever I get the chance. You know, cuz I’m spending so much time in the trunk of my car. And I can’t blame her for lying about her daughter’s disappearance for 31 days. Maybe her daughter had found a brilliant babysitter all on her own. Maybe the babysitter was giving her more from life than she (mom) knew she ever could. I wouldn’t have worried about it either. A two-year old can fend for themselves. And as for the duct-tape, who wouldn’t put duct tape on a drowned child?!?! In The Parental Handbook for Dummies it clearly states that if I find my child drowned in a pool, I’m supposed to wait a month to see if the child can resuscitate itself, and then I’m to cover the child’s mouth and nose with duct tape, as there are certain chemicals in duct tape that can draw moisture out from the lungs. And if all else fails, I’m to place the duct-taped child into a garbage bag and dump it in a swamp because the billions of ecological organisms can then help my child recover from the drowning. No no. There is absolutely nothing suspicious about this at all. Everything, at the very worst, was just an unfortunate accident in which the mother must not have followed the guidelines correctly. No reason for people to get upset with her. And most parents usually get a life-affirming tattoo and dance half-naked on top of bars to help them get over the accidental drowning. It’s also really consoling to lie about where you work. Sticking it to the cops can really help you come to grips with your grief in a heartfelt and constructive way.
    ————————————–I’m not blaming the jury. I feel for them and I’m glad that I didn’t have to serve on it. But I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t try to convict CA on a lesser charge of manslaughter? Or aggravated neglect? And PLEASE stop with the whole “lynch mob haters!” whining. Please. It is absolutely normal for people to be upset at how this turned out. I’m angry that the prosecution didn’t present a better case. I’m angry that the jury knew that this girl was guilty of murdering her child, but refused to take any action. Should we convict on “gut feelings”? No. But you could be a robot with absolutely NO feeling, and there is STILL enough circumstantial evidence to warrant this girl be charged with something lesser than 1st degree. At the very least, they could have looked through the evidence (WTF). I’m angry at how this went down, and I have every right to be angry. And if people are expressing their all-consuming anger at this girl, so be it. The justice system is what it is, and it’s imperfect while simultaneously serving us in the best way possible. I get it. But in this case, the law got in the way of serving justice. There was a body, there was a clear motive. There was a clear suspect who damned herself all the way through, and whose mother effed up a million times in her testimony. They kept changing the story. They showed no remorse and extreme denial, respectively. If she/they DIDN’T kill this little girl, then who did they kill? What the hell was in THEIR car, rotting away? What the hell were they doing with chloroform? Ok ok, acquit them of all charges in relation to the little girl’s death. That’s pretty fucked to me, but whatev. And then please do a thorough investigation as to who they did kill and who they did have in their trunk then. At the very least. To all those on this board saying “I’m so glad none of you are on a jury!!!”, yeah, me too. I’d hate to be on a jury and be convinced to the bone that a child killer is sitting in front of me, but because no one could show me the photograph of Casey holding a dead body, stained in chloroform with a date firmly printed on the bottom right corner, with several palm and finger prints, I’d have to, just HAVE to, acquit.

  203. Jezi says:

    ITA with @tapioca they could’ve charged her with manslaughter. They did not have to let her go free. I also compare this case to that of Scott Peterson where there was only circumstantial evidence and he got the death penalty. If they had said she’s guilty of at least manslaughter or child neglect, no one would be arguing with it. It burns me up knowing that she’s free to walk and they are so damn smug about it. Now she’s capable of having another baby. Sick.

    @skilo HUGS!!!!! I’m so sorry for your loss. I couldn’t imagine that pain and even the thought of losing my son makes me sick. I would want to die as well.

  204. Rachael says:

    “Maybe if the prosecution wasn’t going for the death penalty it would have been easier to convict.”

    Look, I agree that the prosecution shouldn’t have gone for the death penalty. BUT THE JURY HAD THE OPTION OF MANSLAUGHTER. AND MURDER 2. That is NOT an excuse to say “not guilty” to BOTH of those!!!!

    “She wrote that she dreamt she was pregnant, has considered adopting, and that she misses mani pedis and wearing nice underwear. It made me a little sick.”

    A LITTLE sick?? Just a little??

