Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding will kost over $20 million

If the news of Kim Kardashian’s outrageous gift registry didn’t shock you, this might. Star Magazine is running a piece that states that the price of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ Halloween wedding is nearly double earlier reported figures. Kim has a guest list that totals over 1,000 people and is having such a huge extravagant bash that costs are quickly getting out of control. Well we did hear that Kim wanted to out-do the royal wedding.

While some have speculated that the price tag for the blowout event [Kim’s wedding] will be around $10 million, that staggering number has already doubled, Star has learned. And insiders expect the $20 million to continue ballooning as the big day, which is reportedly Oct. 31, approaches… (By comparison, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April wedding cost about $60 million.)

The couple will have a jaw-dropping number of loved ones on hand to help them celebrate. “There’s no location yet, but Kim is already inviting at least 1,000, and the list is getting longer,” says an insider. “The original idea was to have a wedding on each coast, but now she wants one huge wedding….”

Every element of Kris, 26, and Kim’s extravaganza will be fit for royalty. When she leaves for the ceremony, she wants everyone watching her as she waves,” says the insider. “Just like William and Kate!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, July 18, 2011]

Read that last paragraph. Kaiser pretty much called it in this earlier story. She wrote, “when [Kim] exits… and gets in her solid gold carriage, she really thinks that all of the peasants will come out and wave to her as she rides by.”

Do you think Kim is going to encourage guests to come in costume? I’m more outraged by the fact that she’s pre-opting a great holiday with her wedding plans. It’s arrogant to ask people to skip Halloween with their family, but that’s Kim. You would think she’d schedule it for another day, and not give up the opportunity to wear another bikini disguised as a costume.

In never ending related news about Kim, Hollywood Life reports that Kim and Kris are in talks for their own reality show. (Presumably with E!, although they don’t specify.) Of kourse, that’s to be expected. They write that the negotiations depend on whatever contract Kris gets with an NBA team. He’s now a free agent, but if he ends up with a team that restricts outside work for players he might not be allowed to appear in his own show. If that’s the case they’ll just use footage of Kim and Kris for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.




Kim and Kris are shown out in NY on 6/24/11. She’s also shown out yesterday on 7/7 (jeans) and on 7/6 (skirt). Credit: Fame.

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47 Responses to “Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding will kost over $20 million”

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  1. Sue says:

    Wow! What a waste of 20 million dollars. I seriously hope the comment about out doing the royals is a joke. Because there is NO comparsion whatsoever……. Making the comment in the first place was the first sign.

  2. brin says:

    ….and still look like krap.

  3. Kelly says:

    $20 million? How is that even possible? Truffle-burgers? Solid gold toilet seats for the Port-a-Potties? Little net bags full of diamonds instead of Jordan almonds?

    Also, is it me, or does he look just like Lurch?

  4. Lem says:

    Weddings make kash not kost kash, krazy
    I see her calling it odd. Idk y

    That brown napkin dress, wholly awful. The radial tire belt… Yeah, fashion icon, right?

  5. sour jar says:

    Attention whore, after this circus is over I forsee a divorce in 2 years.

  6. Cherry Rose says:

    I always thought it was kind of stupid to blow so much money on a wedding, considering that almost 60% of marriages end in divorce, as this one surely will.

    I wonder how much of the bill E! is going to foot. I’m sure they’re not going to be paying for the whole wedding, what with the show’s ratings going down.

  7. Quest says:

    20 million will probably give Kim a marriage that will last about 20 weeks or 20 months give and take

    Bang for your buck, I’d say!

  8. Jezi says:

    This is unreal…what a waste of money. As if her 20 carat ring wasn’t nauseating enough. That money could be given to charity. Dumbasses.

    On another note I love her outfit in the second pic 🙂

  9. Ruby says:


  10. katnip says:

    @CB.. regarding the Halloween wedding date. Seriously. Halloween is not a religious holiday. And there are people who get married on Christmas too. So not a big deal to me.

    But the thing I find funny is that really big Alist stars don’t usually have these big weddings. Well some do but many just do it quietly. They (REAL STARS) don’t do this coast to coast weddings either. I notice this is done by people that are not Alisters

    Kim wants to out do her sister and everyone living in LA. She loves the attention. But sad that she like many don’t seem to understand that the Wedding is not the marriage.

    I always felt that people should be required to have a small wedding, then a year later have a big party. By then reality would have made a home visit.

    I’m waiting to see if it is going to be televised. And don’t think for a minute she is not getting things free.

