Barbara Walters to Bristol Palin on stolen virginity: ‘you kept on having sex w/ him’

Bristol Palin was on The View yesterday promoting her new memoir. OK! has details of her appearance and Barbara Walters took Bristol to task in that way she has while squinting her eyes and looking at her subject like they’re dirt. She questioned why Bristol claimed on one hand that Levi “stole” her virginity, but then kept having sex with him. Bristol’s answer reveals a lack of logic, which seems to be common in her family:

Bristol Palin has been making the media rounds about her new book, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, in which she claims her virginity was “stolen” by Levi Johnston. But as Barbara pointed out, Bristol must have liked it since she continued to have sex with him, right?…

In the book, Bristol describes losing her virginity to Levi (now the father of her son) after getting drunk on a camping trip and claims her virginity was “stolen” because of it. However, Bristol didn’t get pregnant from just that one event — she continued to have sex with Levi after that first time.

So Barbara asked the obvious question, “It must have been okay, because you kept on having sex with him, yeah?”

Bristol smiled and explained, “We did it that one night and I just figured it’s okay to do it again because I’d already broken my moral code.”

[From OK! Magazine]

That “I broke my moral code” logic is pretty flawed. It’s not like a moral code goes away once you do one thing that goes against it. “Well I stole some lipstick when I was wasted and didn’t know what I was doing. That goes against my morals, but I may as well never pay for makeup again.” It doesn’t make sense to me, and it sounds like she’s still blaming Levi for decisions she made. I’m not going to get into this more than that, I realize this is a touchy subject and Bristol was young when it happened. I just would like to hear her take responsibility for having sex with Levi and getting pregnant. She seems to be rationalizing that it’s all due to external factors beyond her control. I don’t even hear her admitting that she forgot to take her birth control pills. Maybe she didn’t forget and they just didn’t work right. It’s all someone else’s fault.

A quick glance at the reviews on Amazon for Bristol’s book reveals that people who supposedly read it have the same impression of her.



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  1. David says:

    She is as DUMB as her mother

  2. BeckyR says:

    Anybody plan on buying this “memoir”?

  3. katnip says:

    No she did it again because she enjoyed it.

    And people called Levi a famewhore..

  4. Steph says:

    I agree Celebitchy.

    It is a touchy subject but come on, she knew what she was doing both under the influence and sober.

  5. Johnthing says:

    Who told this noboby dumb chick that anyone would give a rat’s ass about her life “so far”? I’m sick of this nobody and her mother. GO AWAY!

  6. locamochagirl says:

    As flawed as that may be – that’s the logic of teenagers. As a teacher who works with them, I see it all the time. They think they know what they’re talking about/doing…but what they do doesn’t make sense. It’s all apart of growing up, making mistakes, then finally realizing their mistakes. Bristol is 20 (21?). She thinks she’s so worldly and experienced like all people in their late teens/early 20s.

    In my experience, even the smart, logical teens make judgment errors and justify it with busted logic.

  7. Quest says:

    “Bristol’s answer reveals a lack of logic…”

    Understatement of the year – Bristol is actually the “lack of logic” in that group, not her answers.

  8. Sue says:

    Why do these people write books? I wouldn’t waste a dime on this crap, give me a good James Patterson any day. lol!

  9. N says:

    I can’t believe I’m defending Bristol here but Barbara’s comments are just too much for me. I know she is ancient and probably has no clue what being a teenage girl is like, but I feel she went a bit too far.

    A looong time ago I got black out drunk and had sex for the first time with the guy I was dating. Not losing my virginity, just the first time with him. I didn’t even like this guy really, but felt I needed to keep dating him, and having sex, in order to clear my guilty mind for having sex before I was ready. Flawed logic? Hell yes. But I was young and my thinking about sex was not healthy. I did not/do not blame the guy either mind you. I should add that I’m a very smart lady, I was even a smart girl back then, but when it came to sex…ugh.

    Anyways, I don’t agree with most of what Bristol says or does but I think a lot of young women make bad decisions surrounding sex that make no sense in hindsight.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I did not/do not blame the guy either mind you.”

    and therein lies the difference between you and Bristol.

    I think a lot of us can relate to making bad decisions about sex while drunk, but she doesn’t seem to want to admit her role in what happened.

    If she said “I made a really bad decision while I was drunk” rather than “my virginity was stolen”, people wouldn’t be railing on her so much.

  11. ladybert62 says:

    Cant stand Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson.

  12. Thea says:

    She is as stupid as her mother.