  205. badrockandroll says:

    Prepare to boycott Jerry Springer and his sponsors. Although there is no word yet as to whether she has accepted, Casey Anthony was offered a million dollars to appear on that show

  206. logan says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Jose Baez came in and sat next to Casey the day that she was sentenced that their faces were inches apart and they made slight flirty faces to each other? CNN keeps showing this clip. My husband ask me if they were dating. I said “Not yet”. Just wondering if anyone else noticed? Feedback please.

  207. logan says:

    @badrockandroll, I hadn’t heard what you stated about Casey being offered a million dollars to appear on the Jerry Springer show. But if it is true and she does accept I hope all will boycott. Found this on the web: According to Morality in Media, sponsors of the Jerry Springer show include: Friendly’s Restaurants, Zeneca pharmaceuticals (Zomig anti-migraine prescription), Glaxo-Wellcome pharmaceuticals (Zyban and Valtrex prescriptions), Western Union, Orkin pest control, Chattem, Inc. (Gold Bond medicated powder), the Money Store, Lichtwer Pharma USA (Kwai and Kira herbal preparations), Boehringer-Ingelheim (Ginkoba and Ginsana herbal preparations), and Heritage Consumer Products (Allerest over-the-counter medication).

    “Perhaps it is the understatement of the decade to say that these companies should be ashamed of themselves,” concluded Peters. “All it would take to end Springer’s barbarism would be for responsible sponsors to stop writing the checks.”

  208. the other mel says:

    @logan (206)- I, too, have noticed the flirtation between CA and Baez, particularly on the day of her sentencing. Maybe more on her part since her facial expressions are more obvious. Just watching it was annoying…the batting of the eyes, the raising of her eyebrows, the sly smiles, the playing with her hair. And it bugged the heck out of me! Both my daughter and I wondered if there wasn’t more there and said we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of something more going on between them at some point.

  209. badrockandroll says:

    @Logan – thanks for the research – the Springer mention is now on today’s links.

    My boycott will be inconsequential, in that I do not watch the show, and have never purchased the fine products or used the stellar services that you unearthed as sponsors. That particular show is so shameless that there is no point in even saying “shame on you for even making the offer.”

    I wonder if there is a law against profiting from misdeeds, even if one is acquited of the more serious ones?

  210. It’s upsetting to me that most of the people commenting on how “stupid” the jury is, do not have a realistic view of procedural law in America.

    I hope the majority of you never get the opportunity to sit in judgement of others. Raving lunatics.

  211. angee says:

    Go to and sign petitions to force government to:
    1.) enact Caylee’s Law (requires parents to report missing children with 24 hours and keep Casey and jurors from profiting from her crime.)
    2.) keep Casey Anthony from being able to profit off the death of her child; which most people believe she was involved with

  212. cindy says:

    The jury didn’t comprehend what reasonable doubt is. From what I understand the jury had (some) doubts on how the child died. They seem to have taken that and used it as reasonable doubt definition. Either they didn’t comprehend the definition of reasonable doubt or they just wanted to go home.You have to use common sense in this case and personally ANY mother reasonably would report their child missing or hurt before 24 hrs (usually within mins depending on situation) 31 days is not a reasonable amount of time to decide to call police and it wasn’t her that called the police. Here’s the definition :
    The level of certainty a juror must have to find a defendant guilty of a crime. A real doubt, based upon reason and common sense after careful and impartial consideration of all the evidence, or lack of evidence, in a case.

    Proof beyond a reasonable doubt, therefore, is proof of such a convincing character that you would be willing to rely and act upon it without hesitation in the most important of your own affairs. However, it does not mean an absolute certainty.

  213. Karen says:

    I taught school for35 years w/ over 3,000 students in some tough areas. If I never committed studentcide, a mother of one should have kept her hands off just one. Anyone else feel that opening statements should have some semblance of truth? The intelligent(?) jury seems to have bought all Baez’s lies without proof, or did their brains stop working after the first day? They seem to blame George, who was the only one to say that 1 +1=2, as far as Casey being guilty. I thought that comment would nail her.?????????????????????