  11. seVen says:

    Sigh… Just sigh… No one is going to treat her like Kate because shes NOT Kate. This maybe my ugly little ” I love Kate” side coming out but this hoe is no where in the same friggen ballpark as Kate or Wills.

    I need a drink.

  12. smith says:

    @katnip – for some of us, Halloween or Samhein is a holiday. But fear not, kk won’t rain on our parade. She’s so ridiculous it’s almost comical. That first outfit certainly is …
    Merry be.

  13. ladybert62 says:

    Wonder how much the divorce will cost? I give them a year – tops!

  14. mel says:

    what a waste of money.

  15. Thea says:

    Think of all the good they could do for 20 million dollars…because when they get a divorce will it have been worth it. No.

  16. Quest says:

    Any bets as to how long a 20 million dollar wedding will last?

    I say 20 weeks tops.

  17. Lady D says:

    $20 mill on a wedding. That is just sickening. I wonder if she will feel all important because she spent that much. Who the hell keeps watching that show? And to think it all came about because of her being pissed on. Golden shower indeed. She has done nothing but make money ever since her ‘special’ movie came out. Shouldn’t her 15 minutes be up, please. With the exception of Kloe they can all disappear.

  18. MarenGermany says:

    I am disgusted in so many ways by this.

    Yeah, it is your big day, it is your money, if you have enough of it, good for you, but this is so sickening.

    Just yesterday I saw this little girl on TV who will definetly die because her parents just cant afford the 30.000 Dollar to have her transported to a country where she can have the life saving surgery she so desperatly needs.

    People die because they are poor.
    It is not Kims or anyones duty to save the lifes of people who are poor, but if you take a decent look at the world around you instead of in the mirror all day long, you will see that, and you will feel guilty to a certain extend having such an outlandish wedding.

    Well, given you are a good human being.

  19. OriginalGracie says:

    When did falling in love and having a wedding suddenly turn into Bridezillas and crazy excessive spending and ridiculous notions that the whole f*ing world cares that you’re getting married?

    I am in love with a man right now and have been for the past 9 years. I truly love him with all my heart. He is absolutely the first man ever that I want to be with in all the ways you dream of.

    I would marry him in the desert, the forest, on top of a mountain, in a Vegas quickie chapel, City Hall, on the Moon, the local Rent-A-Hall.

    Kim and her Golddigger 101 Wedding is cheap, tacky, horrifying and it is a giant neon sign flashing that she doesn’t give a shit about this dude at all. She just wants to outdo everyone else and have her Ultimate Famewhore moment.

    It’s disgusting.

    She really should be teaching a class about this over at the Learning Annex. Show the common folk how it’s done.

  20. Pyewacket says:

    oops, sorry about that.

  21. Pyewacket says:

    So when I was younger, my parents said “We will give you whatever you want as a wedding OR we will give you that same amount in cash for your future” I took the latter. I couldn’t care less about a wedding, and that money went to far better use for a down payment on a house, car and furniture.

    I think people spending 10-20 million on a wedding (yes, even the Royals) are a-holes of the highest order. Then again, Lim K also spent 100k on Hermes bags, so you cannot expect her to use her brain logically.

  22. Rhiley says:

    I doubt Kris is going to have a job this year. Negotiations between players and owners are so bad right now that even Kobe Bryant has plans to go play in Turkey this year. Meaning Lamar Odom’s career is likely near over, and divorce is looming for Khloe cause you know she ain’t going to be married to no scrub. An aside, but doesn’t the male Kris look like Porky the Pig?

  23. lucy2 says:

    LOL brin.
    That sort of excess is truly disgusting, and the whole thing is probably happening just to keep their lame show going.

    I think the Halloween wedding date is kind of appropriate though, since her face already looks like a mask.

  24. GeekChic says:

    How many animals could be rescued for 20 million? How many homes built for the homeless? How many hungry people fed? It’s fully shameful to spend that much money on a single day when so much of the world is suffering.

    @katnip, Halloween or Samhain is a religious holiday for many Pagans, including Wiccans. For the ancient Celts, it was the celebration of the last harvest and the beginning of the “darker” days (i.e., days with less sunlight).

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    K&K would only be royalty in my books if gave the $$$ for this “wedding” to feed hungry children.

  26. garvels says:

    @MarenGermany-I agree with you completely. I do not understand who views their shows,buys their books or follows them on twitter.Obviously someone is buying their CRAP if they are still making millions$$$. It is a sad world we live in, when society rewards these talentless bimbos with riches and fame.