  13. TQB says:

    I have a huge problem with the hypocritical emphasis she clearly still puts on the loss of virginity. The idea that a woman is “ruined” or “spoiled” after having sex just once is a relic from back when we were property. She says she’d already compromised her principles. BS. She was raised to believe that one single sexual encounter was IT and once you give it up once, you are a dirty whore.

    Honestly, I find this idea so sinister and insidious. Even for the Palins – a family of strong women who nonetheless continue to diminish the position of women in US society – this one really takes the cake.

  14. kro says:

    Not Afraid of Lies

  15. lucy2 says:

    I have no problem with them questioning her on this and her decisions – she’s out there trying to sell a book with that story! She chose to make all that public in the hopes of turning a big profit and staying “famous”.

  16. ahot says:

    What floores me is that some people even CONSIDER reading her book. That´s how this annoying family won´t just go away damn it!

  17. N says:

    Oh, I agree completely Praise St. Angie. I only meant in the context of Barbara Walters comments about her reasoning for continuing with sex that it’s not quite so simple 🙂

  18. Ruby says:

    We are all geniuses when it comes to hindsight

  19. Cherry says:

    TQB you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  20. Lady D says:

    Ruby LMAO, you are so right.

  21. olcranky says:

    wasn’t she initially saying she got pregnant the first time she had sex and now she’s saying she lost her virginity before she was 17 (other reports say she was 15), kept having sex which lead her to get pregnant?

    BTW – a lot of girls actually intentionally drink to get drunk planning to lose their virginity. My guess is that Bristol falls in that category so she had an excuse for not abstaining.

  22. anoneemouse says:

    I think that is our problem with young society now-a-days – they seem to lack a moral conscience.

  23. The Bobster says:

    A lot of venom in this article. Meow!

  24. LunaT says:

    Yes, Bristol, if you say something enough, it magically turns into the truth!

    Thank you, TQB. So true.

  25. garvels says:

    I agree with CB, she needs to be accountable for her actions just like the father, Levi. Besides,her and Levi are about the same age so why should she be the only one getting a pass for being a naive innocent victim. Sarah Palin should advise her daughter to go to college and to get off of the fame bus. I think Palin along with her husband, should focus more on their young family than the campaign trail.

  26. Newyorking says:

    “A quick glance at the reviews on Amazon for Bristol’s book reveals that people who supposedly read it have the same impression of her.”

    Why would people buy and read the book escapes me. Who are these people? Then they write comments about her not leaving a good impression? Duh. What did you expect when you picked up that book?

  27. Ellie says:

    Why the hell are we even paying attention to this girl? She’s a liar. Her whole family has no moral code!

  28. REALIST says:

    Go Babs! Those hard core interview skills from years ago are still there!

  29. Jess says:

    @KaiserCB @adn_jomalley read the memoir a couple weeks for a lifestyles article in the ADN and did a some running tweets while she was reading. I was glued to my feed.

    My favorite: “Tripp was conceived in a bear stand, afterward Levi accidentally ran over her legs when she fell of his snow machine.”

  30. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m the flip side. I have (blush) a one night stand on my record because I chose to not have sex with this one guy again. It was too soon and um… size does Why would I keep getting myself “dirty” for what other people think. It’s done, get past it move on. No, I was not a virgin but I wasn’t super experienced either.

    That is why I’ve been asking myself the same question Barbara was. He “stole” your virginity and you still kept having sex with him? Why? I do think it’s the phrasing that has most of us and Baba-Wawa cringing. Didn’t Baba have an affair with a married, African-American Congressman in the 60s? She does know her sexual risk-taking.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    Newyorking: Why would people buy and read the book escapes me.

    They may be regular reviewers who were sent comp copies and asked to write a review of the book.

    I review for Amazon and I get requests from authors from time to time asking me to read and review their book. I always tell them send me a comp copy (I’m not paying for it) and if I like the book I will give it a nice review — that way I’m not obligated to give a good review (or any review at all) if I don’t like the book. Most of the books I get are so godawful they end up in the round file midway through the third chapter. Why so many no-talent writers feel they have what it takes to write a book is beyond my comprehension.

  32. jc126 says:

    She ought to thank Levi for impregnating her, and her mother for birthing her. No one would pay any attention to her if she weren’t the teenage mom, daughter of a VP candidate. If she were just Palin’s college student daughter without child, no one would care.

  33. Julbug says:

    Not only is she a liar, she is a creep.

  34. jensational says:

    i wish they would leave her alone! SHE WAS A KID!! SHE MADE A MISTAKE!! At least she’s supporting her child and not on fucking welfare with the attitude that the world owes her something. What girl didn’t make a similar mistake at the age of 16 or 17?!?!