  214. Anonymous says:

    The prsecution presented a step by step scenario of what Casey did. The jurors choice to believe the defense based on what Casey said? I wonder who came up with the defense story. It was probably Baez. The jurors heard how she lyed about her job for 2 years, she stole checks from friends and family. Her friends only saw Caylee a few times and she told them she was with the nany. Where was she during the day and at night. In the trunk of the car? But they believed her defense anyway. With now truth proven. How can this be. My mother is 86 and she is so upset I think this could make her very ill. She just cannot believe it. Lets not forget who was on trial. Not her father or her brother or anyone else. It was Casey and the jurors I believe just wanted to go home and get rich. Lets continue to boycot all the magazines, tv appearances, books and movies to prevent this from happening.

  215. Babette says:

    My deepest sympathy to Skilo and your family.
    As sad as it makes me to think or say, I truly believe this jury was all about the dollar bill and how much they will earn $elling their Storie$.
    I have visited Florida numerous times and it can be a very, very HOT place especially in the summertime. Just putting someone in the trunk of a car with tape over their mouth, I would think, would be a very DANGEROUS act and could very easily result in death. (But that’s just my own COMMON SENSE).
    It’s not just the ludicrous verdict and “rationalization” by this juror that I find disturbing–she is studying to be a nurse!!!

  216. Aqua says:

    If anything good can come out of this, is Caylee’s Law in which a child must be reported missing within 24 hours.I’m very surprise that this isn’t the law already and I hope it passes and all the states will get on board.

    It always seems to take a tragedy such as this before a change for the better happens.

  217. Judy Cook says:

    You are SO WRONG! You should have listened better, deliberated longer, looked at more evidence. Casey did drugs and commented to her body guard about certain drugs including CHLOROFORM. You have let a person with no regard for her child go free. No grandparent would do that to cover an accident. My 2 children were kidnapped when they were 2 and 4 and I DID NOT go out and party, I immediately called the authorites within the first minute that I knew. This is a travesty of justice and you should be ashamed.

  218. Sharon says:

    I’m from Pinellas County and it makes me sick that these jurors were swayed by others and refused to believe the FBI and Dr G instead buying Jose’s crap. I wish one of these reporters would ask her (Jennifer Ford) why not manslaughter? Those rules are…Is the child dead? Did Casey neglect or abuse the child causing directly OR indirectly Cayley’s death? REALLY Jennifer you and the rest did not take notes and did the worst job since the OJ case shame on you…I look forward to the day all the names of jurors are released!!!I hope you and the rest feel the shame that all people from Pinellas County feel that you are from here!!!!!

  219. rick says:

    That lady KILLED HER CHILD then partyed for 31 days then calls 911? I hope somebody gives her justice…death!

  220. rick says:

    One last thought..i remembered when my daughter was 2yr. old..we had a swimming pool..wich i always kept the ladder off because little kids dont know better..if that was the case with anthony it probably would of been concidered a accident if PROMPTLY reported..but if my little girl could not be found in 30 seconds i would have freaked out..called 911..and searched everywhere..i just cant get over listining to the 911 call= i would like to report my daughter missing(911 operator asked how long)Casey replies 31 days..the 911 operator freaks and asks WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG..Casy said..i tried to find her myself..i know it was stupid?..CASEY IS A MURDER..i am a betting man and i think one day she will find the same fate as Jimmy Hoffa..i actually know some ex-military friends that just might find her…hope she rotts in hell,I live to make sure my daughter is healthy,safe and happy..I can sleep good at night!

  221. The Question- Asker says:

    Here’s a little question….

    1) Was little Caylee murdered?

    Yes, she was. An unjust, untimely, senseless death.

    Okay, here’s my next question….

    2) Was Casey found guilty in the court of law?

    Um, no….

    Okay then, thanks. Now, let’s just go crazy and say that they got it right. Let’s assume for a moment that Casey did not murder her daughter.

    Then who did?

    With all the media press, people have turned their focus and anger onto Casey. Now, if she truly isn’t the murderer, then guess what?

    The real murderer got away with it. Lucky them. A nice, clean escape, and they’ll never be held accountable. Not if the majority of onlookers have their way. Nope, in their minds, Casey is practically subject to damnation.

    Now, I’m not saying that I think she isn’t guilty. I’m not saying she is.

    I’m just trying to focus on the big picture…..

  222. I?ll immediately clutch your rss as I can’t find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly permit me realize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.