  27. OriginalGracie says:

    I don’t even think this Kris Humphries guy is real.

    I think the Kardashian Klan made him in their underground laboratory.

  28. Phoenix says:

    It’s kindof disgusting to me that someone would pay that much for a WEDDING but it’s Kim Kardashian so nothing really shocks me anymore. Can’t even imagine how bad a reality tv show would be about these two. I do watch all of the Krap TV shows the Kardashians pimp put their lives to E! for, although I dislike admitting it. Anyway, Kim is by far the most boring “character”, which I never really understand because I’d always imagine she’d force the writers to come up with some exciting stuff for her. Watching an entire TV just dedicated to HER (and her beau), without getting to see Bruce fix a helicopter, Scott throw a drunken rage and the occasional shot of a cute dog would be katastophic!!

  29. Kids0036 says:

    Can someone give more specifics on the ratings – I too heard they were down; can it possibly be the death of at least 1 of their 99 shows now?

  30. plinkleplop says:

    Ewwww…Kim looks exactly like her mom in the first picture! Guess that’s what a boatload of botox does to your face!

  31. KB says:

    I’m still waiting for karma to hit this family. My fingers are crossed that within days of this wedding something bigger happens to overshadow and completely rain on her parade. Whatever happened to claims that he fathered a child with some other woman?

  32. Kelly says:

    And another thing about Lurch Humphries – that “YSL” t-shirt is unbelievable. I sincerely doubt that YSL makes t-shirts; he probably bought it at a flea market.

  33. bluhare says:

    Just goes to show that money doesn’t buy taste or judgment. What a waste of $20 million just so Kim K can have an extravaganza all about her. Note to Kim: what happens after the ceremony (like life) is more important than riding in a carriage with doves cooing and inviting 1000 people just so you can prove to everyone how important you are.

  34. Rita says:

    These numbers are what I’ve been saying about celebrities in general and the K’s in particular. Throw out some outrageous number so all the “Vapids” will ohhhh and ahhhhh and watch their crap.

    I have it on good authority that the wedding will cost under $100K and they will be serving “cheese from a can”…bring your own crackers or crack if you prefer.

  35. Tammi says:

    I dont see e network putting up twenty million for a wedding that no one really cares about. I smell a fib.

  36. Kim says:

    Fake wedding for ratings. Who would go to her wedding and who would buy them a gift knowing this crap is planned & fake?!

    The YSL shirt??! Im embarrassed for him!

  37. Hellen says:

    Start laying your bets for the Divorce Pool!

    Personally, I think he looks more like Perez Hilton than Lurch.

  38. really says:

    excuse me: HOW PATHETIC!

  39. Blue says:

    I thought their wedding was supposed to be the end of August? Then they said they weren’t going to tell when it was. You know becausethey like to be private. Anyways there is probably
    going to be an NBA lock out. So Kris might have lots of free time.

  40. Melinda says:

    I am also interested in hearing more of the drop in ratings for these klowns. I predicted when they got engaged this was the beginning of the end for them, oh I hope I’m right!

  41. mommyesq says:

    I’m gonna LAUGH when he’s not picked up by any team and is unemployed….AWESOME!

  42. gg says:

    WHY? What a shameful waste of money.

  43. Charlotte says:

    At least they’re pumping money into the economy!

  44. Dea says:

    @Rita: I agree with you. That is what Kardashians do: advertise themselves in this way so they can stay relevant and have readers “click” to their stories. I even question the $2million ring. First and foremost I do not believe that Kris H bought it. Her family bought it through some hidden contract with the Jeweler Company for the benefit of both, Kardashians and Jeweler co.’s exposure. Even Kris H might not know the real value of that ring. There is no way the weeding will cost $20million. That is just advertisement so viewers can turn on the TV and see where the $20million is invested. Unfortunately there are dummies who watch their shows.
    You can expect the unexpected and the unthinkable form Kris J and all Kardashians.

  45. khaveman says:

    I’m sorry. I think she looks bottom-heavy and chunky. She’s pretty, but…

  46. shesonlyhuman says:

    In the very first picture of Kim and Kris, look closely at the top of the inside of her right leg…CELLULITE!! Even Ms. Perfection can’t escape it..she’s a mere mortal like the rest of us. Her team forgot to photo-shop/retouch this pic before it was published! LOL!

  47. grogol says:

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