  35. Kim says:

    She sounds like every teenager out there (when she had sex for first time). She gets bagged on because people dont like her mom but she did the same thing as most teenage girls out there do on a daily basis. Wrong or right – its happening all over America.

  36. smokey says:

    TQB hit the nail on the head but for all the wrong reasons. It doesn’t matter if that mentality is right or wrong, it is the prevailing mentality that girls are brought up with even today due in large part to society and the mainstream media.

    You don’t have to be part of an ultra-right wing household to fall victim to that mentality – it takes a strong person to fight against that kind of brainwashing and in general people are not capable of that at 16 or 17.

    Barbara Walters had no right to question her about why she kept having sex with him and to imply that she “must have liked it” – with everything she was brought up to believe (and it was not just her family enforcing this) she was ruined, and there wasn’t anything left to be lost by continuing to have sex with him.

    Barbara’s comment seems to be an attempt to punish her for at least seeking some enjoyment out of sex now that her promise to be a virgin until marriage was no longer an option.

  37. LunaT says:

    @jensational—If she wanted to be left alone, she shouldn’t be writing a book and doing a reality show. Keeping herself in the spotlight = people can ask questions and pass judgement.

    I’m not ragging on her for drinking and having sex when she was a teenager. I’m ragging on her for her contradictory messages and famewhore-y ways.

  38. Stephanie says:

    I wonder what will happen when Barbara Walters gets a hold of that bitch Casey Anthony!! Squint away Babs!!!!

  39. wendy says:

    jensational, Bristol is not going to be left alone because she doesn’t want to be. That would be why she wrote a book, got plastic surgery and went on Dancing with the Stars instead of just taking care of her child and working a regular job or going to school back in Alaska.

    People aren’t hating on her for making the mistake that so many others make, they are hating on her for still not owning up to her mistakes even now that she is in her early twenties. Placing the blame on everyone else is lame.

  40. Az says:

    Oh please. This girl is doing what so many girls from hardcore conservative backgrounds do. She’s trying to make it sound like she had sex but it’s not her fault. Ridiculous. Does she think everyone on the planet is as stupid as her mother’s supporters?

  41. Nikki Girl says:

    @jensational: I for one did not make that mistake at that age. I lost my virginity at 16 and had the sense to use protection, hence I never became pregnant. And why would Bristol Palin need welfare when her family has money to support her, and because of who she was, she could go on Dancing with the Stars and sell her “memoir”? She is not comparable to the average American teenage girl so that welfare comment was irrelevant (as well as offensive in my opinion). And by intentionally going on the public stage and writing and selling a memoir about herself, she is putting herself up for public scrutiny, so don’t ask us to sympathize with her. If you willingly go into the public eye and sell your life story, don’t expect everyone to agree with everything that you have to say.

  42. Nikki Girl says:

    @LunaT and wendy: damn straight, you both hit the nail on the head!

  43. T.C. says:

    “At least she’s supporting her child and not on f’ing welfare with the attitude that the world owes her something. What girl didn’t make a similar mistake at the age of 16 or 17?!?!”

    She is not on welfare because her parents have money and they were supporting her. Two she is now famous and got major $$$ from People magazine just for the first pictures of her baby, now she is going to make major $$$$ from selling a book of lies. Most other teen moms might be on welfare because they aren’t lucky enough to be born a Palin. If she ever needs money all she has to do is a t.v. interview or write another book. You think the regular everyday teen has such opportunities?

    Being young is no excuse for lying and shaking off responsibility. You think Casey Anthony just woke up at age 22 and started telling lies and shaking off responsibility? I learned at age 6 to not tell lies and to take responsibility for doing wrong.

  44. T.C. says:

    P.S. It’s character assassination to imply that Levi date-raped her. I don’t even like Levi but that’s just low. There are girls who have to deal with real date-rape and lying about it in the media doesn’t help their cases.

  45. Esmeralda says:

    I think Bristol’s playing this “not me!” game because in her brand of Christianity, good girls don’t have sex outside of marriage, and certainly NOT before they’re married. So if she was drunk and passed out and Levi took “advantage” of her, then that removes the guilt/responsibility on her end. So she got to actually HAVE sex without really actively participating in it, ergo, she can’t be held responsible.

    Problem with that story is that it sounded like Levi raped her, so she had to backtrack and admit that he didn’t. But the story still comes out sounding one-sided, like he was the only one present for the sex or something.

    I agree with the others, she needs to just own up to being as responsible for the act as Levi, admit that she made a mistake and move on, the end.

    And btw, TC, I completely agree with you. It’s very wrong of her morally to imply that Levi date raped her.

  46. mommyesq says:

    There are few things I hate more than when people do not take responsibility for what they’ve done and make it into everyone else’s fault. She just glosses over the fact she was underage and drunk and sleeping in a tent with her boyfriend, too. Classy family.

  47. Esmeralda says:


    Yes, indeed she DID have something to lose by continuing to have sex after the initial time, if she didn’t enjoy the sex: her dignity. If she really didn’t like it, why on earth give up her dignity? She might not be a virgin anymore but she could still return to her moral values and retain her dignity if she didn’t continue doing something that gave her no pleasure or happiness.

    And not only that but she got pregnant from the continued relations. So she also lost her single life. I’d say that was a HUGE loss, wouldn’t you?

  48. Trashaddict says:

    Although I am fairly certain Levi is a douche, there are times when I bless the boy for what he has done to the Palin family. This is one of those times.

  49. Mouse says:

    This whole family is a bunch of dimwit creeps.

  50. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @ TQB: Right on, Sister!

  51. Firecracker says:

    Does this twit ever think about the affect all this stuff that she’s saying now, will have on her child when he gets older? This book probably won’t be around, but still. He’ll be able to find out all the crap that she was doing, like talking to college kids about unsafe sex, or whatever that issue was a few months back. What an idiot. It’ll make the poor kid feel really wanted.

  52. april says:

    Did someone put a gun to her head and that’s why she got drunk and ultimately pregnant with her boyfriend? She’s not taking any responsibility for her part in the pregnancy. Also, what unwed young girl is going to look at her and see that Bristol made a mistake? Bristol has a beautiful son, is making a lot of money, travels, has nice clothes, has had cosmetic surgery, was on DWTS. If anything, being pregnant was a blessing for her.

  53. original kate says:

    i see…her pregnancy, losing her virginity, being drunk, etc. was all someone else’s fault. she’s a palin, all right.

  54. Not Afraid Of U$ing Tripp says:

    Look at what Levi Johnston’s sister, Mercede, said on her blog about the nights Bristol spent in Levi’s bed and the drunken four-some in the tent. It is titled “Bristol misnamed her book. It should read “Not Afraid of Lies.” Not to mention the fact that Brisket was on birth control & probably got her pills from Planned Parenthood that her mommy wants to do away with AND the fact that Levi spent months living in the Palin’s house. I wonder if Mommy & Todd the spud wore earplugs at night to keep from hearing what was going on in the bedroom next to theirs.

  55. DrM says:

    Hey N I can relate to your post I did something similar…and I made stupid decisions around my sexuality for a lot of time to come after that…and your are right it IS very common and says alot about what we do and do NOT teach young women in society about themselves, sexuality and respect for themselves as people..I think the right is particularly bad at this…”Just say NO and then when you get married it will all be allright cause our men don’t fool around on their wives, drink or act irresponsibily so you never have to worry about dealing with any of this! Or how to tell a fewl when you meet one!”

    What most people do NOT do however is write a book in which they blame everyone else for their decisions, bag the father of their child in a very public way (that same child who will have to grow up and read her words accusing his Dad of rape), and generally come across as a not particularly intelligent, over-privileged brat…

  56. mamasnail says:

    Moral code?!?!?! What do the Palins know about morals? How about this one Bristol, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” I would LOVE to see a Palin try that one on for size. I, for one, am counting the minutes until the entire Palin clan sinks back into obscurity.

  57. Anonymous says:

    so she was on birth control because she wasn’t going to have sex? this idiot LOST her virginity not had it stolen. So wasted on alcohol, right, must have been blacked out…Qualudes MIGHT do this, but a few wine coolers? Right…she would have to have been a hard core alki to black out and not know what was happening.Also what of the drinking, did someone make her do that too? Take some responsibility , not just try to get rich from normal teenage behavior…gads !!!

  58. wildhorse says:

    don’t buy this trash book, you would just be helping this kardashin wanta be

  59. Wah wah wah says:

    How many women had sex the first time & weren’t under the influence of alcohol?

    How many women have had sex with a man who they later regretted?

    Legally, if she was under the influence of alcohol (as a minor any amount is incapacitated), then she was unable to consent.

    My beef is that this chick is famous for getting knocked up. Had she not been preggers during campaign, she would be as memorable as Biden’s children are. I think it is a disgrace that she (and the Teen Moms) are glorified. Bristol was a paid spokesperson for a charity where her salary was significantly more than funding for the actual outreach.

    She does have a kid to support – I guess she is going to ride the cash cow as long as she can. PR-wise, she’ll be groomed for a talk show. I xpect to see her doing some “special features” on morning shows to begin to cut her teeth in 6 months.

  60. hatsumomo says:

    I think chicks who have to declare themselves smart typically aren’t smart.